Rosario+ Vampire: Bond of Fate

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Last time:

Off in the distance one could see the shockwave of an incredibly strong blast. Inside of the mansion the women stopped within their activities of preparing the bride and looked out of the window.

"They sure know how to go at it." Akasha said.

"I just hope they're alright." Moka replied almost instantly worrying about Tsukune.

"Don't they dare look all dirty and messy when they show up to the wedding or I'll make sure they'll spend a month in the bathroom." Kasumi said an annoyed tick appearing on her forehead.

"Men." Akasha said rolling her eyes.

"Please be alright Tsukune." Moka said wishing that Tsukune hadn't blocked their mental link for the day.

Chapter 26: Of Lipstick and Killer Pants

Smoke cleared as dust, debris, and chunks of Mother Nature lay around in a huge crater. Groaning was heard, as the three men that were previously occupying the field seemingly vanished. Youki was scattered around the crater, burning flames in the destruction as the leftovers started to build shapes of ghosts. As one of the spirits picked up its nearby floating head and reattached it onto its neck, it started to speak:

"Aw man, Master Shuzen you sure know how to go at it. It seems like it was just yesterday, maybe a decade or two back in time that we had to revive the earth that you just had to bomb away against that little boy asking for your daughters hand… man I swear haven't been woken up like that in ages."

Suddenly another spirit appeared next to the first, putting his arm around the others neck he said:

" I know what you mean brother, but well, it's not like we got anything else to do right?"

"What about the club with those hot girls that just opened up?"

The first one said, seemingly winking at the second.

"Hell yeah… lets finish up fast and maybe we can even go and have fun this century!"

The other one said and spiritual shovels appeared in their hands. Going over to a little patch of dirt, they took their shovels and started poking it as all of the sudden a hand shot out of it.

"Stop it scum or I shall make you!"

The voice of Issa Shuzen rang through the air.

"Master Shuzen, how nice to see you." The spirits greeted sweetly, mocking the poor Count.

Somewhere else. The other two got up, dusting themselves off and trying to look as presentable as possible.

"Father, what are those things?" Tsukune asked his father, as the two of them stood next to each other watching how Issa cleaned himself up, as the spirits swirled around his head.

"Those, my son are spirits, Youki spirits made out of the leftover Youki that was excessed after the explosion. At a certain degree your Youki is able to form its own mind. If you release enough Youki at a concentrated space without destabilizing it, a spirit is formed which is capable of most things we can do."

Keisuke explained his son, smirking as he relished in a flash back.

"Master Tsukune, long time no see, you're looking good." The spirits rushed over as soon as they noticed the two of them.

"Greetings, I'm sorry to say this but I cannot recall having met you two before."

The spirits laughed as they explained:
"Of course you don't remember. When you asked for Mistress Moka's hand when you were little we were released after the attack. We were the ones who rebuilt the crater, so we are basically the caretakers of this estate. We don't have names so you may just call us caretakers."

"It's an honor to meet you caretakers. I am Prince Tsukune Aono, son of Keisuke and Kasumi Aono, heir of the throne of Vampires and fiancé of Princess Moka Akashia, daughter of Issa Shuzen and Akasha Bloodriver, descendant of a Dark Lord." He said and bowed.

The spirits bowed as well and said,

"The honor is ours Master Tsukune, if you allow us, we would like to begin tending to the crater."

Tsukune gave a dismissal nod and they were off, not before saying "Yo Master Keisuke!" with a nice wave.

"Funny little guys, it's fun spending time with them, just don't take them too serious." Tsukune's father said as he made way to go back to the estate.

With one last glance the other two followed as suddenly Tsukune suddenly asked:

"Anyone knows how long we've been out?"

"Dunno, the sun is almost set so I guess it's been a bit."

"Wasn't the wedding supposed to be starting at moonrise?"

Struck by horror the three look at each other before practically yelling:

"It's gonna start any moment, they are gonna kill us!"

"Ok, we got two hours' time at max so I would say let's hurry up?"

"You say it son, your mom's gonna wipe the floor with my ass if we arrive dirty."

"Mine is gonna rip me a new one if we're late!" Issa yelled as they sprinted towards the estate.

"If I arrive late my going to be wife is going to rape me!" Tsukune argued.

The two older men sweat dropped and looked at him funny as they continued running.

"That doesn't sound that bad… it'd be a change for once."

"Besides getting someone with the looks like Moka raping you, it couldn't get better could it?"

"Watch what you say about my daughter!"

"She's going to be my daughter in law soon anyways."

"That's not what I meant."

"Once you've experienced the pleasures of the flesh you'll change your mind."
"If she rapes me we're going to be at it the whole night. That means mum and Akasha won't get any sleep. Now I think the two of you know perfectly well how they behave when they didn't sleep well right?"

Tsukune smirked. Color drained from their faces as they ran even faster yelling:

"Run boy RUN! Our lives are in your hands, our whole existence is at stake. For the love of everything that is holy you may absolutely not, and I repeat, NOT GET RAPED!"

"You know what son, actually this time I gotta agree with him. For the love of your father run like you never have run before, RUN!"

Back in the mansion:

The women were busy getting Moka ready and telling stories of their own.

"You know Moka sweetie, when I and Keisuke married we had quite the hard time. Just like the two of you we had to wait until we were allowed to consummate our love… we didn't make it. It was a wonderful night." Kasumi said, a happy sigh leaving her.

"It was a terrible night. " Akasha replied, fumbling with a strand of Moka's hair that just wouldn't stay in place.

"Just because you're jealous?" Kasumi answered smugly.

"How would you feel if you just returned from Dark Lord's business because a certain someone refused to accept the title and instead chose to dump the burden onto your best friend and personal guardian?" came the reply.

