Rosario+Vampire: Bond of Fate

Just as Info, I don't really know the story of the manga; I only watched the anime and read a few fics so I'm sorry if I get a few things wrong. So now uhm… this story takes place after Tsukune turns into a ghoul and he has the holy lock and yea the others are worried about him. So on with the story

Chapter 1: Wandering in darkness

It was a day just like any other for Tsukune; he had just awoken from his sleep and got dressed when he remembered what had recently occurred.


Tsukune awoke in a hospital bed restrained to the point where he couldn't move away from the bed.

He tried to remember how he got into this awkward position, but to no avail. Suddenly he felt like being watched and Tsukune looked around. There right next to him was the Chairman and he watched outside, simply gazing into the distance. Tsukune wanted to ask him why he was lying in the hospital, restrained and suddenly he noticed that, he had his blood pumped out of him by some needle by his neck.

"Before you ask anything let me tell you that you should brace yourself for the truth, for I don't know if you are strong enough to take it.", the chairman said calmly as ever before Tsukune could as much as open his mouth to speak.

Finally finding his voice again he asked: "Sir what happened and why am I being restrained?"

"Surely you can still remember the fight you and Miss Akashiya were involved?" Tsukune nodded slowly and waited for him to continue.

"You see your injuries caused Miss Akashiya to inject you with some of her blood once again. Surely that wouldn't be a problem as you are alive and breathing. But it came at a high price. You sure you are ready for this boy?"

"Even if I'm not, I'd rather know it sooner than later, Sir."

"An honorable way to think about this situation, but alas you don't know the situation you are in, you have no other choice do you." He said with a slight he continued: „You see I think this time was one time too much boy."

Tsukune didn't quite get it so he asked" What do you mean sir?"

"Well her blood caused your body to transform, but as for the fact that you were human, you became a ghoul. I guess I am right when I say that you do not know what a ghoul is?" he said with a knowing, almost mocking grin. Tsukune shook his head.

"You see a ghoul is like an animal, a wild bloodthirsty animal wrapped in a human hide, but that would be an insult to both the humans and the ghouls. A ghoul is set on killing and drinking blood. As Miss Akashiya was the one to transform you, it was natural that you would crave her blood, and be happy that it is her blood only."

"So you mean I… I…" Tsukune tried to say that he killed her but he couldn't. He trembled in fear of his own actions.

He was afraid of hearing what he would say, but to his relief the Chairman said: "Relax, boy, she's fine. Though I have to admit you gave a few nasty injuries to your friend's collection. Don't worry they are long healed, at least most of the injuries, but to the important thing. You attacked Moka for her blood and we ended up putting the holy lock onto your right wrist. We had to keep you restrained because we didn't know whether the lock really restrained your ghoul nature or whether it simply took a little nap."

Then Tsukune saw the lock at his right wrist and he suddenly felt awful as he realized that all that the Chairman said was true. After a few things like that he may eventually have a little craving towards Moka and that he would temporarily lack some of his memory because the holy lock wasn't designed for Tsukune, the Chairman left.

Shortly after, his friends visited him. He didn't feel as he used to. He distanced himself from them and closed himself up. Although he did pretty well, Moka noticed his distanced behavior and she told him to stop it. She told him how it wasn't his fault and how she would never hold a grudge against him for what she did. All in all it was quite painful to see how all his friends seemed to want to get closer to him, knowing that he could go nuts again, at any time. After some time he left the hospital, knowing that the ghoul wouldn't come out for quite some time.

Flashback end

It was one week after he left the hospital and he distanced himself further. He would change his route to school every day, he would simply vanish after lessons, he didn't appear to club activities and he wouldn't talk to any of his friends anymore. Tsukune seemed like he wasn't there, never to be seen, never to be noticed. His friends were worried, and one person particular. Moka. She blamed herself for Tsukunes situation and she was kind of frustrated, because every time she tried to talk to him he simply turned into thin air and was gone. It was one week and she couldn't take it anymore. She became so accustomed to his presence that once he was gone she felt like she was all alone again. Maybe it was because he was her first real friend, maybe because she missed his scent. Although he was gone he always somehow left her a warm packet of his blood at the place where they would usually meet to go to school together. It still tasted way better than the other blood packets but it just seemed so lifeless, so cold, so dead to her. Eventually she remembered the times they spent together and she soon started to cry. Her life was awful without him. It pained her to see him evade her. She once saw him turn a corner and as soon as she got there, he once again vanished. She even cried at night, and even though she has already cried before, there always seemed to be Tsukune there to comfort her. But now, he was nowhere to be seen, she just wanted to find him and hear his voice again, hug him and simply spend some time with him. She soon realized that she had fallen for him, and in time of desperate need he wasn't there. Today was no different. She longingly searched the whole school for him but never found him. The only time she seemed to see him was in class.

