A/N: It's been a while since I wrote anything steadily, but I couldn't let this idea go. This will be a multi-chapter AU Wicked/Glee crossover. Sounds ridiculous? Maybe, maybe not. Gelphie. Treat this as a prelude.

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Chapter One: A Whole New World

"Are you going to kill us?" Elphaba asked defiantly, her hands wound around Glinda's waist and her voice shaking slightly.

The Wizard gave a short chuckle. "Kill you? With all that talent running through your veins? I wouldn't dream of it, my dear."

The room was dimly lit and cold though the sun shone outside of the palace walls. It was the middle of the day and yet it felt like deep black night in the Wizard's lair. Elphaba scanned the large, drafty room for exits, knowing even then that they would all be guarded heavily by some of the Wizard's officers in their bright green uniforms. She could feel Glinda shivering against her body- whether from fear or cold it was uncertain. The sensation would have been pleasurable (Elphaba felt a slight warmth in her chest, despite everything) had the circumstances not been so dire.

"If you don't plan on killing us, but you refuse to let us go, then what do you intend on doing with us? We can't stay here forever."

The Wizard clapped his red, chubby hands together in seeming delight and rose from the chair he'd been resting in. "Quite right, Miss Elphaba! Madame Morrible was right to say that you were the brightest she'd ever seen. As it happens, I have a, ah, task for you and Miss Glinda to complete. One that could make good use of your particular talents."

Glinda extracted herself slightly from Elphaba's grip and folded her arms. "A task?" she said suspiciously. "What sort of thing would you need done that couldn't be done a hundred times better by one of your guards?" She said the last word like an insult, the sting of being grabbed roughly by the Wizard's men still fresh in her mind.

"You're smart too, it seems, Miss Glinda!" The Wizard smiled warmly. "Now, girls, I'm afraid I won't be able to tell you exactly why I need you to complete this task, but I'm certain you'll do it all the same."

"And why should we?" Glinda snapped, standing fully apart from Elphaba with her chin slightly raised. "You're a bully and a liar. Why would we do anything for you?"

Elphaba grabbed her by the arm and whispered in her ear. "Be careful!"

The Wizard's eyes turned a cold blue and his smile disappeared. "You'll do as I tell you or I'll be forced to reconsider Miss Elphaba's first option. People are either useful to me or dead. It's completely up to you to decide, Miss Glinda."

"What is it that you need?" Elphaba asked in a clipped tone, her arms once again around Glinda's waist. "Tell us so that we can leave as soon as possible."

The Wizard lifted his hat off of the small table he had been sitting next to and placed it smartly atop his balding head. "I'm afraid I can't stay much longer- I've things to do that you couldn't even fathom, Miss Elphaba. One of my guards will lead you up to your room, however, and the information will be there for you in an envelope . I want you gone by the morning, do you understand?"

Elphaba squeezed Glinda's hand cautiously as the blonde opened her mouth to argue. "Yes." She said quickly.

"Good." He smiled again, turning to depart the room. "Oh, and Miss Elphaba?" He paused on the threshold, one hand secured tightly around the thick brass doorknob. "Don't fail me."

With these words he was gone, and Elphaba and Glinda were left alone with the cold of the air and the weight of an unknown challenge atop their adolescent shoulders.

Elphaba held the envelope up to the light with slim green fingers. "It doesn't seem very thick." She said doubtfully, an eyebrow raised.

"Do you think we should open it?" Glinda whispered, her face flushed slightly from the excitement of the day.

Elphaba shrugged. "We'll have to, won't we? I doubt he'd actually kill us if we didn't do as he asked, but I wouldn't put it above the swine to throw us in jail for a few decades."

"Elphie..." Glinda sat on the bed they'd been given, her feet tucked underneath her against the pure silk of the sheets. "I'm scared."

Elphaba sighed and hugged the blonde again. It seemed as though they'd travelled a lifetime since leaving Shiz that stormy, drunken night, and between the rickety train rides and brutality at the hands of the Palace guards, the two had clung together more than stayed apart. Elphaba refused to let herself stop and consider the implications of this closeness, and instead focused on the fresh tears that streamed down Glinda's cheeks.

"I'm sorry that you have to be involved in all of this, my sweet. I had hoped that this trip would be my burden to bear... I was foolish in bringing you along."

"No, not foolish," she said simply, taking the envelope out of Elphaba's hands. "You were right. I may be scared, but I'd so much rather be scared here, with you, than worried sick and immobile at Shiz." She gave a watery smile which was returned by Elphaba. "Now, let's see what the Wizard has in store."