The Twilight Ninja

Greetings everyone. It's me again with another story based off of Challenger's Naruto Kingdom Hearts Challenge. I've realized that there are a lot of Naruto Kingdom Hearts fics where Naruto is either light, dark, grey, or just Sora's replacement. So I decided to come up with an Idea where Naruto is the Reincarnation of the Creator and Master of the Keyblades as well as the Supreme Master of all the magical arts (They reign from any anime, game, manga, ect.) and is also the first person to ever go to Kingdom Hearts and wielder of the legendary X-Blade.

Now I'm gonna start it off where after Naruto Masters everything he is taught by his former life and by Kyuubi, He goes to an Alternate Dimension where Minato and Kushina are alive and they have a daughter who is a pseudo jinchuuriki (Like Sora is) since she had the 'other' kyuubi's chakra and powers sealed into her (she will be in the harem since they will not in a sense be related since Naruto's bloodline does in a sense changes his dna but he can still use the Hiraishin and Rasengan since he can literally use any ninjutsu).

There will also be a sequel to the story where after dealing with the threats in the 'alternate world' he will travel to the other worlds to deal with the heartless and nobodies.

Disclaimer: I own nothing affiliated with Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, or any other world but I do own the jutsu, magic techniques, bloodlines, OC's, and weapons I created.

Chapter One: Alternate World Pt. 1

Wave Country Forest

Zabuza Momochi, the Kirigakure no Kijin (Demon of the Mist) and former member of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū (Seven Swordsmen of the Mist) had a look of glee in his eyes and that reason was that not too long ago he had captured Kopi Ninja (Copy Ninja) Kakashi Hatake or also known as Sharingan no Kakashi (Kakashi of the Sharingan) in his water jutsu Suiro no Jutsu (Water Prison Techinique) and one of his Mizu Bunshin (Water Clone) had struck and injured Kurenai Yuhi in the shoulder with Kubikiri Hocho (Decapitating Carving Knife) leaving their genin squads and the Bridge Builder Tazuna helpless.

Kurenai's team was Team 8 Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame. Hinata had fair cream colored skin with midnight blue waist length hair with two long bangs on each side of her head. Her eyes appeared to be white with a hint of lavender in them. Her outfit comprises of lavender and cream zip up sweater with lavender cuffs over a black fishnet collar shirt with navy pants and black heeled sandals.

Kiba, while clearly human, has several physical traits more akin to a feral dog. Like the rest of his clan, he has messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, pronounced canine teeth, and nails that he can change into claws. He also has the distinct red fang markings of the Inuzuka clan on his cheeks.

Each piece of his outfit, including his forehead protector, was black, with his coat being a nowadays leather form fitting black jacket. Beside him was a feral looking white dog named Akamaru who was in his adolescent state.

Shino Aburame is sporting the same style as the rest of his clan, consisting of dark sunglasses and a sea-green jacket with a high, upturned collar with what looked like a satchel on his back. (They're in their Shippuden outfits and are 15).

On team 7 were Sakura Haruno, Suzuki Uchiha, and Takara Uzumaki Namikaze. Sakura had jade green eyes, and pink shoulder length hair with two bangs and fair skin. Her outfit consisted of the same basic red top as in, with black gloves, black high-heeled boots, black shorts, short pink apron-like skirt, and pink elbow protectors.

Suzuki had a light tan complexion, raven colored waist length hair that was tied up into a ponytail while two bangs fell down over the sides of her face. She was wearing a black sleeveless tank top that hugged her body which was toned like a Kunoichi's from training so much and wore a pair of black fingerless gloves and a dark grey skirt with biker shorts under them along with a pair of black sandals.

Takara had a porcelain complexion, violet eyes, and she had waist length reddish orange hair. She wore a red and black jacket with matching pants, and a dark blue tank top under it and black sandals and strapped to her back was a ninjato.

