SasoDei – Beauty and the Beast

Part VII

As the pinkette brought down the stone weapon, Sasori grabbed onto it. They began to wrestle for the weapon. "Hey…I just remembered, I have a tail…" His scorpion tail wrapped around the girl, pulling her away from him. The stone gargoyle neck fell uselessly to the ground. Sasori smirked, holding the pinkette over the edge of the ledge, prepared to drop her to her demise.

"P-Please don't kill me!" She stared at the Beast, petrified. "I'll do whatever you want!" Sasori growled and was about to let go of her, but stopped…If he dropped the pinkette, then he would be no better that her. No less than a week ago, he would have dropped her without thinking twice…Barely once, actually… But Deidara had changed him…He snorted and flung the girl back onto the ledge.

He lifted her head up by the hair, growling at her. "Leave, and never come back here again!" The girl nodded vigorously and he let her hair go.

"Danna!" The Beast looked up to see Deidara standing on the main balcony.

"Brat!" Sasori smiled in shock, climbing up the roofing to his love. The blonde held out a hand for the Beast, which Sasori took with his paw. "I mean…Dei!" He moved his paw to play with the boy's blonde locks. "You came back…"

Deidara smiled at him gently and tenderly. "Of course I came back, un…Look out!"

Sasori 's eyes widened and he gave a roar as he felt something sharp dig into his side. There was a cackle of success as Sakura pulled her dagger from his flesh. Sasori's tail instinctively flung at her, slamming into the girl. She screamed as she went flying...Well, falling, into the deep abyss below.

Deidara quickly helped pull Sasori onto the balcony, looking at the wound with wide eyes. Blood was pooling around the Beast's side. "…Sasori, I'll try to stop the bleeding, and-"

"No…" Sasori gave a gentle smile. "Maybe it's better this way…"

Deidara frowned, lying down on the Beast's large chest. "Don't say things like that…I'm here now…Everything will be okay, un…"

"At least I got to see you…one last time, before…" The sky gave a burst of thunder as his eyes slipped shut.

Deidara stared wide-eyed, a single tear falling onto Sasori's chest. "…Please don't leave me…" The blonde rested his head against the Beast's fur. "…I…I love you, Danna…"

The last petal of the enchanted rose fell from the flower, descending onto the silver surface of the pedestal. Itachi, Hidan and Konan looked at it sadly as their last hopes of returning to normal dwindled away.

There was a gentle sound, similar to breaking glass, close to Sasori and Deidara. The blonde looked up in curiosity. Another beam of pink light fell down to earth, giving the same sound as the last. Deidara looked around to see that there were more flying down from the moonless night sky.

A bright light shone underneath him, and the blonde quickly got off of Sasori as the Beast floated into the air. His black cape wrapped around him and he slowly turned. Deidara stared as the bright light surrounding the Beast grew more intense. He soon had to squint just to see the silhouette of his love.

Deidara closed his eyes, lest he go blind from the brightness. He felt the warm of the light dance across his skin. It felt kind of…Odd…

The light suddenly disappeared in one short burst. Deidara opened his eyes to see a different figure, about half the size of Sasori, lay there. It gave a groan and sat up, rubbing its eyes as if awoken from some deep sleep. The figure was clearly male, and had shaggy red hair. Deidara recognised the male from his nightmare. The boy stood up, stretching his arms. He looked about the same age as Deidara, perhaps a little older?

The red head caught sight of the blonde, and gave a smile. "Deidara! We broke the spell!" He walked over to the blonde, surprised when Deidara took a step away. "Huh? What's wrong? It's me, Dei…Sasori…"

"Y-You're the boy from my nightmare…" The blonde gulped, taking another step back.

The red head frowned. "Dei…That was a dream…I swear that I'm Sasori."

The blonde cautiously looked into the male's dark brown eyes. "…" He gave a gasp. "It IS you, un!" Deidara flung his arms around Sasori's neck, holding him tightly.

The red head smiled gently, wrapping his arms around the blonde's waist. He pulled the pair away slightly and then pressed his lips to Deidara's. The blonde eagerly kissed back, opening his mouth for the red head. Sasori slipped his tongue into the blonde's orifice, running it against Deidara's. The blonde gasped slightly, pressing their bodies even tighter together. He moved his tongue and lips against the red head's, not wanting the kiss to end. A firework shot up into the air, bursting brilliantly.

More sparkles began to rain down upon the castle. The floors and buildings of the palace were consumed with light, melting away to show the truly beautiful castle from beneath the hideous stone creatures.

Hidan gave an exasperated curse as the light consumed him in a whirlwind of shine. It disappeared, revealing a strong man with silver, slicked back hair. He looked down at his old body, giving a grin. "FUCK YEAH!"

