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Chapter One: Why is it always me?

Beep Beep Beep.

A hand shuffled underneath a Navy blue comforter and slammed onto the offending alarm clock. A groan was heard when the alarm came to an abrupt stop. Snaking the hand back under the warm blanket this person pushed off his stomach and sat back on his knees trying to see out of his groggy eyesight. Rolling his shoulders once, he pulled back the rest of the covers shivering slightly at the morning cold air. Shuffling towards his connecting bathroom this person looked at the mirror and scoffed. Black hair pointing in several different directions, a small, but petite figure underneath an overly large shirt, pale alabaster skin, and three black eyes that were staring back at him.

He reached up and lightly touched his cheekbone. He winced as it stung from the pressure. Two Years and it hasn't been as bad as this week. This was the fifth time that they resorted to hitting him. Now he had a badly colored black eye that spread to the middle of his cheek and behind the black bangs that traced his face.

Sighing, the boy pulled the shirt over his head, careful not to touch his face too much. After stripping off his clothes, he turned to the shower head and pulled on the knobs. Adjusting slightly he jumped in and proceeded to wash away the previous day. This had become a routine for him.

He would wake up at six every morning, take his shower set at his temperature, eat his breakfast he had every morning, he didn't bother packing his things for school, and he'd walk down the street to his high school; his own personal hell on Earth.

Every day he wondered why he even came back to this shit hole. Oh yeah, because the government was paying for his education. He couldn't pay for anything himself until he turned eighteen and inherited his family's money. So now, the government is paying for his apartment, his education, his health, and for his food. Anything else he'd have to somehow pay for on his own.

He didn't want to go to school. He was a junior; he could survive a year on his own couldn't he? Well, no, no he couldn't.

Turning the knobs of the shower off he stayed in the steam until it evaporated and it started to become cold. Grabbing a towel and covering himself, he headed downstairs to his kitchen. He placed two pieces of toast in the toaster and pushed it down. Pulling a breakfast wrap out of the freezer, he ripped it from its bag, and set it in the microwave to the appropriate time. After he went back up stairs and pulled the towel off to hang on the side of his computer chair to air dry. Going to his closet he pulled his uniform out and laid it on the bed. He hated this classy outfit; black slacks, black socks, black shoes, but a white button up shirt with the schools logo on the breast pocket. Simple, but he still hated it. He had several spare outfits since those assholes had started to make him bleed. Blood on a white shirt was not a good combination.

He buttoned up his shirt and walked to the bathroom again. Opening a drawer below the sink, he pulled out a tube of cover up he was given from a good friend of his. He didn't care if it was girly and he didn't care if those jerks just wiped it off anyway. He always felt better if he put it on anyway. It made him feel like it hid him away from the rest of the world. As he applied it, he made a note that it was a good thing that his friend was as pale as he was otherwise anyone could have noticed by now.

He heard a pop coming from his kitchen and soon after the alarm on the microwave went off. Double checking himself in the mirror, he walked downstairs, applied butter to his toast, covered his wrap in a paper towel and grabbed his coat. He never ate his breakfast at home; he always ate it on the way. He grabbed his keys, his cell, and his wallet and headed out the door locking it behind him.

It was almost fall so it was a comfortable cold outside. He always liked to look at the buildings next to his apartment; they had a lot of different styles to them and he thought it was beautiful. He trusted his feet to lead him to the school as he looked in every direction but.

Glancing at his watch he noticed that he had ten minutes before class had started, so he stopped just before his last turn. Peeking around the corner he spotted them.

The gang of seven with their so called leader was leaning against the fence smoking a cigarette and grinning at one of his followers. Touya, he had that sickening albino white hair with the eyes to match. His right hand man, Tenki had shit colored brown hair with small highlights from sun bleach and bright green eyes. Next in line were the Tomodachi twins Taji and Hachi. They were the second worst. They always loved to push him down, trip him, shove him into dark room and block the door; once he didn't get out until the Janitor found him hours after school was over. He hated them, he hated their blood red hair and their ice cold brown eyes, and what's more he hated the fact that they were in his class. Every person in that gang was one year older than him besides the twins.

