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Chapter Six: Just Like Me

Naruto stood there staring at the corner that the girl had disappeared.

He took a step to follow when he heard a woman clear her throat, "Excuse me, can I help you?" Naruto forced his eyes away from the hall and looked at the woman who had a questionable leer on her face. "Uh," he would have to find that girl later, "Yes, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I am here to see the Principal."

The woman seemed to brighten at his name, "Oh yes! Uzumaki-san, we have been expecting you. Please have a seat. Tsunade-sama will see you shortly." She gestured to the wooden seats next to a rather thick wooden door with the principal's name displayed on it. "Thank you." He muttered as he took a seat.

That girl's face played over and over in his head. He recognized those green eyes anywhere and the pink hair was a dead giveaway, but how? As he sat back and stared at the opposite wall, his eyes widened. Did Suki surcome to the same fate like he did? Did her father take her life away too? His brain was rattled as he tried to think. The girl looked exactly like Suki, but something was off, something he couldn't put his finger on. Bending over in the chair he replayed their encounter over in his head again. He opened the door and she ran into him, apologized, and then left. Her hair was longer, almost to the bottom of her back, but hair grows, it's normal.

"Naruto." He looked up at the receptionist, "Tsunade-sama will see you now." She smiled. He nodded his thanks as he got up and opened the door. It was a bigger office than he expected. There were several plants along the window sill and a book shelf filled with nothing he could have guessed. The floor was carpeted and only three chairs were present. Two in front of a big oak desk and on behind it which was occupied by a blond haired woman looking at a file open before her.

He tried not to stare. He really did. But never before in his life had he seen such big breasts in his life. He kept his gaze to the floor with an embarrassment blush on his cheeks. His mother had taught him to be a gentleman and gentlemen don't stare. "Ah, Uzumaki-san, welcome to our school," she stood and raised her hand. He shook it and forced his eyes to stay on her face only, "Please heave a seat." When she herself had sit, she looked through the file once more on her desk. "We're honored to have you transfer here to our school. I've taken a look at your previous transcript and they are very impressive. A straight 'A' student, two honor awards, and you played Varsity Basketball at your old school."

"Played. I do not play Basketball any longer, because I want to focus more on my studies to enter into a University." Naruto felt a small droplet of sweat form on his temple. He had no idea what he was saying, but Sasuke and he had rehearsed it and he trusted Sasuke.

"Oh, that's a wonderful decision," she smiled. "But, Basketball can help you gain entry into college as well; it can also lower the price of admittance." That was something Sasuke had mentioned too, but what was it? "Uh, n-no thank you?"

Tsunade laughed, "Oh, it's okay boy. I respect your decision of education first, but if you ever change your mind, Coach Yamato is always looking for new recruits." She winked. "Now, onto today. Right now you are registered in English with Kakashi-sensei which is in room 3-C. My receptionist, Shizune, will show you the way to your class. Here is the rest of your schedule and a map of the school. You can ask anyone where you classes are if you ever get lost, okay?" she stood up and he followed. "I hope you have a good first day here, Uzumaki-san. And again welcome to our school." She shook his hand again and he thanked her before leaving the office.

The receptionist was sitting there waiting for him. Smiling, she stood from her chair and gestured to follow her out the door. When she opened the door for him, someone had almost run into him again. "Oh, sorry." They said as they walked towards the Principal's office. That's what it was. That girl that ran into him hit her head in the middle of his chest. When he last saw her, Suki was at least a few inches shorter than he was and this pink haired girl was almost the same height as Sasuke. That girl isn't Suki; she's a lot shorter than her. So, who is she?

Kakashi was drawling on about a book they were assigned in class, but Sasuke wasn't paying attention. He was too busy tapping his fingers on his desk and staring at the door. He jumped with Hinata placed her hand over his moving fingers, "Relax, he'll be here soon." She whispered.

"What if he got lost? Or what if they found out he's not really a student? Maybe-," Just then, the door opened and the school receptionist walked in and spoke softly to their teacher before addressing the class. "Hello, class. I'm sorry for interrupting, but we have a new student who transferred here from Nagoya. His name is Naruto Uzumaki and he will be joining your class this semester." She waved for Naruto to come in and when he did the girl population of the class gasped and started to whisper.

"Introduce yourself, Uzumaki-san." She smiled as she stepped back.