Right now said group was trembling in fear due to the fact that their sensei's were in a very bad situation and Zabuza was laughing like a madman. "Oh this is too rich. So much for the Konoha nin being the strongest of the major villages. You're all talk and no action and I'm especially disappointed in you Kakashi Hatake. I expected more from the son of the Konoha Shiroi no Kiba (Konoha's White Fang) and student of the Yondaime." He taunted.

"All of you must run and take Kurenai and the bridge builder with you!" Kakashi cried. "The Mizu Bunshin can't go far without being near a source of water. Hurry and get out of here."

"Ah ah ah, I don't think so Kakashi." Zabuza said while the copy ninja looked at him. "These brats are gonna get a firsthand experience in what it means to be a real ninja and I think your partner will be the perfect guinea pig for this." He said as the Mizu Bunshin made its way towards Kurenai who was having trouble keeping her injury from bleeding out.

"No. Sensei!" Hinata cried out and was about to run to help her but was stopped by Kiba.

"Hinata are you nuts?" He asked struggling to keep the Hyuga from doing an act that would result in her death.

"Let me go! Kurenai sensei needs our help!" She protested.

"Dammit Hinata if you run out there blindly that water clone will kill you! We don't stand a chance against that monster." The Inuzuka replied.

Said water clone scoffed and raised his blade in the air. "Aw that's so cute it makes me want to cry….NOT! Time to die!" He cackled out and brought his blade down on Kurenai who closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable.

"SENSEIII!" Hinata cried out as she said the blade that represented death descend on the crimson eyed kunoichi.


Instead of hearing the sound of a blade cutting through flesh, the sound of metal clashing against metal was heard. The group as well as Zabuza and his clone's eyes widen as they saw a figure wearing a black cloak with a hood covering his face was blocking the Mizu Bunshin's Zanbatou with what appeared to be an O-katana classed single edged blade that had a hexagonal silver cross guard a silver blade with no form of damage on it whatsoever and the hilt that was black with white diamond shaped patterns going down it (Picture Sephiroth's Masamune but in the form of an O-Katana).

Kurenai opened her eyes to see a cloaked figure standing in between her and the Mizu Bunshin and to everyone's shock he was holding Zabuza's clone off with just one arm and didn't even seem to be struggling. "Who are you? One of Konoha's ANBU?" The clone asked the cloaked figure and looked a little unnerved due to the fact that he was gazing into a pair of electric blue eyes that had slit pupils that were as cold as ice.

Said figure said nothing and with a simple flick of his wrist, pushed the clone back and suddenly swings his blade down diagonally while the clone remains wide eyed for a while before dissipating into a burst of water. The cloaked figure then turns his gaze towards Kurenai who looked nervous at his gaze but then sees that this newcomer's eyes were looking at her calmly and holds his left hand out which started to glow light green.

"Cure." He said in a quiet tone and Kurenai's injured shoulder instantly closed up and the bleeding stopped. "There now wait here while I go free your comrade." He said and turns his attention towards Zabuza who started to growl.

"I don't know who you are but since you're interfering in my mission to kill the old man consider yourself fish bait brat." He said while the cloaked figure said nothing and walked towards the Demon of the Mist on the water's surface calmly with Masamune drawn. Said swordsmen did a ram seal which created a dozen Mizu Bushin who appeared in every direction of the cloaked figures with their blades poised in different directions, keeping him from escaping. "Kill him!" Zabuza snarled.

"Dispel." Said cloaked figure said and suddenly the clones dispersed back into water making Zabuza's and everyone else's eyes bug out when they saw this and then said swordsmen's water prison dispersed, freeing Kakashi who managed to leap away and cough out the water that was in his lungs and inhale some air.

"Woah did you see that? He just said one simple word and cancelled the jutsu out." Kiba stated while Hinata and Shino helped their sensei back near the group. Hinata used her Byakugan to see who exactly was underneath that cloak and her eyes widened in disbelief.

"I… I can't tell who's under that cloak." She said silently which made their eyes widened.

"Say what?" Kiba asked.

"I can't see anything not even his chakra network." She finished which made the other genin's and Kurenai's eyes widen even further.