He could survive the twins but their "leader" was the worst. He always tried to touch him in a way he felt way over the line of uncomfortable. He almost got away with raping him if it wasn't for that fire drill that gave him that small opening of running away. Only later did he realize that his best friend Hinata had pulled the alarm when she saw what was happening. He loved her so much, not like a lovers love, but as much as a brother could love his little sister.

Speaking of which. "Good Morning Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke spun to smile at the charming girl. Hinata was about his size in almost every which way. She had long flowing black hair always straightened and never pulled back. She said it felt like protection to her. He didn't blame her. She was an almost flawless girl if it wasn't for her sight. Her family had a special eye disease that ate away at her Optic Nerve causing her become blind ever so slowly. The virus hasn't reached her sight yet, but it had eaten away her purple colored iris, now they're dull almost white lavender. She was due to blindness at the young age of twenty.

"Hey, Hinata." He smiled then looked around the corner carefully again.

"So how long?" she asked.

Sasuke shrugged and glanced at his watch. It was seven minutes 'til class started. "Two minutes." He replied. Nodding behind him she reached into her bag and pulled out a small sketch book. "Then that give me a chance to give you this!" she smiled as she held it out towards him.

Sasuke turned and looked at the book in her hands. "What, another one? That's the third one this month!" Sasuke took the book and started to flip through its pages. Hinata giggled "Yeah, I know."

Hinata had an incredible talent. She could take one look at something and sketch it in no time flat; and you can take his word that nobody but her is more upset than she is being born a Hyuuga. "Hinata, these are beautiful. You never disappoint with your drawings." Sasuke always loved watching her draw and keeping her pictures; she always had a gentle but steady hand. Ever since she found out she was going blind she stopped caring for her grades and decided to draw as much as she could before that fatal day.

Sasuke was flipping through the pictures until he stopped at one. "Hey, where is this?" He flipped the book over.

"Um, I believe that was that old mansion down the street that way. I didn't think anybody lived there anymore and after all those rumors no one has gone near it so I snuck in and drew it in case they got rid of it. Why?" Sasuke glanced at the picture again and felt his heart give a flutter. "Nothing, just some-,"

Suddenly they heard the first warning bell signaling students to get to class. Quickly glancing around the corner, they both saw the gang glare around them and mumble something before walking into the school. Sasuke felt his heart start to race, "Ready?"

"Yeah." As soon as the last member was in the school they both broke into a sprint across the street down the walkway and threw the doors, but still they didn't stop they sprinted towards their homeroom and just made it before the final bell rang.

"Oh, Uchiha-san, Hyuuga-san that's a new record; you almost didn't make it." Their teacher mocked them both with a sneer. He wasn't a bad teacher, but he definitely wasn't their favorite. "G-Gomenasai, Hatake-sensei." Hinata always stuttered when she was nervous.

"Whatever, go take your seats." Grinning at each other Sasuke and Hinata ran to their seats and pulled out their notebooks finally stating their day.

"Hey, Uchiha."

Scowling to himself, Sasuke set his sandwich down, but didn't look up. Hinata stopped eating as well when she saw the Tomodachi twins walk up behind her friend grinning like two Cheshire cats. "What do you want?" Sasuke gritted through his teeth.

Chuckling in unison they said, "The boss is looking for you."

Sasuke froze.

Grinning at his reaction the twins kept going, "He wants to you to pay up your debt."

Sasuke snapped, "I don't have a fucking debt with that bastard!" their grins widened.

"Are you sure about that?"

Sasuke gritted his teeth "Sasuke." Hinata whispered.

"Oh, Hyuuga-chan!" The twins rounded the table and sat on bother her sides. "Did your hair get longer?" Taji ran his hand through her dark locks. She backed away from his groping hand, but backed into Hachi, "I think it did. I just wanna pull on it." Hachi ran his fingers through her hair and harshly pulled down snapping her head back making her cry out.