The light also spun around Konan and Itachi, turning them back into humans. The pot was now a pretty girl with dark blue locks. In her hair sat an origami rose, which could possibly be mistaken for a lid. Itachi was now a man with long raven black hair. He still wore a stoic expression and there were lines under his eyes, which looked somewhat similar to the hands of a clock face. Konan gave a cheer. "YAY! HUMAN AGAIN! I CAN'T WAIT TO-" the girl blinked as her eyes caught onto the two lovers. They were still locked in a passionate kiss, their hands roaming each other, caressing, groping, and sliding. A line of blood trickled down her nose at the sight.

"Come on Konan and Hidan," Itachi gave a yawn, "let's leave these two alone. I'm sure that they have some important matters to talk about…" the raven looked around to see that Hidan and Konan had already gone. He gave a sigh. "Some things just never change…" Itachi turned and walked out of the room.

Sasori and Deidara were forced to pull apart by the need of oxygen. The blonde gave a moan, nuzzling his face in the crook of the red head's neck. "Oh god, Danna, un~"

Sasori nibbled at his ear gently. "So what happened in this nightmare?"

Deidara's body stiffened. "…You…" The blonde slowly shook his head, unable to form the words.

The red head gave a gentle smile, pulling Deidara's face from his neck so their eyes met. "Do you want me to prove how gentle I actually am?" The blonde gulped, but then gave a seductive smile and a nod. Sasori smirked back, lifting his love up bridal style. He carried him back into his bedroom.

It was no longer a mess like before. Now it was completely spotless, and everything was shiny. Deidara looked over to the pedestal, eyeing the dead flower. "…Your rose, un…"

"It's alright. I have a new rose now…that I just can't wait to deflower." He smirked once more at the blonde, who smirked back with a lusty look. Sasori chuckled gently, placing Deidara down on the rich violet covers of his large bed. He crawled over the blonde, locking their lips once more in a feverish kiss.


Konan was out the front of the castle, trying to think. If everyone was human again, then that also meant that- "KONAN!" The girl blinked and looked up, surprised when someone suddenly fell into her arms. The person was soaking wet, and gave a sneeze. "Thanks, Konan." The bluenette placed the person down, shocked to see who it was.

"PEIN!" she flung her arms around her old boyfriend, kissing him repeatedly. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN TEN YEARS!"

The orange haired boy gave another sneeze. "When I changed, I became that giant stone gargoyle on the top of the castle. I couldn't move an inch. It's freezing up there in the weather; I'm surprised that I didn't die from pneumonia." He gave a sigh.

Konan smiled at him gently. "Come on in; let's get you warmed up by the fire."


"Kisame?" Itachi blinked at the male who was human once more. The taller male had slightly blue skin and blue hair. He gave the Uchiha a kind smile, brining his old friend into a hug.

"Heh heh, I'm taller than you again, Itachi-San~" Kisame chuckled, ruffling the raven's hair.

A boy was running around the castle hyperactively. He had short hair and was wearing a bright orange mask, though everyone knew who he was. "TOBI IS A…" the boy clapped in amusement. "TOBI IS A GOOD WARDROBE!" Everyone in a nearby proximity sweat-dropped.

A boy with dark green hair gave a chuckle. "Yep," Zetsu gave a smirk at his friend, "Tobi is a Good Wardrobe."

A large figure with dark brown hair gave a sigh. "Well, at least I'm not some prissy feather duster anymore." Kakuzu ran a hand through his hair in relief.

All of the servants wore an identical black robe which was patterned with red and white clouds.


Sasori and Deidara pulled away from the kiss, panting from lack of air. The blonde's hands moved to the cloak that Sasori wore, undoing the clasp for it. The red head helped remove the article of clothing, kissing the blonde's neck gently. His fingers slid under Deidara's torso, taking hold of the blonde's zipper. He pulled it down as far as it would go, pulling the blue dress from the blonde. The red head managed to remove the clothing, dropping it carelessly on the floor. "It's cold, un…" Sasori rolled his eyes jokingly, pulling the covers from underneath the blonde and then over the top of them.

"Better?" Deidara smiled and gave a nod, pressing his lips to Sasori's once more. His hands tugged at the red head's blue shirt, pulling it off of the prince. Sasori chuckled gently as he pulled off his own tattered pants, revealing that he wasn't wearing boxers or anything beneath. This was acceptable, considering he had been a beast for the past ten years. His mouth slipped to the pink bud which was Deidara's right nipple, teasing it with tongue and teeth. The blonde gave a gentle grunt and a gasp, hands exploring the smooth skin of Sasori's back. The feeling of the perfect smoothness under his fingertips, and the course blankets brushing over the tops of his hands was an odd sensation.

"Danna~" Sasori lapped at the nipple, and then ran his tongue up to the blonde's neck. He nipped and sucked at certain pleasure spots, claiming the blonde as his own. "Please stop teasing, un~"

"It depends, are you still scared of me?" Deidara frantically shook his head, panting gently. "Good then." His hands slipped to the blonde's underwear (a pair of linen shorts), pulling them down from around his waist. He moved his head down, kissing each inch of newly revealed skin. Sasori grew somewhat impatient with himself and ended up just pulling the shorts off of the blonde, moving his tongue to Deidara's length. The blonde gasped, arching his back slightly.

