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Saria: Anyway, this fic was inspired by the fact that I STILL play hide and seek with my younger sibs, and being the "Hinata just needs love. Don't care who as long as it's not Kiba" club president (lol jk jk) i decided, why the hell not? you know? Oh and I'm sorry about Sai not being featured in this... but it works later when Kiba partners with Akimaru in... oh you'll find out lol. All the characters are in their Shippuden awesomeness so... In an alternate universe where Hinata never confessed her love to Naruto... yea. But anyway, I hope you enjoy my story and it's uber Fluffyness!

Simply Hide and Seek

Everyone one from the Konoha gang had shown up at Sakura's house for a party. It wasn't much of a party. She didn't even put up streamers. Surrounding the young adults were four plain beige wall covered with pictures of Sakura and her family.

five of the invited guests had piled onto Sakura's pink two-person love seat. Kankuro and Shikimaru were sitting comfortably on the arms, while Naruto, Rock Lee, and Kiba were all arguing about who got to sit on the cushion and who had to sit on who's lap.

"Troublesome," Shikimaru muttered, scratching a spot behind his ear.

Sakura, who'd just walked in wearing a pink apron and carrying a tray of cookies, punched Naruto. "Baka."

Naruto gasped, getting a wind knocked out of him hurt like hell. "What was that for Sakura-chan?"

"Just sit on the back, then no one has to sit on anyone's lap."

Naruto's baby blue eyes lit up. "Oh yeah! How come I never thought of that?"

"You really want me to answer that?"

Naruto ignored her and climbed onto the back of the love seat, leaned against the wall, and propped on foot on Rock Lee and one foot on Kiba. Rock Lee didn't really care, but Kiba turned around and socked Naruto in the gut. This caused a whole new round of wrestling on the couch.

"Idiots." Neji rolled his eyes. He sat at the red dinner table that Sakura had moved to the side of the room. With him were Tenten, Temari, and Gaara. Tenten was actually sitting on Neji, playing with a lock of his long black hair, while Temari and Gaara sat across from them, having a heated debate on how long a fish could survive in their home in The Village Hidden In the Sand.

Shino and Choji sat in the middle of the room on a tan throw carpet which had been lain just over the Crimson tile that covered Sakura's floors. Choji and Shino were experimenting, feeding some of the many chips Choji brought to a select few of Shino's bugs, to see how they reacted.

Sasuke was leaning against the doorjam that led to the diningroom, trying not to fall asleep from boredom. Ino was sticking to him like superglue, trying to start a conversation where there would never be one. After a while she realized that approuch was never going to work, so she just started rubbing up against him, batting her eyelids and placing her hands on his chest, which had little affect on as well. In fact, several times Sasuke had to forcefully remove Ino off of him. Sakura came over to join them, and both girls tried in vain to get the Uchiha's attention.

Alone, leaning against the wall across the room, poking her fingers together as usual, was Hinata. Everyone else had been busy entertaining themselves, and Hinata was to shy to go up and instigate anything so she sat, waiting for someone to invite her to join them, or for the party to just end; the latter was more likely to happen first.

Nobody really noticed that Hinata was alone in the corner except for Sasuke. She was the only girl at the party who wasn't annoying him. Tenten was being lovey-dovey with Neji, Temari just sounded stupid arguing over a fish, and Sakura and Ino were plain acting like complete sluts, but Hinata was just being quiet and watching everything. Not bugging anyone. Probably because no one even knew she was there.

Suddenly Kiba cried out, " I am so bored! Sakura-chan what kind of party is this? The cookies you made are burnt and we aren't even doing anything fun!"

Sakura turned to Kiba, her face turned red with anger. "Why don't YOU make the food next time! And if you wanna play games why don't you suggest one?"

That shut him up. It shut everyone up... Except Naruto.

"That's a great Idea! Let's play a game! For old times sake at least... Like something we used to play when we were all in our acadamies!"

Sakura nodded. "That does sound like a good idea. Anyone have any ideas? Sasuke?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I couldn't care less what we 'played'."

"What about you sand ninja?" Choji piped in.

Gaara's monotone voice answered, "We never really played as children."

Oh yeah, Sasuke thought. Gaara used to be a monster with a major lust for blood, and Kankuro and Temari had to make sure the other kids didn't die. How did we forget that?

No one knew what to play. Silence filled every corner of the room until a tentative voice stuttered, "H-hide and Seek?"

All the eyes in the room turned to Hinata.

