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Bark and bite

Kagome hummed in tune to the old Christmas songs playing from the crackling speaker as she made her rounds; checking the doors on all of the dog cages, and the papers beside them to see when they were last walked.

She was dancing along a bit too by the time she got to the last row, where they kept the largest dogs. Much to their delight, as they all jumped up and barked at her, tails wagging while she crooned at them. All but one that was. He was a huge, white, mixed-breed male the shelter had named Prince. He sat there and looked at her as if she had lost her mind with his large, unblinking, golden eyes.

He acted every bit as regal as his name. It made her smile.

She shimmied in place as she looked over his chart. "Ah. Your due for a walk before I clock out, boy. Why don't we do that now." She smiled at him as she grabbed the leash from the wall beside his door and opened the gate.

He growled at her softly, but didn't move or raise his hackles at all. If anything, he sounded more like a disgruntled old man than a vicious animal.

She laughed at him, beckoning him forward with one hand. "Pah. Come here you big softy. I bet your bark is worse than your bite."

He gave her a look she could easily translate to 'I'm merely humoring you because you are my ticket to the bathroom' and moved to stand. He shook his shaggy fur out so it fell in its proper place before padding toward her and seating himself before her. She fastened the leash around his neck.

She almost giggled at the aristocratic way he held himself. She would have complimented his posture if he weren't a dog.

Once she had him hooked up, she led him over to the door to the outside run. She was surprised that he didn't react at all to the barking dogs around them. He merely walked beside her without any trouble at all.

They had been standing beside the door while she pulled on her jacket and gloves for about 5 minutes when the door opened and a teenage boy and a little blue heeler mix blew in.

"Cold out there?" she asked with a laugh as the boy jumped up and down in front of her, rubbing his hands together and trying to still his chattering teeth.

"Hey Miss Kagome. If you're going out there, I'd be careful; the snows nice and fluffy, but there's ice under it. I almost broke my neck."

She held the heavy door open and walked out after Prince. "Sure thing, Haru," she called over her shoulder as the door slammed shut.

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