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Jasper POV

It's hard to believe that the twins are a year-old today. Alice, of course has a party planned for them. She has cake, ice cream, and a bunch of other human foods for them.

Right now, Bella, the kids, and I are hunting. The twins appear to be about two or three years old. They can hunt for themselves now. They have grown so fast.

Even though they appear to be two or three, they are much more advanced mentally. By the time they were four months old they were walking. They could talk in whole sentences, by the time they were six months.

They had to be smart to be able to get their uncles in trouble for things that they did. Honestly, when Peter told Bella and I about what Alayla was doing, we didn't believe him. We just couldn't picture our little princess doing that kind of shit.

Then one day she didn't know that I was there. I felt her mischievousness, and then she proceeded to throw her toys into the walls. They left pretty deep holes, and of course when Esme found out, she yelled at Peter! Told him he should have stopped her, again.

He really tried to tell Esme that Alayla got CJ to use his shield to keep him from stopping them. Esme was upset that Peter would try to blame the kids. I decided it was time to intervene.

I explained to Esme; what was really going on. I was shocked when she told me that she knew exactly what was going on, but, since Peter and Emmett thought it would be fun to teach the kids how to pull pranks; they deserved everything they got!

What I had a hard time with was the fact that they actually did teach the kids stuff. Those kids are smart, and it shocked all of us to find out that they could learn complicated shit, even at two months old.

They have been hunting, since they were six months old. In the beginning, we finally had to let someone else take them hunting; it was stressful as parents to watch our child take down a wild animal!

It became easier as time went on, with them having vampire strength, speed, agility, and their hard skin. They were both naturals at it, and while they kept to the smaller animals, for the most part, goats, dear, elk, and sometimes maybe a moose; it was still hard for us to watch, especially if one of them took off after a huge or dangerous animal.

I'll never forget the first time I watched Alayla stalk, attack, and take down a mountain lion. It scared me badly; she was nine months old and appeared to be about a year and a half old.

It really frightened me and of course being the ass hole that I am; I yelled at my daughter for being so careless as to take on the big cat. After asking her what the hell she thought she was doing, she was finally able to answer me.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and her words broke my non-beating heart. She looked up at me and said, "I'm sorry daddy, I just wanted to give you a present. You always give us, and mommy the best animals, and take the ones that don't taste so good. I saw this mountain lion and wanted to give it to you for being the best daddy in the world."

So now its official, I'm the biggest asshole ever. I never yelled at either of them again. I made sure that they understood why either their mom or I would tell them no about something's.

I have found that as a vampire, I'm proud of my children being able to hunt for themselves. As a parent, I don't want to see them get hurt. I know that taking down dangerous animals won't hurt them, but you try watching your child take down an animal that is huge and dangerous!

They have rules they have to follow, and they are good at listening to what their mom and I tell them. They have to stay close by, and they do not kill, unless they are actually thirsty.

Even though there have been times that they have killed, only to give it to their mom or me. The time that I yelled at my daughter was the first time either one of them had killed for someone else.

I think that they watched both of us kill for them at the beginning, and that's where they got the idea. The first couple of times we took them out, we actually killed the animal and then let them feed. They were natural-born predators.

Bella, my beautiful wife and mate. It took her two months before anyone besides Ethan could come around her or me. Then, it was only one at a time and only males. They had to be careful in their actions around me. My mate was a hell cat when it came to me or the kids!

Peter, and Emmett actually helped her learn how to control herself. Peter was big but not as big as Emmett. He was covered in scars, and that meant dangerous to a vampire. I am covered in scars as well, but I'm her mate, so she doesn't sense danger when she looks at me.

Emmett being huge also meant danger as far as she was concerned. They came around us the most. I would talk to her and get her to try to focus beyond her instincts.

It took a while, but she finally was able to get control. She started going around the other family members without me. Again, it took time but with everyone's help, she was able to be around the whole family.

Now of course she is in control, for the most part. The females of the family still have to be cautious around me, but for the most part, she is more comfortable at times, with everyone being together.