So that's what her voice sounds like. Sasuke was surprised at the bell-like chime that passed through the dark haired kunoichi's lips. He's expected something squeakier and more annoying. I mean, there had to be a reason she didn't often speak.

"Yeah!" Naruto's oboxious voice broke through the soft trance brought on by Hinata actually speaking. "That's a fantastic idea, Hinata-chan." Obviously he didn't know of the girls huge crush on him, because Naruto went on over and casually draped his arm over Hinata's shoulder. The kunoichi turned so red Sasuke almost thought she was going to tip over from all the blood pooling in her cheeks.

Of course, Hinata fainted dead away. everyone rushed forward to check on her. Naruto was in the thick of it, yelling her name and shaking her, while Sasuke lingered around the edges of the small group.

The dobe, Sasuke thought to himself. He doesn't realize that if she wakes up with his face so close to hers, she might just explode.

Sasuke rolled his eyes as that was what exactly that happened not minutes later, and then, annoyed, he cleared his throat and started pushing through the worried ninja. "Naruto?" Naruto looked up from shaking Hinata. Sasuke leaned down without saying anything and picked her up, then carried her outside. Sakura and Ino glared at the unconscious girl enviously. She had the honor of being carried by Sasuke when she didn't do anything to deserve it. Sasuke shut the front door behind him before anyone could follow him. He didn't want someone annoying him while he tried to revive Hinata.

Now that he was actually outside, Sasuke wasn't sure what to do with the girl. He didn't want to stand around, but he didn't want to just lay her on the ground either. It wasn't like she did anything to him, so Sasuke walked over to a bench across the street from Sakura's house and sat down, Hinata cradled in his arms.

Hinata's eyes fluttered open, and she didn't know where she was. She was kind of cold, but she could feel a warmer spot near her and so she pressed closer to it, shivering. Her lavender eyes fluttered, and when they opened she was face first with an exposed chest, despite the chilly weather.

A startled squeek of surprise alerted Sasuke that Hinata had woken up and he shifted her out of his grasp, shuttering when the cool evening wind hit where her warm body had previously been.

"S-sasuke-kun! I-I'm so s-sorry! I-I hope I didn't cause y-you any t-trouble!" Hinata was on her feet bowing. Her long back hair draped over her blushing face.

"You shouldn't be sorry," Sasuke stated. He'd gotten comfortable on the bench, crossing one of his legs over the other one and resting his arm over the back. "It's not your fault Naruto is painfully oblivious to the fact that you're completely in love with him. Besides, you gave me a reason to get away from all of those annoying people."

Hinata's jaw dropped for a moment. "Y-you knew?"

"There aren't many people in this village that don't."

The blushing kunoichi was silent for a moment, then, her voice so quiet that Sasuke strained to hear it, she asked, "Is it that obvious?"

Sasuke just nodded.

"W-well... I guess I could n-never be an actress..."

Sasuke chuckled despite himself. So she had a sense of humor. He stood, saying, "Well I guess we should get back inside. If we stay out here to long you might catch a cold." Wait, what? When did I get so soft? "Besides, Im sure you don't want those two girls who are peeking out the window to come out and beat you."

Hinata turned, oblivious to Sasuke's uncharacteristicly kind words. She never really talked to him so she didn't realize that he didn't talk so nicely. She saw both Sakura and Ino staring daggers at her.

If looks could kill.

Sasuke had just slipped into the room, after letting Hinata enter first, of course, when the "seeker" had been picked for the game. So they've decided to play this after all, Sasuke thought to himself.

Rock Lee was getting ready to count when Kiba slipped over to Hinata to relay her the rules they were using. For some reason Sasuke was bothered by how close the dog loving ninja was to her.

Hinata listened as Kiba explained that they were allowed to hide anywhere in the city, but they weren't allowed to use any form of jutsu. They had twenty minutes to find hiding spots, oh, and when you were found you had to help the seeker find other people, that way it wouldnt take all night. Hinata nodded, skittering away with everyone else as Rock Lee started his speech about youth and what-not.

Ten minutes later, Naruto was sitting in his favorite ramen shop, slurping down a bowl of the daily special, Garlic-Egg Ramen, when Rock Lee bursts in shouting an "Aha! I knew you'd be here! The power of youth told me so!"

The second person to be found was Kiba... This was because Akimaru barked at Naruto...

Shino was found not long after that, seeing as all they had to do was follow the bugs

Gaara was sort of hard to find... but eventually the seekers found him crouching in an alleyway petting a kitten... who Akimaru chased off, so Gaara wasn't very happy...