Naruto looked up at the twenty or so students who were staring back at him from their high overseeing lecture seats and he suddenly felt nervous. "Hello, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. It is nice to meet you all." His cheeks tinted a little as he smiled. All the girls swooned over his bright white teeth and dazzling grin. Sasuke glared at them all and looked back down at Naruto who finally spotted him and smiled reassuringly. Shizune stepped forward and smiled at the class, "I hope you can all help Uzumaki-san have a pleasant experience at our school." She turned to Naruto and shook his hand, "It was very nice to meet you, Uzumaki-san." He smiled and thanked her before she left back to the office. He looked back up at Sasuke who couldn't help but wave to him.

Kakashi stared between Sasuke and Naruto and patted Naruto's back. "Well, Uzumaki-san welcome to our class. As for your seat, you can sit . . ." he drawled out his sentence as he looked around. Several girls raised their hands beckoning him to pick the seat open next to them. Sasuke bit his lip and resisted the urge to put his hand up, but he held his breath.

"Hmm, oh yes, how about next to Uchiha-san." The girls groaned as released his breath with relieving sigh. Naruto smiled brightly and made his way up the steps to Sasuke's row and sat next to him with Hinata on Sasuke's other side. "How was that?" He whispered.

"Perfect," Naruto relaxed in his chair and looked about the room. There wasn't much, the lecture tables took up most of the room, but there were some posters pinned up on the walls, a small built in book shelf in the wall next to Kakashi-sensei's desk, and moving chalk boards that filled up half the wall. "Okay so back to where we were." Kakashi said as he stood in the middle of the space below and started talking about the book as he turned to write something on the board, Naruto glance at the other students who were faced forward and tapped Sasuke's shoulder. "Wha-," Sasuke blushed when Naruto kissed him whole heartedly. When he pulled back, Naruto smiled sweetly, "I forgot to kiss you goodbye when we parted this morning."

Sasuke's blush never left his face, "But we're together right now."

"Oh, that is right." He said before he kissed him again, "Hello." He smiled.

Hinata snickered behind him and he turned to glare at her, before turning back at Naruto, "You can't do that here. They don't allow kissing in school."

"But it is a display of love, why not allow that." Naruto asked.

"They think it's inappropriate and interferes with your studies."

"That is ludicrous." Naruto glared.

"Shh, I know, but it's the rules." Sasuke looked at Kakashi, who seemed oblivious to their conversation.

Naruto sat back in his seat frowning at the wooden table before perking up, "Fine then, I will kiss you after school ends." He leaned in and smiled at Sasuke. Sasuke turned with a blush, but didn't deny him which made Naruto smile wider.

When the bell rang, all the students filed out into the hall, but the door was slightly barricaded by the ring of girls who were surrounding Naruto.

"Do you like it here so far?"

"I like your eyes."

"What's your next class?"

"Do you want me to show you around the school?"

"I can show you the city."

"Do you live nearby?"

"I can walk you to your class, Naruto-kun."

Sasuke was getting irritated. Usually every girl was surrounding him and asking him out on a daily basis. Now, they didn't bother to notice him anymore. He was incredibly thankful that now his nose wasn't bombarded by the multiple attacks of heavily applied perfume, but since they moved from him to Naruto; that pissed him off.

"I beg your pardon ladies, but I am with Sasuke."

Some of the girls whipped their heads to the raven glaring at them, but that didn't do anything as they pulled him into their circle, "Sasuke-kun are you friends with Naruto-kun?

"Are you two into double dating?"

"Do you guys want to study together?"

A whistle had gotten everyone's attention, more so, by blowing out their eardrums as they looked at their teacher who stood behind them. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'd like to get on with my life by not being stuck in this god forsaken classroom. Thank you."

When the girls dispersed with a whine Sasuke pulled Naruto away and headed down to their next class. Naruto was glancing all around and saying 'hello' to everyone who passed him. Everyone. It wasn't until Sasuke got to the science lab when he turned to look at his peers glancing at Naruto with a confused expression on their faces. "Um, you know you don't have to say 'hi' to everyone you meet right?"

"But I do not know anyone here. When I had lived here long ago this town was very small, you would have known everyone there."

"Well, then just nod at them in greeting. Not everyone knows you yet, so be a little patient."

"I see. I will be more subtle."

When they walked into the lab Sasuke led Hinata to her seat sat down next to her, the desks were two partners only so Naruto had to sit somewhere else and that worried Sasuke a bit. Luckily there was a seat to his left two rows down. Sasuke watched as Naruto directed himself in the empty seat and looked back with a slight frown that made Sasuke feel guilty for some reason, but the look was gone when Kiba Inuzuka had tapped Naruto's shoulder and introduced himself.

"Hey man, what's up? My name's Kiba. You new here?"

"Yes, I am from . . . Nagoya? My name is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto smiled brightly to cover up his hesitation. Kiba didn't seem to notice. "It's a pleasure to meet you Naruto. Welcome to Konoha, I can show you around a bit if you want."