We still have a problem with us going hunting alone. Every fucking time we go alone its usually days before we get back! It's not my fucking fault! She just seems to revert back to her instincts to have her way with me. She is just so fucking sexy when she's taking down a bear, lion, or even a bison!

Alright, so maybe it is my fault just a little bit. We have learned to make sure that no one is at our place before we return or take extra clothes with us. Our clothes have never made it back in one piece!

There is nothing more erotic than watching my mate take down her prey, totally naked! That always causes a round that can last for hours, or days! We have tried to remove our clothing, but they always end up being ripped off.

She is the one that more often than not attacks me! She loves watching me stalk my prey, attack, and then drain them. There have been quite a few times I haven't even been able to finish draining the animal before she's on me!

Of course, there was the one time that she was draining a really huge lion. Something about the way, she was watching me watch her drain the animal; just fucking drove me crazy with lust!

I had her clothes off and was pounding away inside of her hot vampire pussy, from behind her before she was done feeding. That was an extremely dangerous move on my part; I could have lost a few limbs for that one.

It seems that was exactly what she wanted when she was watching me. She finished feeding while I was fucking her. That was a first at least as far as hunting animals. After I was finished, I felt bad. I was reminded of the times that I had been with Maria.

I would often fuck her while she fed from humans, usually males, but she did bring females into our bed too. Doing this with Bella brought back, all of those sick memories. I didn't even bother to try to find out if my clothes were alright.

I just climbed the nearest tree and sat down. I had promised my mate that I would never run if something was bothering me. I just hated the feeling I got after what I had just done to Bella. I felt ashamed.

A few seconds later, she was next to me, wrapping her arms around me. She never said a word; she just held me and sent me her love. I finally explained what had happened, and she started sobbing. After telling me how sorry she was that she goaded me into doing that she promised that she would always wait until after feeding before trying to seduce me.

I knew she had no way of knowing what had happened between Maria, and me or at least the specifics of what took place in our bed. I wrapped myself around her, and we just held on to each other. That was the shortest hunting trip that we have ever taken alone.

Once the twins were, more able to hunt for themselves; we either took them or some other family members would take them. We made it a habit to go hunting alone at least once or twice a month.

We discovered that Bella had more than just her shields. Yeah, she has more than one power. She has the mental and physical shields, which are now stronger.

She can also project thoughts into someone's mind, but unlike Ethan, who can make them believe it's their own thoughts and believe the thoughts as being the truth. All she can do is send someone thoughts.

She can do something else, but we haven't quite figured it out yet. It's almost as if the gift is not strong enough by itself, for her to use it. She said it feels like she can go inside someone's mind but is unable to figure out what to do once she's in there.

She has one more power, which we have been working with her to try to get it better controlled. Well, it's not really a matter of controlling it, just a matter of who to use it on and finding out how it would work on different vampires.

When she uses both of her shields, she can become an amplifier. It takes a gifted vampire to be under her shield and then their power becomes stronger, better, or reaches farther. It's hard to test it on Edward, Alice, or Peter. Myself, I can cause some serious damage because my empathic ability is vastly stronger, and easier to send out.

We tried it on Emmett, making him fearful. I didn't send it full force; it was just a tiny bit. It took several hours and a shit load of blood to get him calmed down. Rose had to hunt for him because he was too fearful to leave the house.

We also used Ethan to see what would happen with his gift. All he had to do was send a thought, and it would end up with an over load of thoughts, and he didn't have to convince the person of anything, like he normally had to.

Also, instead of sending the thought to just one person he could send the thoughts to everyone all at the same time. The only time that it would work was under the shields.

The kids could also send thoughts to everyone under the shields as well. We also found out that they could also go into a person's mind like their mom, but had no idea of what to do. It was like they could see thoughts, not just "read" the mind.

The Denali's were coming for a visit, and we were hoping to have Kate use her power to test out different aspects of powers for all three of my family members.

I was sitting up in a tree as usual, this way I could watch my family and make sure they were alright. I know it's silly, but I just feel better if I can see them.

They had just finished up so I jumped down to catch up to them. I gave my wife a kiss, and the kids wrinkled their noses up like it was disgusting, "Uncle Em says you guys need to get a room whenever you do that. Whatever that means." Alayla told us her voice sounding disgusted.