Then came Neji and Tenten... you don't even want to know what they were found doing...

Choji was found in a sweets shop... eating sweets...

Kankuro was doing an evening puppet show for a bunch of little kids

Sakura was found crouched outside Sasuke's apartment...

Temari went the local fan museum

Ino was in the flower shop where she worked... It was really hard to get in and get her because she locked the front door.

Shikimaru was, of course, hiding in the shadows along the city wall.

Hinata wandered throughout the town. Her strategy was to keep moving, she was almost caught several times. She rubbed her hands up and down her arms. As far as she knew, she was one of the last one not found yet, and for that she was pretty proud of herself.

Hinata continued walking down the street silently, not realizing that someone was following her.

"Hyuuga." Hinata jumped at the sound of her name. She turned to find Sasuke, leaning against the fenced that lined the road she was on. Hinata breathed a sigh of relief.

"S-sasuke, you scared m-me."

Sasuke just nodded.

Hinata shook her head, smiling to herself at his nonchalant attitude. "W-what, does apologizing go against y-your image."

Sasuke raised and eyebrow, holding back the smile that threatened to spread across his lips. This girl really was funny, and not in an annoying way, like Dobe. She was almost unsure of herself whenever she made a witty remark, like she would be repremanded. Was she shy because she was afraid?

"A-aren't you supposed to be hiding?"

"Aren't you?"

"I-I am."

"Really? Do tell."

"W-well..." Hinata didn't want to tell Sasuke her strategy, knowing that he could tell the seekers where she was if he got caught.

"How about this?" Sasuke's face was a blank slate. "We could hide together, two heads are always better than one."

Hinata was struck dumb. Sasuke wanted to hide with her? It made sense with the two heads are better than one argument, but there are so many more capable people.

"Are there n-no other people to h-hide with?"

"Yup," Sasuke didn't want her to know that he actually had no idea how many other people there were left. He just wanted to see if he could find out more about her. She interested him. He wanted to know about her, from where those witty comments had been hiding, to why she was so shy.

"Ok t-then."

"Alright, what's our strategy?"

After a brief moment of thought, Hinata said quietly. "Hide in plain sight?"

"How so?"

"W-well... like change the way we look..."

"That sounds fine, but genjutsu is against the rules."

"You follow that rules?" Out of sheer suprise, Hinata momentarily lost her stutter.

"You don't?"

"W-well of course I do!"

Sasuke chuckled, happy he could make this girl, who he was sure wasn't a fangirl, become flustered.

Hinata shook her head. "First we h-have to get rid of that b-butt bow... It s-screams Sasuke." Sasuke chuckled and undid his "butt bow", letting the fabric that was bunched underneath it fall to the frozen ground. Who's idea was it to play hide-and-seek outside when it was this cold anyway? "A-and that your hair... it's just so spikey... d-do you use hair g-gel?" He chuckled again, shaking his head no.

Hinata hmmphed and took the head band that was around her neck and, without permission of course, wrapped it carefully around Sasuke's head, using the fabric to tie down Sasuke's spikey hair. The effect was major, In fact, Sasuke almost looked like Sai, with his nearly straight spikes pointed down instead of up, and only a white shirt and black pants. Hinata smiled at her handywork. "T-there, no genjutsu."

"What about you? Im sure people could spot your coat from a mile away..."

Hinata weighed her options... then against her better judgement took off her lavender jacket, revealing a skin tight black tanktop. Hinata shivered as the breaze brushed across her shoulders. Sasuke, seeing how miserable she was likely to get, not the mention the hell of a cold that would definitly come if she walked around in just that, took the fabric that had previously been around his waist and wrapped it around her shoulders, taking her jacket and folding it neatly over his arm. She smiled a thank you, and asked. "S-so, what now?"

Sasuke shrugged, "I say we find someplace warm... Someplace no one would think to look for us."

Hinata smiled, coming up with a genious idea, despite the fact that they'd already gone to such lengths for disguises. "W-we could go back to Sakura's h-house."

And so that is how the game of hide-and-seek ended. Hinata and Sasuke waited, alone I might add, until everyone else was so cold they came back, only to find both of them sipping hot chocolate (curtusy of Sakura's cabinets), and chatting quietly. The two hadn't realized what everyone else noticed immediatly upon entry of the pink kunoichi's house... Sasuke and Hinata forgot to switch clothes back... And so, the nights events continued game after game, until someone suggested the dreaded Truth-or-Dare.

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