Christmas Greetings from the Author: Hi there, all you merry people, especially IshiHime fans! Jczala here with an IshiHime one-shot based on the fanart made by the talented AlexaClyne. She is just awesome when it comes to IshiHime arts and she draws them a lot. I sort of have a fetish for maid and butlers (blame it on Anime and Manga), and when I saw her art featuring Orihime and Ishida as a maid and butler respectively, I knew that I just had to write a story about it. This will be my Christmas Gift to AlexaClyne and I hope she likes it.

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A Picture of Words
By: JcZala

Art Inspiration by: AlexaClyne
Bleach Pairing:
Uryuu Ishida & Orihime Inoue
3 Things before Christmas:
Of Maids, Butlers and Kisses...

December 24.

He's been her boyfriend since they've graduated from High School this year. Falling in love with her was just inspiring. She had always been good to him, always ready to cheer him up when the mood gets down, and she never disrespects his choices. He had always admired her beauty and personality, her wild and crazy imagination, her empathy and compassion.

It was the morning before Christmas Day and Orihime was up bright and early, preparing breakfast for her lovable boyfriend.

He came down the stairs, yawning sleepily. He was wearing light blue pyjamas with cupcake patterns. It was her present for his birthday last November. She bought it because she knew it would look cute on him. Plus, she just loves cupcakes and sweet things.

"Orihime-san, good morning," he greeted, adjusting his glasses. "What brings you here so early?"

Basically, she was allowed to come in and out of his house as much as she wanted. Uryuu had given his permission and spare keys. Orihime had often stayed over too, but nothing intimate every happen to them. He would never force himself upon her, even though he gets these mixed feelings of lust and passion at times. Who can blame him? With a face of an angel, long orange hair so smooth and silky, and innocent silver eyes, she was too beautiful for words. She had the most curvaceous body and a well-endowed chest. She was like an idol, so it's no wonder why she's the most sought after girl in school.

"I wanted to cook you breakfast," she said, and Uryuu made a face. "I hope you're hungry, Uryuu-kun!"

He nodded nervously, smiling. "Umm... Okay then..." She had the looks and the smarts, but she's a rather terrible cook.

As Orihime was getting the plates, Uryuu heard the phone rang. He walked toward the phone in the living room and picked it up. Much to his chagrin, it was his sadistic bastard of a father on the other line. Now what would Ryuuken Ishida want from him on Christmas Eve?

"My friend, who happens to be the top photographer of a modelling magazine, is in dire need of one male and one female model. I've recommended you and Orihime-san for the job," Ryuuken said without falter.

Uryuu almost dropped the phone from his hand. "You did what?" he exclaimed.

"You are in no position to refuse. If you do not wish for me to expose your most embarrassing childhood secret to Orihime-san, then do not even think of bailing out," Ryuuken followed up with an equally cold tone.

"Wait a minute! Don't I get a say on this?" Uryuu yelled back. Only his father could make him this flustered and downright annoyed. "And what are we modelling for? Clothes? Coats? Suits?"

"You'll know once you get there," Ryuuken said. "I've already sent the address to your phone. Be there by 3 o'clock sharp or else."

He was boiling in a considerable amount of frustration. His pride was urging him to challenge his father, but his mind told him that it would be just a waste of time.

So after an hour of make-up and hair styling, Uryuu stepped out of the dressing room and walked towards the studio with an ominous feeling. He adjusted his collar and suit before stopping in front of the door. He tried to guess what kind of outfit Orihime would be wearing, while opening the door, and entering the studio. The photographer did tell him that he was cosplaying as an anime character, who happens to be a butler, so Orihime was probably going to be his mistress or a maid.

He had never dreamed of being a butler, much less than pretending to be one, though he had to admit that the white suit was much to his liking.

Then he heard sighs of admiration, giggles and whistling, and before he could wonder, he heard the cute voice of Orihime from outside the studio.

"I've never worn something like this before," Orihime said. "Do you think Uryuu-kun will like it?

"Of course, he will!" a female, probably one of the assistants, answered her.

Truth be told, he felt a bit nervous. He had never modelled before, especially not with a girl. Knowing Orihime, she might pull the modelling thing well. He feared that he might make her look bad in front of the camera, and he didn't want that. Sighing, he noticed that his left sleeve was unbuttoned. He lifted his arm and buttoned it right away, as Orihime pranced into the studio with a big bright smile on her face.

"How do I look?"

He peered over his shoulder to look at her. It was more than he had expected. His whole body turned around like a stiffed robot.

"Is it okay?" she asked happily.

Blushing crazily, he cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses with two trembling fingers. "I-It's cute..." he said, almost mumbling his words. He felt his temperature rising to great proportions. That too showy... He mentally slapped himself for imagining something naughty. Yes, indeed, the skirt was showy. It was too short. The outfit she wore was a French Maid outfit with a shortened version of a skirt. The apron, headband, and thigh-high stockings were light pink in color instead of pure white.

Thigh-highs and short skirt—what a sexy combination! Not only that, the outfit highlighted her body so well, especially the chest, and Uryuu felt like he was going to nosebleed. Her hair featured lovely and elegant corkscrew curls, and her hairpins were conveniently pinned on the side of her head band. The costume looked perfect on her, as if it was made especially for her.

"You really think it's cute?" she asked, smiling.

Still blushing like an overripe tomato, Uryuu nodded his head.

