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Knowing the Family

"Oi aniki, its time for breakfast. Come- What the hell are you doing?" Yuuta entered his brother's room greeted by a -almost- turned bed with a very crumpled bed sheet, scattered clothes, books, papers and even some photographs.

While his oh so loveable brother Syuuske was sprawled on the floor in front of a humungous traveller's bag. He looked up to his younger brother with a smile.

'Am I really the younger one between us two?' Yuuta asked himself seeing that his brother was so cute with a pink and cream stripped bonnet on his head.

"Hi Yuuta, well as you can see I'm trying to fit my clothes in this tiny bag". Syuuske sighed seeing as this is a big problem for him because he still wasn't able to pack his (normal) photo albums, (pranks) photo albums, camera, and tennis equipments. He pouted like a child and glared his closed eyes on the bag as if that would help make it more space for his things.

'Tiny my ass! That's even bigger than half of our car already! And I'm even talking about our SUV! ' Yuuta looked incredulously at his brother.

Feeling that someone was looking at him, Syuuske averted his eyes from the bag and looked up at his brother tilting his head to the side while smiling sweetly.

"Tiny my ASS! That's even bigger than half of our SUV!" There Yuuta said it.

"Really?" Syuuske turned to look back at the bag and trying to process what his brother just said.

'Well, it is big but not big enough for all my stuff to fit in, and I therefore conclude that it is still tiny!' Syuuske smiled towards the bag happy with his justification.

Yuuta seeing this, lifted his hand in the air in a surrender pose. He sighed while thinking 'I guess he just came out early! Seeing his brattish attitude from time to time maybe he was able to charm his way into being born first' He sighed even harder.

Just hearing his brother sighed, Syuuske know that he won the short argument with his cute *otou-otou*. That thought made his smile wider. He turned to look at this brother with his sweet smile and closed eyes while saying "Yuuta do you think you can help your aniki in putting his clothes in the bag? Since your bigger in me in stature" Syuuske spoke the latter part with a soft tone and a bit of bitterness while *of course*pouting a little.

Yuuta raised his eyebrows towards his brother who just turned his back against him. 'Was that discontent and bitternes?' He sighed again. He usually can't count how many times he sighed whenever he is with his brother.

"Fine but I'll help you later after we eat" He looked up at his brother and smiled a little. This small gesture made Syuuske smile brighter and launch himself to his brother. He hugged his otou-otou and rubbed their cheek together and gave a small noogie.

"BAKA aniki!" Yuuta pulled himself away from his brother forcefully. He immediately tried to fix his hair. Although he stopped in his task to look up at his brother because the chuckle that he expected to follow never came.

As he looked up he saw his brother pouting like there was no tomorrow.

"wha-WHAT's your problem? I'm the one who got a noogie!" Yuuta was a bit worried but since he does not know how to express it he just screamed.

"Hey Yuuta" Syuuske started solemnly.

"Wha-What?" Yuuta came closer to his brother to look at his face.

Syuuske looked up with watery eyes and said "When did you actually became taller than me? I was just joking with you having a bigger stature!" Syuuske bowed his head and covered his face with his hands.

From Yuuta's point of view Syuuske looked like a crying little child.

"Aa-aniki... don't ughh..ahh" Yuuta was speechless he doesn't know what to do to his crying little ugh no big brother.

"A-aniki..." he tried again but before he even finished his sentence he heard his brother chuckling.

"Awwhh you were worried weren't you? Come and give your big brother a hug!" Syuuske grinned and extended his arms welcoming his brother into a hug.

But Yuuta would not go with his brother's whims, and thus he screamed his lungs out "BAKA ANIKI!" while blushing to the roots of his hair. He immediately stormed out of the room and slammed the door.

"I'll still be expecting you to help me with my luggage okay?" Syuuske shouted after his brother. He chuckled and whispered to himself while pouting cutely "But seriously, when did you grow bigger than me?"


While the Fuji brothers were having a love quarrel as what Syuuske keeps quoting it, a certain red head was panicking like crazy.

"NYA! Fujiko's not here yet! What could have happen to him? NYA! What if he's in trouble, what if he got run over a truck? What if.. What if.." Eiji was like a bouncing leech. He keeps bouncing while attaching himself to anyone near and shouting his far-fetched assumption to his victims' ears.

Oishi just sighed and the kouhais just tried to out run Eiji and covered their ears if they were caught by their hyper active senior.

"Eiji-senpai, I think of all the time we have known Fuji-senpai, it is safe to assume that he is fine." Momoshiro said grinning while watching Echizen being smothered and choked to death by their bouncy senpai.

