Synopsis: A renegade Jedi has a Force vision of a pair of powerful Force-sensitives. This sets in motion events that will see the rise of a new order. An action that will have profound effects on the future of many worlds.


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Authors Note: As always I take canon and play with it to suit my twisted imaginings. To set the stage the events in the prologue take place during OOTP and 3 years before the events of the Clone Wars (about 26 BBY in Star Wars Canon-verse) and about 7 years after the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (33 BBY).

Earth is in uncharted space far from the known regions of space occupied by the Republic…..

Chapter 1 – Prologue

Talia Tal-Shin no longer considered herself a Jedi, nor did she consider herself a grey Jedi or a Sith.

No, she was now an instrument of prophecy. Decades ago she received a gift from the Force. A vision that foretold the rise of a new order of Force users. So she had left her fellow Jedi with their restrictive rules following what she believed to be the will of the Force.

A gifted Jedi, Talia Tal-Shin was also a very competent engineer. Not that this was an area of skill the Jedi Council had recognised or placed value on. Yet it was this understanding of engineering combined with being open to the will of the Force that was the foundation for the knowledge, skills and training that she now sought out.

Even with the Force to guide her, it had taken her years to assemble the knowledge and materials to bring about the situation the prophecy demanded. The Force had needed a place to birth its new order so she had built it. The Force needed certain obscure, dangerous technologies so she had acquired them. Now the Force needed raw materials and she had found them, far beyond even the outer rim, territory the Republic knew nothing of. A smile crossed her beautiful face as she studied the unknown yet foreseen planet below, the birthplace of her chosen ones.


Harry Potter cursed as he ducked into another darkened corridor, this one blocked by a heavy wooden door. His ill-fated plan to save Sirius was fast unravelling, they had been fighting a running battle with Voldemort's servants since the fight in the Prophecy room. Somehow his friends had gradually become separated in the chaos till just a bloodied Luna stood by his side. Working as a pair, they had defeated half a dozen adult wizards. Harry could only hope that others were doing just as well, but he was beginning to realise that without help he, no they were going to lose.

"Harry" whispered Luna as she pointed down the corridor they had just left, the sound of running feet followed by a flash of green light drew a bleak picture of what lay back the way they had come. With a gesture he indicated the door; not waiting for Luna's nod he tried the door, it was locked so he cast the unlocking charm and tried the door again, it was still locked. He was about to blast it with an explosive hex when Luna slammed in to the door with bone crushing force before he could even turn his world exploded.


Lucius Malfoy cursed as he watched Bellatrix blast the Lovegood girl and then Potter into the wall.

Pale-faced and snarling he turned to the smirking witch beside him, "What are you playing at Bella? The master wanted Potter alive and we'll both pay if the prophecy is destroyed."

Bellatrix cackled as she watched Potter's blood begin to pool around him, kneeling she began to search through his pockets. She could hear Lucius muttering behind her, but she ignored it as she searched for the glass prophecy sphere. Not finding it she cursed and searched the dying girl beside Potter, still nothing.

"Damn it," with a wave of her wand she cast one of the few healer spells she knew, the Vitalus Suppress. It wouldn't heal them but would keep them alive long enough to be questioned by the Dark Lord.


In the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic, Lord Voldemort stood glaring furiously at Lucius and Bellatrix as they deposited their captives at his feet.

"I told you I wanted the prophecy and a living Potter," the Dark Lord's voice was quiet, but none of his servants mistook it as anything other than barely controlled fury.

Lucius flicked his eyes toward Bellatrix as the witch knelt before her master, "My Lord Potter still lives. He and his little friends were…troublesome so Bellat…"


As Lucius finished writhing in agony, Voldemort turned to Bellatrix, "Remove the suppressor and guard me as I search his mind."

Voldemort entered the dying mind of the teen and quickly found what he was after. So the prophecy was destroyed as Potter fled the Department of Mysteries. No matter, the fool had been stupid enough to watch it. So he watched the memory of the prophecy and nearly laughed. This piece of dying meat was supposed to defeat him; this boy was Dumbledore's hope? The old man must be insane. With little regard to his watching followers, he threw back his head and laughed.

