Hillo…again. Yet another idea that came to me. This came to me playing with my Axel and Roxas Sims. I have two sets; one adults and one teenagers.

Just a little background info – Axel (37) and Roxas (36) have been married for 13 years, adopting 3 children; Naminé (16), Demyx (14) and Xion (7). Roxas is Chief of Staff in the Medical career while Axel is a Celebrity Chef. Naminé and Demyx go to a private school while Xion is still in a public.

Summary – Naminé comes home after school with an assignment based on how Axel and Roxas met, what their childhood was like, the school they went to, things like that, including when they married.

Disclaimer – don't own Kingdom Hearts. I own plot. Idea came from playing the Sims.

Warning – there may be some swearing and violence

Axel looked up at the clock on the wall beside the fridge. 1 o'clock. Naminé and Demyx would be home any minute, and Axel going to work in an hour. He had just finished making chilli cone carn. It was a ritual sort of thing for Axel to make lunch for the kids while Roxas slept. Roxas himself had only just come home about three hours ago from his shift at the hospital and passed out the second he got in the door.

After setting the plates on the table, the sound of the front door opening alerted Naminé's and Demyx's return. "We're back!" They called. The kitchen, dining room and sitting room, was all one big area. Roxas insisted it be that way when they built so it would be more welcoming to their guests.

"Welcome back. How was school?" Naminé and Demyx set their homework down on the kitchen counter and sat down at the table with Axel.

"It was good" Demyx answered, already digging into his lunch. Demyx got his eating habits from Axel after watching him non-stop as a toddler.

"I got an assignment today" groaned Naminé as she picked at her food. "It's not a big one, and it's due next week."

"What's it on?" Axel asked in between mouthfuls of lunch. His eating habits also included eating with his mouth full but somehow still making sense.

Naminé perked up slight. "Well it's really interesting actually. It's about you and mom." Demyx choked on his food, laughing when the food dislodged itself.

"Roxas will kill you if you say that around him." Naminé punched her brother's arm.

"But Roxas is kind of like a mom right? I mean, dad was the one who proposed, and I can tell he's the more dominate one." Now it was Axel's turn to choke, coughing several times and having Demyx to give his back a good thump to swallow his food properly.

"Demyx has a point." Axel cleared his throat. "Roxas hates being called the 'mom' of the family. Trust me, I called him that once and I was sleeping on the couch for a week until I apologized." Naminé giggled.

"So that's why. You said you were just too tired to go up two flights of stairs." Axel merely shrugged, finishing off his lunch.

"So what kind of questions will you be asking?" Naminé fetched her homework from the counter, pulled out the sheet of questions from her folder and handing it to Axel.

"Just things like how you met, who proved themselves to the other, your first date, you know things like that." Naminé continued eating as Axel read the assignment. One thing she forgot to mention brought a low laugh from Axel. "What is it?"

"Have you read this thing through? One of the questions asks when our first time was." Naminé visibly blushed while Demyx burst into laughter, his head on the table and hitting it with his fist.

"No, I read it. Mr. Leonhart said you didn't have to answer that question in too much detail. Just the date, or if you can remember what you did that day" she shrugged, obviously embarrassed at the question.

Axel sighed and looked at the clock. It was almost time to head to work, but now he didn't feel like going. He still had those four days of vacation left to use, why not use them now? He had no other reason to use them.

Laying the paper on the table Axel picked up one of the many phones lying around the house. Dialing his work, he explained to his secretary he wouldn't be in for the next few days. He also took it upon himself to call the hospital and do the same for Roxas, except he got an earful of the head nurse screaming into the phone. He knew working at a hospital would be tiring so he explained that Roxas needed his well deserved rest. Granted now the nurse wouldn't stop screaming, Axel was forced to raise his own voice and slam the phone down.

Astonished, Naminé and Demyx looked at each other and back at Axel. Not once had they witnessed him raising his voice at anyone. He was always so calm and collected that he never had to yell. Guess it just goes to show you, you don't know a person until you've seen who they really are.

"You didn't have to take the day off. Roxas is still upstairs; I could have asked him when he woke." Axel shook his head.

"No. If you're going to hear about how our life together was you should hear it from both of us."

