Title: It's Atrocious

Pairing: Gelphie

Rating: T

Disclaimer: WICKED ISN'T MINE. Alas.


Fiyero leant in slowly, stopping and inch away from his girlfriend's glossy pink lips, anticipating a spark-flying, head-spinning kiss. But as he leaned in to close the gap, Galinda's cheeks paled and she started to waver, before Fiyero could stop to think he was catching Galinda in his arms as she swooned.

~~Light, airy, coldness brushed Galinda's pale cheeks.

"Galinda?" Fiyero glanced down anxiously at the girl in his arms. Galinda mumbled something unintelligible, her eyes fluttering. Fiyero brushed a blonde curl out of his girl's face, shifting his hold on her. It was snowing and Fiyero wanted to get Galinda out of the cold, but it wasn't as if he could simply carry her into her dorm. Against his better judgment he shook her by the shoulders. "Glin, are you alright?"

"Hmm, Elphie?" Galinda stirred. Her blue eyes opened wide to see a confused-looking Fiyero staring right back at her.

"Oh, oh, Fiyero." Galinda stood, embarrassed, brushing the snow from her hair. "What happened?"

"You fainted." Fiyero said, relief flickering through him fleetingly. "Maybe we should sit down. Are you feeling okay?"

Galinda shook her head, cheeks coloring. "I'm fine. Honestly, I'm probably just tired. I should..." She glanced anywhere other than Fiyero's eyes. She flashed him a smile and held out her arm. "Walk me to my dorm."

"Of course." Fiyero agreed. "Of course."

~~ "Thanks plenty dearest." Galinda waved goodbye to Fiyero. She sighed, heading up the stairs of Crage Hall. Pulling out her key, she stumbled down the hall. Once inside her room she flicked on the light and shed her snowy clothes, pulling on the warmest nightdress she could find. Picking up her brush from the vanity, she began running it through her tangled blonde locks; the routine usually soothed her, but tonight there was an anxious fluttering in her chest that couldn't be subdued. "Stupid." She cursed under her breath. "Stupid, why am I so stupid?" She screamed quietly, flopping on her frilly bed and punching her fists into her pillow. "Perfect." Galinda sighed, glancing down at the fraying black ribbon on her wrist. She placed her lips to it and instantly felt foolish. "Not helping the stupidity." Galinda muttered under her breath.

She resolved that talking to herself wasn't the smartest thing either. Deciding that tomorrow she would make a point to go out with her friends, Galinda clicked off the light, shutting her eyes tightly and snuggling under her covers. The anxiousness settled into her stomach, coiling into a sharp pain that made the blonde want to cry out; she gripped a pillow to her stomach and willed her tears away, tomorrow couldn't come fast enough.

~~Elphaba squinted down at the Grimmerie, her stolen book of spells. The spell's words poured from her mouth like the sweetest music as a cluster of candles lit before her eyes. She smiled, turning the pages to find another spell, brown eyes sparkling in the candlelight. Suddenly, an aching pain gripped her stomach and she gasped, wrapping her arms around her middle. Concentration broken, the candles flickered out as the green girl began to writhe on the floor.

"Fabala?" Lielah heard thudding on the floor, and jumped out of bed, rushing over to her companion. "Fabala, what's wrong?" Lielah lit the candles manually, placing a hand on Elphaba's back.

Slowly, Elphaba sat up; she held up a hand to quell Lielah's questions. After a few gasped breaths, Elphaba calmed herself, grasping for something in the darkness. She raised a shiny, silver object that glinted in the candlelight.

"Woah." Lielah gasped at the beautiful pink stone attached to the bracelet.

Elphaba ran her fingers over the bracelet lightly, her eyes closing briefly. "Galinda?" The familiar name came out as a tentative question.

Lielah, still enamored with the bracelet, had to shake herself out of her reverie. "Who?"

Silently, Elphaba shook her head, leaning forward to blow out the candles. She stood, slipping the bracelet into her pocket and heading over to her bed.

Lielah hadn't moved from her spot on the floor, confused by it all. "Who's Galinda?" She mumbled to herself, uncertain yet enamored with the girl who shared her room.

~~ "Ooh." Galinda giggled. "That color is wonderful on you."

"I was going with perfect." Shenshen curtsied, smiling broadly. Galinda and Phannee clapped in approval.

"Oh, marvelous." Phannee chortled. "I'm so glad you decided to come shopping with us, Glin."

"Yes," Galinda bounced, holding a poofy pink dress up in front of herself. "What do you think girls?"

Shenshen scoffed. "Haven't you already bought the whole market of pink in Oz?"

