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Chapter 6:

Kagome woke up around dawn to the now familiar sensation of warmth wrapped around her. Lying there, she tried to figure out why she was awake. It was too early to get up and out of bed, and she hadn't woken up this early in Christmas morning since she was a child eagerly awaiting what Santa had brought her.

Chuckling a little at the memory, Kagome snuggled a little closer to Inuyasha who in his sleep wrapped himself tighter around her. Drifting off again, she found that she was actually happier in this moment, than she had found herself in a very long time.

Hours later, Kagome woke up again. Only this time, the figure that had been wrapped around her was missing. Blinking sleepily, she poked her head out of the covers, and decided it was much to cold to get up, so she snuggled back down.

Beginning to drift off again, she was mildly irritated by a large mass crawling onto the bed.

"Kaaaggggoooooommmmmmeeeeeee." Was drawled out as Inuyasha crouched over her.

Stubbornly refusing to get up she nudged her foot against him and mumbled, "Go way sleeping…"

Inuyasha crawled closer to her and tried again, "Ka-go-me…" But these got even less reaction. Narrowing his eyes at her, he decided to play dirty. Getting off the bed at the foot, he gathered a handful of blanket and yanked them off of the bed, and off of Kagome.

Earsplitting squeals pierced the morning quiet and just about brought Inuyasha to his knees at the unexpected onslaught. Plastering his sensitive ears to his head, he growled at her, "Woman you better get up before I dump you in a tub of ice water!" Kagome blinked innocently up at him like she hadn't just pierced the sound barrier, making Inuyasha grumble about annoying wenches.

"What do you want that you had to expose me to the cold?" She asked in an irritated voice.

"I was going to give you your Christmas gift…but if that's how you're going to be about it never mind…" Inuyasha turned away, only to be jerked to a stop by a hand of his arm.

"You got me a present?" She beamed a smile at him that nearly blinded him.

In a daze he nodded and muttered, "Yea, it's downstairs…" Then watched as the now blanket covered Kagome bounded past him and disappeared to the doorway. Shaking his head to rid himself of the lingering effects of her smile, he followed behind her. When he got downstairs he saw Kagome looking all over the room, making him chuckle.

"Looking for something…?" He asked her teasingly. She scowled at him in response making him bark out a laugh.

"It's not funny! You said there was a present for me!" She planted tiny little fists on her hips making him hide a smile. 'She's so cute!' He thought adoringly.

Walking over to her he drew her into a kiss, with her willingly complying. She wrapped her arms around his neck and broke off the kiss only to look up at him through her lashes.

When she slowly drew her bottom lip in with her teeth in a slow bite his brain started to turn to mush. But when she leaned up a whispered in his ear all breathy seduction, "Inu-yasha…" He just about turned into a puddle on the floor.

Stuttering ever so slightly he answered in a strangled tone of voice that just happened to be several pitches higher than it should be, "Yes?" She smiled at him in a naughty manner.

"Don't you want to give me my present…?"

He nodded dumbly and fished out a small wrapped box from his pocket. The next thing Inuyasha knew Kagome had snatched it out of his hand and ripped open the wrapping.

Seeing the small enough to fit into the palm of her hand velvet box, her breath caught in her throat. Looking up at him sharply she gave him a questioning look. When Inuyasha merely nodded for her to go ahead, Kagome slowly snapped it open. Looking down, she blinked with tears spilling down her cheeks. "Does this mean…?" She questioned him.

Inuyasha stepped up to her to carefully take the opened box out of her hand, being careful of not spilling the precious item out of it. He looked up at her and asked, "So what do you say?"

Her answer was to shriek and throw her arms around his neck sobbing onto his chest. Taking that as a good sign, he let out a relieved smile and brushed a kiss across her head.

Three days later: Sango and Miroku P.O.V

Grabbing Miroku's hand Sango dragged him out of the car and into Kagome's apartment building. Too impatient to wait for the elevator, she proceeded to haul Miroku behind her up five flights of stairs. Ignoring the sound of gasping coming from the winded man behind her, she marched up to Kagome's door, and proceeded to bang on it until her hand started to go numb.

Finally after about ten minutes, they heard cursing coming from inside the apartment. Hearing the latches being undone, she finally stopped pounding on the door.

Not even bothering to look at the disheveled Inuyasha, who was clad only in a pair of boxers and a chained necklace, she stormed into the apartment, abandoning Miroku out by the door with the sleepy eyed Hanyou.

"KAGOME! WHERE ARE YOU!" Sango screamed as she marched through the living space. Scrambling was heard from the back of the apartment as Kagome came flying out of the bedroom clad in a too large to be hers t-shirt.

"What? Why are you here this early screaming at me?" Kagome demanded breathlessly.

Sango took one look of the flushed younger girl in front of her and knew they had either been sleeping (a heavy possibility at seven in the morning) or doing more, vigorous activities.

When she had gotten the phone call from Kagome saying that she was heading back to the city yesterday, she had wanted to come right over. But by the time they actually arrived, it was too late for company, especially with all of the roads still being extremely icy at night. So she had waited, until morning. 'Technically it is morning, just early morning…' she thought somewhat guiltily.

Blinking at Sango for a minute, she rolled her eyes to find the girl lost in thought. 'Only she could barge in over here this early, and then proceed to ignore me.' She thought sarcastically.

Moving around Sango, Kagome went into the kitchen to start coffee. She was going to need it having only gotten about two hours of sleep.

"Why do you guys need coffee? Didn't you get in around nine last night?" Miroku asked Inuyasha, who simply smirked over at him making Kagome blush a bright red color.

Miroku looked at Inuyasha, confused by the necklace until he was ushered into the kitchen behind the lovely Kagome, with Sango following still lost in thought. The girls sat down with cups of the dark brew, Kagome clutching it in greedy hands. After pouring himself a cup, Inuyasha placed it on the table in front of Kagome, making Miroku and Sango look at him oddly. But when he simply picked her up by the waist, and sat down with her in his lap, Miroku had to smother a chuckle. Sango gave them intrigued looks, but didn't say anything.

After a minute of utter silence, Sango finally burst out with, "Are you guys engaged?" But the elated look on her face fell when Kagome slowly shook her head.

Hiding a small smile behind her cup, Kagome took a quick sip before setting it down on the table. After fidgeting for a moment, she looked straight at Sango as she said, "We're mated."

The following shriek could have peeled paint off of the walls when Sango threw her cup of hot coffee on the poor unsuspecting Miroku as she threw herself at Kagome to hug the breath out of her.

"So are you getting married then?" Sango demanded, ignoring Miroku as he danced all over the kitchen trying to get the burning liquid off of himself. Kagome looked at Sango with a half smile and a raised eyebrow, and replied, "Maybe in a few years I'll get around to that. I have something better than a marriage certificate."

Sango asked her confused, "The mating mark?"

Kagome laughed, "Well that too!"

'Then what is it?" Sango demanded, wanting in on this secret.

"This." Kagome said simply holding up Inuyasha necklace. It was in the shape of a bone, and on the front had his name. But when flipped over it had Kagome's name and address on it.

"Is that a…?"

"Yep, it's a dog tag." Kagome beamed a smile over her should at Inuyasha.

She had finally gotten her dog, and this time she was keeping him. For life.

The END!