"But that's impossible… isn't it Kurenai sensei?" Sakura asked the Genjutsu mistress.

"In a way yes unless he possesses a bloodline that makes him immune to the abilities of a Dojutsu." She stated which made them even more curious.

Meanwhile Zabuza was growling at the mysterious figure who remained silent. "How on the world did he dispel my clones and water jutsu like that? He didn't even use any chakra… does he have a rare bloodline that's transcendent like the Rinnegan?"

"I have to admit that was a pretty interesting move you pulled but don't let it get to your head because now you're facing the real thing so you better be ready to paint the water red with your blood." He said grinning under his mask while the cloaked figure remained silent. Kakashi stood back up and was about to pull his headband up to reveal his Sharingan eye.

"Kakashi Hatake." The cloaked figure said making the man stop. "Your mission is to protect the bridge builder correct?" He asked the man who looked at the cloaked figure suspiciously and nodded. "Then you should return to your genin and keep an eye out for any other ninja that might attack them or your client." He said and the man frowned and was about to speak up. "If you're concerned about me facing Zabuza then don't be. I am more than capable of dealing with this fool myself and you would just get in the way now please stand aside because I don't want you to get caught in the crossfire."

When Kakashi looked into his eyes they practically radiated with power and it made the man a little edgy. He was literally power incarnate. "Very well." He said and shunshins away and appears next to the others.

"Kakashi-Sensei who is that?" Takara asks her surrogate older brother.

"I don't know but whoever it is he's strong. Stronger than me or Zabuza." He stated which made the other genin's eyes widen in surprise and disbelief.

"Kakashi-sensei is right." Shino spoke up for the very first time. "This newcomer is dangerous and my bugs are telling me that we should steer clear of him or we'll be destroyed if we get caught in the crossfire that's about to occur." Shino stated which made their eyes widen even more.

"Shino's right. I can feel his power from here and it's amazing yet scary but something tells me that Zabuza won't be winning this fight." Suzuki stated since her mother taught her how to sense the chakra levels of her opponents and right now this cloak figure had her on edge.

"I just hope he doesn't decide to come after us otherwise we are how you say screwed." Shino emphasized.

Meanwhile Zabuza was glaring at the newcomer and releasing Killer Intent in order to intimidate him but said cloaked figure just closes his eyes for a brief second and then they snap open, releasing a burst of KI on a surprised Zabuza. "What the hell? His KI rivals a kage level ninja's." He thought as a bead of sweat fell from his brow while the cloaked figure lessens the pressure and smirks.

"Your little intimidation act won't affect me Demon of the Mist and as for painting the water red with my blood? I'd like to see you try." He said and instantly ascended towards Zabuza with Masamune drawn back with surprising speed that shocked Zabuza Momichi. Zabuza barely had enough time to pull Kubikiri Hocho out as the mysterious ninja swung his blade at the man.

When their blades clashed a small shock wave was released from the impact that made the water underneath them ripple out violently and create small waves. Zabuza grunted as he tried to push his blade forward with both hands on the hilt but his opponent wasn't even struggling and was merely using one arm.

"Don't look so surprised Momochi-san. I may be young but I'm no pushover." The cloaked figure said with a grin on his face. "You better stop holding back or I will not hesitate to take you or your hiding assistant down." He said which made the man's eyes widen.

"Surprised? I can sense her not far from here and is waiting for the opportunity to get you out of harm's way should you get into a bad situation which you will." He said as they broke the stalemate and flew back in separate directions. The cloaked figure landed gently on the water while Zabuza went through a series of hand seals and stopped at the bird sign.

"Since you're so smug let's see how you like this! "Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu (Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet." The water started to shift and rise from the lake and form into a water dragon with yellow eyes and said creature roared and ascended towards the cloaked figure. The cloaked figure held his left hand up.

"Waterga." He said and large strands of water rose and swirled around him until it morphed into a drilling water cyclone that heads towards the dragon and drills through it surprising Zabuza since the technique was his strongest.

"Damn it. Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Wall)." A large wall of water rose in front of Zabuza and managed to block the technique.