"Leave her alone!" Sasuke jumped to his feet almost toppling over his chair. Everyone in the cafeteria stopped to watch the scene unfold. The twins ignored him as they grabbed Hinata's hands and started to kiss and lick her face. Growling Sasuke grabbed the chair behind him, "I said leave her alone!" before he could even lift the chair above his head his wrist was harshly grabbed and twisted around so much he drop it to the floor.

"Well, well. We're not playing very nice are we Sasuke." Sasuke choked down the cry of pain and looked behind him to glare at the face of evil.

"Touya." He hissed. Now, the students started to leave. No one got in Touya's way. If they did, they paid for it. Badly.

Touya smirked at his captive, "Such a lovely face. You shouldn't frown so much it's doesn't suit you. I like your other face."

Sasuke's glare increased, "Go fuck yourse- Ah!" Touya twisted the wrist in his hand harder. Sasuke shut his eyes against the sharp pain in his wrist. "Yeah, that face." Touya groaned. The twins stopped attacking Hinata to snicker at the scene before them. "Boys."


The twins stood up taking Hinata with them and forcefully dragged her out the cafeteria door. "Stop it! Let me go! S-Sasuke!"

"Hinata!" Sasuke started for his friend before he was pulled back into a hard chest with an arm wrapped around his neck cutting off his air supply. "Now, now, you and I have some business to attend to, Sasuke-chan." He whispered into Sasuke ear. Shivers of fear ran through Sasuke's body making Touya smirk, "Oh, wait a minute." He lifted a finger and roughly swiped at Sasuke's eye making him wince. When Touya pulled his finger back he smirked wider at the pale cover up. Taking his hand he rubbed harshly at Sasuke's face wiping away what was left. "There that's better." He licked Sasuke's dark cheek with a chuckle. "Let's go to the chemistry room, Orochimaru-sama is waiting for us."

Sasuke's eyes widened. No, not him!

Pulling as hard as his could, Sasuke twisted his arm away with a shout and kicked his leg backward successfully smashing into Touya's stomach. Having this chance, Sasuke didn't look back as he made a break for it out the door. "Get him!"

Sasuke ran as fast as he could down each hallway, each person he passed either tried to grab him or avoid him like the plague. He looked in each open door he found in search for Hinata. He wasn't going anywhere without knowing she was safe.

Slamming his shoulder into the library door, Sasuke ran down each row of books taking every corner he was presented with in hopes of losing his tailors. Finding a quiet corner, Sasuke crouched down and tried to catch his breath in silence.

He kept his eyes wide open. It may have been a quiet spot, but it was the most secluded. The silence was deafening. Turning his head to peer through the shelves he saw nothing. He didn't know where they were. Getting up slowly, Sasuke slid slowly along the shelf he was in front of as quietly as he could, all the while looking in every direction.

"Fucking Bitch!" Sasuke had to cover his mouth to not scream out in surprise. "Fucking whore kicked me in the goddamn face!" It was Hachi. Sasuke peeked out of the row of books to take a peek at the twins passing by. Taji had a light bruise marring his cheek, but his brother didn't look any better. Hachi had a bad bloody nose dripping down his face with tears in his eyes. Grinning to himself, Sasuke pulled back into the row of books and started the other way. At least she's safe.

Dashing back towards where he came, Sasuke waved in and out of book shelves until he saw the library doors in sight. He crouched down and peered around the corner. Seeing the coast was clear, he made a break for it.

He almost made it.

It was after he heard the slam of the library doors that he felt pain in his back. Opening his eyes he realized he was shoved up a wall by an angry Touya smirking like he was the devil himself. "You know," He squeezed his hand causing Sasuke to wince and gasp; "I was going to wait for Orochimaru-sama like we agreed."

Agreed? Sasuke thought.

"But now, I think I'll just keep you for myself." Touya slid Sasuke down a few inches and leaned close to Sasuke's ear. "That wasn't very nice what you did in the cafeteria, Uchiha." He chuckled. "I think you deserve a punishment don't you?"

