Part Eight: Finale


It was strange to be home, the adrenaline of war and being in the wilderness excessive for the life they led at home. He had ridden in at the head of his victorious army, his armor gleaming and his people calling out to them their delight and joy. The sound washed through the valley, the ululations of the women and the shouts of men and it carried on the water that punctuated the serenity of their homeland.

He rode into his courtyard, his family surrounding him and into the house to a meal of splendor they went. Cirdan had left them earlier, taking his people up the North-South Road. Celeborn had gone with the King of Mirkwood, riding across the plains of Rohan with the horsemen of many lands.

Now he was home, victorious in his efforts and even as he gave the appearance of happiness, he was internally as empty as ever. The dinner was rousing, all of the stories being unfolded. The one that wasn't told, at least not in front of him was the story of his duel with Thranduil. The tragic romance of that tale would flash through the grapevine to people everywhere, spreading from one end of the Elf lands to the other. He would not hear of it for a long time. No one dared to bring it up before him.

He excused himself at the earliest possible moment available. Walking through the house and up the stairs, he covered familiar ground on the way to his private chambers. Entering, he moved to a chair, shedding his armor as he did. He shucked his mail, the weight release a big relief and then he pulled his tunic from his body.

Covering his pale skin, bruises were fading and the soreness was receding, the healing properties of Elf physiology more than up to the challenge. He sighed and walked to his bathing chamber, noting that a cistern of cool water had already been released into the big basin. He turned and walked back into his bedroom, stripping his clothing off, feeling every sore muscle as he did.

Turning and walking inside, he emptied a container of hot water that was sitting on a wood fed heater in the corner. He remembered the night that Legolas had done this for him, the last night that they had been together. He sighed and poured more, regulating the temperature and when it was just right, he climbed in and sat. He relaxed into the perfect bliss of the refreshing soak. He trailed handfuls of water over his head, the warm liquid dribbling down over his face. He lay in the water until it began to cool and then he rose, stepping out and toweling off. He rubbed his long hair, uncaring about the tangles that would surely be there and then he walked into the bedroom, pulling his robe around him as he did.

It was a trial freeing his hair of the tangles that filled it but soon it was combed free, hanging straight and long around about his face and down his back. He tossed his brush on the dresser, considering how late it was and then he caught a flash of something in the mirror and he turned, his eyes searching the room.

There was no one there of course and he cursed himself for being a fool. There was no one here but himself and as he moved to his bed, he lay back and closed his eyes, trying not to think of the days that stretched ahead, days where he could be alone once more.

The night passed and so did the next day, followed by more. He fell into his routine, going about his business and if one didn't know him well, one would think him his old self. His family knew better, seeing in his silence evidence of his broken heart but there was nothing to be done but move forward. At least he was doing that, they thought, watching him as he ate and worked and walked along the river. At least he wasn't actively courting his death.

One small step at time, Elladan thought, watching his father reading one night. One small step at a time.

It was fall and the leaves were drifting from the trees, leaving golden trails along the footpaths along the river. He walked there often, listening to the earth as it gave over to winter, the soft settling of autumn as a sigh to his ears.

It had been months since he had last seen Legolas and he had fallen into a deadened routine of low expectation and work, his days following one after the other as the seasons changed. His sons had ridden out, hunting for signs of orc activity but they had found none, so thoroughly had they won victory.

He turned and walked back up the long winding staircase, the cool chill of evening calling it a day for him. He walked up the steps and down the corridor and into his rooms, closing the door behind him. Walking to the bed, he unfastened his robe, his mind distracted by things of the day. He tossed it on the bed, turning and pulling his silver fastener from his hair.

He walked to the dresser and tossed it on the top, pausing as he heard a sound behind him. He turned slowly, his eyes searching and when they saw him, they filled with tears.

It hit him like a blow, the sight of Legolas standing by his mantle, the light of the fire flickering against him as he watched Elrond disrobe. He considered it a ghost, a magic trick conjured by his deepest desires. Turning, he moved toward a chair, gripping it as his emotions fell to pieces inside of him.

"Elrond," the apparition said, moving to stand in front of him.