"Oh, no thank you. I am with Sasuke and he has offered to show me around."

When Kiba heard Sasuke's name he tensed up. "Wait, you know the Uchiha?" Naruto nodded. "I mean do you really know him?"

"Yes, I do. Very much so." Naruto narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"So, you know he hangs around a girl named Hinata right?"

"Yes, she is a very bright and beautiful young woman."

Kiba smiled in thought, "Yeah, she is." Naruto was confused until he saw Kiba's face was filled with wonder and love. He grinned. "Do you fancy her?" Kiba was taken aback and stuttered, "What? N-No, I mean . . . m-maybe." He flushed a little and looked over at her. She was talking to Sasuke about something that seemed to make the Uchiha a little flushed and upset. She giggled and Kiba gave out a soft sigh. Naruto patted his shoulder and smiled, "Tell her how you feel; I am sure she will take you into consideration."

Naruto's statement didn't help as Kiba slammed his head on the table and groaned, "Easier said than done, man."

"I think not. I have proclaimed my love for one already and I believe he had taken it well."

Kiba's head shot up and looked at Naruto, "He?"

Thinking nothing of it, Naruto smiled and gestured in front of him, "Yes, I am in love with Sasuke Uchiha."

Kiba's eyes widened and he shot to his feet, fist in the air, "I knew it!" Everyone had stopped their conversations and stared at the brown haired boy. Flushing a bit, he sat back down and looked somewhere else. "Is something the matter?" Naruto said quietly.

"No, but I always thought that the Uchiha was gay. He hangs around a beauty like Hinata and doesn't date her? He has to be gay." Naruto chuckled as Kiba continued to rant about how perfect Hinata is and how completely devoted he will be to take care of her.

As the conversation went on, Sasuke watched them talk and felt a pang of jealousy before his thoughts were interrupted. "Hello Sasuke-kun, would you bring me the pleasure of facing the front?" a shiver went down his spine as he turned slightly in his chair, but didn't look up. A chuckle sounded as the body in front of his table moved back to the very front of his class. "Hello class, today, I have a very special treat for you. We will be dissecting cats today." he sickly smiled. Some of the girls cringed and groaned while the rest had an uncomfortable look on their faces.

"Get up and proceed to the back of the lab, I will get the-, who are you?" everyone looked at Naruto who stood from his chair.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki. I am a new student here." Orochimaru looked him up and down. He frowned deeply when he saw Sasuke smile at Naruto, who in turn, smiled back. "Sit down." He spat, "I hope you pay attention and learn quickly Uzumaki."

"Yes, Ma'am." He abruptly sat down as everyone gasped and Kiba looked at him like he grew a second head before turning to his teacher in fear.

"What did you call me?" Orochimaru shouted.

Naruto was confused until Kiba whispered in his ear, "Our teachers a man, dude." Naruto paled completely when he realized his mistake. "I-I, Please forgive me, I did not know. It was your hai-,"

"Detention! After school you will meet me here and you will not leave until I say so!"

At that Naruto raised a brow and looked at Sasuke, who was staring at him and was paler than he usually was. When Orochimaru walked to the back of the room to get the dead cats, Naruto leaned over to Kiba, "What is Detention?"

Kiba raised an eyebrow, "Where exactly are you from again?"

". . . A small town."

"Oh, well Detention is a bad thing for starters. You have to stay after school alone for a few hours or if you're lucky, a half hour. It's a punishment the teachers give you, you know, to get you to not go out, to party, or something."

"Oh, so I am being punished." Kiba nodded. "Can Sasuke come?" Kiba laughed "No he can't it's just you and Orochimaru." Naruto pouted a bit and murmured, "It is a punishment."

When Orochimaru and a light haired male set up the lab tables he shouted at them to start. Naruto looked at the lifeless animal and felt a small churn in his stomach. "This is revolting." He whispered. Kiba had a frown on his face and nodded before he took the scalpel and started to cut the fur away. Naruto looked at Sasuke's table and gave a helpless look.

Sasuke bit his lip and quickly looked at Orochimaru before slowly turning his body to the side to help show Naruto what to do. Step by step Naruto followed what Sasuke was doing with some help by Kiba and they had finished minutes after Sasuke and Hinata had.

Orochimaru came over to look at Naruto's cat first and sneered when he saw that everything was done perfectly. Naruto was standing up straight as a board and seeing Orochimaru with a small sweat drop forming on his face. When he heard a grunt of annoyance, he relaxed when Orochimaru moved away. Kiba gripped his shoulder as he bent over to release a shaky breath. Naruto chuckled at his new friend and looked over at Sasuke.