"I bet that when you are older, you will do the same thing." CJ told his sister.

"No way in hell will I ever kiss a boy like that. That is just gross." Alayla said.

"I see I'm going to have to beat at least one of your uncles, ass's for teaching you that shit! Alayla, you know better than to cuss!" I told her sternly.

"I'm sorry daddy. Uncle Em says that sometimes you need to use a cuss word, to make a point. Besides, DAD, you, just cussed worse!" My beautiful daughter told me looking so sweet.

My wife cracked up laughing. I was going to fucking kill Emmett; he fucking knows better than to do this shit. Bella and I both had potty mouths, but had learned to be careful around the kids. I guess I wasn't that careful!

We are hoping that we will be able to send the kids to a public school once they are fully grown up. We will be home schooling them until then. Both Bella and I want them to have at least some interactions with humans, and see them actually graduate from high school.

They needed to have the opportunity to make friends, and have some "normal" experiences. Of course, them being half vampire, they would have to be careful. I guess we would just have to wait until that time to see if they could handle it.

After I kissed my wife a couple more times with the kids' ewwwwwing, I scooped up Alayla, and CJ. I placed one on each shoulder, and we headed back home.

After everyone was cleaned up, we were going to the main house for the birthday party. I just hoped that the kids wouldn't "make" us eat the fucking human shit again! That was one of their favorite things to do; they did it with their projecting thoughts.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that part. The kids, when they sent thoughts into someone's mind. It was almost like hypnosis; they could "tell" someone to do something, and they would do it without question.

We have had several talks with the kids, explaining to them that their power should not be used just because they want to. It is a super good power, and we want them to understand that they shouldn't use it, unless told to by someone in the family.

With this power though, they do not have to be together to use it. It does make it stronger if they do it together sending the same thought. If they try to send two different thoughts, the person only ends up confused.

I try not to let them or Bella use their powers to prank someone. Even though, I have to admit that what Bella did to Peter and Emmett was fucking hilarious! She found out that Lexi's power could also be amplified under her shield and that meant that not only was it stronger, but Lexi didn't need to touch anyone.

All she had to do was concentrate on the ones she wanted to affect. So, Bella got her to use it under her shield on Peter and Emmett. They were practically dry humping each other. I took a video on my phone!

Needless to say, they are now both very careful around Bella. There's no fucking way they want to antagonize her! I'm so fucking proud of her; she finally found a way to stop two very dangerous vampires from doing stupid shit!

After bathing the kids, in which I now needed dry clothes. I got them dressed and we all left for the main house. Bella took Alayla, and I had CJ, and we ran. The kids loved it when we ran at full speed with them.

I stood away from the family watching. It was now one of my favorite things to do. I would stand away from the whole family and watch as everyone interacted with each other, and my children.

I would bask in the emotions of happiness, love, joy, and peace. Someone always had a present for the kids, and of course today being their birthday; it was going to be worse.

We told the kids that they could start with opening up the presents, before doing the food. I watched as present after present was opened and each one brought delight to their faces.

Every single time they had to stop and come over to me to show me what they got. I finally just gave up and joined them on the floor. Almost as soon as I was on the floor, they were both in my lap. The bond that I had felt when my mate carried them inside of her belly was still there.

I have never felt closer to anyone other than Bella as I do with my children. How I ever lived without them; I will never know. My life is now full, happy, with just enough craziness to keep it interesting.

Who would have ever thought that the Major would ever be a family man, with children? I fucking love every minute of it. We have had a whole year of peace, and by the looks of it, there will be many more to come.

Of course, we still have Emmett, Peter, and the kids to stir things up. There is never a dull moment with them around. Especially since Peter has started his own rabbit farm, yeah, the one rabbit that he let run around one day outside; multiplied to the last count was I believe thirty rabbits!

Like I said, never a dull moment. I fucking love every minute of it too!

Bella POV

I loved watching my family. Jasper finally realized that the kids would come over to him after opening up a present, every time. He sat down on the floor, and they immediately got in his lap. That is their favorite place to be.

