Looking out the window at the flurry of falling snow Kagome sighed. It was already after nine that night; there was no way that anyone was going to be able to drive in this weather. Hearing her telephone jangle ripped her out the hypnosis of staring out at the snow, and she answered without looking at it.

"Hello?" At the sound of her best friend Sango on the other line, what little hope she had came crashing down.

"I'm so, so sorry Kags! We really tried, but we weren't even able to make it out of the city before we were forced back. They're closing roads right now. Looks like we're stuck here…"

Kagome smothered her sigh and finished for her, "While I'm stuck here, all alone, two days before Christmas." At the sorrow in Kagome's voice Sango cringed on the other line.

It had seemed like no big deal a few days before. Sango and Miroku had been stuck working at the beginning of the week, but Kagome had had it off, so having her go up early to stock up the cabin with food and supplies hadn't seemed like a bad idea. Planning on heading up the day before Christmas Eve Miroku and Sango were all packed to head out when the softly falling snow suddenly started coming down much harder.

Getting everything loaded into their car was a struggle, being unable to move around in the mess of snow was a pain in the backside. One they were actually in the car though, things got worse. The small mess outside turned into a virtual blizzard, so being unable to see they sat waiting while listening to the radio.

Hearing the horrible news of police advising citizens of staying indoors and off the road killed their last hope of being able to meet Kagome out there. Now her dear friend was stuck four hours outside the city, in a remote cabin, all by herself during Christmas.

Coming back to the conversation to hear Kagome consoling her almost broke her heart. Kagome was one of the kindest people she knew, and being her best friend made it so much worse that she wasn't able to follow through on the plans they had made to spend Christmas together.

"It's ok Sango, I'm fine. Remember I brought up enough food and blankets to cover all of us, so I'll have more than enough."

Sango replied in a saddened voice, "You have enough firewood right? In case the power goes out?"

Kagome laughed quietly, "Yes mom! And I have the backup generator here too." Remembering that, Sango perked up a little, "Oh that's right! I'd forgotten you had that installed after last year when we got stuck with no power for –"

"Four days, yes Sango I was there too." Kagome interrupted laughing quietly.

That time had been fun but annoying. 'Not being able to shower for that long was not something she ever wanted to deal with again' Kagome thought with a small shudder.

After a few more consoling words Kagome suddenly smirked and in a slightly taunting voice teased Sango, "Well, now I guess Miroku might finally be able to convince you to have that naked holiday with him."

Upon hearing the outraged gasp on the other line made she erupted in uncontrollable giggles.

While listening to Sango splutter about not ever being naked near the Hentai Kagome was startled by sudden banging on the cabin door.

"Sango, someone just knocked on the door."

"Get a knife." Was the only reply, making Kagome roll her eyes.

Fearing that it was some lost traveler stuck out on the road she hurried over to the door. Flipping open the three latches and the chain, she was finally able to open the door, only to be greeted by what appeared to be the abominable snowman. Shrieking, she went to slam the door closed, only to have it forcefully shoved aside as the figure tumbled inside.

"What's going on? Kagome are you ok?" was faintly heard from the phone she had dropped in surprise.

Hearing the lump of snow groan quietly, Kagome quickly closed the door and hurried over to see if they were ok. Shaking snow off the figure lumbered to his feet. And it definitely was a 'him' because he was well over six feet tall, topping Kagome's tiny five feet three inches by over a head.

"Sir? Are you alright?" His head shook, making him look mildly like a dog, before he turned around dragging a cold wet hand over his face.

Kagome gasped when she saw who it was. Oh Kami no, it was just her luck! The one man she didn't want to be stuck in a cabin with!

"Inuyasha…?" She questioned quietly. Inuyasha smirked over at her while shedding his heavy outer coat, scarf and winter boots by the door.

"Who else were you expecting wench." He replied smugly.

Blinking at him in a confused manner, she was vaguely aware of frantic sounding yelling coming from the phone on the floor.

Slowly bending down to grab it she raised it to her ear, only to jump when she heard Sango's screams of "I will come and get you if I have to walk, no shut up Miroku she might -"


"- be lying dead in there! Kagome! I am on my way! Get the fuck off me Miroku –"


"I have to go save her!"