He sighed and looked at the figure before him, golden hair and pale skin blurring from the tears in his eyes. For a moment he just stood and then he turned, picking up his robe and wrapping around his suddenly chilled body.

"You can't be here. Nothing that wonderful can ever happen to me again."

Legolas closed the gap between them, his hands resting on Elrond's shoulders. "I'm here. Turn and look at me. Touch me."

Elrond turned to face him, his eyes searching the pale figure before him. The light of his fireplace gave Legolas an unearthly halo and as he stared at him he considered the Valar. They could only match him in beauty, he thought, his disjointed mind not willing to hope that his eyes were telling him the truth.

"I came to Imladris. I couldn't be away from you any longer."

Elrond groaned, his sorrow welling up in inside. "You cannot stay. This whole thing ... its become more than you and I."

"I am going to stay," Legolas said stubbornly. "I am here, Elrond. It will be all right."

"No one will think so," Elrond said sadly, turning and staring at Legolas with wretched sadness. "It was settled in Rohan, this ... this thing between us."

"You settled a dispute with my father. It isn't settled between us." He paused, looking at Elrond uncertainly. "Is it?"

Legolas was encompassed, swept into a warm bare chest as strong arms encircled him in a crushing hug. He hugged Elrond back, his arms wrapping around the older man's neck and they stood together for a moment, the silence of the room only broken by the soft sigh of Elrond.

"I missed you so completely," he said, looking into Legolas' blue eyes. "I felt such utter desolation when you left."

"You fought for me," Legolas said, reaching down and taking Elrond's hand into his. He searched the palm and then pressed a kiss into it. "You did what you did for me and I knew at that moment that I was loved."

"I didn't want to hurt you. I've never wanted that but I have," Elrond said, squeezing Legolas' hand.

"No," Legolas whispered softly. "You gave me a new life, one of my own choosing as well. You could never hurt me."

"How can you be here?" Elrond asked, his voice filled with worry.

"I am here because I have a champion," Legolas said, a slight smile on his face.

Elrond looked at him, his confusion mingled with his grief. "I don't understand."

Legolas leaned in and kissed him softly. "My mother is my champion too." He smiled again. "She loves me more than she hates you."

Elrond looked at him for a moment, struck dumb by the comment and then he smiled, shaking his head. "I don't pretend to understand what I have become since you came to me but I begrudge very little, Green Leaf."

Legolas sighed, sliding his hands up Elrond's arms, the robe slipping off one shoulder. He leaned forward, kissing the base of Elrond's neck and the older man sighed, shivering slightly. He closed his eyes, giving in to the soft lips that trailed up and down his neck. Nothing mattered more to him than that soft sweet sensation and he stood captive to the younger man before him.


He sighed. "Yes."

"I love to say it," Legolas said, slipping his jacket off. It fell to the floor and was followed by his shirt, their chests touching without hindrance of clothing. Elrond sighed and pulled Legolas against him, his half naked body warm and taut against his lover. Legolas sighed, his lips touching Elrond's and he whispered softly to him.

"I want you to take me."

Elrond's breath caught in his throat and he stared into smoky blue eyes filled with love. He took a ragged sigh and nodded slightly, turning and moving toward his bed, the younger man draped over him, his lips making short work of his neck.

They fell to the bed and with almost no conscious effort, Legolas' clothes fell away piece by piece. They lay side by side, Elrond bent over the younger man and for a moment they just stared.

"This is not real," Elrond whispered, his hand roaming down the warm slope of Legolas' chest to rest on his flat belly. "I cannot be so lucky."

Legolas smiled, sighing softly. "I am here and I am yours. Please, you said you would."

Elrond nodded and rose, conscious of the eyes that followed him. He walked to his bathing room, searching feverishly for the lotion that he kept for dry skin. Turning, he walked out, the image of Legolas bathed by the light of the fire impressing itself into his brain. He sighed and moved gently, lying down on his lover and they kissed softly for several moments.

"Your ardor needs stoking," Legolas said, pressing Elrond over onto his back. He took the small vial and set it on the table beside the bed, smiling as he looked over Elrond's body with hungry eyes. He sighed and moved lower, gripping Elrond's cock in his hand, watching as the older man groaned, moving slightly with the sensation. "You feel good to me," Legolas said, leaning down and kissing dark hair, rubbing his lips against it. "You feel so wonderful."