"Let... go ughf- of .. me Kikumaru-senpai! Can't breath!" Echizen is struggling to loosen Eiji's hold on his neck.

"Eiji I think it would be best if you don't kill Echizen." Oishi approached the pair and tried to placate his overly emotional doubles partner.

Eiji immediately let go of his favourite 'ochibi' and attached himself (more like dangled himself) on the mother hen.

"Oishi! This never happened before! Fuji always called! He never once absent himself without calling me!" Eiji was staring at his doubles partner with moist eyes.

Oishi being the mother hen immediately got influenced on Eiji's direction of thinking. "You're right! What if Fuji is in some kind of trouble! What if he is left on some dark alley bleeding his guts out and asking for some help! We have to do something".

Eiji by this time let go of Oishi and watch him go on and on with every possibility that comes onto his head. Everyone had a sweat drop at seeing their mother hen babble on and on.

'And I thought I was a nervous wreck nya~' Kikumari thought to himself while looking at the panicking fuku-buchou. Oishi was running around and shaking anyone who is close to him (the difference between him and Eiji).

"Oishi calm down" a booming voice interrupted Oishi shaking-spree while everyone froze.

"But Tezuka we have to look for Fuji! He might be in real trouble, Eiji said that there was no notification or whatsoever from Fuji" Oishi was still looking a bit frantic.

It was Inui who answered Oishi this time. "There is a 97% chance that he is fine".

"That's right Oishi-senpai, knowing Fuji-senpai he will scare his attackers more than he being scared of them." Echizen winced while nursing his aching neck. Unfortunately for him, Momoshiro chose this exact moment to dangle on him and irritate him further.

"Echizen's right Oishi senpai, Fuji-senpai can take care of himself." He winked at Oishi as he gave Echizen a noogie who was shouting "Let go of me Momo-senpai!".

"I guess you're right then" Oishi was starting to calm down when Eiji asked.

"Inui you said 97%, what is the remaining 3% then?" Innocent blue eyes looked at Inui.

"Well.." Inui's glasses glinted as he continued. "The remaining 3% is that Fuji decided to go to St. Rudolf and have fun with Mizuki". Everyone shuddered at this.


"Syuuske are you done packing?" His sister asked while she was serving the meal to his younger brother.

"Not yet, but I think I'll be finished by tonight. Since Yuuta promised to help me" Syuuske averted his eyes from his sister and looked at beside his brother grinning.

"I did not promise anything!" Yuuta skewered his food with vengeance.

"Oh come on! You promised! And I was starting to think that you are reverting back to your old self of clinging to me! You were so worried about me a while back!" Syuuske teased his brother relentlessly.

"Baka aniki! I was not worried, I was just scared that mom might hear you and scold me!" Yuuta was blushing up to his ears with his brother's comment.

"awh! But I could swear that your voice waver a little out of concern for me!" Syuuske titled his head to his side while placing his right pointer at his mouth posing a thinking pose. Acting as if he was remembering what took place just a while back.

"Urusai! Hmph!" Yuuta turned his head back to his food and looked across the table and saw their mother's understanding smile. It was telling him 'I know how it feels son! I've experience the same thing everyday with your father. The relentless teasing is a routine in this household so I hope you can get used to it'.

Yuuta sighed fully understanding that smile.

Yoshiko being with the family is rare nowadays specially with her small business and the occasional visits she has done to visit her husband at Australia. And thus this being a rare occasion, Yumiko made sure to prepare her brother's as well as their mother's favourite dishes.

Yoshiko gave one last sympathetic smile to his youngest son and turned to her second child and asked "When is your flight anyway? Have you informed your teammates?" that statement brought Syuuske out of his musings. His eyes instantly snapped open, stood up and ran to his room to get his cellphone.

Yoshiko stared at his son's retreating back and said "Well, I guess not yet then."

Both Yuuta and Yumiko sweat dropped while staring at their panic-stricken sibling's retreating back. They suddenly heard their mother chuckled and turned their eyes on to her.

"It just looked as if he was running away from his father who was chasing him with a frog in his hands" Yoshiko chuckled louder remembering the good old times when her husband was still in Japan. "Ahh! Those were the good and memorable days!"

Unknown to her, her two children shared a looked as a shudder run down their spines. They both thought 'Who in their right mind would chase their children with wild animals, push them off cliffs, embarrass them in front of their friends, almost let them drown (even though they justify it by saying it will teach us how to swim since it is a life and death situation) and make them want to be swallowed whole by the earth'

Syuuske on the other hand run as fast as his feet can take him back to his room and grab his celphone. But unfortunately, he can't seem to spot it with the mess of his room. He was agitated, Tezuka will have his head for this.

