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Sasuke: (Butting In, of course) What does that even mean?
Hinata: Y-you should know... y-you're Japanese...
Sasori: It means "I'm blushing"... stupid emo kid...
Everyone: SASORI!
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Sasori: HEY! I'm Hinata's puppet!
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Sasori: Bu-but Hime-sama! She likes it...
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Surprising SevenMinutesinHeaven

So... the game of twister was a huge fail.. Sai crashed the party before a second round could begin, and Hinata was too embarrassed to aproach Sasuke after being in such a compromising position with him, which he didn't mind at all... The compromising position I mean; he really didn't like her avoiding him.

Anyway, it was nearly midnight and much had changed in Sakura's house. Naruto and Ino were in the corner smiling, laughing and just having a good time. Rock Lee was showing off to Sakura, who couldn't help but enjoy the attention, and Sasuke stood next to an awkward Hinata, their faces the same shade of red as a tomato. Sai had come and gone, making his quick appearance just to annoy Sasuke, He walked out the door smiling that smile of his while Sasuke apologized to Hinata for their sudden entanglement during the Twister game.

Everyone was tired and ready to go back home and sleep, but not before Naruto suggested the final game of the night.

"we should play Seven Minutes In Heaven before it's time to crash," he said, placing him arm around Ino's shoulder. She socked his arm, grinning.

"That's a good idea," Rock Lee yawned. "One more youthful triumph for the night."

Everyone else nodded.

"Ok," Temari went to the other room to find two hats, a piece of paper, and a pen. Yelling from the other room, she said,"girls names will be in one hat, while boys names will be in the other. We'll draw, and the two picked will have to go in the closet with eachother for a full seven minutes, got it?"

There was a murmur of agreement.

"all right." She came back, an evil glint in her tired eyes. "Naruto, you pick first for the guys."

And so he did. When he saw the name scrawled on the slip of paper, it took all of his effort to not laugh. "Uchiha, Sasuke."

Sasuke Sighed

"Now Tenten pick for the girls."

She pulled out the second paper and nearly fell out of her chair as she read the name out loud. "Hyuuga, Hinata."

"W-wha-" Hinata was cut off as everyone pocked and prodded the two into the closet. The door shut, and they couldn't see a thing. Suddenly there was a crashing sound, and Hinata heard Sasuke curse under his breath. She giggled, wondering what he'd bumped into.

"H-hold on. There's a light switch in here s-somewhere."

A click and the closet was flooded with light. Sasuke looked hilarious to hinata, being covered in pink feathers boas. "H-here, I'll h-help you."

"Thanks. How did you know about the light anyway."

W-well. when w-we were-" Sasuke cut her off.

"you know, that stutter ir really kind of adorable." That's right people, because Sasuke doesn't say "cute".

Hinata's eyes widened. She wasn't expecting anything like that to come out of his mouth. she turned away, blushing as she continues. "W-when we were in t-the acadamy, Sakura used to invite Ino and me over... and t-this is where I w-would hide once they stated giving m-makeovers..."

Sasuke smiles, but chose to fill the silence with nothing other then that... silence.



"Do y-you believe in l-love at first sight?" Hinata hoped he didn't take the question the worng way.

Sasuke enjoyed Hinata's company, and was in fact possibly starting to LIKE her, but he wasn't going to lie to her. "No."

Hinata smiled, and he was surprised to hear her say, without her standard stutter,"Good, because I don't either."

Huh, She's genuinly happy that I said no... but I probably shouldn't give her the wrong idea. Sasuke leaned foreward, trapping the kneeling Hinata between himself and the wall. "however, after tonight, I think I might start to believe in fate." hinata's breath caught in her throat as he pressed a soft kiss against her lips. "Do you want to go get something to eat?" Sasuke sure wasn't tired anymore.

"A-at midnight?"

"Sure, why not? There has to be somewhere that's open."


She took his hand and they slipped out of the closet and then out the door.

"Hey," Naruto yelled. "That was only three minutes!"

Tenten put her hand on his shoulder, grinning. "Let them go." Naruto wasn't sure what to say. his best friend just ran off with a girl... not away from, but with.

Kiba however, was grinning widely, and he cut into Naruto's stupor. "Hey!" he was over by the hats, giving Temari and incredulous look. "All the slips say either Sasuke or Hinata!"

Temari srugged sheepishly. "Oops, My mistake."

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Hime: It was, It was! Sasori! Get your hands off Hinata!

Sasori: But hime-sama... please...

Hime: *looking at Sari-chan* what do you think?

Saria: *grinning* Hai! Go for it! *scooting up to sasuke* so... since this is my last SasuHina fanfic for a while... you, go out or something? *blushing*

Sasuke:*blushing* What?

Saria: *griining, and scratching head sheepishly* Yōji. It's not important.

Sasuke: No!


Sasuke: I mean... I'd love to... you know, go out...

Hime: Yes! Sasori! Lets go celebrate! Bring Hinata!

Sasori/Hinata: yay!

Saria: Hime-Chan! you're leaving me here alone?

Hime: mmmhmmm

*everyone leaves*

Sasuke: so... what do you want to do...

Saria: I don't know... what about you?

Sasuke: I...might have an idea ;)

Saria: _