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Warnings: seriously AU; some bashings of Albus, Molly, Author, Ron, Hermione, Fudge, and Malfoys; sex scenes; slash; het; many OCs
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Harry stared out the window. He hadn't moved from the window seat since Sirius guiltily told him the news. According to Sirius, he was forced into marriage with Draco bloody Malfoy. Both Sirius, and surprisingly Snape, went through the contract, attempting to find a loophole to save him from an unhappy life.

When none was found due to Malfoy being extremely careful, Snape tried to use his friendship with the patriarch of the family. The elder Malfoy didn't bother changing his mind, even going so far as to risk losing his best friend. His son being married to the boy-who-lived would bring honor and prestige back to the Malfoy name, something that was lost thanks to his Death Eater days.

When Harry questioned Sirius about why it was allowed, since Sirius was his legal guardian after his name had finally been cleared, he got a furious look on his face. Harry knew he sounded accusing and he thought Sirius was mad at him, but Sirius quickly assured him that wasn't the case at all. He did something that Harry never thought he'd do, talk negatively about Dumbledore, which was not common place concerning the last two remaining Marauders.

According to his godfather, Dumbledore went to the minister, saying he was dangerous. That might have had some truth to it. Whenever he got angry, he lost control of his magic, causing massive damage to his surroundings. The only way to stabilize magic was to bond with a powerful witch or wizard that can match one's power. It usually wasn't a problem because there weren't many witches or wizards that had so much magic that it's difficult to control.

Instead of waiting for Harry to fall in love with someone who may be too weak magically, Fudge decided the only course of action would be to bond him with someone who was as close to his magical ability as possible, hence pairing Harry with his school nemesis. Harry questioned Snape about refusing the marriage, but the potion master warned him that if he did that, he'd lose his magic and be nothing more than a muggle. Harry wouldn't be able to even live in the magical world, leaving all of his friends and the only family he'd ever loved, Sirius and Remus. He couldn't bear the thought of losing them.

Warm arms surrounded him. Breathing in the familiar and comforting scent, Harry met Remus's sad eyes before burying himself into Remus's arms.

Much of the same continued the following days, except for the fact that he began to secretly converse with Snape without Sirius's and Remus's knowledge. Harry knew Snape meant well, but he made up his mind, despite everything that it would cost him. He just couldn't go through with the farce of a marriage. He'd miss everyone that he'd grown to love in the wizarding world desperately, but he had to follow his heart in order to find happiness.

The big day arrived much too fast for Harry's liking. Harry's robes were neat and prim, and emerald green in color in order to match his eyes. Harry had wanted them black to match his mood instead, but Malfoy had adamantly refused.

It was time. Sirius and Remus gave tight hugs to Harry and the younger boy soaked up their comfort.

Snape stayed behind as Remus left to find his seat and Sirius went to tell everyone that he was just about ready. "Are you sure about this? There will be no taking it back."

"I don't see any other way, unless you believe I should give up my happiness."

Snape pulled him into a hug, pressing his lips to the young savior's forehead. "You may end up not being as alone as you believe you will be."

Harry was about to question Snape's meaning when Sirius came back and told them that it was time.

Sirius was giving him away since he was Harry's legal guardian. Harry wouldn't have had it any other way, except maybe Remus and Sirius giving him away together. Stepping out when the music started, Harry could feel everyone's eyes on them. Harry's eyes locked on Draco's haughty expression before moving to Dumbledore who was performing the ceremony, twinkling blue eyes giving Harry the impression of a raving lunatic. Harry took in the spectators. There was a bunch of ministry officials there for political reasons of course. It was a Potter-Malfoy union after all.

Harry's eyes landed on the Weasleys. Ginny's expression conveyed her apologies. Next, his eyes landed on Fred and George; their looks made Harry think they were planning some mastermind pranks, making Harry almostfeel sorry for the Malfoys. Bill and Charlie were quietly conversing and discreetly glaring and pointing at Malfoy. Harry wasn't sure who Malfoy should fear more: the twins were evil geniuses, but you wouldn't expect Bill and Charlie, which made them just as much or maybe even more dangerous. Looking around, Harry didn't see Percy, which didn't surprise him. What did surprise him was neither Mr. nor Mrs. Weasley, Ron, or Hermione were there. Harry wanted to stew on that information, but there was no time.

They'd reached his doom. Sirius squeezed his hand before going to his seat that was in between Remus and Snape. Malfoy smirked arrogantly as Harry tried to set the blond aflame with his eyes.

Dumbledore began as if it was the most joyous occasion in the world and not something Harry was being forced to partake in. "We are gathered here today to witness the joining bond of two powerful wizards. Draco Malfoy, do you take Harry Potter to be your husband and bond, in the good times and bad, in sickness and health, till death do you part?"

With the customary smirk that always riled Harry up, Draco answered, "I do."

Dumbledore turned to Harry. "Harry Potter, do you take Draco Malfoy to be your husband and bond, in good times and bad, in sickness and health, till death do you part?"

Harry gulped. It was the moment of truth. "No." Gasps echoed around the room.

Dumbledore opened his mouth to continue before he realized what had been said. His eyes flashed and his voice became dangerous. "What did you say?"

"You heard me. I refuse to sell my life and happiness for any reason. I already had my childhood taken away. I won't have my adulthood taken as well."

"You have no choice." Dumbledore's voice was hard.

"I think I do."

"No you don't because if you refuse to marry me, you'll become a pathetic Muggle," Draco said, unwilling to let an opportunity pass where he could voice his thoughts.

Harry smiled terrifyingly. "Exactly, it's my choice. I'd rather be happy as a Muggle instead of miserable as a wizard."

Dumbledore attempted to regain control over the situation. "What would your parents think, my boy?"

Harry's eyes flashed angrily and people were reminded that he was the one who defeated the greatest dark lord. "Don't you dare bring my parents into this. I'm sure that my parents would have wanted me to grow up in the wizarding world instead of with magic-hating Muggles. That didn't happen though, did it?

"You can't guilt me by using them when you have never followed their wishes when it came to my wellbeing in the past. For once, I think my parents would be pleased with the turn of events. No mother or father wants their child to be miserable. I'm sure they'd agree that living as a Muggle for the rest of my life is the lesser of two evils. At least this way, I'll have a chance to find true love." Harry took a deep breath. "I refuse to marry Draco Malfoy!"

A white glow emanated brightly from Harry. It got dimmer and dimmer until it eventually died completely.

Harry knew in his heart what happened, but he had to test it, just to make sure. He grabbed his wand from his pocket and said the incantation, "Accio ring." Nothing… the item didn't even tremble. Harry's eyes didn't show any of his inner turmoil as he turned away from the enraged gaze of Malfoy, who was furious that he didn't get his prize.

Harry jumped into the waiting arms of Remus and Sirius, softly crying as he felt his body weaken with the loss of his magic. The remaining marauders glanced over at Snape who nodded, before the two of them Apparated with their precious bundle.