They didn't stop unwrapping presents though. It made it easier for them to show daddy what they got. I swear each person got them at least twenty different things!

Their playroom has already had to be expanded to fit everything they have. These kids are definitely spoiled. I think that they have every type of game console invented, along with every single game to go with it!

Of course, Peter and Emmett have to show them how to play. When they are asleep, the "boys" play usually all night. I believe that some of the shit they are given is actually for Peter and Emmett to play with!

Edward, usually gives them something that has to do with music. He has been teaching them to play the piano. At this point, they can play beautifully but have problems with certain pieces as their fingers aren't long enough yet to reach far.

The kids now sleep and live with us at the ranch house. They have their own playroom there as well; it's just not as fully stocked as the one at the main house. We try to have things that will challenge them, like puzzles.

We have tons of board games. Some are still unopened, as we want to wait until the kids are old enough to understand how to play. Emmett just taught them how to play checkers. Unfortunately, he made up his own rules.

I have to laugh at the memory of the first-time Alayla played with her dad. It was last month, and we were here alone with the kids. CJ mentioned that Emmett had taught them how to play checkers.

So, Jasper sat down with his very excited daughter, and started to play. He let her choose what color she wanted to be, and she picked red. Being the gentleman that he is he let her go first.

She moved her piece and then Jasper moved his. The next move she moved her piece all the way, jumping and taking most of Jasper's pieces, until it was knocking one of his in the back off.

Apparently, Emmett had told them that whoever had the red pieces always won. That the player could move as many times as it took to get that piece to the back to be crowned.

Even though the person was only allowed to move one piece at a time, it was to be a challenge to win with the shortest number of moves. I heard Jasper saying he was going to fucking kill Emmett!

The kids heard him too. I guess he forgot about their vampire hearing. Even though vampires don't forget, I guess it was hard to see the kids and not remember that they may look human, but they have vampire skills.

What had me laughing was the expression on my husband's face as his daughter told him he might as well give up, cause, she was gonna win. She looked so innocent, telling him that. CJ then leaned over and told his dad that he should have picked the red pieces!

Let's just say I'm so fucking glad I'm NOT Emmett. I guess my instincts are as good as my mom's were. I just knew that Emmett, and Peter would be in trouble almost if not more than the kids would be.

I just wish that they would learn that the lessons would backfire on them. Every single time. Unlike the kids who learn, really fast; those two do NOT learn at all!

I tried to give Emmett the chance to help with the kids. I felt I owed it to him for attacking him at least five or six times, during the first few months of my life as a vampire.

He was always either deliberately smacking Jasper, so I would attack him. However, he would also do things that would make me angry. Needless, to say he's had several limbs removed and not all of them were by me. Rose took a hand off a couple of times.

Emmett is just pissed because every time I have been in an arm-wrestling match with him, I won. I have decided that I would continue to do it until my strength has lessened and then when he finally wins one, I will stop.

Once his ego has been stoked then maybe he would fucking calm down! I keep having to get on to him for teaching the kids' things he shouldn't. His favorite was showing them how to cheat at video games.

Peter was almost as bad. Fortunately, for him, he had another outlet. Once I was able to calm down some, I told Jasper that I wanted to learn how to fight. Just in case I ever needed to protect myself or the kids and no one else was around.

Jasper didn't want to do it; the thought of me fighting bothered him. It was Peter, who finally convinced him that I really needed to be able to fight and win. Even though we hadn't seen any other vampires since the last battle, I still would feel better if I knew that I could fight.

So, when the kids were six months old, I started my training. Peter, Char, sometimes Ethan, and Lexi would join in. They started working with Lexi as Maria had never trained her to fight.

Jasper had a hard time watching at first. In the beginning, I was always thrown into a tree or cactus, or just pinned down. After a couple of weeks, I was able at least to keep myself from being thrown most of the time.

After another month, it was almost impossible to pin me down and keep me pinned. The thing is that I needed to do all of this without using my gifts. I wanted to be able to fight on my own, just because you have an awesome power doesn't necessarily mean that you could use it and not have to fight.

