"David," Dad said impatiently. "You do not drop your suitcase on the floor. You place it down, gently. Like this." Dad then demonstrated with an annoyed sigh.

Now David James didn't understand how his dad could ever be so cross. David James was nineteen, and he was usually very enthusiastic about almost anything and he smiled most of the time. Lately, he's had quite a number of mood swings, after those events when he dropped the salad bowl, when he lost his dad's favorite cap, and when he forgot to pass by the general store to purchase some milk. What perfect timing, he thought. As we're all about to go on vacation.

At least Mom was happy. "Hello, family! My goodness, I can't believe we're going to set foot on Yap in about forty-eight hours!" She hugged Dad tightly, and hugged David even more tightly. Chloe James, David's younger sister, followed after Mom with her petite pink roller bag. She smiled vaguely, and gave David one of those I-didn't-even-know-about-Yap-until-Mom-told-us-and-now-we're-going-on-vacation-and-all-of-us-but-Mom-are-not-satisfied-because-we-can't-do-all-the-nothing-we-want-to-do looks.

"Where is Yap, anyway, Mom?" David asked sleepily.

"It's a beautiful island in Micronesia, filled with mangrove forests and spectacular manta rays! I bet you'll love it," Mom answered. David rolled his eyes when Mom wasn't looking.

Chloe looked only a tad less tired than David looked. Her hair wasn't properly parted and straightened, and Chloe was the type of thirteen-year-old girl who wasted precious hours on grooming herself immaculately. Today she was too exhausted to care.

David tried his best not to make eye contact with Mom, because she'll rave even more about Yap, and not to make eye contact with Dad, because he'll probably snap at him for some reason. He glanced at Chloe from time to time, and they communicated through looks.

David played with the keys of his cell phone as he fell deep in thought. Chloe stared into space and Dad just leaned against the wall, almost falling asleep. Mom adjusted her sunhat on her head, propped up her sunglasses and bellowed, "To the cruise ship we shall go!" This startled all of them, even Mom, and they quickly grabbed their suitcases and duffles and headed for the car.

As they fixed all their bags in the trunk, David turned on his iPod Touch and placed his set of headphones on. Chloe turned on her own pink iPod Shuffle, put her earphones inside her ears and slouched in her chair. Mom was so enthusiastic that she could hardly sit still. Dad drove to the area where the cruise ship was docked, and they silently grabbed their bags and advanced toward the benches when they reached the destination.

David quickly fell in his seat, now extremely annoyed. Chloe sat down slowly to the bench next to him, and told him, "This is by far the worst thing that Mom has ever decided for us to do."

David's face softened as he heard that Chloe shared the same feeling with him. He turned to her and replied with, "Oh, no, Chloe. This will be the worst thing that Mom has ever decided for us to do."