Part 5: Click Your Heels

It was right before they rounded the building when she emerged from the slight fog that hissed it's way through the city.

A gun in hand, a smirk in her face.

"Hello boys," she grinned and winked at them.

The leader found it a bit humorous.

"Well, well well--tired of running, Miss Summers?" he asked.

"More like tired of being chased, being shot, and being threatened. You can mess with Neo, you can mess with Spike, you can mess with Morpheus, but you cannot mess with the slayer."

One of them cracked their neck and leered at her. "I'm going to enjoy killing you."

"Likewise." she snapped and before they would move her gun was in the air at the same time that her body was looking for cover.

A bullet his the leader's left eye, snapping the sunglasses they perpetually wore.

He growled and stalked up to her, his body dodging the bullets she was firing. Getting tired of her weapon, she grabbed a trash lid next to her and before he could move she brought it smack against his face.

Then flipped quickly and back slapped him, making his snap.

He stumbled back wards but was up in a flash, punching her twice. She was prepared for the next one and easily dodged it, grabbing his arms instead, flipping him on his back.

She straddle him faster than he could respond and with out thinking, pinned his wrist--her body, on it's own began decomposing and entering itself through his gapping mouth. He was wriggling and shaking underneath until she was completely in.

He stood up and quickly looked over the his two companions.

"What the--"

But the line was never finished as his skin started shafting, small particles of lights started to emerge from his pores and he started shaking--he looked at them in horror one last time before no longer was he standing but Buffy, as the lead agent in 100 million pieces.

Buffy's eyes were closed as small green sparkles fluttered from her fingertips and mouth.

"I am the one," she said--though her voice was not her own, it sounded like legions saying it.

The other agents looked at what had become of their leader, then back up to the slayer who had now opened her eyes and were flickering an eerie green color. One last look before they sped the other way and ran for their dear lives.

Buffy smirked.

"Now that was nifty," she said, smiling as she brought her hand to her face and the sparkles reacted.


"Lots of 8's??" Tank asked, a bit confused.

"That's what she said," Morpheus responded and sighed, looking over to were Spike was anxiously waiting Buffy's return.

"Give me some time, I need more specifics than that," he told the man.

"I know... she out there right now taking care of the agents..."

"Are you crazy, man?" Tank asked, a bit flustered.

"I think she did alright for herself," Spike said from behind him. Morpheus turned to look at were Spike was smiling and there was Buffy running down the street, looking up at Spike.

She grabbed on to the fire stairs of the building and started climbing, looking up at Spike, smiling. "Miss me?"

"Too much," he told her, smiling back down at her. Meeting her at the stairs he leaned in.

Without getting off she met him half way, never taking her eyes off him and kissed him on the top of the building.

His hand went around her waist as he pulled her back up, she wrapped her legs around him, giving into the kiss.

When he pulled back she was hanging on to him for dear life but there was a smile plastered on her face. He reached out and tucked a stray hair from her face. "You seem different." He said, then kissed her again. "You taste different." He smirked at her laughing face. "You cut your hair or something', slayer?"

"Nope," she took her head and kissed him once more. "Just got a little energy booster."

He arched his eyebrow suggestively. "Is that so..."

She jumped off him and smacked him across the chest. "Perv."

He leaned in to grab her once more. "You know you love it."

She grabbed his hands and pinned them behind himself. "You are--"

"I hate to break this little moment," Morpheus was looking at them as if they'd grown another head. "But Tank found the frequency."

"Great!" Buffy chirped and pulled Spike in for another kiss. "I'm ready..." she took a deep breath. "We're ready."

She reached for Spike's hand and turned to look at Morpheus who was still a bit weary of the couple. "Right... then, home we go."

"The frequency has been reached--it's ready, Morpheus." Tank's voice was heard in a scratchy tone through the intercom.


It was not about giving up, it was about loosing a fight to a Warren couldn't do that, not for anything was worth. It was his dick-pride that was at stake here and he was not going to loose that, especially in front of Andrew and Jonathan.

"Anything?" Andrew asked once more, like a parasite on his shoulder.

Warren took a deep breath, to calm himself from ripping out every single hair on Andrew's body just to make him suffer. "I will tell you if I find--"

Wake up, the Matrix has you.

All three of them stared at the screen. None said anything.

"Is this... is this some sort of joke?" Warren asked shakily.

Welcome them back, guys.

Andrew jumped back because at that same moment a loud thunder was heard outside, lightening illuminating the clear-sky in the night.

"Oh god, some divine god of the Matrix is punishing us!" Andrew cried, horrified.

Warren smacked the back of his head and glared at him. "Put yourself together. It's some sick joke, that's what it is."

Jonathan was starring out of the window, numb. "Guys..."

Andrew ran after Jonathan and peered out the window, gapping at what he saw. "I vote we go to Mexico." he peeped.


She remembered the feeling at the exact moment she was pulled from Heaven, it was like being put through a washer and dryer process. It suctioned at your ears, nose and lips.