Releasing his grip Sasuke fell to the floor clutching his neck and gasping for air, but only because Touya grasped Sasuke's hair tightly and threw his body flat on the floor. "Go watch the doors." He ordered. Kneeling down beside Sasuke's withering form he smirked as he smoothly ran his finger down Sasuke's chest to the hem of his pants.

Sasuke started to thrash around when he felt that finger slip beneath his pant's button. "Get the hell off me!" he shouted, suddenly he felt a sharp sting to his cheek, "You have quite a mouth on you. We're gonna have to fix that." Touya hissed and grabbed Sasuke's pants and tried to pull them off.


He didn't even have the chance to look up when he was suddenly pelted with white powder that tasted like the foam from the fire extinguisher. Sasuke shook off the form on his face to look at who sprayed them. "Hinata!" Hinata stood there shaking with the extinguisher, face red like she just ran a marathon. Touya growled form his kneeled position, "That shit won't hurt me, bitch!"

It did when she threw the canister itself. Nailing him perfectly in the face, Hinata ran towards Sasuke and they both ran down the hall out the entrance door. "Hinata, how did you-?" he cut himself off when he passed two gang boys drowned in extinguisher foam. Sasuke couldn't help but give a small laugh.

Sasuke and Hinata ran down the walkway and almost made it to the gate when Hinata had an idea. "Sasuke, w-we have to split up." She breathed harshly.

"W-What! Are you crazy? We h-have to stick together or they'll catch us."

"Sasuke," she looked at him with worry and finality, "What do you think is going to happen if they catch us both together?"

Sasuke didn't say anything, "We'll just worry about each other while where together. We need to separate or we'll slow each other down"

Giving a loud groan of frustration Sasuke took a sharp turn away from Hinata down the street, "You'd better be at my house when I get there!" he shouted over his shoulder. Smiling, Hinata ran the other direction as fast as she could.

Sasuke didn't stop running. He could hear the panting and curses not far behind him.

House after house, it's seemed like a never ending street winding around in a circle. Sasuke felt himself falter as his lungs screamed at him; he need to hide somewhere and catch his breath. Looking around he didn't recognize anything around him. Nothing was familiar.

His legs were hurting and he wondered if Touya's were too. Cutting through a random yard Sasuke was only met with a brick wall. "Fuck me." He gasped in air as he took this chance to breathe. Looking around him he saw several garbage cans stacked high enough for him to at least try to climb over the top. Without a second thought, Sasuke climbed to very top not caring if they were wobbling beneath his feet. Carefully balancing himself Sasuke reached out and grabbed at the edge of the wall in front of him. He only had one chance at this. Using whatever strength he had left in his legs, he hoisted himself up halfway over when his pursuers came around the corner.

"Shit, get him!" Touya shouted. Lashing out with his legs, Sasuke successfully hit his make shift ladder and heard it tumble to the ground spreading its contents everywhere. Puling himself up the rest of the way, Sasuke looked down and saw them rolling the dumpster slowly over, not caring for the spilt garbage in their way. "Fuck." Jumping down to the other side Sasuke got up to run, but froze when he realized where he was.

It was that house, that house from Hinata's drawing. It was midday still and the sunlight radiated off the house making it a beautiful white plantation to look at. There were several patches of paint that were peeled off and the inside curtains covered every single window. Sasuke guessed that no one had been in that house for years; the grass was as high as his knees.

Hearing a sharp 'tang' from the dumpster hitting the wall, Sasuke jumped and started to run along the wall to try and find a way out. Looking behind him, he saw that they still haven't made it over yet, but because of that didn't see the opening in the ground.

When his foot felt no ground beneath him, Sasuke fell forward hard on a dirt floor. Groaning, Sasuke opened his eyes; it's wasn't just the floor that was complete dirt, the walls were too. Sasuke was in a cavern held up only by suspicious looking rotting wood panels. Pushing himself up, Sasuke did a mental check to see if anything was broken.

"Where is he, I can't see him."

Quickly pushing himself off the ground, Sasuke dove towards the shadows by the walls. He couldn't tell where they were, but he heard the rustling of the tall grass. They were so close to falling in with him. He didn't dare breathe. He saw a faint color of red from one of boys, but whoever it was stopped to look around. He could feel his heart racing and he hoped it wasn't echoing throughout the cavern.

