-"Stop it John, I'm not gonna have a chick flick moment with you!"-

-"Summer, I'm not kidding. I understand how you are feeling, when Mary died..."-

-"Stop! I don't wanna hear it. Don't you have two boys that need you? What are their names? Oh yeah, Sam and Dean. I mean, what are you doing here in the first place, I told you a thousand times that I'm fine, I don't wanna talk about it, but don't worry because If I change my mind I call you".- She smiled at him trying to be strong because she knew that John Winchester was the only one that could break her.

-"I'm worried about you, you seem so lost and I'm afraid of what you may do.".-

-"Again, I'M FINE! Oh and I'm not shouting I'm speaking loud so you can hear me really clear. Come on John, you have to stop following me around or people are going to believe we have an affair."- She winked at him and he just glared at her.

-"Be serious please. Fine, I'm going to pretend that I believe you".- He sighed, tired of fighting with a brick wall without feelings. -"I think I finally have a lead on yellow eyes..."_

-"Really? Then what are we doing here? Let's gonna find the son of a bitch and send him to hell"-.

-"It's not that easy and if you think that I'm taking you with me you are crazy. I saw you with those vampires, you were reckless and I'm not risking your life"-.

-"But that thing did not only kill Mary, it also killed my mom and I can't..."-

-"I said no, and it's my final word. Are we clear?"-

-"Yes sir".- Summer sighed because she was tired that John treated her like a child. He was like a father to her, just like Bobby, but she was a big girl and could take care of herself. She was 24 and was one of the best hunters out there, I mean, she was trained by John Winchester and Bobby Singer, the two best hunters in the world.

-"I think I'm gonna see if I can find out more on him. And you miss, you are going to Bobby's and stay there till I say so, ok? I'm gonna send you some easy hunt to do so you don't get bored"-.

-"I hate you! But you know what, I will do it, so I'm going to prove to you that I'm perfect. Oh, by the way, when are you going to introduce me to your hot sons?"- John glared at her not liking what was coming.-"I mean, every single girl that met them said that they are as sexy as hell, and looking at you right now I can understand why..."-

-"Summer Sullivan, stop, ok?, you and my sons can't be mixed, and you know why. I don't want any of you getting hurt and if you are all together I'm sure that's what is going to happen. So please humour me and stop asking for them."-

-"Hey, that's not fair. I did met Adam..."- She was hurting again. That name was the name that she was trying to avoid and without thinking she said it out loud. John realised this at the moment. No one knew her better than him.

-"I'm sorry Summer, but if you don't talk about it you are never going..."-

-"John please! I'm begging you, I don't wanna talk about it, I just can't right now, it's too much. Please, let it go"-

John nodded, knowing that this was the only thing he was going to get from her.


Two years after and Summer couldn't forget about John Winchester. To say that he was like a father to her was not enough, he was her best friend, her partner. When she found out about his death all her world came down on her. She was alone again, she wasn't very good dealing with death, and last time she had to do it John was there for her. Everything was ten time worse when Ash told her how he died. It was yellow eyes again, John made a deal with him, he gave him the Colt and his life in exchange of Dean's. Summer was furious, she understand that he was his son but John always told her "what is dead should stay dead", yeah, he told her that a thousand times when she wanted to bring Adam back.

After she heard about John she decided that she was going to take a break from haunting, but when the hell gates were open (by none other than the Winchester) she knew she had to get back, and she knew that now that John wasn't around she should keep an eye on his boys, just to be sure they are ok.

Now she was driving her beautiful black Camaro over the city. She heard about demonic activity, but this was new. Apparently the 7 deadly sins were in town thanks to the Winchester. Yeah, she deffinitely had to keep an eye on them. She also heard that Bobby was here with them, and she couldn't see him because Bobby was going to start making questions.

After driving for around 15 minutes, Summer stopped at a bar, she knew that they were there, don't ask her why though. When she got inside she saw two demons grabbing a woman by her arms, and a man in the floor uncounscious.

-"Hey ugly guy, let her go!"-

-"Well, well, if it is Summer Sullivan in the flesh. Oh my, I feel like I'm seeing a celebrity. Long time without hunting huh? I heard you were back but I just have to see it to believe it."-

-"Well, what can I say? I kind of missed the job"-.

-"Hey Summer how is Adam? Haven't you talked with him lately?"-

That's it ,now Summer was pissed. She started to believe that demons like suffer, because that's what she was going to do to them. -"Don't you think that seven over one is a little unfair? Let her go."-

-"Oh, but with you we are still going to be seven over one"-

-"Yeah, but I count like seven, or more"-.

The demon that was holding Tamara let her go. She crushed into Summer. -"Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"- Tamara shook her head no.-"Ok, then get the hell out of here, I will take care"-

After Summer make sure that Tamara was safe she started fighting with the demons. They were seven, and she was a little rusty but she stil could kick their asses. One by one the demons were being cut with a knife with holy water and salt on it or being splashed with holy water.

In the meantime, Tamara got out of the bar and met with the Winchesters and Bobby.

-"Tamara are you alright? What happend?"- Bobby was really worried about them, they were good people.

-"They kiled Isaac! I couldn't do anything, they were more and I just...I...I can't...and then this girl showed up and..."- Tamara was crying and couldn't speak very much, but hearing about a girl got the men's attention.

-"Wait a girl? who are you talking about?"- Dean asked

-"I never saw her, but she was deffinitely a hunter and one of the good ones...I think...I think they called her Summer somethng"-

-"Summer? Wouldn't be Sullivan, right?"- Bobby asked. He couldn't believe it, she was back.

-"Yeah, that was her name, why?"-

-"Boys we have to get there NOW!"-

When Bobby and the Winchesters got to the bar there was no one but the seven demons on the floor, all of them injured.

-"Damn it! She's gone, we got here too late."- Bobby shouted

-"Who was this chick anyway?"- Dean was curious becase he never heard about her.

-"No one. Forget I've ever mentioned her ok?"- Bobby didn't like the idea of her with the Winchesters.

-"Ok Bobby calm down"- Sam was surprise about Bobby's answer.

-"Let's get the hell out ot here"- When they were going to exorcise the demons, most of them were gone, but the boys could get one of them into the trunk of the Impala.

Summer found out that the Winchester save the day and sent all the demons back to hell. She knew that she couldn't do much without them knowing about her. She was more worried about Bobby though, because she knew that he was pissed at her for leaving like she did. Summer was back in the hunting world and she knew that things were getting harder every day. Every day there was more and more demons out there, something big was coming and she need to stop this. Hopefully the Winchester weren't going to get into more trouble, and she wouldn't have to met with them and everyone would go in their way. However, Summer had the feeling that she was going to see the Winchester sooner or later.

WOW! first chapter...tell me what you think about it! There a lot of surprises for you! I'm planning on get one of the boys involved with Summer but not yet. Oh and I'm not gonna write all the episodes, just a few, the ones I think are important. Please read! I think that maybe I will update this story until season three final season, then I will do season 4 and 5 in two different stories.