Horrible feeling. The stronger the feeling got the more she held on to the Spike, his arms were around her also and she could also feel him shaking beneath his leather coat.

The thought of dying was actually quite prominent in her thoughts and she wondered if they would fall somehow in the wrong place, in the middle of daylight or on boiling acid...not that she'd ever seen boiling acid in California but she was sure, with her luck that it was a possibility.

When they finished spinning and rinsing, they were lying on the ground. "Buffy?"

She stirred and looked up at him. "Did we fall asleep and dream?"

Spike's brows furrowed. "Could be. Wouldn't doubt it."

She nodded and slowing eased herself off him. They both stood up, looking around the place they'd been the moment before they disappeared.

"I swear, my life is too strange for words. If someone were ever to make a TV show out of me, people would never watch it, no one would believe this shit!"


"Nothing, absolutely nothing." Willow ranted, as she furiously typed in her laptop.

Tara eased herself beside her. "Honey, maybe you should get some sleep."

Willow sighed and looked at her. "What if Buffy.... " she couldn't bring herself to say it. "You know and it was all because I needed to take a nap. I mean, could I live with myself because of that?"

Tara smiled at her, taking her shaking hand. "The only thing I know is that Buffy would be happy if you didn't exhaust yourself. She'd want you to--"

"Sleep. I need sleep."

Both women jumped as the front door was slammed and a yawning Buffy was heard coming in the front of the house.

"Buffy!" Willow cried.

The slayer turned to look at her friends. "Hey, guys!"

"You're ok!" Willow threw herself at her, hugging her so tight Buffy would've guessed she'd suddenly inherited slayer powers.

"How long was I gone?"

Willow pulled back to look at her. "It's been almost a week, a week, Buffy!"

"I was taken, or sucked into this other reality and the... god, it's so complicated."

Willow was seething. "The troika did it, didn't they?"

Buffy shrugged. "I don't know, I just need to sleep. I'm so tired, later--I promise I'll give you the full scoop."

"Spike. Where's Spike, Buffy?" Tara inquired.

To Willow's horror, Buffy's face lit up at the mention of the vampire. "Oh! He's finishing his cigarette. I told him he couldn't smoke inside."

As if on cue Spike walked in the house, hair disheveled, duster dirtier than usual.

"It was a jolly-ride, really. Sign me up for the next show --not!" he glared.

"It wasn't us, it was the troika." Tara explained. "We've been looking for you for the past week."

"Where's Dawn?" Buffy asked suddenly.

"She's fine, we just haven't been able to get her to go to school." Willow explained quickly.

"She's missed school?" Buffy asked horrified.

"What's going on--" Xander and Anya were coming down the stairs.

"Buffy!" Anya cried when she saw the slayer.

The petite blond that Spike had seen a moment ago was enveloped by another larger blonde.

"You're ok! And not dead, this is so beneficial! I had horrid memories of the summer you were dead and how I hardly had any sex during that time and I thought that might continue for years and years to come."

Buffy pried Anya off her and smiled awkwardly. "It's ok, Anya, I'm ok. We were trapped in this other dimension... you know, I'm too tired for this."

She smiled over at Xander who was looking grateful she was ok. "Thank you all for taking care of things while I was gone."

"No problem, Buffster." Xander told her, nodding. "You had the worst end of it, being stuck with bleach-boy."

Buffy realized that Spike was still standing behind her, it was funny how she could forget that since his presence always near her had almost made it a unamity.

She turned to look at him, his eyes were slightly downcast. It broke her heart, she had to do something about this once and for all.

She gently reached down and look hi hand in hers, crossing their fingers together. His head snapped up to meet hers, eyes questioning her movement.

She smiled at him and nodded. She might've been tired but this could not be put off another moment longer.

"Hum... Buffy? One of those out of the ballpark questions... why are you holding Spike's hand?" Xander asked.

"Because I love him." she answered simply, looking back at her friends and beaming at him.

Tara smiled at her and nodded. Willow gapped and alternated between frowning and looking at Tara's smiling face. Anya shrugged. "Congratulations! This is exciting news, we were worried you'd go catatonic over Riley being in town and all but thank goodness you found someone else. It's really for the best."

Xander started laughing. "Oh god, Buffster, that is the funniest joke you've said since... now, I don't think I've ever heard anything as funny."

Spike glared at Xander but Buffy's strong grip held him back.

"It's not a joke, Xander. We've been together for almost nine months now... I just haven't been brave enough to say anything... to anyone... or even to Spike." she looked up at him.

"Didn't mind the wait, pet."

"Oh jeez... " was the last words that were heard from Xander before he fainted.

Anya glared down at him. "Alexander Harris! You're too predictable!"


The End

a/n: I'm sorry this took such a ridiculous amount of time to be updated and finished. My writing was really not with me at all lately because I've been so happy with the show that I found no need to change anything. I'm trying to finish up all of my fictions started and this one was the first who deserved it.