"What's going on down here?" Surprised, Axel, Naminé and Demyx turned to see Roxas walking towards them rubbing his eye. He was still visibly tired with deep black circle under his eyes. The blonde was still only wearing the bottom of his pajamas, exposing his well toned muscles from his training, and his hair was a complete mess.

Axel took the tired blonde into his arms. "What are you doing up? You're tired." Roxas gratefully returned the embrace.

"Despite being on the third floor, I could hear you yelling." Roxas looked up at Axel with worrying eyes. "What's wrong? You never raise your voice." Axel kissed his forehead.

"Don't worry. Nothing's wrong. Just a bad conversation on the phone."

Roxas rested his head against his husband's chest, listening to his heartbeat. "Please tell me you didn't ring the hospital."

"Sorry…but you need the rest. The head nurse just wouldn't get it through his head." Roxas sighed and shook his head.

"He's such a nuisance. I would fire him in an instant if I could."

"I thought you were Chief of Staff? Can't you?" Roxas shook his head.

"He's a transfer you could say. He's working with us for the next few months before he can go back to Hollow Bastion."

"Should have known he'd be from there" Axel grumbled. "Anyway, setting that aside, Naminé wants to ask us a few questions." Roxas raised his head and stepped away from Axel. He knew exactly what those questions entailed.

"Axel…I'm not going down that road again" he warned.

"You don't even know what the questions are" Axel challenged.

"It's called parent-teacher interviews Axel, the one you were unable to go to last semester. Why? You never fucking told me!" Roxas covered his mouth. He didn't know where that came from. It just slipped out. This wasn't going to end well. He could see the fire in Axel's eyes. "Naminé, Demyx…go pick up your sister."

"But–" began Naminé.

"Just do it!" The teens hurriedly grabbed the key to the car from beside the fridge and ran out the door, slamming it behind them.

"You don't think I wanted to go? Of course I wanted to go! I was just too busy!"

"Busy with what! How could you have been busy! You weren't working that day, there was no other previous engagements arranged for that day. So where the hell were you!"

"There was something that I needed to do! Is that so wrong!"

"It is when I was waiting for my husband to show up for over an hour!" Something wet slid down Roxas' face. Confused he touched his cheek to see it wet. He was crying. It's been so long since he's cried. "Marriage is about trust Axel. If I can't trust you enough–" Roxas fell to the floor, landing on his side. Eyes wide and fearful, he held the side of his face. It stung like nothing he's ever felt in a long time…Axel just hit him.

Eyes wide himself, Axel looked at his closed fist. He was shaking, scared. What had he done? He bent down near Roxas, holding out his hand. "Roxas…I didn't…I wasn't…" Roxas only moved away from him, tears making a streamline down his face.

"So this is what it's come to? Us fighting over the past? I thought we'd been over this Axel" Roxas sobbed.

"I know, I know." Tear started forming in Axel's eyes. On one of the marriage vows Axel wrote, he promised never to raise a hand to Roxas under any circumstance. "I wasn't thinking…please Roxas don't…"

Roxas sat up, facing away from Axel. "The life we have here is too good to be true. I should have known something would happen. Something always does when I'm happy." Roxas broke down. "Why is it always me! Every time something seems to be going in the right direction it fucks up at the last second and I'm left in a heap on the ground." Despite himself, Axel turned Roxas around and pulled him close. "Let go!" Roxas struggled to free himself from his husband. Problem was Axel was much stronger than he was.

After a minute or two of struggling Roxas gave up, crying into Axel shoulder. "Why is my life so messed up?" Axel rubbed Roxas' back lovingly.

"Your life is perfect Roxas, never doubt that…It's my life that's in the gutter not yours. You could have easily left it there but you didn't, and why was that?"

"That's because I love you Axel, and I always will."

"And you know, no matter what happens, I love you to the bitter end. Why is it hard for you to see that?" Roxas shook his head, sitting back slightly but looking away from Axel.

"I've always seen it. It's always there…but something's blocking it Axel." Axel held Roxas again, closer this time. "It's the past isn't it? The one Naminé wants to learn everything about."

"I thought…that maybe…this would be the best time to talk about it. After all, we did promise that some day we would tell our kids."

"I guess that day has come quicker than we expected." Roxas forced a small laugh mixed with sadness. "Go out and let them in. I'll get an ice-pack." They stood. Roxas walked over to the freezer, pulling out an ice-pack and wrapping it in a tea towel. Axel opened the front door to see Naminé, Demyx and Xion playing Tag out the front.