His smile dropped.

Orochimaru was right behind Sasuke gripping his shoulders and smirking next to his ear. Naruto felt his blood boil when he saw Sasuke cringe away from Orochimaru with hidden disgust and fear in his eyes.

Naruto's breath hitched. He can feel it. Kyuubi is getting loose. That demon is practically an animal. And he is very possessive.

When Orochimaru whispered something in Sasuke's ear, Naruto growled lowly as his eyes turned red. The scalpel on his metal tray shook vigorously as a sharp gust blew past his clothes and swirled around the thin piece of metal. With a twitch of his hand, the scalpel flew straight into Orochimaru's arm making him scream out and grip it tightly.

Naruto smirked slightly as the knife made contact, but paled when he realized what he had done.

Quickly, Naruto pursed his lips and someone else's tray flew across the room along with the table next to them. Orochimaru looked around with wide eyes, wondering what the hell was going on. Everyone started to freak out and duck onto the floor. Sasuke dropped to the floor and grabbed Hinata and covered her as he looked over at Naruto who was looking around the lab before he stood on the chair and lifted the only window the lab has.

What the hell is he doing! Sasuke thought he was going to escape, but when Naruto looked behind him, latched the window open, and jumped down to cower like the rest of the class, Sasuke narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "Sasuke what's going on?" Hinata whispered.

Sasuke didn't answer her as he watched Orochimaru get up off the floor and glare around the room, when he saw the window open he let out a string of colorful curses and kicked a nearby stool. The class was sent into the hall after the 'window accident' and Sasuke had dragged Naruto over to one of the hallway benches around the corner. When he checked the coast was clear he turned to Naruto who was leaning against the wall. He looked deep in thought.

"You mind telling me what happened in the Lab?" Sasuke said with his hands on his hips.

Naruto looked away his eyes a dark blue. "Naruto."

Hesitantly, he looked up at an obsidian glare. "What happened?"

If he blinked, Sasuke would have missed it. His back was pressed hard against the wall and held there by a strong body. He gasped and flushed when Naruto nuzzled his face and a husky voice breathed in his ear, "He touched what was mine." He growled.

Sasuke shivered as Naruto trailed his lips lightly against Sasuke's jaw to his neck. "No one touches what is mine." He pressed his body closer to the raven relishing in the gasping moan he received. Naruto smirked and pressed a kissed to the pale neck and backed away to gaze at the blushing raven staring back at him. His eyes were red, which made his own eyes turn. When Naruto pulled away, Sasuke growled lowly in his throat and gripped Naruto's shirt, but almost immediately came to his senses.

Releasing the shirt, Sasuke felt something inside him oppose and it made a keen whine escape his mouth, but he cleared his throat, "Don't-Don't do that."

Naruto smirked, "Do what?"

Sasuke glared, "Don't-, never mind. The Lab, what did you do?"

"Are you angry?" Naruto raised a brow.

Sasuke pressed his lips together, "N-No, I guess." Sasuke shifted on his foot and looked away, "But you can't do that in public. What if someone saw you and took you away?" Naruto smiled and leaned in to kiss Sasuke's forehead, "I love you Sasuke. Nothing will stop me from being there to protect you." Looking into those big azure eyes staring at him with such an emotion, he blushed as his mouth parted open. Naruto had said I love you since he met him and that was almost a week ago. Sasuke really liked Naruto and the feeling was mutual, but he knew that the word 'like' wasn't the right word for what he felt. He knew what was.

He wanted to say it. He would say it.

". . ." Sasuke's voice caught in his throat, Say it! ". . . I-,"


Sasuke closed his eyes in frustration then looked at Hinata holding Kiba's shoulder. "We can go back in the classroom now." Naruto looked at Kiba's face and almost gave a laugh. He had never known someone to turn that shade of red before.

"Okay, Hinata." Sasuke solemnly said. Hinata smiled and whispered to Kiba, who stuttered an 'okay' before taking her back to the classroom. Naruto glanced at Sasuke and smiled when he saw that pout on his lips. He couldn't resist. Grasping his chin, he kissed Sasuke very passionately.

Sasuke was taken aback by the sudden kiss but melted in Naruto's grip anyway. When he pulled away, Naruto almost growled again when he heard that whine again. Damn. He thought. I do not have much restraint if he will keep doing that. Sasuke felt dazed as he opened his eyes and smiled a genuine smile that made Naruto blush.

Coughing, Naruto took Sasuke's hand, "Come, time for our next class."

The next class was Math. And they had a quiz.

