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Flakes Flutter

Flakes fluttered down around her and she stood there, looking around. His red leash, sans the collar, in one hand as she called out for him.

"Prince? Prince! Where are you boy?"

She kept trying to tell herself that the laughter she was hearing was just the wind, and the ringing of his bell was not.

"Prince!" Her voice was growing frantic. "Come here Prince!" The snow was whipping around her now, lifting her hair and pulling at her clothing. And she completely stilled when she heard the jingle of his bell right behind her, followed by a whispered voice what sounded more like the howling of the wind.

"I've not left, Kagome. I've merely changed. Changed for you."

Her head whipped around, and she was faced with nothing more than blinding snow. Then she felt clawed fingers, cold as ice on her chin, pulling her head forward again.

This time the snow formed itself into a face that was just as cold as the ice it was made of, with the moon and stripes she remembered, shocking against the whiteness. He was pale and beautiful and completely bare from ear to toe, yet unfeeling of the chill. What caught her eye though, was the bright red collar around his neck, adorned with a delicate silver bell that she knew so well.

Reaching forward hesitantly, she flicked it with a gloved finger, and it resulted in the same tinkle she remembered. The sound of it made her eyes snap up to his.

He laughed, and it was the wind, before swiping his tongue up the length of her face with a toothy smile that made her heart thump in recognition.

"Yama-Inu," she whispered in awe as she brought a hand up to touch his face. It was as cold as ice and chilled her to the bone. "The Fearsome Dog of the Mountain."

He nodded. "You never knew you where saving a god did you?" His hair, long and flowing, circled around them as his hands grasped hers and all vision was lost to the bright whiteness.

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