Here is chapter 2!

We went downstairs where grandma Raya was stretching on the floor.

She said, "Hey there! I am getting ready to practice on the bars. Let's return to were the kids had just heard their parents' news…"

All time stopped when their mother told them the news. Carmen and Juni just stared at them.

Carmen said, "Do you know who it is?"

Ingrid said, "No, we don't. We do know that Jack is involve somehow."

Juni said, "Ok, l so what is the plan?"

Gregorio sighed, "Well, we will go home and rest. Juni, you will go to headquarters and start digging. Carmen, you will finish wrapping up yours and Juni's spy business. Your mother and I will call around and gather information."

The Cortez nodded in agreement. A few hours later, the yucht sailed into port. Jack had the ship spotless and everyone walked off. The Crotezes drove home while Jack receive a rather not-good lecture from his boss.

The next morning, Gregorio's spywatch went off.

He answered, "Hello?"

A voice replied, "You do not know me, but you will pay."

Gregorio was wide awake by now. The sudden movement had woken up Ingrid. She whispered something and than roll over and went back to sleep. Gregorio got out of bed and went downstair to the office. He plugged his spywatch in the computer. The computer made a noise as it downloaded the information.

Few minutes later, Ingrid sat up and looked around for the source of the noise. She got out and crept to the door. Gregorio was downstairs in the office. He suddenly stopped and turned his head to listen.

Creck! Crack!

He quietly put the computer on silent mode and spotted a bat. He grabbed the bat thinking, I will knock out the intruder with this bat. So I won't wake the others up."

So Gregorio used his ninja skills to walk upstairs. Ingrid listened next to the door for the noise. Gregorio raised his bat and walked forward. Suddenly Ingels opened the door and attacked. Gregorio brought down the bat.

"Ouch!" yelled the parents.

Suddenly a door was opened and out stepped Juni. He looked at his parents and asked, "What are you doing?"

Gregorio and Ingrid looked at each other.

Carmen asked, "Juni, what is going on?"

Juni replied, "Mom and dad are sitting in front of our door."

Carmen walked to the door and looked out.

She asked,"Yes?"

Gregorio cleared his throat and said, "Well, I thought I heard an intruder breaking in."

Juni hid his face while Carmen just said, 'Dad, if there were an intruder. All the alarms would go off. Most importantly, we all would know about it. "

Ingrid sighed, "Oh Gregorio, you were just protecting us."

She leaned in to kiss George but the kids yelled, "Hey! There are kids presence!"

Their parents looked at them and smiled. Gregorio got up and helped Ingrid to her feet. The went downstairs to the office. Carmen and Juni closed their door.

Carmen flopped on her bed and said, "Crazy parents!"

Juni nodded,'Yea, you're right about that."

Grandma Raya looked up and said, 'When their spy business was active, the missions brought them closer together than never before…"

Carmen smirked at him as she walked into the bathroom. Juni just laughed.

About 20 minutes later, the entire family was in the kitchen . Gregorio and Ingrid had discovered that their phones where hacked into and bugged. While they ate breakfast, they went over their plans one last time…

Grandma Raya concluded, 'Well, the family is finally ready to hit the road. What will the future hold as the family moves out? You know what to do. Join me again for the next chapter. Bye for now!"

Grandma Raya resumed her practice on the bars.

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