GunnerPow7: Welcome to my second Pokemon story. This is a Christmas Special and at least a break for A New region, A New love. This contains AdvanceShipping and hints of Ikari and WishfulShipping.

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A Christmas Surprise

Ah, Christmas, one of the best holidays of the year.

We follow our heroes, Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Pikachu, for their adventures in Unova.

Unbeknownst to our heroes that a special girl that Ash really knows is going to visit him.

Finally, Ash and his friends arrived in Icirrus City for resting and for Ash's gym battle.

"Yes! We're here guys!" said Ash with glee.

"Pikapikapi. Pikachuchupichukachu. (We know Ash. You don't have to state the obvious.) " said Pikachu.

"Well, let's go to the Pokemon Center. Ash, the gym is closed for the season! So don't even try to go there." said Cilan.

"Okay!" said Ash with a hint of disappointment in it.

So our heroes went to the Pokémon center. When our heroes went inside, Iris and Cilan went to the front desk to check in while Ash stopped and looked at the girl sitting in one of the seats. She has brunette hair and blue eyes. She also has a blue outfit to match her eyes. Ash knew her and went up to her.

"Hi May!" said Ash.

"Oh hi Ash!" said May with joy.

"So, what brings you here in Unova?" asked Ash.

"Well, me and Dawn are here to participate in the Country Grand Festival." said May.

"What's the Country Grand Festival?" asked Ash.

"It's a Grand Festival for those who have won a regional Grand Festival. It is always held in Icirrus City. Since I've won the Sinnoh Grand Festival and Dawn won the Hoenn Grand Festival, we can participate in the Country Grand Festival. We've met up in the ship we rode on the way here."

"Wait, you said Dawn is here. Where is she?" asked Ash.

Just as if on cue, Dawn appeared.

"May, who are you- Oh Hi Ash! How have you've been." asked Dawn.

"I'm okay, how about you?"

As Dawn was about to speak, May stepped up and talked.

"She and Paul are official."

"WHAT!" exclaimed Ash.

"May… YOU'RE DEAD!" said Dawn while chasing May trying to kill her.

Just then Iris and Cilan walked in.

"So Ash who are these people?" asked Iris and Cilan Which made them blush lightly.

"Well this is May and Dawn. They were my previous companions before I met you two." said Ash.

May and Dawn stopped running and introduced to Ash's current companions.

"Ash, can I have a word with you?" asked May.

"Sure May." said Ash.

They stopped under the doors of the pokemon center.

"Ash, I missed you and I…"


"I… L-" Just then Dawn appeared.

"Guys…. -giggle-" said Dawn.

"What's so funny Dawn? I am trying to tell something to Ash." said May with anger in it.

"Look up."

Then Ash and May looked up and saw a mistletoe above them.

Both of them blushed.

"So…. DO IT!" said Dawn.

Ash leaned forward and May did so too. Then Ash's lips connected with May's. The kiss was so passionate and sweet. They would stay liked that forever when SOMEBODY –pointing mostly at Dawn- had to interrupt them.

"GUYS!/PIKAA!" said Dawn and apparently Iris, Cilan and Pikachu.

"Sorry." said the two.

"Ash, I love you." said May.

"May, I love you too." said Ash.

"Guys, let's go inside. It's freezing out here." said Dawn, Iris, and Cilan.

"Okay." said the two. It is truly a Christmas Surprise.


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