Last week Peter had told me that I was now almost as good as he was at fighting. I could hold my own against Peter, or Ethan. He told me that when I could actually win then I would be ready to spar against Jasper.

The only reason for going against Jasper was because he could win in a fight against Peter or Ethan. I wanted to at least be able to hold my own against Jasper.

He didn't understand why I couldn't just be satisfied with just being able to beat Peter and Ethan. I asked him to think about me having to face a vampire like Jose, a really huge guy; would he rather me be able to just defeat Peter or hold my own against himself, if I had to fight someone like Jose.

Peter helped him to decide that he would train me, as soon as I could beat both Peter and Ethan at least ten times. He told Jasper that he had never seen a newborn with skills like mine. Apparently, my instincts made me a badass fighter that was super hard to beat.

Ethan even told Jasper that he had planned on going easy on me, since I was family. Since he had actually had to fight me, he said that it was hard to beat me, and most of the time he won only by a thread. I was a challenge to both of them.

Then both Ethan and Peter gave me what I felt was an exceptional compliment; they both said that one day I could be as lethal as the Major!

Emmett of course just had to put his two cents in and declare that there was no fucking way that I could beat him in a fight. That's how I ended up ripping an arm off, again, as I flipped him over after he grabbed me from behind. It was I have to admit still due to my newborn strength!

I was going to have to have a talk with my mate. I already knew that he would try to argue with me. It was something that my instincts were screaming at me to do. I learned when I was human to listen when I had a "feeling" about something.

While I felt there was no urgency in the request, and it could wait for a couple more years; I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that this needed to be done. While I hated that it needed to be done, I would make sure that it was.

The kids needed to learn how to fight as well. I don't know why, but I knew, deep down, inside that if they didn't I could lose them. The family could lose them; they would need to learn how to use their gifts as well in a fight.

I decided to be sneaky about it. I knew that the kids often learned how to do things by watching other family members do it. I started making sure they were there to watch my training. It was my hope that by the time their training would start, they would already have the basics down.

After the kids had their cake, they were getting tired. They usually took a short nap in the afternoons, and it was way beyond their nap time. They had both gotten in their dad's lap once again, and Alayla was already asleep and CJ was almost there.

I went over and sat down. I took CJ and let him curl up in my lap. He was asleep shortly after that. Jasper put his arm around me carefully, not wanting to wake the sleeping princess in his lap or the prince in mine.

He kissed me and then told me, "Darlin', in case I haven't said it enough, thank you for giving me these beautiful babies. I love you, and I love our family more than words can say."

"I love you too. I should be the one thanking you. If I remember correctly, you didn't want me to have your child. You'll never know how grateful I am that you changed your mind." I whispered to him.

"I'm so glad I did too. I should have known better. I should have realized that you wouldn't have a "normal" half human, half vampire pregnancy. I'm so fucking proud of you, our daughter and our son. The three of you have completed me, and shown me what it means to have love, trust, and family. I will never tire of telling you I love you, and I love our family." He whispered to me.

I sighed and laid my head on his shoulder. There was nothing that I wanted right now more, then to stay like this forever. In my dreams, we would.

Peter POV

Watchin' the munchkins enjoy their cake makes me a lil' uncomfortable. The last time they ate cake, they made Emmett, and I eat that shit! They thought that was just fuckin' hilarious.

Those two are the only ones that can get away with doin' shit like that. With their powers, they are scary. Hell, even without their powers they're scary. I feel sorry for anyone who makes them an enemy.

They may pull a lot of shit on me but I fuckin' love it! The princess, bless her little pea pickin' heart is really the one that does all of the shit. CJ is quiet; he's not really shy; he just prefers to watch whatever is goin' on.

It's hard to believe that we have had a whole fuckin' year of peace. No fuckin' newborns, and no sadistic vampires either! Of course, this ranch is really out in the middle of nowhere. It's too far from any towns for humans to wander out here, and we have never had another vampire just show up here since Marco, Jose and the newborns.