"There you have it. You are my personal guardian and by taking the title of Dark Lord you guard me from the burden and responsibility of that task."

"I am a guardian meaning a shield against physical harm, not a slave that does as you wish." Akasha replied mockingly.

"As your queen you'd have to anyways. Now didn't you want to tell little Moka-chan what made the oh so wonderful night such a terrible night for you?" Kasumi asked, looking between the set of hairpins unable to choose.

"Indeed I do. Now, on that wonderful night Kasumi and Keisuke being freshly married were on an emotional high and the need for physical contact was immense. Even though they too promised to wait until they would bond, it was a mere play of words."

"If you please Akasha." Kasumi reminded her friend.

"Of course your highness. Throughout the WHOLE night and until the rise of the sun they were at it like rabbits. It was so loud that your father refused to sleep in the manor, so he decided to take his leave. He only returned the next day."

Kasumi chuckled and added: "He was just jealous that the two of you were not allowed to consummate your love."

A slight tick appeared on Akasha's head as she continued her tale of the pleasure of flesh, rattling, moans, groans and screams disturbing the night… unwelcome, for once.

"Anyways, I too would have loved to follow my mate, away from this haunted place… but I couldn't. Kasumi right there, pleaded and begged me to stay for the night because she wanted to tell me from her newfound experiences as soon as she woke up. Being the queen and my best friend, I had little choice on that matter. Unfortunately she did not bother to ask Issa to stay so he had the privilege to leave as he pleased."

"Come on, you're just jealous that you two had to wait until you were allowed to have a go."

"It was a law that we were to wait until our next King has chosen his Queen. Even then the King should have waited until the time has come."

"It worked out alright didn't it?"

"You don't even know what a mess it was when the two of you ignored the rule. It took me ages to get everything back in order and I'm not doing that again."

"I know that. That's why we will have Moka-chan and Tsukune wait until they are allowed to." Kasumi grinned evilly.

Moka pouted as she heard that they were allowed to mate as soon as they were married and she was not. Kasumi chuckled silently at Moka's expression as Akasha smiled and finally finished up her daughter's hair.

Meanwhile with the men:

The three men sprinted through the mansion eager to get dressed before they were going to get raped… or worse.

Flinging the door open they tried to rush into the bath. Unfortunately they were a bit too rushed so that they got stuck in the doorframe… how unfortunate indeed. All of the sudden getting very polite the three men straightened up, puffed out their chests and held their noses high. Standing in line Keisuke said:

"After you Issa." A bow and a wave of his hand encouraging this motion.

"Thank you Keisuke." Issa replied, nodding towards his friend and entering the bathroom.

"Son, if you please." Keisuke again politely asked.

Tsukune fulfilling his role as the son answered:

"After you father." And held open the door for his father.

Nodding Keisuke too entered the bathroom, head held high, an air of royalty emitting from his person. Tsukune then followed his father inside as once again the three men stood next to each other staring at the bath. As if struck by lightning they darted for the bathtub, running as if this were a race. With a high jump they emerged into the cool embrace of the bathing water… well all but one.

"Dad, that's the wrong bathtub!" Tsukune screamed after his dad as he heard a yelp of pain followed by his father jumping out of the tub.

Issa stopped his high speed wash and laughed at his friend.

"Again you fall into the wrong bathtub. For years now we you have installed this tub, claiming to put it into use as soon as you found the time to. Each and every time I reminded you, you said to do it later and each and every time we come to bath you fall. Do I have to say more or is it enough?"

"Enough already, I got it. I will get this tub connected later."

"Like always. You're gonna forget it anyways."

"If I were the two of you I'd hurry. I'm already done and will be off getting changed now." Tsukune said and dashed for the dressing room, once again nude for the world to see. He seemed to have a liking for being free for the world to see, something that Moka is surely going to like.

As Keisuke and Issa tried their best to get ready before they were going to get killed, Tsukune all but jumped into his wedding suit praying that he would look presentable.

Kasumi finally decided on the "perfect" hairpin and carefully attached it into Moka's hair.

Keisuke and Issa fought their ways into their suits, chasing after shoes that sought to flee, wrestling shirts that tried to suffocate them as they tried to overwhelm the kicking pants and tackle the floating jackets that topped off their appearance.

Akasha put a barely visible pink lipstick onto Moka's lips, giving them an irresistible look.

Tsukune fumbled with the buttons of his shirt as his fingers fumbled with themselves, taking ages to button up even one.

Moka licked her lips, parting them slightly as she took in her appearance.

Keisuke ran from his belt as it continuously tried to spank him while Issa tried to tackle it onto the floor.

Tsukune tried to comb his hair as his hair seemed to bark at the hair bender, scaring the wits out of it even before it came close.

Long silky white gloves were put on slender, long hands as her mother threatened to overflow with emotion.

A spike of Youki and resistance gave way and the hair finally lay in place.

The bow ties whipped around their heads, shooting through the whole room, destroying mirrors and other treasures in its path.

Taking a good look at her appearance in the mirror, Moka smiled at her Mother and Kasumi. The two mothers had tears on the edge of their eyes, gentle fingers wiping them away as genuine smiles caressed their faces.

Running for his life Tsukune dashed towards the ceremony hall.

Having arrived in the hall where the fateful act will take place, Moka stands alone at the altar as Kasumi stood on her left and Akasha on her right.

Following the blur of his son, Keisuke and Issa appeared behind Tsukune, the trio once again reunited.

Feeling his presence Moka turns towards the door as a beautiful smile came across her face before the door has even moved.

Finally there, Tsukune pushed the door open the males' right behind him. Glancing inside his eyes widened mouth falling agape.

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