Sadly I do not own Twilight or any of the characters Stephanie Meyer does. I do own Stuart and Ethan. I also own the lovely laptop I am writing this on.

Chapter One


After seventeen hours on the plane we had finally landed in New York. That did not mean my ordeal was over. It was still another long flight to Orlando but at least I could stretch my legs a bit walking around JFK for the next three hours. My three year old son Ethan came bouncing up to me. I tried to be excited for him but this holiday was just an extension of the hell that was life at the moment. My husband Stuart was talking on his cellphone as usual. I took Ethan's hand and we walked over to Emmett. Emmett was my best friend and now my agent. I had just published my first book and was taking a last short holiday with my family before I began the promotion tour. My schedule was hectic but the publishers where convinced that Twilight would be a best seller.

We went and looked at all the shops in the airport. I bought a teddy bear for Ethan it had a cute pilots uniform on. Eventually our flight was called and we got going on the last leg of the journey. On arrival in Orlando we picked up the hire car. Stuart always had to have a monster of a car and this was no exception. I had worked in conservation before becoming a writer and he always liked to rub my green beliefs in my face. His chosen vehicle was a black Hummer H2. I just got in ignoring him and helped Ethan into his car seat.

We were staying in a two bedroom apartment in one of the Timeshare resorts. The apartment was nice and airy. Emmett and I took Ethan for a swim while Stuart went for a sleep. Emmett was watching me closely his eyes filled with concern. "I'll be alright Emmy don't worry." He just smiled "Only when you leave him. You know this can't carry on." I shook my head "It has to carry on he is the father of my child and he supported me when I had nothing." Ethan splashed away happily in the pool and I smiled at my only child indulgently." My son means the world too me and I have to protect him. Stuart will try and get custody of him you know that Em".

The next day was happy and blissful. We spent the day at Magic Kingdom going on all the rides with Ethan. I could almost believe there was hope we could be a real family again. Stuart was being kind and considerate and I could remember a time we were in love. When we first met he was such a gentleman. He was fourteen years older than me and everybody said the age gap was to big but I was nineteen and in love. Over time I had lost most of my friends. They hated Stuart and didn't get what I saw in him. We got married when I was twenty one in a horrible over the top ceremony and me in a huge dress with two hundred guests. They were all his family and friends. I hated the whole thing but wanted to do anything to make him happy. I thought I was happy now six years later I am really not happy. I feel like I am holding onto reality by the thinnest of threads.

That night Stuart was tired so he stayed home with Ethan and Emmett and I headed out to Universal Citywalk to go to some clubs and have fun. I was wearing a short white dress with a halterneck that Stuart said was slutty but I liked it. We walked into the first place that was playing decent music and started grinding away on the dancefloor. After a couple of songs we were both thirsty and Emmett walked over to the bar to get us some drinks. Thats when I felt a hand brush my shoulder and a deep sexy voice say"Isabella Swan right?" I turned around and there was Edward Cullen one of the most famous movie stars in the world."How the hell do you know my name and its Bella thanks." Edward smiled his crooked smile"I read an advance copy of your book Twillight. Summit is considering turning it into a movie and want me to play the title roll of Jacob Black. Your photo is on the cover." " Oh"I felt kinda stupid just standing there. "I see you are married he said pointing to my finger. I wonder how long that will last? After all I guess you are making a lot more money than him now."