Asuma-sensei thought that it would be a good idea to get a good grip on how far Naruto was advanced in Math. The thing was, Naruto never learned math other than counting things. He was a farm boy in the 1800's what math system did they have?

Sasuke was looking from his test to Naruto who was next to him. Although he didn't show it, Naruto was panicking. He saw the numbers and the plus and minus signs, but all the others in between had his head hurting like someone was taking a hammer to it.

Sasuke looked from Naruto to his teacher before tapping his pencil sharply. Naruto looked over and watched as Sasuke quickly grabbed his paper and switched it with his own before going back like nothing happened. Naruto looked at Sasuke, then to the teacher before looking at the new and now completed quiz paper before him. The name slot was empty and there was a little note written at the top.

I'll teach it to you later.

Naruto smiled and looked at Sasuke who was rewriting his answers on the new quiz he took. Taking his pencil he erased the small message and wrote his name at the top and waited.

School was going by very slow for Sasuke. But for Naruto it was going by too fast for him to accustom to it.

It was lunch time, but Naruto hadn't had the need to get food so he sat with Sasuke who had done the same thing. When Hinata had sat down in front of Sasuke with assistance from Kiba she had started to ask what happened in the lab.

"Freak accident." Sasuke stated. Simple, but unconvincing for Hinata, "Yeah right, what really happened? Naruto?" Naruto would have been happy to answer the question, but Kiba was listening too. He didn't want to lose a friend over what he really is.

"The window was open was it not?" he smiled, "I am just glad that no one had gotten hurt."

"Except Orochimaru-sensei." Kiba added. Naruto snorted. "No one important." He murmured. Sasuke snickered.

Naruto looked at the meal Hinata had, "Are you not going to eat Hinata?" he said trying to change the subject.

"I will," she fingered for the fork.

"I'll feed you!" Kiba blurted.

The table fell silent as Kiba burnt red and tried to recover. "Uh, I-, shit I didn't mean that. I mean, I know you can use a fork, but I-, um, I could spoon feed you. I know you're not a baby, you're a woman, but I-," Hinata couldn't take anymore.

She started to laugh.

Kiba stared at her dumbfounded. "Kiba-kun, you are so funny!" she giggled.

"I am?" he asked before he smiled.

She nodded and slid her tray over to him with a smile. Grabbing the fork he fed her once and she giggled as she swallowed and quickly leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. "You are so kind Kiba-kun. Why are we not friends?"

"I would love to be your friend, but I . . ." he looked over at a smiling Naruto who nodded. "I kinda want to be more than that for you." He murmured.

Sasuke raised his eyebrows and looked at Hinata. Her unfocused eyes widened a bit, before she blushed and looked away, "Y-You-, w-what do you mean?"

Swallowing, Kiba inhaled, "I like you. A lot. You're beautiful and kind and sweet and I promise to treat you right and take care of you and love you-," Oops, he hadn't meant to say that part.

Hinata had put her hands by her mouth as she listened. "L-Love?"

Sasuke leaned into Naruto, "He's been holding that in for a while hasn't he?" Naruto chuckled.

Kiba's face hadn't lost its color, "Y-Yeah. I'm sorry, I know it's too soon for me to say I love you, but I want you to know that I do care about you and I hope that you would want to go out with me?" his heart was hammering in his chest. Naruto had said he loved the Uchiha and as far as he was concerned he only met him a few days ago when he moved here. And if they were doing alright, then maybe his slip wasn't the end of the world?

Sasuke looked back and forth from Hinata to Kiba and was just as anxious to know what she would say. Hinata was blushing still, but put down her hands and turned towards Kiba, "K-Kiba-kun, are you only saying this because of what had happened to me?" That was an important question for her. If Kiba was only asking her out because she was blind, then, "No! No, no, no, no, no. I liked you way before that! The day that I saw you; I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen!" he grabbed her hands.

Hinata smiled and nodded, "Okay, then I would love to go out with you."

Naruto chuckled, "Well done my friend." He grabbed Sasuke's hand and intertwined their fingers, which made Sasuke smile. "Hey, why don't you guys come out on the date with us?" Kiba asked.

Sasuke raised both brows this time. "You want me and Naruto to come with you on your date?"

"Yeah, we could double date!" Hinata nodded in agreement.

"What? How did you-,"

"Naruto told me." Sasuke turned to glare at Naruto, who looked away.

"Oh, come on Sasuke. It'll be fun." Hinata said as the bell rang.

Sasuke frowned before he pouted and looked away, "Fine."

To say that Sasuke was a little jealous when Naruto proudly walked out of their History class with a smile on his face was an understatement. All that time in the Library certainly helped him, that's for damn sure.

"Health I believe is next?" he asked. Sasuke nodded and forced himself not to grumble.

