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Summer blinked a few times, and opened her eyes looking her surroundings, she was in a white room where there was nothing around.

She was lying in the floor and she was alone, she got up and looked around, she didn't know where she was. Last thing she remembered was talking with him, next a bright white light and that was it. She was looking for him because he was the last thing he saw, but he wasn't there.

-"Hey! Where are you? What is this?"- She asked to no one in particular.

-"Summer."- He said showing up from behind. He smiled at her but she didn't return the smile.

-"Where am I? Where are Sam and Dean?"- She asked him.

-"They are with Lilith, fighting her. You are there too but you're unconcious."- He said as he get closer to her.

-"What am I unconcious? What happened?"-

-"I did it. I need you to be safe and I had to do what I had to do."-

-"Are you kidding me? Put me back there..."- She said to him, getting angry.

-"You know that I can't do that, I have to keep you safe."-

-"They need my help, Lilith is going to kill Sam and send Dean to hell if I'm not there."-

-"There is nothing you can do Summer. Besides, I can't just send you there, there are orders."-

-"Orders? Orders from who?"- She asked, she was getting closer to getting answers.

-"God."- He simply answered.

Sam tried to kill Lilith but she decided to leave Ruby's body in that exact moment, dropping the body to the floor. Sam left the knife aside and went to his brother, he has been ripped apart by the hellhounds, he was dead, long gone. Sam felt heartbroken, his brother, his only family was gone and he was no coming back. He didn't know what to do now, all he could think of was in killing Lilith, in getting some revenge from what she has done to him and his family. Dean didn't deserve hell, and he was there because of him, Sam couldn't feel more guilty. Sam looked next to him and saw Summer lying there unconscious, he didn't know what happened to her, she just fell and never got up again, Lilith hasn't even touched her. He was scared for her, she said that she had a way of saving Dean but there was nothing. He stopped thinking for five minutes and took his phone out to call Bobby.

-"Bobby, where are you? I need your help to take Dean's body and Summer's to the car."- He said into the phone, without giving Bobby a chance to talk.

-"Wait, Summer? What happened boy?"- Bobby asked him worried about her.

-"I don't know, she just passed out."- Sam said in a cold tone. He didn't have any emotion left on him.

-"I'll be there in five."- He said.

Sam hung up and left the phone next to him, he turned his eyes to his brother, Dean wasn't moving, he was gone and he wasn't coming back.

-"God? God?"- Summer kept asking him. -"Are you freaking kidding me? I mean do you think I'm stupid or something? Come on, be serious."-

-"I'm being serious, I wouldn't joke with that."-

-"How...why...I mean, God? I'm sorry but I just can't believe it."-

-"You know you're important for us, why would they send you someone to tlook after you in the first place?"-

-"I don't understand that either."-

-"You're special, you have to trust me in that. When the moment is right you're going to be more important that you think, and not only for heaven..."-

-"Why you mean not only for heaven?"- She asked. She was a little surprised that heaven wanted her, what was so important about her, she wanted to be normal.

-"I mean, that not only heaven will look for you, hell too."-

-"Hell? I won't work for hell, you know that."- She said to him.

-"I'm afraid that it might not be your choice. Remember that you have given your word to serve heaven."-

-"So? we were talking about hell."-

-"No all the people in hell are demons Summer. Alright, I think is time for you to come back, you've had enough answers for now."-

-"Wait. You keep saying that I'm special, but the only thing weird about me is that not every demon can make me fly across the demon, that some of them can't use their powers with me...that's it?"-

-"That's something, but as time pass, you'll find out more things."- He said and smiled at her. -"Now time to go back."- He said and got closer to her.

-"Wait."- She said but before she could continue he had touched her forehead and she left the white room.

Summer woke up with a gasp, she was in a bed on Bobby's house, she was in her room. She looked around and she didn't understand anything, was she dreaming or everything really happened? She got up from bed and she felt like she was hit by a truck. She went downstairs and she found Bobby and Sam in the living room.

-"Hey, what's going on?"- She asked them both.

When Sam turned around she saw his face was full of pain and sadness. She looked at Bobby and she realised that she had missed something, then it hit her, Dean's deal was up and she didn't know what happened.

-"Where is Dean?"- And when she did that question she saw Sam's face and realised that Dean was dead. Sam motioned her to go to Bobby's living room and she did it, but she wish she wouldn't have. There he was, lying in the floor without any sign of life on him. His piercing green eyes of him, that held so much life and passion once were cold as ice. Summer wanted to cry, she wanted to go out and never come back, she was weak, her legs weren't working anymore and she fell to her knees, next to him.