Suddenly she heard her inner self saying to her "Let me out and I'll find him for you. We'll have a nice little chat." Moka could feel her inner self grinning evilly.

Then she told her inner self" I can't, I don't want you to hurt him. I don't want to cause him pain" she said on the verge of tears again.

"Don't worry I won't hurt him. Although I might put a collar on him and take him on a line." replied her inner self.

"Just don't hurt him. I…"

"I know you love him, that's why I won't harm him." Outer Moka always wondered how her Inner self felt about Tsukune. She doubted that she only saw him as a snack bar. But what her feelings were she couldn't tell, for her inner self always locked her feelings deep within herself where not even she, her outer self could tell. Inner Moka knew what her outer self was thinking and she knew the answer to it. Truth be told, she already loved him before her Outer self realized she loved him. It hurt her. First it was because she thought that Tsukune only loved her outer self, but after some time she realized although he had more respect for her, he felt the same about her and her outer self. But now, it hurt her that she turned him into a ghoul and she eventually had to kill him. She would be glad if he would kill her, so that she wouldn't have to bear living without him. It hurt her that now all hopes were crushed and they could never be together. A ghoul had to be killed on sight, before it kills everything in its way. After some time her outer self forced herself to release her inner self from the Rosario, and fell to sleep. With her Inner self out she went out looking for him. His scent was still there. Faint but there. She wanted to tackle him down after class.

Time skip: shortly before end of period.

She knew that it was almost time. She tried to concentrate on her objective and ignore all the looks she got from the class, because of her appearance. She counted…3…2…1… The bell rang and before she could lose Tsukune again she tackled him against the wall outside of the classroom. When she looked into his face sadness overcame her. He looked normal, but in his eyes she could see him closing himself off.

"Tsukune what is the meaning of this?" she asked. He simply looked at her with a confused look. "Why are you avoiding us? Why are you avoiding ME!" she screamed as she pushed him against the wall again.

He looked down. "Why you ask? How can you stand in my presence knowing fully well that I might go nuts and kill you all? How can I stand in your presence knowing that I could hurt you being unable to do anything against it?" He asked his voice trembling lightly.

She felt sad yet angry at his answer. "You idiot! What do you think you achieve by distancing yourself from us? How can you be so selfish, not even once thinking about our feelings? How?" She was nearly crying now, finally realizing that she loved him too much to not have him by her side.

He simply said "Selfish I may be, but I've thought more than enough about your feelings. I distanced myself so I wouldn't hurt you, how can I forgive myself if I ever hurt you. How can you take that risk so lightly knowing fully well that I might be the one who brings about your death?" She was crying by now, unusual for her, for her outer self its normal but for her, the proud vampire to be crying it sounded ridiculous, but here she was crying, tears flowing down her face.

"You are going to be by my side from tomorrow on or you'll wish you have never lived."

"Better you kill me than I hurt you."

"Say that one more time and I swear I will put you on the line and drag you around with me" she hissed and went crying to her room. Before anyone could look back Tsukune was gone, again.

Moka was in her room, lying on her bed, without her Rosario on and was thinking. She tried to figure out how it came to pass that she fell in love with Tsukune. Maybe it was because of his tasty blood? No, that was a bonus but no, that was not it. Maybe because he was the first friend she ever had? Nah, even then he could just be a best friend forever. Maybe because he was a human and didn't fear her? Nope, he never feared anybody, always caring and cheerful towards others. Maybe because he always risked his life, once even dying for her safety? That could be it, but still, no. She just thought that she loved everything about him, his scent, his blood, his nature, just everything. And jet, he didn't understand her at all. Or maybe he understands her better than herself and he is thinking ahead and that's why he distances himself form her. But that just sounded ridiculous to her. How can he leave her like that? And then, once again, she felt tears forming in her eyes. She just didn't want to live like that, she would prefer spending the last moments of her life with him, and then letting go, although it was him who took her life, she would forgive him. But just please, don't let him go into the dark. She didn't want him to go there. She didn't want him to leave her, for she was afraid of darkness. Before she never knew anything else, but now that her eyes have been opened, she never wanted to go there again.