"Check the house. He probably ran inside."

Watching the red head leave, he sighed in relief. Moving his sight from the sky light to what was in front of him, he saw a door. Sliding up the wall, he stayed glued to the edged as he wormed his way around to the other side careful to look at the sky light and where he was going. Upon reaching the door, he jiggled the knob to find that it was unlocked. Looking up one more time, Sasuke quickly pulled the door open and slipped inside closing it quietly behind him.

He was met with darkness.

Reaching his hand out, he found that he couldn't see it. Placing his hand back on the door, he groped around until he felt what seemed to be another dirt wall and traced his hand along it and started walking. After a while he noted that he was in a tunnel when the wall hadn't made any turns in any direction.

He couldn't help but think that maybe going down a long dark tunnel was a bad idea, especially when he didn't know where it was going. Feeling his fingers wrap around what felt like a corner going to his right, Sasuke couldn't help but follow it. Sighing as he still followed the dirt wall; he was starting to get tired of walking in the dark when he rammed his head in to something.

Cursing his luck out loud, Sasuke grabbed whatever it was that hit him in the head and felt it out. It was a long thick stick stuck inside a wooden holder. The bulb at the tip was slick with smelly, sticky oil almost like, "A torch?" Sasuke pulled the unlit torch from its holder and felt around for anything to light it with. Patting the ground for matches, rocks; he even checked his pants for anything useful. He came up with nothing. Putting the torch back he moved on, but with one hand out just to be safe.

This tunnel wasn't very long compared to the other one because it wasn't long before Sasuke felt his hand make contact with a dead end. Running his fingers father to the left he hit another door. Grabbing at the handle he twisted and jerked, but it was locked. Putting his ear to the door, he held his breath waiting for anything to make a sound.

It seemed like nothing was in there. Sighing as he pulled away from the door Sasuke tried again to pry the door open, but it was bolted tight.

Turning around, he felt along the other wall in case he missed something; only to realize the tunnels connected at a T intersection. That meant there was another way out. Moving at a faster pace, Sasuke hurried down the third tunnel and almost tripped over a set of makeshift stair steps. Getting excited, Sasuke crawled up the steps as fast as he could until he reached another door. Slowly reaching for the door knob, Sasuke twisted and pushed, smiling to himself when it opened.

Peering out of the small crack of the door, Sasuke saw that he was inside the plantation. Opening the door wider, he stepped out and looked around the eerie looking house. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust or covered with a white sheet. Shutting the door behind him; which, Sasuke noted, was under the grand staircase, he walked over to the front door and grabbed the handle to make a run for his house.

"Try the windows on the side!"

Sasuke jumped in surprise and backed up so fast he ripped over his feet and hit the ground. He heard the door being slammed against and the windows shaking. They were trying to get in. Sasuke started to breathe faster and faster when he heard the door creak, but it didn't give.

"Dammit, how the fuck did he get inside!" Touya shouted as he kicked the wooden door.

"Maybe, he didn't go in. There's an opening in the wooden fence in the backyard. You think he crawled out?"

"Maybe; Tenki, take the left side, everyone else take the right with me." Sasuke grabbed his chest and fell backward as he heard retreating footsteps running towards the back of the mansion. "Jesus Christ." He whispered. Sasuke lay on his back for a few minutes to slow his thumping heart. Turning his head he looked to his right and saw what looked like the sitting room.

Sitting up, Sasuke took a better look; there were two love seats, both covered by white sheets, and an uncovered couch in the corner. The tables were layered in dust along with the pictures they had. Curious, Sasuke got up and walked to the nearest picture and wiped off the dust.

It was an old black and white photo with a woman and a man smiling at the camera. From the looks of her body, the woman was expecting a baby. She had long hair and a beautiful face and the man was just as handsome, but his hair was light and poking out in different direction. Setting the frame down, he moved to the next. This one was a later photo, it had that same man in it, but his face was somewhat different. He had slightly bigger eyes and his face was stronger looking as he indifferently stared at the camera. "Must be the son." Sasuke said to himself. He looked at the woman standing next to him and almost dropped the picture. Sasuke's eyes opened wide as he took in the woman's features. The hair is longer, and the height is the same. It was the face.