Kurenai-sensei was a nice teacher and she was an easy grader, so if Naruto can get the basics down he can pass this class without any problems.

That was a big if.

"Naruto-san, can you please pay attention."

Currently Naruto was staring at his desk with a blush on his face and a trickle of sweat on his cheek. Sasuke couldn't hold back the trembling smile on his face as he tried not to laugh. "Naruto-san." Kurenai-sensei put her hands on her hips and frowned when Naruto didn't budge.

Naruto gulped and looked up not at his teacher but the picture on the projection screen. It was a detailed anatomy of the female reproductive system. Sure, he had sex with a woman before, but that was a long time ago and it was in the dark. He was a gentleman and he respected women's and men's privacy, but to display it so casually in the middle of a small crowd was flustering.

"Sorry, Kurenai-sensei." He said.

Nodding, she went back to explaining what reproductive organ did what and how babies were born. Naruto was fidgeting in his seat as she kept going on and on. When she switched from female to male, Naruto felt a bit better and blew a little sigh of relief thinking that he could handle the rest of the class.

That was until she put in 'Miracle of Birth'.

Everyone was cringing away. Sasuke was frowning and wincing at some parts; Hinata was happily listening to everyone's reaction and Kiba, well he was watching, but he was doing it peering over his desk. Naruto, however, was upright facing the television screen, but his face was priceless. He was paling by the second and his eyes were widening with a look of horror and disgust. His mouth was open and his frown was deepening in fear, but as much as he was grossed-out by what he was seeing, he couldn't look away.

How can so much blood come out of a woman? How can that fit? Is that a head? My God, it is alive? How can anyone sustain that much pain? Would not pushing a baby out of a small hole hurt them? OH MY LORD, WHAT IS THAT! IS THAT A TAIL? An umbilical cord? What is that?

Kurenai-sensei watched in complete amusement at her class but Uzumaki-san in general. When the tape was over, she addressed the class to get back into their seats. "I hope you all had some sort of understanding of how babies are born and what to expect when you are expecting." She happily said.

When the bell rang, Kurenai-sensei shouted out what she wanted from the class due tomorrow before they dispersed. Sasuke slowly walked out of the classroom with Naruto who was still in quite a shock at what he had seen. "Never in my years had I ever seen a woman give birth to a child before. Now, I am glad I have turned to males. That was most horrifying."

"I'm gonna agree with you there." Kiba rubbed his eyes. "That image is never gonna go away. Did you get a good look at it! It was like a sweaty black jungle when Moses came through with the bloody Nile River of death!" Sasuke slapped Kiba's head. Naruto was pale enough.

"Be thankful that schools over now and we can all just go home to relax."

"Yeah, hey Naruto you wanna go to the arcade?"

"I would, but unfortunately I have a punishment I must fulfill."

"Detention, not punishment, and I'll stay behind with you." Sasuke said.

"Are you sure, Sasuke-kun?" Hinata asked.

There she goes with the Sasuke-kun again. He smirked, Kiba makes her nervous. "Yeah, someone has to keep an eye on him." Naruto pouted at him.

Waving goodbye, Sasuke and Naruto make their way to Orochimaru's lab and sit to wait for him. "I can't believe you said 'ma'am'." Sasuke smirked.

"How was I to know that a man having that long of hair is normal here?" Naruto frowned.

"I guess I see your point; just don't do anything that will get you into more trouble while you're here. He'll have you grade papers or something so just follow what he says and maybe he'll let you out early." Sasuke leaned his head on his arms tiredly.

"What about you?" Naruto brushed a few bangs out his Sasuke's face.

Sasuke smiled and leaned into his hand that brushed his cheek, "I'll be in the Library until you come out. So just meet me there and when we get home I can-,"

"Home? You two are living together?" Sasuke and Naruto jumped at the rough low voice that came up behind them. Orochimaru glared at Naruto who had his hand on Sasuke's arm, "How blatantly inappropriate." He spat.

Sasuke shook off his nerves and whispered 'I'll see you later.' to Naruto and headed out the door. Orochimaru saw the longing look on the blondes face as he watched Sasuke leave and gave a menacing smirk, "Well, now. Uzumaki-san, meet my associate Kabuto Yakushi, he will stay with you and grade several tests while I . . . run some errands." He chuckled.

Naruto furrowed his brow at the laugh and followed Kabuto-sempai to the back room. As he sat in an uncomfortable wooden chair he watched Orochimaru leave the classroom until Kabuto-sempai set down a six-inch pile of exams from last week and gave him a red pen and the answer sheet, "Get started." He mumbled.

