We have just arrived at our new place, again. I can't count the number of times we have had to "move", Ha. It's more like running. This is like the 100th time we have had to run. You see, a bitch is after us, she wants information from my grandfather, and is willing to try to get to me and use me to get him to tell her where "her" Major is.

Her name is Maria, my grandfather Ethan. He was one of her soldiers. He was allowed to escape along with Peter, and Charlotte. The Major let them go. Later, when the Major also escaped, Ethan became friends with the Major and later met the Major's family, the Cullen's. They were animal drinkers, and Ethan decided to also become one.

Maria is why we are running. She really wants the Major back; of course his real name is Jasper Whitlock. She has been able to find us where ever we go. Ethan says he believes that she has a really good tracker working for her. So far, we have managed to stay at least one step ahead of her. I asked Ethan one time why we didn't just take her to Jasper, he told me that Jasper had saved his life, so he felt like he owed it to Jasper not to involve him or his family. But, I really hate her. She destroyed my family. My grandfather is the only family I have left because of her, and I really would like to see her suffer.

You see, about 10 years ago I was living with my parents, Charlie and Renee. I was at school when Ethan and Jasper came for a visit. We were living in Houston, Tx. At the time, so I didn't get to see Ethan or meet Jasper. They left before I got home from school. Jasper didn't want to risk losing control and attack me. He could have attacked my dad too, but they didn't really want to take the risk with me.

My family is or should I say "was" kind of strange. My dad was human, but my mom was half human and half vampire. Ethan is my biological grandfather, but more about that later. Ethan told my parents he would be back later that evening to visit with me. Little did he know that by the time he got back it would be too late.

I still remember what happened like it was yesterday. I still have nightmares; the scene is replayed over and over in those nightmares. If I could only forget. I sometimes wonder if I too will end up dying a bloody death, just me like my mom. Even my grandmother died a very bloody death, she died giving birth to my mom. Ethan had no idea what to do, since he wasn't a doctor. He had finally figured out that she needed to drink blood. When the baby was ready to be born, she just ripped her way out of her mom's body. She didn't know. It wasn't her fault.

I was upstairs in my bedroom the night my parents were slaughtered. I was doing my homework. I could hear my parents talking, laughing and just enjoying each other's company. It was like this all the time. They were so happy together. I was done with my homework after about an hour, and I had been so busy I didn't realize that it had gotten quite.Suddenly, I heard shouting and screeching, so I decided to go see what was going on. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

As I left my room, I heard screaming and crashing sounds along with snarls and growling. When I got to the bottom step, I stopped, there was blood everywhere. There were at least seven other vampires in the room. My dad was on the floor as well as my mom. Maria had her hands on my dad's throat. She had beaten both my mom and dad; you could tell by looking at my dad he had a lot of broken bones.

I didn't know who she was, but I screamed for her to leave my parents alone. When she saw me, she grinned evilly, and told my dad, that since he wouldn't tell her where the Major was, she would make them watch while she tortured me and then killed me. Immediately, without realizing what I did, a shield went up around me, and she couldn't touch me.

She tried to force me to lower it, but, I no idea what I was even doing, since I had never done it before.Needles to say, when she couldn't get to me, and couldn't get the information she wanted, she got really pissed. So I was forced to watch as she ripped my parents apart, slowly. I can still hear their screams.

An hour after she gave up trying to get to me, and left, Ethan showed up. I still don't know what was worse, watching the death of my parents or Ethan's reaction to what he saw. He couldn't get me to lower the shield, and it wasn't until I passed out from being weakened from using my shield, that it finally went down. If it had not been for me, maybe they would have still been alive.

We found out later, that apparently Maria had crossed paths with Jasper's scent and followed it to our house. I was bad. I stopped talking, had nightmares every night, and almost became lifeless. I mean after all I was only nine years old at the time. Ethan, he was almost as bad as me, he blamed himself for not getting there in time to help us. He had stayed with Jasper, Peter and Charlotte catching up. The only time I would make any sound was at night when I would have nightmares, and replay everything over and over, then, I would scream.

Of course, Ethan never blamed Jasper for leading Maria to our house. It really wasn't his fault. I guess that's why my grandfather never told Jasper what happened. He knew that Jasper being an empath would feel guilty about what happened. So, after burying my parents, he packed us up, and we left. We went to Dallas hoping that maybe the bigger the town the less likely Maria would find us. It didn't work.

Every time we moved. She found us. But, Ethan was able to stay, one step ahead of her. Over time, we seemed to heal each other. We both needed each other, and while Ethan was a very compassionate, gentle vampire, he wanted to see Maria suffer for what she did. But, he also knew he couldn't do it alone, so he had to wait. He knew that there were two things he could never do. One was to never put me in harm's way, and two he could never betray Jasper, by letting Maria know where he was. So, we ran from her, and kept quiet, never letting even Ethan's friends and brothers know what was going on.