"Sakura?" Sasuke wiped the rest of the dust from the woman's face to get a clearer view. It looked so much like her, but, "No, this isn't Sakura." Sasuke opened the picture from the back and pulled it from behind the glass; turning it over, he read the names written on the back along with the date.

Our dear son Naruto Uzumaki and his beloved Suki Haruna, August 14, 1809. Flipping the picture over, he took another look at the couple; more at the blond man. Sasuke had to admit, he was an incredibly good looking guy.

Suddenly, something clanged against a marble floor behind him. Jumping, Sasuke dove behind the closest sheet covered couch and listened. It was silent. Sasuke swallowed his saliva to wet his dry throat and calmed his breathing before he looked over the arm of the couch. Folding the photo in half and putting in his pocket, Sasuke got up slowly and moved to the arc on the wall by him. Peering around the corner Sasuke saw that it was a dining room; the table was covered and so were a few chairs, but nothing was broken on the floor. Looking on father he saw a swinging door that he deemed led to the kitchen. Crouching down low and creeping along the wall, Sasuke stopped when he reached the other side and gently pushed the door open. As quiet as he could, Sasuke poked his head inside and looked around.

He didn't see any one, so he opened the door and walked around the chef's island. There was a sliver pot lying on its side, but it was empty. Picking it up, he placed it on the island and looked around to make sure no one was around. Suddenly he jumped as something brushed his leg. Backing up, he looked down and saw a tabby cat looking at him. Closing his eyes, Sasuke lightly laughed to himself, "Geez, you almost gave me a heart attack."

The tabby jumped onto the counter and meowed at him. "What? You want food? This place is ancient; there's no food here." The tabby ignored him and sniffed the counter cabinets. Thinking he had nothing else to do, he opened every cabinet in search of food.

Each one was empty except for a few which had plates and glasses. Looking in the drawers he found silverware, napkin holders, cooking tools, and plenty of unused matches. Picking up a pack and stuffing it in his pocket he can light that torch and finally see down in the tunnels. He wanted to know where that other door led.

When he moved to the double door pantry, Sasuke raised his eyebrows when he spotted canned food sitting in the far back corner. Climbing on the bottom step, Sasuke reached as far as he could and grabbed the dust covered can.

Stepping down, Sasuke blew off the grey particles and read the label, "You think you can stomach two century old green beans?" Turning around he saw that the cat had gone. Blowing hair out of his face with a pout, Sasuke set the can down and moved on to the other swinging door pushing it open. This time he was in the den. Figuring this family were hunters from the few Deer heads hanging from the walls and a fur rug lying in front of the dead fireplace. The furniture looked no different than the living room or the dining room; covered and the tables had dust layers on them.

Passing the den, he kept moving on through a second arc that led into what he deemed as the library. The place was freaking huge. Sasuke had never seen so many books in his life. A few shelves were covered in white sheets, but a few had fallen and revealed a large set of tomes that had no titles on them and many of them were strange journals. Sasuke picked one out and blew off the thick layer of dust. Coughing a bit, he opened it and tried to read it.

Raising a fine brow, he got a closer look with squinted eyes, but found he still couldn't read it. It looked like a science journal, but Sasuke 'tsk'ed and put the book back. Glancing back around, he headed for the next door and into an exact replica of the first sitting room that lead back to the front lobby. Sasuke looked up the grand stair case and found it eerily dark. Taking the match box from his pocket, Sasuke pulled a single match out and started up the stairs. As he reached the top he lit the first match and head down the left hall.

Some of the doors were shut and locked but a few were open. Poking his head in, he saw that each room was identical. A double bed, a dresser, two lamps, tan curtains, a white rug, and a sliding closet with a mirror. There were at least five doors on each side and one door on the end. It was that door that stopped Sasuke's heart.