When the techniques dissipate, Zabuza realizes that the cloaked figure is gone he looks around and was on his guard. Senses something behind him and pulls his blade off his back. "Aha! Gotcha!" He said as he swung his blade diagonally only to hit nothing behind him. "What the- ACK!" He cried out due to the fact that a blade protruded out of the middle of his chest.

"No… I got you." The Cloaked figure said while Zabuza chuckles and then disperses into water and the real Zabuza appeared behind the cloaked figure with Kubikiri Hocho raised.

"Wrong! You're history!" Zabuza cried out and swung down and sliced the cloak figure in half while the man ginned like a maniac but that grin turned into a frown when the cloak fell and revealed no one.

The figure he 'killed' once again landed behind him. "Well that was close… you killed my cloak." The figure said and Zabuza slowly turned around but his eyes widened in disbelief. The other ninja and the bridge builder's eyes bug out in disbelief.

"S-sensei" Kakashi said quietly.

"Wh-what's my dad doing here?" Takara asked in disbelief.

What they all saw before them was what appeared to be a 15 year old teenage version of the Yondaime Hokage. The figure was 5'8 and had shoulder length silver blonde hair with jaw length bangs on the sides and seemed to have silver highlights in them. His eyes were an electric blue color with a hint of green around the pupil. He was wearing what appeared to be a black and silver white organic form fitting body suit (similar to Riku's dark mode and Vanita's Black and White organic body suit).

The suit has a silver white color on the chest and part of the torso with what appeared to be the Kingdom Heart's emblem on the chest. The black fades to silver white around the bicep and forearm and comes with white that are tucked under the suit. It has silver white feet and shins that fade into black legs. It has a silver white belt and a cloth around his waist, opening in the front. The cloth is an off-white color that fades into black and is ripped all around at the bottom and from the looks of it his body he has a muscular build that gave him both speed and strength.

He was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Zabuza took a step back as he saw who appeared to be the first man in history to ever gain a SS class Status in the bingo book and flee on sight order. "Y-Yondaime?" He asked while said blonde grinned and twirled Masamune in his hand.

"Sorry you must be mistaking me for someone else Zabuza-san. I may look like him but do you see a Konoha headband on my head?" He asked with humor in his voice which made the man snap out of his stupor.

"Well that's relief. I honestly thought you were the Kiiroi Senkou (Yellow Flash) for a second there." He stated.

"Maybe but you could say that I'm related to him in a since I am after all a Namikaze by blood." Naruto stated which made the man's eyes bug out and the same with the other ninja especially Kakashi and Takara.

"You're bluffing! Aside from the red head Minato Namikaze doesn't have any other living relatives!" Zabuza yelled while Naruto chuckles.

"Believe what you want because frankly I don't care. Now then I believe we have a fight to finish." He said and started to do a series of one handed seals at kage level speeds, shocking everyone until he stopped at a ram seal and inhaled oxygen into his lungs. "Katon: Daimonji (Fire Release: Fire Blast). Naruto suddenly unleashes a stream of white fire from his mouth that forms into a fire kanji and heads towards Zabuza at high speeds.

Zabuza curses and does another hand seal, making an even larger wall of water appear in front of him and but when the fire attack made contact, an explosion occurred which shook the area. Zabuza was seen skidding across the water but he flips back on his feet and then creates a dozen water clones that suddenly dash into the mist and he panted as he got up.

"This is insane." He said and looked at the scorch marks on his arms and right leg and grunts in pain when it throbs. "Shit my leg is burned badly even though I blocked that attack, the heat from it scorched me badly." He commented and heard the sound of blades clashing for a while until he heard the sound of a blade cutting through flesh and water dispersing until the final clone was cut down and Naruto's shadowy figure walked slowly towards Zabuza.

With a wave of his hand a breeze swept the mist away and stared at Zabuza with his icy blue eyes. Water starts to swirls around his feet and shifts in several directions as if it's trying to form into something and places his hands in a snake seal. "Suiton: Kyosei Riviason (Water Release: Great Leviathan)." The water starts to form into something large and rises into the air and morphs into what looks like a Leviathan with red glowing eyes and stares at a stunned Zabuza.