"I thought you- Ah-agreed to s-stop teasing me-AH~" Deidara moaned loudly, bucking his hips in pleasure. "Please, un~"

Sasori smirked, pulling away from the blonde's manhood. He moved back up to Deidara's face, kissing him gently. "Okay then, babe."

The blonde snorted. "Babe? Personally, I'd rather Brat."

Sasori rolled his eyes. "Fine then, Brat." He chuckled, gently kissing the blonde once more. "You're so cute when you're annoyed."

"I wish I could say the same thing about you, un. But you're always annoyed so I don't know what you look like when you aren't." Deidara smirked up at him challengingly.

"…" Sasori brought three fingers to the blonde's mouth. "Suck before you really tick me off." Deidara took them into his orifice, running his tongue along the digits. He sucked on the fingers, closing his eyes in concentration. Sasori pulled his fingers from the blonde's mouth, kissing the succulent lips tenderly instead. His digits moved down to Deidara's heat, circling and prodding at the entrance. His love gave a quiet moan, bucking his hips faintly in need. Sasori laughed, pressing a finger into the blonde. "Patience, Love." He pushed his digit in deeper, kissing Deidara a few more times.

"Danna~" The blonde was panting gently, giving a moan as Sasori's finger brushed against something inside of him. "Ah~" Deidara felt the red head enter a second finger, brushing against the pleasure spot again. "Fuck, un~" He arched his back, pressing his chest against Sasori's.

The red head chuckled softly in amusement, nibbling at the blonde's neck once more as he continued to stretch his love. He slipped his third finger in to join the other two, surprised that the blonde didn't show the slightest hint that he was in pain. Surprised and happy.

Sasori pulled his fingers from the blonde's entrance, pressing their lips together once more. He positioned his own shaft at Deidara's entrance, pulling their lips apart. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, un." The blonde pressed their lips together again. Sasori kissed back as he slowly pushed his member inside of his love. Deidara cringed ever so slightly but made no voiced complaints, trusting the red head fully. He felt Sasori stop moving, and he guessed that the red head was fully sheathed inside of him.

Sasori chuckled gently, licking the outer shell of the blonde's ear. "Well, Dei? How does it feel? My huge cock deep inside of you?" His voice dropped to a harsh, seductive, whisper. "I bet you love it. Don't you, Brat?" Deidara moaned at the dirty talk.

"Danna~ M-Move un~" Sasori chuckled gently, placing an affectionate kiss underneath the blonde's jaw-line. He pulled his hips back and then pushed them forward once more. Deidara gave a gasp. "H-Harder…" Sasori gave a nod and pulled his length mostly out of the blonde again He gave his hips a good thrust forward into his loves body, wanting to hit that spot which Deidara had reacted to so highly before. Sasori tried to remember where to find the pleasure spot, though before he could, the blonde gave a loud moan…Well, he found it and that is all that mattered. He pulled mostly out and then gave another thrust in the same direction. The blonde moaned, grabbing hold of Sasori's warm shoulders. "Gah~ Danna~" Deidara threw his head back as the red head rammed into the pleasure spot once more.

Sasori muffled a groan. He was getting pretty close, and the blonde was only getting tighter around his length. But he didn't let up on his continual thrusts inside of Deidara's body, speeding up his movements. Sasori was thrusting as hard as he dared, not wanting to accidentally hurt the blonde.

He was still going pretty hard and fast. Deidara's moans had doubled in volume and he couldn't last much longer. Sasori pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss as he gave one last hard thrust. He swallowed up the blonde's cries of pleasure as they both reached their climaxes. Sasori filled Deidara up to the brim with his cum, and the blonde released over their chests. The red head collapsed on top of Deidara in exhaustion, both of them panting hard for air. A few minutes passed, filled only with their slowly decreasing bliss. Eventually, Sasori pulled out of the blonde, kissing him gently. Deidara gave a yawn and rolled onto his side. "Wow, un…"

The red head wrapped an arm around the blonde's waist, pressing his chest against the blonde's back. "How was that, Brat?" He nuzzled the blonde's hair gently, closing his eyes.

"Amazing~ and I'm not even being sarcastic this time!" Deidara laughed and pressed his back against the red head, but then decided to roll over instead. He nuzzled his face into the crook of the prince's neck, wrapping an arm around the red head and closing his eyes. The two were perfectly content just lying there spooning. "I love you, un."

Sasori smiled gently, kissing the blonde tenderly on the top of the head. "I love you too, Brat. Just promise me that you won't ever run away again, it's getting pretty annoying."

Deidara chuckled softly. "I won't…" He gave a quiet yawn, pulling the covers up a little more. "I won't."

The villagers forgot about the castle on the hill, Deidara sent his father letters once a month, all of Sasori's servants were human once more and the spell was finally broken. Sasori and Deidara were wed, and everyone lived happily ever after…Except those who were killed during the invasion of the castle…

The End