The scene was quite amusing really. Xion was It and trying to catch Demyx who decided it would be best to climb one of the trees. Did that stop Xion? Of course not! Xion was the more determined child of the three and climbed up after him. Axel laughed at the sight. Demyx was trying to climb back down but Xion had him cornered. Naminé was sitting on the surrounding wall panting to catch her breath and laughing also.

Once back on the ground, Xion spotted Axel leaning against the door frame. Pure joy on her face, Xion burst into a full run, jumping up for Axel to catch her. "Daddy!"

"Hey Xion. Have fun in school?" Axel held her in his hip with Xion's arms around his neck.

"Yep. It was lots of fun. Me and Train played Hide 'n' Seek." Train was her adopted cousin on Roxas' side of the family. Roxas' other brother, Sora, is in a similar marriage with Riku. Before they considered adoption, Roxas had them as babysitters every time they left for the night or a weekend. It wasn't until after babysitting Demyx that they finally decided on it. They adopted a young teen named Beyond, and two toddlers they named Train and Kairi. Axel was slightly amused when he heard it.

Xion looked inside the open door, spotting Roxas with the ice-pack on his face. "What happened to Mommy?"

"Xion we've been over this; you can't call Roxas 'mommy'."

"But why?"


"No Axel." Axel turned to face Roxas at the door. "It's fine. If that's what I am to them, that's what I'll be known as." There was a slight smile on his face, one Axel thought he's seen somewhere before. "Come on" Roxas took Xion from Axel. "Your Uncle Sora has a surprise for you at his house." Xion yelled in excitement and ran towards the car. Spending time with her uncles and cousins was one she never forgets.

"No he doesn't" murmured Axel. Roxas smiled.

"I know. But Xion shouldn't know yet. I'll be back soon." Roxas gave the ice-pack to Axel with a quick kiss on the cheek. Naminé handed Roxas the keys and watched them drive off.

"Mom's still in his pajamas" giggled Naminé. Demyx shrugged and went inside. "There's something you need to tell us isn't there." Axel's shoulders dropped.

"I won't lie and say everything is fine, but…that assignment of yours brought back some terrible memories…It's about time we share them with you." Axel led them inside and upstairs where the family room was situated.

"Were they really that bad?" asked Demyx as he spread himself on one of the couches, only to have Naminé sit on his legs, obviously not going to move. Axel on the other hand stayed standing near one of the large windows, looking out at the hills in the distance.

"I've done some terrible things to Roxas in the past and yet he's still here…I'm actually surprised he hasn't left me." Naminé jumped up.

"Don't say that! Mom loves you very much! I've seen how he looks at you. There's nothing BUT love." Axel could only smile at his daughter's actions. It's true. Ever since their marriage, and ever since they first adopted Naminé, Roxas has only been getting happier and happier. Axel was sure something was wrong and he was hiding it, but after so many years together, Axel stood wrong.

"Yea…he does don't he." It was more a statement than a question.

"You feel the same way right?" Demyx was also standing, both of them walking over to their dad. "You still love him?" Axel smiled and held his kids, receiving the embrace back full force.

"I could never be happier to have all four of you in my life. And yes, Roxas has been, and always will be, the love of my life and I couldn't ask from someone else."

Axel jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, relieved to find it was only Roxas with a soft smile on his face. "Have you started yet?" Axel shook his head.

"I was waiting for you to come back." Roxas ruffled Naminé's and Demyx's hair, earning a wail of complaints. "Come on. Story time." Naminé and Demyx sat on one couch with Axel and Roxas sitting on the one opposite, a small circular coffee table sitting in between.

"Well, where shall we begin?" asked Roxas.

"The beginning is always the best place to start" Axel commented. Roxas chuckled. "Well, Naminé is our little interviewer, what do you want to know first?"

Naminé thought for a moment. So many questions ran through her head but one in particular stood out. "Well, how did you two meet?"

And there you have it. This is sort of like the prologue you could say. To sum it all up, from here on end we'll be looking at Axel and Roxas' past and NO it is not the Organization XIII story. I think everyone knows that. It's something completely different and I hope you enjoy ^_^