The Konoha nin and Tazuna stare at the water creature with awe. The Leviathan roars and suddenly ascends towards Zabuza at speeds that should be impossible for a jutsu of that size to do. Zabuza does the only thing he can braces for impact. The water creature's maw was opened wide and it swallows him whole and crashes into the water which creates a tidal wave that makes the water in the lake rises and sweeps across the land.

Zabuza could be heard screaming as he crashes through the forest while the water swept across the forest until it started to die down and the man could be seen sprawled against the tree. That was when five light blue ethereal swords that look like Masamune ascend towards him and impale him in the non- vital areas of his body and Zanuza cries out in agony.

That was when Naruto appeared to be levitating in the air and landed softly on the ground and approached the weakened man. Zabuza coughed a couple of times and looked at Naruto. "What… what are you?" He asked the blonde swordsmen who had Masamune in his grasp.

"Who am I you ask? I'm the light that protects the weak. I'm the darkness that destroys my enemies. I am Naruto Namikaze, the Hakumei Shinobi (Twilight Shinobi)." He said and raised his blade into the air. "And you demon of the mist are history." He said and was about to bring his blade down and slice the man in half but suddenly the man's body jerked away twice and collapsed on the ground, laying there motionless.

Naruto stopped and looked up to see a female wearing a Kiri Oinin outfit and a mask with slanted eye coverings and red curved markings with the Kiri symbol on it. "Sorry about that. I've been tracking this man down for a while but I wanted to wait until he was weakened to take him down and thanks to you I've accomplished that." She said in a feminine voice while the others entered the seen and saw the hunter nin.

"Who the heck is that?" Kiba asked only to get bopped on the head by Takara.

"You idiot she's an Oinin. They specialize in hunting down missing nin that leave their village." The red head stated while the Inuzuka rubbed his head in pain.

"She is correct." The Oinin said and appears before Zabuza's motionless body. "Now I must take the body and prevent the secrets that are contained within it from being learned." She said.

"Is that so? Well then shouldn't you be destroying the body on the spot and taking his head and sword back Oinin?" Naruto asked narrowing his eyes and making the Oinin freeze up for a second and saw Naruto tighten his grip on the blade but then she vanished in a swirl of mist and leaves while Naruto scoffs and Masamune glows white and vanishes into light particles.

That was when a pool of Aura that was a mix of light and darkness formed under his feet and then he was engulfed by the energy for a few seconds until it died down. Naruto was now wearing an opened silver white long sleeve denim jacket that had several pockets and stopped to his waist with the edges of the sleeves seem to have black around them. Under the jacket he wore a black shirt that had the kanji twilight on the front in white and around his neck was a silver chain that appeared to have the kingdom hearts emblem connected to it.

He also wore a pair of silver white pants with black around the edges of the pants that had a couple of pockets on them, and wore a black belt that seem to have several small scrolls attached to them and he also wore a pair of black, silver, and white shoes (the one Ventus wears but they're normal sized like Riku's) and wore a pair of black fingerless gloves with metal iron plating on them with one having the kingdom hearts symbol on the left and the Twilight kanji on the right glove.

Naruto then turned around to see the Konoha ninja just gawk at him while he blinked a few times at them until he eye smiles and wave. "Yo." Was all he said with a lady killer grin that made the females in the group flush (yes people including Kurenai).

Kakashi decided to speak up while rubbing the back of his head. "Um thanks for helping us back there we really appreciate it." He said while the blonde shrugs.

"You're welcome. I was in the area and when I saw the fight not in your favor I decided to jump in and lend a helping hand." He said and looked at Kurenai. "So how is the shoulder?" He asked the red eyed beauty.

"It's better thanks to you. By the way what type of justu was that? All you said was cure and it healed up instantly?" She asked while the rest of the group got interested and wanted to know how he did those techniques.

