Dear Lovely Readers,

After much thought I have decided NOT to keep promising a BPOV for My Galway Girl-and have marked this story as completed. I hate to tell you that but after thinking about it; I really can't promise you something that I can't see that I will have any time for in the near or distant future.

In saying that…I will give you some insight as to what was rolling around in my little brain. For those of you who wanted to know Bella's secret :)

Bella is the daughter of Charlie Swan, Mr. Big Bank himself. Edward had/has NO idea she is his daughter…the daughter of a rich, well known banker/business mogul (who ironically enough, is who Edward and his loaded family bank with). As much as she wants to make her father proud, she wasn't so sure she was ready for what he (Charlie) had in mind for her future; which is why she can be so distant in the previous chapter. She figures detachment means protecting her heart…with her future in her father's business AND with Edward.

When she sees Edward's plane ticket to Washington State, Bella figures that –although they will both eventually be in the United States- it is still far from Chicago. She's not sure how he feels for her, beyond great sex. (Reminder: Edward was only going to Washington to visit old college buddies. He didn't live there.)

When Edward went to Bella's home one last time to find her, she'd moved. Charlie was renting the property to new tenants and Bella needed to be out. Bella moved in with her parents for the last three weeks of their time in Ireland. The Swan family was moving to the US (Chicago specifically). She eventually stops resisting who she is and moves to the US to work with her father to eventually take over.

The reason she kept these things from Edward? Anyone remember how Edward inwardly commented on how so many people would approach Bella, either on the street or while they were together at dinner? Yep. She's used to that. People know who she is…who her father is…and most of the time they want a piece of the pie; which happened frequently in her past relationships. She figured that she would see where her time with Edward would lead, without him knowing she was the Princess to her father's heir, so to speak.

Bella was upset with Edward about keeping things from her…but more upset with herself for keeping things from him. She decided to let fate be her guide and left Edward with the note and her heart. Fate didn't let her down. They both ended up in Chicago. Together.

I never intended to extend the ending…only give you some insight into Bella's POV. I hope that helps some of you. Again, I'm sorry if you wanted a full blown chapter but I just don't have it in me. I'm working on getting The Life and Death of Isabella Swan back on track and MandyLeigh and I are working on a collab that won't be posted until it's finished. PLUS life has gotten much busier that it used to be.

If you have questions, PM me and I'll do my best. I love all you!