It has been an interestin' year that is for sure. Watchin' the twins grow, and watchin' as Bella went through her newborn stage. She never did really have any blood lust. Two weeks ago, we finally all went to the nearest town.

We wanted to see how Bella would react as well as the twins. Of course, they were surrounded by those who would stop them. Bella had a hard time at first. All she did was take CJ in her arms, and the control was there.

She said her throat burned, but she was able to fight the urge to attack. Jasper was so fuckin' proud of her, and the munchkins. With them, all they had to do was tell them that they were not allowed to hurt the humans. They didn't seem to have the burn in the back of the throat, like the rest of us did though.

This year since the kids were bigger we were planning on a fireworks show on the fourth of July. That's only three days away. It's mainly for the munchkins and Emmett. Yeah, that fucker loves the thought of shootin' off all of them fireworks.

We had already bought most of the shit we needed. We planned on doing it by the pond that is on the property. In case a fire was started, we would have water right there to put it out.

Emmett had spent almost seventy thousand dollars on that shit. That was just the big stuff; he spent another five thousand on the shit that the kids can do themselves. I told him it was too fuckin' much shit, but he wouldn't listen.

If the kids started doing their personal fireworks at night, they would be full grown before they got finished. I have a feelin' that most of it is for Emmett. He as big a kid as the munchkins are.

I really thought that when Bella was out of her newborn stage at least the wild part that everyone would pack up and go to one of their other houses. They had come here only to protect her and the babies.

Now, there wasn't any danger, and yet no one seemed to want to leave. Char and I loved havin' them here. This ranch was no longer mine and Char's, it was now the Cullen's ranch too.

There was always somethin' fun to do. We still had to care for the animals. The horses had to be ridden regularly, or they would get lazy. The kids love to run around the place; it was perfect for all of us.

Char and I; well we are trying to be animal drinkers. It tastes like shit, but it does help the burn. After the twins were born Bella came to Char and I and told us that if we wanted to go back to drinkin' from the scum of the earth, the rapist, murderers, etc. it was alright with her.

After talking it over, we decided to do both. We go to town once or twice a month and get us a piece of shit that doesn't deserve to live. The rest of the time, we hunt animals.

I looked around and see that the munchkins got up in their daddy's lap. Bella took CJ and they both fell asleep. Everythin' was right with the world. At least for now.

My "knower" has been actin' up. It's tellin' me that somethin' big is comin'. Somethin' bad. Somethin' that could change things that we know. I have felt a lot of shit in my long unlife, but this is different.

We could lose people that we love. Whatever "this" is, it's bigger than anythin' that we have ever known. As bad as this is, I also know that now is not the time to tell anyone. We have years; at least I hope we do.

The only two things that I do know is that "this" is bigger than even the Volturi, and we may not win this one. There is no fuckin' way that I'm gonna scare the family until I know it's time for them to know.

They don't need to be worryin' about shit that may not happen for a few more years. I would know when it was time to tell them. I felt like, even if I did tell them there was nothin' we could do right now.

Not knowin' who or what, the only thing we would end up doin' is worryin'. If this was gonna be the beginnin' of the end, at least let everyone have a few more years of peace.

Still, I was gonna send out some feelers. Talk to some vampires that I know. Have some of them keep their eyes and ears open. Didn't know yet what I was gonna tell them, maybe I would just tell them I was feelin' like somethin' was about to happen, and I just wanna know if anythin' strange happens.

Yeah, that would work. I have some vampire friends that I have helped out on occasion, and I could ask them to let me know if they hear of anythin'.

Maybe check on the Volturi, see if anythin' is goin' on with them. Keep an ear out on what they are doin'. I just hope I'm not overreactin' to what I'm feelin'.

Right now, all is peaceful. Love is comin' from the munchkins, as well as the rest of the family. I don't have to be a fuckin' empath to know that. You can see it on their faces.

The family is watchin' the kids sleep, and lovin' every minute of it. This family is now our family. Carlisle has even told us that our monthly huntin' won't be a problem for them, as long as we stick to the ones that need to be removed from this world.

For now, everythin' is right with the world. Now, if I could just get that fuckin' rooster to stop chasin' me!

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