Naruto blinks and rubs the back of his head as the group stared at him. "Oh that well it's a part of my bloodline." He answered which made Kakashi raise an eyebrow.

"But you said you were a Namikaze." He stated.

"Yes I did and I am but before I explain it wouldn't it be smart to get your client back to his house?" Naruto asked while Kakashi eye smiled sheepishly.

"Oh yeah well would you like to join us… Naruto was it?" Kakashi asked and the blonde nodded which made Kiba snicker.

"Your parent's named you after a ramen topping?" He said to himself only to get bopped on the head by an annoyed Takara and Suzuki.

"Actually my name is written the same way Maelstrom is in kanji Ritori Koinu (Little Puppy)." Naruto remarked which made Hinata, Takara, Sakura, and Suzuki snicker while Shino coughed lightly to keep from laughing. Kiba on the other hand had a tick mark on his head and growled at being called a little puppy and tried to lung at Naruto only for Kakashi to hold him back by the back his collar. Akamaru sweat dropped at how his master was acting.

"Now Kiba it wouldn't be wise to attack someone out of anger especially if that someone could take down a guy like Zabuza without even trying." Kakashi stated while the Inuzuka calmed down and just glared at the blonde who had his hands in his pockets.

"Anyways, hey old man how far is your house from here?" Naruto asked Tazuna.

"Disrespectful Gakis… It's only 3 miles from here why?" He said and saw Naruto close his eye for a second and a white aura outline surrounded his body until it faded away and he opened his eyes once again.

"Now reason, I know where your house is so I'll just send you there without you having to walk." He said and snaps his fingers which confused them until a large black portal formed under them and they all cried out as they fell into the abyss while Naruto snickers and jumps in as well as the portal closes behind them.

Tazuna's House

The portal opened up in the sky and the Konoha Nin and Tazuna fell out of the portal and into a pile on the ground groaning. "Oh kami my lumbago." Tazuna cried out in pain.

"Sukuzi get you butt off my head." Takara said to the female Uchiha. Naruto was the last one to exit and landed softly on the ground.

"Well we're here." He said as the three girls and Kiba stood up and glared at Naruto while Shino fixed his coat. Kakashi helped Kurenai and Tazuna up and looked back at Naruto.

"Next time warn us before you do that cause falling into a black hole isn't my idea of fun." The Copy Nin stated while Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Didn't know the son of the Shiroi no Kiba (White Fang) was afraid of the dark." He replied which made the man's eye widen a little.

"What? You both look the same minus the headband covering your Sharingan eye since no one in the village has gravity defying silver hair like you or your pops." The blonde said.

"Good point. Well then shall we?" Kakshi said as he and Tazuna were about to enter the door until the same black portal opened up as the man entered and closed behind him Kurenai was about to ask Naruto why he did that until the same portal opened behind them and Kakashi and Tazuna exited out of it once more and blinks in confusion while the others pointed at Naruto.

"Dudes where are your manners? You should always let a lady or ladies enter first." Naruto said which made the two sweat drop and the females grinned.

"Glad to see there are some gentlemen left out there in the world. Thank you Naruto." Kurenai said while the young Namikaze had a huge grin on his face while the girls entered the house as did the males.

"Tsunami-chan I'm back!" Tazuna called out in the house. That was when a woman in her mid 20 with long raven hair entered the living room. She appeared to be 5'4 with fair smooth skin, obsidian eyes, and wore a pink short sleeved t-shirt with a long blue skirt that stopped to her ankles and hugged her body.

"Tou-san you're back!" Tsunami said as she went to hug the man who returned.

"Yep, I sure am thanks to the ninja I hired and the blonde gaki over there." He said which caused Naruto to have a tic mark on his head.

"Oi, I have a name you old drunk. It's Naruto not blonde gaki." Naruto stated as his brow twitched.

Tsunami saw them and smiles. "Thank you all for helping my father." She said bowing to the ninja.

"You're welcome Tsunami-san." Kurenai replied.

"Hey Jiji you home?" a young voice called out and they all saw a boy wearing black overalls with a green hat and black sandals. Tazuna saw his grandson and grinned.

