"Hi there Ulrich Sweetheart," Sissi said to Ulrich; she had on a huge grin and batted her eyelashes suggestively. Ulrich gave her a blank stare in return. He could see Yumi waiting for him out of the corner of his eye.

"Sissi, go fly a kite," Ulrich responded as he pushed his way past Sissi. Sissi narrowed her eyes and stared at Ulrich as he walked away. "What does he see in that Japanese loser?" She whispered to herself.

"What I'm still trying to figure out is why Yumi is falling for him." It was William. "I mean they're polar opposites, even though they're north and south they don't attract… Or at least they shouldn't."

"Ugh I know; all I want is for Ulrich to go out with me." Sissi explained as she and William watched Ulrich and Yumi walk away.

"That's all you want? You don't think you and Ulrich are meant for each other? I know Yumi and I are made for each other, you know you may not know that person your entire life but they day you meet you just know there's more." William explained as he smiled at the thought of Yumi, but then he frowned. "And of course there has to be an intervening obstacle… Ulrich."

"I've known Ulrich since elementary school and that's all I want is to go out with him." Sissi explained. "Well I have to go to cheerleading practice." William smiled at the thought of a brain-dead cheerleader and he also went on his way,

"Man Sissi is so annoying; I wish she would get off my back." Ulrich explained as he and Yumi walked to his dorm. When they reached Ulrich's dorm Yumi stopped him. She grabbed his hand and he turned to face her.

"Ulrich," Yumi said quietly.

"Yeah," he replied. He had one hand on the doorknob.

"When are we going to tell the team about you know… us?" Yumi asked as she brushed a piece of hair out of her eyes. Ulrich stopped; he didn't know there was an us.

"Yumi," Ulrich began, but Yumi cut him off.

"I'm sorry Ulrich, I shouldn't have said that." Yumi said as she avoided eye contact with Ulrich. "I need to get going anyways." She explained as she walked away. Ulrich stood there speechless. When Yumi was out of site he leaned against the door and whispered to himself. "I want there to be an us too."