'Ugh! I'm so dead! Tezuka's gonna eat me alive! I even promised him that I will accompany him to his favourite tennis shop! ARRGH! I'll be running laps until I die!' Syuuske groaned and covered his face with his hands.

Then he suddenly heard the a vibrating sound. He listened intently followed to sound. It led him to a pile of clothes that he was not yet finished sorting. With no second-thoughts he dive-in into the pile and tossed all the clothes to reach his goals (his cellphone).

"Ahh thank kami-sama!" He hugged his phone to his chest and remembered that he have to mail or (if it would help save him) call Tezuka instead. He immediately flipped his phone open and was greeted with a lot of mails from Eiji. Well that was no surprise what was surprising was the fact that he cannot mail Tezuka. Error always appears on the screen.

"UGH! Just when I needed you most! You let me down!" He shook his phone stood up and bolted to their living room to make a call of Tezuka instead.


"Make sure you breath deeply and regularly to keep your circulation better!" Tezuka shouted.

The regulars looked at each other and shared a look. They were currently warming up for their winter regimen. It was for the preparation of the spring inter-school selection program. It was an event wherein every school (or maybe most) that they fought on the way to nationals are invited. Well of course they were invited; they are the reigning national champions! And thus, they were ordered by their coach to train hard until they have to go home crawling on the ground. Those who will be selected will be Japan's representative team on Amateur's Tennis (Junior) Competition International. There is still no specific place although the choice of place only revolves around the four countries wherein the Tennis Open is traditionally being held (America, France, Germany, Australia).A/N: I'm not very sure with this sorry.

"It seems that Inui senpai is rubbing off on Tezuka buchou!" Momoshiro said snickering at the thought.

"Ah it is a good thing though that he still haven't mentioned any percentages" Echizen pulled his cap down and try to cover his smirk.

Kikumaru was listening to his two kouhai and can't help but chuckle at their conversation.

"Don't let your guard down!" Both the underclassmen looked behind them horrified with the thought that their buchou heard their conversation. They both released a sigh of relief that it was only Inui who spoke their buchou's favourite tag line.

"Inui senpai! Don't scare us like that! It's not funny, not funny at all" Momoshiro whined but had a sweat drop when he saw Inui writing at his favourite green notebook on their reactions while still running (on how he do that will remain a mystery).

"Ii data!" Inui lowered the notebook. Only his glasses can be seen and it glinted mischievously as he said "Oh did I forgot to tell you that Horio over there is timing our run". Everyone gulped at this and looked nervously at Inui.

Kawamura is the brave soul and asked "And?"

Inui looked at the faces of those ahead of him as a smirk formed on his face. "And.. we have to run 5 times across the tennis court" Everyone gulped again with the bigger forming lump in their throats.

Eiji swallowed hard and asked "AND?"

Inui bowed a little and reached at his ankles. As he snapped the weights from his ankles he lifted his head abruptly and sped past all the regulars. He shouted behind his back. "And anyone who does not make the 5 sets around the tennis court in 3 minutes flat will be drinking my mixed concoction of Aozu and Penal Tea! 1 FULL JAR!"

Everyone lost all their energy while sweating like crazy.

"Aozu the drink that even made Fuji senpai faint" Momoshiro spoke with horror in his voice.

"Penal tea the drink that made me have nightmares for a week" Kaido's voice was trembling with fear.

"Penal tea and Aozu..." Everyone spoke solemnly.


"Ah! Taka... san?" Oishi looked behind him to see if Kawamura was fine. Kawamura was indeed in burning mode but what surprised him the most was (one) Taka-san turned into burning mode without a racket (He turned because his body remembered the trauma of drinking the two horrendous drinks) and (two) the one who screamed BURING was Momoshiro and Eiji while Kaido and Echizen was also in burning mode.

"BURNING!" The four sped past their fukubuchou and tried to catch up with Inui who was already making his second lap around the tennis court.

Oishi's eyes bugged out and screamed "I'm the YAKINIKU emperor! I will not be defeated!" It seems that Oishi turned to his other personality too and soon caught up with the group.

Watching over his overly talented team, as Tezuka tries to put it nicely, is just plain pain in the ass. He massage the bridge of his nose at seeing them running like crazy chickens around the tennis court.

'Don't tell me they just now realized what is at stake in this warm up?' Tezuka thought and looked at his team again and saw them staring horrified at the jar with Inui's name.

'I guess Inui 'forgot' to tell them' Tezuka gave himself the liberty to sigh seeing that no one was watching him and Inui seems to be too preoccupied to mind his little gesture. He walked to one of the bench and sat crossed leg thinking.