The photo session took longer than expected. They started out about 4:30 in the afternoon and ended about 5 minutes before 7:30 PM. It was exhausting. The photographer will tell you how to pose, how to express yourself, how to deliver the desired look into the camera, and you have to adapt to every pose you make. It definitely required a lot of time and patience, and some poses can just hurt your back once you stay in the same position for like 5 minutes or so.

Uryuu and Orihime were not the only models there. There were two others, who posed as their master and mistress. The photographer had taken loads of pictures of them.

Uryuu was more the impressed with the way Orihime handled herself. She had never modelled before, but there was no stiffness, no posing, though there were the occasional clumsiness, which was totally fine and cute for the photographer (for some reason, thinking it was 'MOE'). She was able to adapt herself to the situation. He had to force himself, to give it his all, no more, no less.

After the shoot the photographer showed them the best pictures he had taken. There was one of them in a garden setting. Orihime was sitting on a rose-decorated bench with rose bushes in the background. Her ankles were crossed and her hands were placed on her lap, and her smile was so sweet. On the other hand, Uryuu was standing right behind her, both hands on her petite shoulders, smiling handsomely to the camera.

Then there was a nice shot of her on the bed with her feet drawn up under her, her knees to the side. Her thigh-highs were removed for that, and she looked so sexy. Uryuu found it astonishing that a French Maid outfit can turn an innocent girl such as Orihime into a sexy temptress.

The photographer had promised them that he would send them copies of the photographs and a copy of the magazine when it's published. Although embarrassed about it, he was actually excited for the photographs.

When they were on their way to the dressing room, Orihime suddenly came to a halt.

"What's the matter, Orihime-san?" he asked, and he noticed her lips curving into a soft smile. "Orihime-san?"

"A few hours away till Christmas," she said. "Are you excited?"

"I would be lying if I said I didn't," he said.

"Then let me give you an early Christmas present," she said, stepping forward and placing her hands against his chest. "I'll do everything you'll tell me to, master."

Was it getting hotter or was it just him? Uryuu suddenly felt that his tie was on too tight and his coat was too thick. To have such a pretty face so close to his was making his heart race. She was being direct, being sweet, and she was waiting for his reply. Closing his eyes for an instant, he took a deep breath. Then he brought a hand under her chin and gently tilted her chin, his eyes growing soft. It was Christmas Eve and she did make the offer, so why not go through with it. "Kiss me..."

"My pleasure, my master," she said. She kissed him very tenderly.

He didn't make any sign of hesitation. He opened his mouth to her. Passion and excitement washed through him. The kiss grew more intimate by the second. Breasts touching his chest, Uryuu snaked his arms around her. Then his lips found her neck and covered it with kisses as Orihime sighed and let the sensation flow. He could feel it getting hard, but he didn't want to stop. He had his urges before and he'd always managed to control it. But with Orihime in such a sexy maid outfit, he found it difficult to control his hormones.

"Uryuu-kun..." she moaned under her breath.

Uryuu breathed against her neck. "Orihime-san..." He pinned her against the wall, clasped her head and forced his mouth onto hers. She tasted so delicious and her scent was intoxicating. "I love you," he whispered into her ear.

Orihime moaned and closed her eyes. "I love you too..." She managed to mutter before Uryuu claimed her lips.

He had never been this aggressive with her. Nevertheless, he can never deny the pleasure, the enchantment of this moment. He let out a sigh as he pulled away. Adjusting his glasses, he turned his line of sight to the right and cleared his throat. "Um...I'm sorry, Orihime-san. I guess I got carried away." He was way deep into the romantic mood that he almost forgot that they were in a public place. "And I apologize for making such a request."

She let out a giggle. "Don't be... In fact, I enjoyed it, master," she said.


She poked his chest and turned to the door of her dressing room. "Now let's change back and hurry home, so we can continue from where we left off," she said, winking an eye.

Uryuu turned redder than a bright Christmas bulb. "Wh-WHAT?" His glasses almost fell off by the shock. "Wh-What are you talking about, Orihime-san? Do you really want to—I mean—Is it really all right with you?" It was unbelievable. Were they finally going to do it tonight? Somehow, he felt really confused, really excited, and really afraid at the same time. What if he wasn't good in bed? What will Orihime think of him?

But before his fantasies were set to overdrive, Orihime suddenly said, "We're going to finish up the Christmas mittens we we're going to give to everyone, right?"

Uryuu's face went blank. "Pardon?"

"Only three more pairs to go," she said. "With our skills I'm sure we can finish it before Christmas, so we better hurry. I'll meet you by the entrance, okay?" She waved her hand, while opening the door, and entered the dressing room.

When the door closed, Uryuu released on big sigh and leaned his back against the wall behind him. "So she meant the mittens..." He wanted to slap himself so hard for even thinking of naughty, perverted things again. "Doesn't matter though..." He recalled the kiss, the intimacy, and her smiles, and realized that he got more than what he wished for this Christmas and it was all thanks to the sexy maid costume. Brushing a hand through his blue mane, he started toward his dressing room. A butler and a maid sharing a wonderful Christmas together. That's worth remembering for a long time.


JC: That's all for this one. Yay! This is, like, my first IshiHime story ever and I've written it for Christmas. I've totally enjoyed putting AlexaClyne's work into words. If you wanna see her work, feel free to visit my profile and look for the link there. I wanna see some reviews, people. No Flaming!