Finally fed up, Kagome screamed into the phone, "SANGO!" Silence on the other line was her reply.

Rolling her eyes, Kagome pinched the bridge of her nose. "Sango I'm fine, it was just Inuyasha. You know, the person I wasn't aware was coming up here."

More silence on the other end, so Kagome yelled into the phone, "You know if you wanted to have hot monkey sex you could have hung up first!" then like magic there was a reply.


Kagome stared at the phone in disbelieve then stated firmly "I will kill you."

Thus making Sango start babbling explanations. "Well, you see he was supposed to be someone for Miroku to hang out with when we did our girly things, and I figured since you were such a nice person that you wouldn't care and –"

Kagome cut her off there, "Why is he here now then? Why isn't he with you?"

Kagome watched Inuyasha start prowling the rooms looking over all of her things, including the romance novel she had been engrossed in before the weather had caught her attention. Raising his eyebrow at the cover, a man and woman wrapped around each other in a steamy embrace he smirked bigger at the small blush that chased across her cheekbones before she turned away.

Aware that he could hear every word being spoken, she didn't bother to lower her voice. "Well he was supposed to head up separately from us since he lives in a different area."

Sango's tone became curious here, "I don't know how he made it though; maybe he headed up earlier before the weather turned so bad."

Groaning under her breath Kagome plaintively asked the older girl, "Well, what am I supposed to do with him?"

There was a beat of silence on the other end before loud laughter was heard over the line, both male and female.

"You two are so Hentai! I didn't mean that! Kami, you really are meant for each other!"

Sango gasped for breath over the line as Miroku continued to laugh hysterically in the background. "No, no! Sorry I didn't mean to laugh!" Making Kagome roll her eyes at the lie.

"Yea right, just whatever. Why him though? Why couldn't Miroku have planned to bring Bankotsu, or Jakotsu? At least with Jak we would have done pedi's and mani's the whole time."

Sango asked, "Oh? Then what would you have done with Bankotsu?"

Kagome tucked one arm under her breasts smirking as she replied, "Each other."

Then promptly hung up the phone on Sango's outraged cry. Chuckling over her reaction and knowing she was in for it later Kagome turned to throw her phone on the couch, only to bump square into the solid chest of the hanyou with a surprised exclamation.

Feeling his solidly muscled arms wrap themselves around her waist, Kagome fought off a blush as she eyed the demon who had apparently been standing directly behind her for who knew how long listening intently to her conversation.

Trying to maintain a nonchalant expression she asked in a bored tone, "Can I help you?"

The wicked glint in his amber colored eyes should have put her guard up, had she been paying attention. As it was, when he replied, she was completely thrown off guard.

"Why not me?"

Giving him a confused frown she straightened out of his arms, and with a brief struggle (He refused to let go momentarily) she stepped back a few feet to give herself breathing room.

"Why not you…what?" She questioned as she started toward the couch, suddenly in desperate need to get more room between them.

However she stumbled, almost tripping herself head first into the hearth if not for his demonic reflexes, at his reply. "Why not do me?"

Feeling her eyes almost bug out of her head, she hung limply in his arms, unable to think of anything except the images of them in her head, naked and entwined writhing together in the throes of passion, lying in front of the same hearth that she almost brained herself on.

Feeling her breathing become ragged, she almost lunged out of his hands, now completely desperate to get space between them.

"W-what?" Eyes frantically searching the room to avoid looking directly at the too handsome demon in front of her she backed unsteadily away.

But unfortunately for her for every step she took away, Inuyasha took one toward her to close the gap. And since his stride was larger than hers was he was quickly closing the gap between them.

Beginning to feel like prey, she held her hand out in a stop motion yelping "Down!"

Surprisingly enough it worked. Then mentally she thumped herself in the forehead. 'Of course it worked! He was a dog demon!'

Rolling mental eyes, Kagome focused on the male eyeing her like she was dinner and he was starving, then sighed heavily. Who knew how long they were going to remain stuck in this tiny cabin snowbound? This was going to be a long few days.