Then he opened his mouth, the sweetness overwhelming his lover as he sucked along the full length of his shaft. Elrond groaned, grasping Legolas' hair as he felt a velvet vice grip him. Legolas very slowly pulled back, the sensations of silk and heat tugging at his lips as he did.

He leaned down again and kissed Elrond's stomach, lingering over an old scar as he made his way to the mouth he had craved for so long. He lay on Elrond's body, capturing his mouth as they kissed in a delirious rapture. Then he rolled over, his leg hooked around Elrond's hip and pulled the older man onto his body.

Elrond stared down at him, at the impossibly beautiful figure beneath him. He sighed and kissed Legolas, lingering in his sweet mouth and then he could wait no longer.

Gentle hands turned him onto his side and the familiar but unfamiliar sensation of warmth and pressure began its work. Legolas shifted, offering more of himself and Elrond kissed his shoulder over and over as he worked gently to make Legolas ready for him.

Legolas sighed, feelings flooding him of desire and ownership and submission. Elrond was his in the most complete sense of the word and he gave himself to his lover with every desire to please. He was awash in the tenderness of his lover and in his surrender he found possession. In this most intimate moment between them, age and station and obligation fell away.

He sighed as Elrond gripped his hip, sliding his hand down his leg and raising it upward. He felt a moment of pressure and then it came to him, his lover entering his body slowly. He sighed and rubbed his cheek against Elrond, moving his body slightly now and again, helping his lover find the core of him.

He moved backwards, the momentary flash of pain giving way to the fullness that he craved, the sensation of Elrond inside him possessing him even as he himself was possessed.

He could hear Elrond's breath, the heat of it on his shoulder, and he gripped Elrond's hand with his own. For a moment there was pressure and then there was stillness, each resting against the other as Legolas absorbed the intrusion. He sighed and threaded his fingers through Elrond's hand, whispering to him as he pressed backward.

"Love me, Melme. You promised," he said, groaning as Elrond began to comply.

He felt Elrond behind him, the sweat of their bodies mingling and as he found his rhythm, Legolas surrendered to the rising electrical sensations of his own lust. He gasped, his own groans mingling with the heavy panting behind him. Elrond moved against him, his eyes squeezed shut, so completely was he engrossed in his task.

Legolas was before him, joined to him in love and all he wanted to do was make it last. The fire in his groin was matched by the fire surrounding his cock and he moved faster, the rhythm falling away as he felt the abyss approaching.

He groaned, a cry escaping his lips and he bit on the soft skin of Legolas' neck as he rode him. Closer and closer, the blackness reached out and when he felt it coming, the fire in his head exploded into a million tiny suns. He slammed into his lover, biting into his shoulder and felt the answering quiver of Legolas' orgasm grip him tightly.

They shuddered, nearly curling into a ball and when it passed, relaxed against the bed, Elrond's arm tightly around his lover. It was impossible to breathe for a moment, impossible to talk or move and so they lay together entwined.

The fire flickered and then sputtered, casting a strange shadow on the wall before him and Legolas watched it, content for the first time in months right where he was.

"I love you."

Elrond sighed, kissing Legolas' neck. "I know."

Legolas smiled, peering over his shoulder. "You don't say that much do you, Melme?"

"I do everyday," Elrond said, kissing the red mark his teeth left on Legolas' shoulder. "I say it when I am awake and its the last spoken words from my lips when I go to bed." He sighed and lay his head next to Legolas', the two spooned tightly together. "I love you, Green Leaf."

Legolas smiled. "I know."

Elrond smiled, raising his head to peer into the sweat-sheaned face of his lover. "You can stay?"

He nodded, pulling Elrond's arm around him tighter. "I can." He grinned and laced his fingers through Elrond's. "I have a champion."

Elrond smiled and settled against him. "So I have been told," he said with a chuckle. "That is what I have heard."

Legolas only smiled.


There are sequels but I have to find them. Thank you for your attention to this story.