Naruto stared at the answers and thanked whatever was out there that he was given the answer sheet, even though it all was complete gibberish to him still.

Sasuke wandered around the Library carelessly looking at books of no interest and occasionally picking one up to read a few pages. He had an hour to spare, what should he do? Weaving in and out of each shelf, Sasuke found himself in the fiction section. He hadn't read a good book in ages. The first shelves were full of action and superheroes.

He scoffed and continued.

The next section was about science fiction, one of which he found interesting. Picking it up, he read it to see it was about a mad scientist who developed a way to bring back the dead and create immortality. Raising a brow he continued the summary then skimmed the book only to find that the doctor failed and was executed. Sasuke put the book back, feeling a little disappointed. He wanted to know more about what was happening to his body and when he'll actually 'die'.

In his thoughts he didn't realize he kept walking until he was in the romance section. He was about to exit until he saw a book titled, 'P.S I love you.'

It was like those words were haunting him.

He wanted to say it. But the fact that he only knew Naruto for a little less than a week kept him back. Why, he didn't know. I love Naruto Uzumaki. He blushed.

I love Naruto Uzumaki. He swallowed. Good, now say it out loud.

" . . . I-,"

"Hello Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke jumped and whipped his head around to come face to face with Orochimaru. Backing up he almost tripped over a knee high table in the sitting room, before standing behind a cushion chair. "Hello, Orochimaru-sensei." He murmured.

Orochimaru smirked and stepped closer, resulting in Sasuke stepping back. "Whatever are you doing in the Library after school," he chuckled "alone?"

Sasuke's low beating heart sped up a few notches, but clenched his jaw and tried to remain calm. "I'm waiting for Naruto."

"Oh, that's right. Well, Uzumaki-san has a lot of paper grading to do and I think it'll be a long time. So why don't you and I have a little chat while you wait."

"Um, no thanks, Orochimaru-sensei. I think I can wait here on my own." Every other word he took a step back as Orochimaru stepped closer his smirk turning into a deep frown.

"Now, Sasuke-kun, that's rude. All I want is to get to know you better. Why would you rather choose that imbecile over me? I'm sure you can teach you so many things. What do you say?"

Sasuke's lip curled away in disgust at the innuendo, "No, thanks, Orochimaru-sensei." He felt a bit of bravery standing up to a figure he's shied away from since freshmen year, but that bravery flew away as his back hit the book shelf behind him.

Orochimaru smirked and advanced faster, "Oh Sasuke-kun, what makes you think you have any choice in the matter?"

Sasuke barely had time to register the hand that gripped him at the throat. His body still needed oxygen so he started to panic when he realized he could suffocate. Gripping Orochimaru's hand, he tried to pry it away, but his strength was unreal.

Feeling light headed and his knees buckle, Sasuke tried to think of anything that could help him. When Orochimaru slammed him against the book shelf behind him, he didn't think, just grabbed a book and smashed his teachers head with it.

Orochimaru cursed loudly and let go of his student who gladly inhaled as much air as he could. Pushing off from the book shelf, Sasuke ran towards the door to try and get to Naruto, but something wrapped around his leg and pulled him to the floor. Getting the air knocked out of him, Sasuke blacked out for a second from the blood rush to his head and tried to pull his leg free. Looking down, it looked like a coiled rope that Orochimaru threw at him, that is, until it hissed at him.

Sasuke stared wide eyed at the black slithering snake tightening its grip around his leg as his lifted up to glare at him. Shit, Naruto.

Kabuto-sempai was sitting at his desk lazily working on a power point as Naruto was finishing his thirty-third exam. By now, he knew the answers by heart and had started to grade them faster without looking at the answer sheet.

He started to try and make a game out of this by seeing who would win first, fifty, seventy, or ninety out of a hundred. So far the seventies were winning with twenties right behind them. Sighing in boredom he picked up his thirty-fourth exam, but dropped it when he felt a pulse enter his body. Looking down in confusion, Naruto went to pick up the abandoned paper, but stopped when another, stronger, pulse reverberate inside him.

He felt his demon stir and growl, but Naruto didn't know what to make of it. Looking quickly at Kabuto-sempai, he sat in his chair and focused on where the pulses were coming from. When another pulse came through, he let out a small gasp of surprise as he felt it was his heart that was starting to beat.

He had been 'dead' for two centuries and now his heart was starting to beat again, why? Kyuubi started to thrash around when he asked that question and suddenly the only thing on his mind was Sasuke. Whenever Sasuke was around he had always felt tightness in his chest and whenever they were separated his chest started to hurt in longing to be together again, but now his heart was starting to beat in a frantic and spread a sense of fear that told him something was wrong. Sasuke was frightened and was calling to him.