"Seriously Glin," Phannee agreed. "Pick a different color."

Galinda sighed and pouted theatrically. "Oh, I simply can't."

Shenshen snatched the pink dress out of Galinda's hands as she and Phannee began scouring the racks.

"Not to fret, we'll find you something." Phannee winked.

Galinda listened to hangers slide across the metal racks as she turned in front of the mirror, striking a pose and fixing her hair. She noted the circles under her eyes and held back a sigh.

"This one! This one!" Her two bubbly friends held out a gorgeous green dress.

Galinda blanched. "I-I d-don't think so." She stuttered, her perfectly composed facade wavering.

"Why not?" Shenshen demanded, pouting.

"Yeah Glin, why not?" Phannee echoed.

The blonde waved her hand dismissively. "Not my color."

Her friends agreed reluctantly, putting the dress back on the rack.

After paying for their purchases at the register, the girls hurried into the snowy Oz streets, giggling and gossiping.

"Ooh, did you hear? Fiyero was talking to that Avaric boy the other day. Apparently Avaric thinks Fiyero's lost his mind going out with you. That you don't like him in the least. Of course, I had to set him straight." Phannee insisted, gripping Galinda's arm.

"He what?" Galinda blanched.

"You know the one, that friend of the munchkin boy?" Phannee added.

Galinda nodded slowly. "Well, I guess I could see where he might've gotten that idea."

Both of Galinda's giggly friends stopped in their tracks. "WHAT?"

"Well, you see, Fiyero and I are taking a break..." Galinda trailed off, lost in thoughts of events that had happened earlier that day…

"Galinda," Fiyero placed his hand on her arm lightly. "I'm not completely brainless. I've noticed certain things lately. And well, after last night, I think we should take a break."

Her perfect pink lips formed an "O". "What?"

He leaned in and lowered his voice. "Look, it's obvious you miss her a lot. I understand. Avaric and Boq, well, they told me some things and I guess I didn't realize what I was getting into. I love you, I do, but if you miss her so much... Well, sort things out and I'll wait, okay? I'll be here for you as a friend or more, whichever you want when you've figured things out."

She thought she was stuck in one of her dreams, this couldn't be happening. "Boq doesn't know anything. He's a tiny little fool. Elphaba and I are barely friends!" Galinda insisted in panic. "Please, don't do this."

Fiyero looked her straight in the eye. "You called me 'Elphie'." He watched as Galinda's shoulders sankindefeat, feeling sorry that he had to do this to her. "Look Glin, I'm here okay? Just, figure it out." He bent down to place a chaste kiss on her pink lips and winked before turning away.

Phannee and Shenshen hooked their arms into each of Galinda's. "You poor thing. Fiyero's out of his mind to listen to those other boys." They nodded in agreement solemnly.

Building up her facade once more, Galinda shrugged. "He'll come around if he knows what's good for him."

"Of course." Phannee and Shenshen echoed.

As the three girls took off together down the road, Galinda couldn't stave off the pain that swelled in her heart.

~~Tonight would be another night in, much to Elphaba's chagrin. She sighed, studying the Grimmerie per usual.

"Fabala, can I ask you a question?" Lielah paced anxiously in front of the desk Elphaba sat at.

"You already have." Elphaba replied, in no mood for the younger girl's quirks today.

The munchkin paced and fidgeted. "Well, it's just that, well I mean..."

Thoroughly annoyed, Elphaba glanced over sharply.

In a rush of words Lielah asked, "Why are you green?"

Elphaba cackled in response. "I was born that way." She replied, watching the girl's anxiousness subside.

"People aren't born green." Lielah insisted, leaning with her hand on the desktop.

"I was, and no it's not from eating grass as a child." Elphaba frowned. "Perhaps it's because I'm filled with something wrong... something wicked..."

Lielah shook her head, brown hair swishing. "I don't believe that, you seem nice enough to me."

Looking down, Elphaba felt strange emotions stir within her, she felt a sudden urge to rant and rave, or sink to her knees and admit defeat. She wasn't sure.

"You barely know me, and that's how it's going to stay. Now go find something to do." She forced herself not to be bothered by the fact that the munchkin girl's eyes filled with tears.

"Yes, Fabala." She whispered, before running from the room.

Elphaba shrugged, unable to be bothered by it just then. The delusional girl had to learn sometime. This work wasn't for the foolish, or the weak at heart. A pang echoed through Elphaba's heart coincidentally at the same moment. Try as she might to concentrate on the Grimmerie, the green girl could think of only one thing. And as the blonde came to mind, a stabbing pain gripped Elphaba's chest; she fell from her chair as a seizure of emotion overwhelmed her.

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