Ok I finally heard from John, airedalegirl1 husband and she is doing better. If no complications come up she will go home Wednesday.

He and I both want to thank you for your prayers and concern. Please continue to pray as she still has a very long road to recovery.

I ask you please do not send her any messages as she is on strict orders to rest, and she would try to reply. She cannot use her arm at all at this point and if she tries to use her arm too soon she could do more damage and might not ever be able to type and that means no writing.

Even I won't be able to chat with her and will get any updates from her husband. He's not good at emails so he wouldn't reply to anyone, he has a hard time sending me emails.

Hopefully he will start posting the next story we have ready to go in the next few days after she gets home. But he has to do the summary etc and he has no clue how to start a new story so he might have to wait until Jules is able to sit up and guide him.

Lastly she wants me to let everyone know how touched she is that her fans are praying and thinking of her. It helps to know that others care. Any questions please send them to me and I'll try to answer right away.

Thank you,