"Inari come here and give your dear old grandpa a hug." The man said and he did and saw the Konoha ninja.

"These are the guys who brought me home safely and you should've seen the super awesome blonde kid take on this one ninja that almost had us. It was incredible." He said which made the Konoha Nin sweat drop when they heard him say super.

Inari looked at the blonde kid and blinked a few times. "Really? He doesn't look like much." The young boy stated while Naruto chuckles at this.

"Well kid looks can be deceiving. I am a ninja after all even though I'm not tied to any village." He stated while made Inari blinked.

"Really? Then prove it." Inari challenged while Naruto shrugs.

"Sure." Naruto does a series of hand seals but the stops and holds his palm out. That was when water swirled around the palm of his hand and morphed into a water orb until ice started to cover it, making it into an ice orb. Everyone eyes widened in amazement when they saw what Naruto did.

"It this enough proof for you?" Naruto asked while the ice ball started to crack and then exploded into ice but then reverted back into water and back into moisture in the air.

A few minutes later after everyone got settled in, Naruto was sitting on a tree branch with his back leaning against the tree and his hands behind his head with a senbon in his mouth until he heard Takara call out his name. "Hey Naruto!" She called out and the blonde opened one of his eyes and looked down to see the red head waving at him. Naruto suddenly blurs away and appears in front of her, surprising the redhead. "Wow that was fast." She stated.

"What's up Takara-chan?" He asked and she blushed a little at the suffix he used and rubs the back of her head. "Not much. Kakashi-nii-san wanted to see if it was possible for you to join us for our training since that Zabuza guy is still alive?" She asked.

"Sure why not?" He said and placed a hand on her shoulder and then they disappeared in a flash of white light.

The Forest of Chakra

Team 7 and team 8 were in the forest waiting on Takara and Naruto until a flash of white appeared before them and they were shocked when they saw Naruto and a bewildered Takara.

"That looked similar to sensei's Hiraishin only it was white." Kakashi thought but the snapped out of his stupor. "Glad you could join us Naruto. We were about to train for when Zabuza and his 'helper' show up again." He said.

"Well that's good and all but who's gonna be looking after the old man?" Naruto asked while Kakashi eye smiled.

"Oh I created a few Tsuchi Bunshin (Earth Clones) and Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones) to watch the bridge builder." He answered.

"So what exactly are you gonna teach them aside from chakra control?" Naruto asked which made the two Jonin's eyes widen. "Matter of fact did you two happen to have taught them any of the chakra control exercises?" He asked and got nods form them. "So which ones do they know so far?"

Kakashi thought about it and spoke up. "Tree Climbing and Water Walking." He answered.

"I see. So have you taught them how to dodge projectiles such as long ranged jutsu and weapons yet?" He asked and they shook their heads unaware of the gleam in his eyes. "Well then there's a lake nearby that we can use and I'll personally help them with the exercise." He said with a grin on his face but the two sweat dropped when they thought they saw the form of the shinigami with the kanji for torture hovering over Naruto.

"Kakashi." Kurenai said getting the man's attention.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Is it me or am I seeing the Shinigami hover over Naruto and stare at our student with hunger in his eyes?' She asked the copy ninja who now had a sweat drop on the back of his head.

"No I'm seeing it to." He said as the sweat drop grew bigger when he saw the 'Shinigami' pull out a dagger and lick it hungrily. "We just condemned them to the fate worse then death." He commented. But then eye smiled. "Oh well better them than us." He said nonchalantly which made the woman stumble a little and look at the man in shock.

Suzuki on the other hand saw the look on their faces and raised an eyebrow. "Hey Takara-chan." Said red head looked at her best friend.

"Yeah?" Takara asked.

"Why is your Aniki and Kurenai sensei looking at us with pity in their eyes?" The female Uchiha asked but then turned her gaze at Naruto who was grinning at team 7 and 8 but for some reason she felt a shiver go down her spine.

"Never mind I think he's the reason why." She said and shudders.

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