Tezuka is a bit worried about Fuji, that part was true. But he knew that the tensai would be fine. He was just a bit disappointed, since Fuji did promise to accompany him today.

Just as he was thinking about the tensai, his phone rang. He sighed again, he forgot to leave his phone at his locker. It was not allowed to bring your phone on the courts, he was the captain, he was the one training them today, so it was bad if he was caught answering his phone in public like this (specially in front of his teammates). And thus he reached his hand to his pocket with the intention to turn it off. But quickly thought of the possibility that it might be an important call and thus he decided to get up and go inside the locker room to answer the call.

He walked calmly back the club house and walked past Horio and reminded him to send either Kachiro or Katsuo if the 3 minutes are almost up.

Nearing the clubhouse, he got his phone from his shorts and answered it without looking at the name of the caller.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu, how may I help you?"

Thinking that Tezuka might just be acting cold towards him because of him being absent to practice, Syuuske stuttered a bit. "Uhhm Tezuka?"

Tezuka hearing the unsure reply raised an eyebrow. "What is it Fuji?"

Assuming that Tezuka is indeed not in a good mood Fuji immediately apologized "I'm sorry! Please forgive me! I didn't mean to miss the practice. It's just that it slipped my mind!" Fuji pouted over the phone although it will not be seen by Tezuka.

Tezuka sighed a little and said "Its fine as long as you have a valid reason of missing the practice."

"Oh well, yes! I do have a valid reason! So don't worry about it." Fuji went back to his normal self hearing that Tezuka was not mad at him.

"Will that be all?" Tezuka asked feeling tired all of a sudden.

"Uhm yeah! I'm sorry again and I promise that I will make up to you and the team. Ja ne~" Fuji ended the call as he heard Tezuka mumble a "Hnn"

Tezuka was a bit disappointed, but he doesn't know why. And thus he just flipped his phone closed and decided to go back to the courts. '3 minutes is not that long'

Fuji on the other hand felt like he left something. It is like he felt he forgot something to say. Shrugging his shoulders, he made his way back to the kitchen to have his breakfast.


Unknown to Tezuka, the moment he stood up, all the eyes of the regulars were on him. Inui being an observing freak noticed how Tezuka keeps on grabbing his pockets.

'75% he forgot to leave his phone in the lockers and 25% that Tezuka has develop some kind of skin itch'. Inui noted. Try as he much, he is just unable to let Eiji let go of is arms. The whole seigaku team are a tangle of limbs on the ground. 'It seems that I'm not the only one distracted by Tezuka's abrupt departure'. Inui thought as he looked at his team mates.

They were all sprawled on the ground with Inui being at the most bottom and Echizen being on the topmost. Eiji has his hands on Inui's arm, despite fainting, his unconscious still refuses to let go of Inui and finish the rounds around the court. Momoshiro was holding on Kaido's shorts and the two were currently screaming (Kaido was screaming at Momoshiro to let go of his shorts while Momoshiro keeps screaming that he will only let go of Kaido and let him win in the race when hell freezes over) and further pinning Eiji and Inui to the ground. Taka-san was lying on top of the two second year unconscious with Oishi's hand on his leg and Echizen lying on top of Taka-san grabbing his head to massage it and relieve it from some of the impact it currently received.

Inui thought back of what happened on how they ended up like this is the first place. All he remembered was that he saw Tezuka stood up from the bench from his peripheral vision and decided to fully turn his head to confirm his suspicion. The moment he actually turned his head, a red-head cannon ball launch himself onto him and forced him to topple down on the ground. What happened next was too painful for him to relive again but what he knew was that he felt like he was pinned by a ton of rocks (those rocks being his team mates not being able to stop on time).

The site that greeted Tezuka made his head spin with migraine. He massaged his temple as well as the bridge of his nose roughly. When he arrived in front of his teammates, those who fainted who regained their senses wish that they just stayed unconscious on the duration of the practice, he stared at them with pure irritation and opened his mouth and closed it again.

Tezuka was desperately trying to control his anger but that was short lived as he once again opened his mouth and screamed "Everyone! 200 laps around the court and all of you are drinking Inui juice!" Tezuka boomed and turned his back against his team mates. But before he got far he turned back and looked and them and added "The WHOLE JAR" and continued on his way out of the courts.

He needed to cool down. He does not know why he was so pissed. This is a normal occurrence and usually when he loses his temper he just sends them to do laps. But now he made them drink that horrendous juice. 'Well, I do hope they consider this a lesson and avoid in doing such stupidness'. Tezuka sighed and decided to visit their coach in her office.