It was splintered in half and hanging off the rusted hinges. Getting closer, Sasuke saw that the room had been torn apart. Literally. The bed was in shreds, the lamps were broken in two, there was shattered glass everywhere, the closet door was broken, the mirror was smashed, and there were multiple scratches all over the walls. Five lines parallel to each other. Sasuke ran his hand over a patch and shivered when his fingered matched the pattern perfectly. "Fingernails." He softly said.

Sasuke didn't even want to think about what happened in this room as he backed up and headed in the opposite direction. It was identical to the left half of the hall, but the room on the end was in pristine condition. Opening the door, he saw that the color of the room was a light shade of pink and the bed spread was a light shaded cream with the curtains to match. Sasuke guessed this room belonged to a woman because on the dresser was a hand mirror, like everything else in this place, covered in dust.

Picking up the mirror Sasuke flipped it over and saw it was double sided.

Looking closer, he spotted something behind him. Turning around he saw a cherry wood box. Setting the mirror down, Sasuke walked over to the bedside table, picked up the box, and opened it.

Violent shivers surged through his body as the creepiest music flowed from the box. Before he closed it, he noticed an old brass key peeking out from under the jewelry boxes. Grabbing it and shutting the music box, Sasuke took a look at the key in his hand. It was old and heavy, the design was simple: round circular rings with a flower tip and the teeth were blocky and thick. Rubbing his head, Sasuke sat on the bed and stared out the window.

It was almost Dusk and he doesn't even know if Hinata made it to his house. Bouncing the key in his hand, Sasuke looked behind the key at a small white corner of a piece of paper peeking out from under the bed. Pocketing the key, Sasuke picked up the paper and read it.

Please forgive me, my love.

What the hell! Sasuke deemed he didn't like this place any more. Setting the note on the bed, Sasuke walked out of the bedroom and back down the grand staircase. Rounding the right side, Sasuke stopped in front of the hidden door under the stairs. He still had the brass key.

A thought of the underground door flashed in his mind. Fingering the key, he felt his other pocket making sure he still had those matches, and entered down into the dark tunnels.

It took him a while to get down the makeshift stairs before he got to the T intersection. He found them harder to get down than up. Feeling his way to the two way route, Sasuke reached the other side and groped around for the torch.

Pulling out the matches, it took him a few tries, but he finally got one lit and burned the oil to make it light up in flames. Pulling it out of its holder, happy now that he could see, Sasuke walked down the rest of the way to the bolted door.

Upon reaching it, he brought the torch up to get a better look at the door. It was a solid wooden door with steel braces framing it. The knob was a round old iron ball with the key hole underneath. Pulling the key out of his pocket he carefully shoved it into the hole.

He didn't know why his heart was racing, but he couldn't help but sweat as he turned the key. The click he heard was deafening. Breathing hard, Sasuke wiped the sweat from his brow and grabbed the knob.

The door was heavy; he had to push with his whole body in order to open it fully.

What he saw shocked him to no end.

It was a single cell room, walls were made of cement blocks, the torches unlit, and a bed; a bed that was shredded in pieces. There were scratches all over the walls, and the bed spread was bundled on the floor. The room was part of what shocked him. But not fully.

What grabbed his heart and stopped it completely, was the hand that was peeking out from under the bedspread. Running over to the bundle on the floor, Sasuke held the light up and slowly pulled back the covers.

It was a man. His body was face down with his head to the side towards Sasuke. He had bright blond, shaggy hair and a deathly pale complexion. Getting closer, he noticed there were three parallel scars marring both sides of his face.

The next few seconds were a complete blur.

All he could recall were two blood red eyes flashing open and horrible pain in his left shoulder. He knew he was bleeding, he could feel the blood trickle down his back. His mouth was open, but nothing was coming out. Suddenly the pain was gone and he felt a wind brush his face as he fell backwards.

He couldn't move his arm. His breath was slowing. He was going to die.

Tears started to stream down his cheeks. Why does this happen? He thought. My family, my brother, school, and now me. He shut his eyes.

Why does this always happen to me?

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