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Warning: Tragedy

Sweet sorrow

The day after the wedding


We had allowed two reporters to attend the wedding rather than have hundreds of them trying to sneak in. Today the pictures where all over the tabloids and papers. Well that's what Rosalie told us anyway. We were far away from all that enjoying a blissful one week honeymoon in Hawaii.

Ethan was staying with Jasper and Alice.

I was loving having my gorgeous husband all to myself. We arrived late last night and we still haven't left our room and I am not sure we will.

This was pure bliss and I couldn't imagine my life any other way.

Unknown POV

I can't believe he married the bitch. I have followed Edward Cullen's career since long before he was a Hollywood A list star. I have attended every premiere across the world. I have every poster and all of them signed by him. He was supposed to fall in love with me. I have done everything possible to be his perfect girl.

Why did he marry her? She must have brainwashed him. I will find him and set him free from this awful trap.

I carefully cut his picture out of all the magazines to add to the thousands of pictures that covered my wall then I gathered up all the pictures of her and burned them.

Don't worry Edward I will save you.


Three weeks later

Edward walked into the room where I was getting Ethan ready for school.

"Hey big boy are you almost ready?"

Ethan ran up to Edward and threw his arms around him.

"All ready daddy. Are you taking me to school today?"

"Yes your Mom has some meetings in the city today."

Edward walked across to me.

"Bye love. Have a good day and call me when you are finished."

"I will do. Have fun and I love you."

Edward leaned in and gave me a slow sensual kiss goodbye.

"See you later and I love you too."

The two of them walked out the door to go to school.

I looked in the mirror one last time to make sure my hair and make-up where perfect.

Today I was going to discuss the contract with Summit that would see them buying the movie rights for the next three Twilight books. The first movie had been a huge success and they were keen to buy the rest. It would be a long day but very worth it.

The drive into LA was beautiful along the coastal highway. I got into the city with half an hour to spare.

I came up to the last set of traffic lights before the Summit offices. The light was red so I sat and back and stretched. I was glad to have the extra time before the meeting to get my head together.

The light turned green and I pressed the gas on my Audi A6. I large black SUV came barrelling towards me through the red light. I tried to swerve but it hit me full on at high speed. My car was slammed into the curb and it flipped. The world slowed down as my car kept moving. I could hear the sickening crunch of metal.

I saw the SUV driving off and I saw a piece of paper being thrown out the window. It's amazing how the world seems to change to just a few details. I felt a crushing pain and the world went black.

Jasper POV

I have a meeting at Summit this morning to discuss a new movie they want me to audition for.

I was drinking a cup of coffee and listening to one of my favourite songs Nickelbacks How you remind me. I was stuck in a red traffic light when I saw Bella's A6 two cars in front of me. Great I hoped she was also early for her meeting so we would get a chance to chat.

The light changed to green and I saw Bella move forward. At that moment a black SUV that had been parked at the side of the road drove forward through the red light. It seemed to gain speed so fast. The SUV slammed into Bella's car before driving away at speed. I grabbed my phone and took a photo of the car as it sped away.

The whole accident seemed scarily deliberate.

I parked my car and raced forward to Bella's car while dialling 911.

My heart stopped when I got to the car. All the airbags had deployed but the car was a mess and there was blood everywhere.

People started rushing forwards to help. We managed to get the driver's door open but Bella was trapped in the car by the dashboard. The whole car had been crushed into a ball.

I knew who I had to phone next but my heart broke at the thought. Bella looked really bad.


I had dropped Ethan at school and now I was back home playing the piano. I was working on a new piece for Bella. I loved writing music for her.

My phone rang.

"Hey Jasper."

"Edward. Bella's been in a car accident. I saw the whole thing man and it really doesn't look good. I am so sorry but you need to get her soon. We are at the intersection next to Summit."

I hang up the phone and ran out the door. As I was running I called Emmett and asked him to fetch Ethan from school and bring him to the hospital.

The drive to LA seemed to take forever. Along the way Jasper called me to tell me they had managed to get Bella out of the car and they were taking her to hospital.

In the hospital waiting room all our friends had started to gather. Emmett arrived with Jacob and Ethan. Ethan ran forward and climbed onto my lap.

This whole thing was just bringing back too many memories for all of us.

Nobody said a word we just sat and watched the clock on the wall.

Four hours later a doctor in surgical scrubs walked into the room.

I handed Ethan to Alice and walked towards him. My knees where shaking.

"Mr Cullen I am sorry to inform you that Isabella Cullen passed away on the operating table ten minutes ago. We did everything we could but there was too much damage to her organs including her heart coupled with a large amount of blood loss. I really am so sorry sir."

I just collapsed on the floor as my friends gathered around me crying. I felt Ethan's small arms hanging onto me.

Rosalie dried her tears as best she could and walked out of the room to give a statement to the waiting press. It all just seemed surreal. The world carried on while mine had just ended.

That night Ethan and I stayed with Jasper and Alice. I couldn't face going home just yet. Ethan spent the night clinging to me and crying. I knew I had to be strong for him but I couldn't stop the tears that poured down my face.

In the middle of the night a small voice asked "Please don't ever leave me daddy."

I held him closer.

"I won't leave you my baby and mommy didn't really leave you. A part of her will always be with you. Right now she is in heaven watching over us and making sure we are okay."

The next day the police arrived at the house.

"I am so sorry for you loss sir."

"Thank you officer. How can I help you?"

"Sir we traced the vehicle that crashed into your wife's car. The women a Miss Tracey Leigh appears to have been quite a fan of yours. Well fan maybe isn't the right word she was obsessed. We found a room in her home that was purely a shrine to you. We found this piece of paper at the scene of the accident."

He handed me the paper.

My dearest Edward

I have freed you from this horrible woman. I did all I can for us now it is up to you to find me so that we can spend our lives together. Don't grieve for her she had brainwashed you. I will be waiting for you at the North Pier at 5 tomorrow.

I love you now and always


My hands were shaking as I handed the paper back.

"We have her in custody now sir and she will be charged with first degree murder. She had really planned the whole thing. I really am so sorry sir. We will be on our way now."

"Thank you for telling me."

I just sat on the floor and stared at the retreating figures of the policemen.

My job had caused this. The job I had loved for so long had now brought me a world of pain.

Four days later

I stood and watched as the coffin containing the woman I had loved with all my heart was lowered into the ground.

My heart was breaking but I had a new purpose in life. She had left me a part of her in Ethan and I would do anything and everything for the boy now. He was what held me to this world now that Bella was gone. As the dirt hit the coffin lid I silently promised Bella that I would take care of our son.

The next day I announced my retirement from the acting world. I could no longer be a part of something that had in a way caused all this pain.

Tracey Leigh was charged with first degree murder and was found guilty despite her plea of insanity. She received a sentence of life in prison.

I will spend the rest of my days looking after Ethan and writing music. I will never love another as my heart is already buried with the love of my life.

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