With a cruel smile at the dying boy, he raised his wand, "Nothing can stop me now Dumbledore."

"I beg to differ," was the unexpected reply.

Whipping around he found a young looking woman standing behind him, close enough to touch. He immediately raised his wand to kill the newcomer and then time stood still. In one fluid movement, the young woman spun left and a strange beam of light appeared in her hand. Before he could react, she continued her spin and struck severing his wand hand before dancing away.

Voldemort looked down at his severed hand, still clutching his wand and made to reach for it just as his emergency portkey activated.


Talia palmed her lightsaber and then dropped her Force bubble and appeared behind the force user, "I beg to differ."

The Force user was absolutely cloaked in the darker side of the Force so she was prepared for an attack and predictably it raised a weapon to her. With her trained reflexes, she spun away from him and ignited her lightsaber. It was a simple task to continue the spin and disarm the darksider.

Almost immediately the surrounding lackeys raised their Force foci and Talia was forced to deflect several Force attacks. Spinning her lightsaber in a defensive pattern to deflect their attacks she barely paused before leaping forward to counter-attack.


Albus Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix apparated in to the ministry atrium and froze in shock at the strange one sided battle before them. A single figure, wielding what looked like a glowing blue sword was engaging a half-dozen Death Eaters. As they watched the figure, a young woman he saw, deflected a spell with a sweep of her glowing sword before decapitating the spell caster and spinning away from a volley of spells.

His interest in the spectacle waned as he spotted Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood slumped motionless in the middle of the floor, "Dear Merlin no."

With a curse, he directed his people in to battle and after deflecting a curse thrown his way as he began moving quickly to where Harry and Luna lay together amidst their pooling blood.


Talia noted the new arrivals, from their auras they were more than likely the local versions of law enforcement. Sensing an attack she blocked and turned back to the two injured humans she had travelled so far to find. Before anyone could interfere, she summoned another Force bubble and quickly levitated them. With her Force manipulation hiding them she calmed turned and headed back to the surface.

A few steps away the white-bearded figure looked around apparently confused by her disappearance. Talia did raise an eyebrow in surprise when he began using something akin to Force perception. She couldn't risk him interfering so she Force pushed him to the other side of the room and quickly continued on her way.


Albus watched as the single cloaked figure moved toward Harry and Luna and then abruptly disappeared. Shocked he quickly cast some detection and Finite spells. Almost immediately his spells detected three magical beings moving toward the exit. Unfortunately, before he could raise his wand, a spell struck him and threw him halfway across the room. Before he could counter it he collided with the last upright Death Eater, knocking both himself and Bellatrix Lestrange unconscious.


Talia working in concert with MK-67, a medical droid quickly place both critically injured teenagers in to Bacta tanks. Then sat and meditated awaiting the droids diagnosis.

MK-67 quickly completed his scans and immediately reported even as it continued its work on its subjects. "Mistress both subjects are suffering from severe trauma. I would calculate a nine percent chance of a full recovery."

Talia nodded having expected this result, "As expected then. MK, please begin the cloning process. Use the Khalodian memory crystal to map out what you can of their memories and thought patterns."

"Of course Mistress, I shall begin the procedures immediately."

On her way out she turned to look for a moment at the two figures suspended in the tanks before turning and walking from the medical bay.


A weary and heartsick Albus Dumbledore stood and addressed the gathered members of the order, "My friends I am afraid that the news is….not good. Last night Harry Potter was tricked in to believing that Sirius was being held in the Hall of Prophecies by the Dark Lord. Being unable to contact Sirius, he decided to rescue his godfather himself. Accompanied by….." as Albus explained the previous night's events many in the room began to feel a sense of dread with Potter gone and likely dead more than ever they were reliant on Professor Dumbledore but at the moment he looked like an old, broken man.


As soon as Talia reached the flight deck of her ship she began the pre-flight checks. Within minutes, she lifted off and set her course for Trallax 3. It was the work of moments to enter the co-ordinates for the first of many hyperspace jumps, each designed to disguise her course. It would also make backtracking her journey to the outer rim somewhere between difficult and impossible. Both her mission and her cargo were far too precious to take any risks, no matter how long the odds against detection.