-"I'm sorry."- She told him, she wanted to say more but her voice broke, she couldn't talk more. She kept looking at him, waiting for some sign that he was alive, that he was ok and would get up in any minute. He had told her that he would help her saving Dean but he did notihng, she was starting to doubt about him. -"Sam"- She called the youngest Winchester, when he showed up he kept his eyes on her, he didn't want to see his brother again. -"We have to do something."- She simply told him.

-"What? It's a little too late don't you think? I mean, you said that you might have a way but you just passed out."- He told her.

-"I know, but that wasn't my fault, I really wanted to help you, it's just that..."- She started but she didn't know what to tell him without telling him the truth. She was tired of lying, and specially of lying to him, Bobby, Dean. She sighed, she wasn't going to lie to Dean anymore, she wasn't going to lie to any one anymore. -"Angels."- Summer finished. -"I was taken out of there by an angel, a guardian angel that I've had since I was fifteen."-

Sam just looked at her, he couldn't believe her but he knew that she wouldn't lie in a moment like this. -"And this...angel, he said that he was going to help you?"- Sam asked her.

Summer was shocked at first, she thought that he wouldn't believe her but Sam knew that she wouldn't joke in a moment like this. -"Yeah, but then he decided that the whole Lilith thing was too dangerous for me and took me out of there."-

-"I want to go to the crossroad and exorcise any demon that I found until one of them decide to bring my him back."- Sam said to her.

Summer knew that he should calm him down, but she wanted to do something too. -"Let's go"- She said.

When they were about to leave Bobby showed up. -"Where are you going?"- He asked them.

-"We are going to find a place to bury Dean."- Summer answered quickly.

-"Ok, come back soon."- Bobby said not believing a word.

Sam and Summer talked with everyone they thought that could help but they got nothing. They were lost and didn't know what to do, when they were going to get into the car someone appeared from behind Sam and touched him, making him fell unconcious to the floor. Summer turned around and found him standing there with a serious face.

-"What did you do?"- Summer asked him as she checked on Sam in the floor.

-"I just put him to sleep and now I'm going to erase his memory. He can't know about me, he can't know that angels are real."- He told her but when he was about to touched Sam forehead, Summer pushed him away.

-"No, I don't want to lie to him anymore. I trust him, I don't trust you anymore though. You lied to me, you told me that you were going to save Dean."- Summer said as her emotions started to get the best of her.

-"I will."-

-"No, you don't. He's dead, he's long gone, what are you gonna do now? You lied to me, as always I think, you're nothing but a liar, so don't you dare to tell me that talking with Sam was wrong."-

-"Summer you need to calm down..."- He said but she interrupted him.

-"No, I need to stop losing people, I'm tired, I need..."- She said but she couldn't talk anymore, she couldn't breath. She was going to die now, she could feel it.

-"Summer if you don't calm down you're going to pass out."- He said. He got closer to her but she pushed him away. She fell to the floor and lye there trying to calm down.

He sighed and bent down next to Sam, he touched his forehead and made him forget all about "Angels". Then he turned to Summer who was about to cry in any minute.

-"Gabriel, please. Help me..."- She said but she couldn't hold it anymore and a tear fell from her right eye. -"I can't do this anymore, I can't keep losing people."-

The angel forgot everything about not getting attached to her because he knew that it was too late. He sat next to her and hold her against him. He was stroking her hair trying to calm her down. -"Shh, it's going to be ok. I'm gonna help you, Dean is going to be fine but he had to die Summer."-

Summer looked at him. -"What do you mean?"- She asked him.

-"Don't ask me Sum, I can't tell you. But for Dean to be ok I need you to do your work and help us."- He said to her.

-"I'll do anything, just let Dean be ok and help Sam too."- She said to him.

-"Sam will be ok trust me. Now come on."- He was about to stand up but she held him tight.

-"I need you to do it Gab, I need to feel nothing, I don't want to feel like this."-

The Archangel just looked at her, he knew that it was wrong but seeing her like his broke his heart, if he had one. -"You know is wrong..."-

-"Please..."- She begged him.

-"He was too important for you doesn't he?"-

-"Both are. He and Sam, I can't lose them too"- She said.

He nodded and kissed her in the forehead. Then, he touched her cheek and a white light passed from his finger to her cheek. She took a deep breath and stood up. -"Thank you."- She said to Gabriel.

-"Anytime Sum."- He said and dissapeared.

Summer knew what she had to do next. She put Sam in the car and took her bag from the trunk. She had to leave him, if angels were going to save Dean she had to do everything they asked her, she had to leave Sam, that was for sure. She looked at him, he was sleep in the front seat of the Impala, she leaned down and kissed him on his cheek, she was going to miss him. She turned around without looking back once, she knew that this was the beggining of something big. She had work to do and Dean, he was going to be back soon.

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