Naruto shot up in his chair so fast he made Kabuto jump in surprise, "I must, uh, use the restroom." Naruto said as he bolted out the door and into the hallway.

When he started down the hall, Naruto started to panic when he realized he didn't know where the library was. He started to run in any direction that his heart pumped the hardest when finally, finally, he had reached two doors that had library branded on a plate.

Slamming the doors open, Kyuubi snarled and tried to force his way out when he saw Orochimaru carry an unconscious Sasuke in his arms. Naruto gritted his teeth and snarled at Orochimaru, "Drop him." He ordered.

Orochimaru chuckled and smirked, "My my Uzumaki-san. Are you done grading your papers? If not why don't you leave Sasuke and I to our-," he didn't finish as Naruto back handed him in the face while taking hold of Sasuke. Orochimaru flew to the other side of the Library through the wall into the computer lab. At this point Naruto didn't care if he was exposed for killing a teacher; all he cared about was Sasuke.

Setting him down, Naruto tried to shake Sasuke awake and placed a cool hand on his cheek. "Sasuke? Sasuke, can you hear me?"

Groaning Sasuke lifted his eyes to look bleary at Naruto, he tried to speak, but his voice was croaked and weak. Naruto noticed two puncture marks on the side of his neck that was slowly healing. What happened? Poison, some sort of injection?

Naruto didn't know what to do when Sasuke started to fall unconscious again. Shaking him, Naruto patted his face, "Sasuke, you must listen to me. You must stay awake, okay. Here," He bit into his wrist and brought it up to Sasuke's lips, "drink, Sasuke. You might recover faster." Sasuke groaned again and tried to open his mouth, lift his head, or at least his arms, but he was paralyzed. Instead he pursed his lips and gave a small, barely audible, kissing pop. He did it over and over until Naruto got the hint and brought the bleeding wrist to his own mouth and sucked.

When he had a reasonable amount he bent down, kissed Sasuke, and pushed all the blood down his throat. Sasuke swallowed as much as he could with only a few drops running down the side of his face. When the blood was all gone, Naruto watched Sasuke's face carefully as his eyes began to flutter slowly and the irises bleed into red. Sasuke felt his body started to become warmer from his toes to his fingers. Looking up at Naruto he tried to raise his hand to caress his worried face, but before his could a desk slammed into the blonde and flew him on the opposite side of the library. Sasuke fell to the floor completely, sore and limp. He rolled over as best as he could and extended his arm out in search for Naruto, but then it was stepped on and he gave a small whine.

A sinister laugh made Sasuke stare up at his teacher, "Oh, you don't need to worry about him anymore Sasuke-kun. I'll take care of you now." Orochimaru pointed his arm down at Sasuke and a snake ripped through his skin and hissed at Sasuke. Sasuke shivered and weakly called out Naruto's name.

Not even a second later the desk that flew across the library was kicked out of the wall and a dangerously pissed off Naruto walked out without a scratch. Orochimaru raised his eyebrow, before smirking sinisterly, "Ah, so you're the doctor's pet, huh?"

Naruto narrowed his blood red eyes, "What are you talking about?"

Orochimaru gave a sick laugh, "Surely you must know! As I recall, you were his very first lab rat!" he laughed.

Naruto's eyes widened before narrowing darkly. He flashed over to the pale snake and grabbed him by the throat, "Where is he?" he growled.

Orochimaru just kept laughing, Naruto felt his patience snap and he threw him towards the front desk where, unfortunately, a flag was suspended. Sasuke watched in both terror and awe as Orochimaru was impaled on the flag pole. His body had stilled and fell limp as blood had started to seep onto the floor. Closing his eyes, he felt some of his strength return and he got up to his knees and reached out to Naruto's clenched hand.

Naruto looked down and felt the anger he had melt away when he saw the pleading look Sasuke gave him. Pulling Sasuke up to his feet with his arm around his shoulder, Naruto started to walk slowly towards the door, until he heard that annoying chuckle.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you think you can just leave? How silly." Orochimaru looked up, a crazed look in his eyes and blood seeping through his mouth. Reaching behind him, he broke the flag pole and fell to the ground steadily on his feet. "You're not going anywhere. That Uchiha belongs to me. I get to devour his heart, I get to drink his everlasting blood, and the only one in my way is you." He laughed again as he looked down at the wooden pole still sticking out of his body. Gripping it so, he slowly pulled it out with a sick smirk on his face, "The doctor was right," he threw the blood covered pole away, "You are a monster." A hissing sound was heard as several snakes slithered out of his skin and open wound onto the floor. "Just like me."

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