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Renesmee Carlie Cullen bit her lip nervously as she made her way down to La Push, to talk with her best friend, her surrogate big brother, one of her many protectors-her imprinter, Jacob Black. That made him, technically, her future husband, or something of the sort, but she had never thought of Jake that way. He had always been there, helped her through her problems when not one else could, but Nessie could never imagine loving him that way.

Jake had explained it all to her when she was six, and starting to look at boys-and boys started looking at her. Her parents, uncles, aunt Rosalie, and Jacob hadn't been too pleased. She had kind of liked the way he got jealous, though she didn't care. He was being silly; she didn't see much in human boys anyway.

Well...all human boys, at least.

Nahuel, the vampire-human hybrid who had saved her life, her family's lives, and all their friends' lives. Nahuel, who knew it what it was like to be half and half, not human but not quite the same as a vampire. Nessie wanted to be with him. She wanted him for a mate, because she truly, irrevocably loved him, not because of some ancient wolf tradition. It was when Jacob had asked her on a date that she had told him she didn't think 'this imprint thing is going to work' because she liked someone else. Her exact words had been,

"You're not my earth, sun, and moon, anymore, Jacob. A comet has blown me off course, and the only thing I see is its dazzling light." He had been startled, then a bit angry because he was envious of the man who had stolen her heart. Muttering 'like mother like daughter' under his breath, he looked like he was about to to explode out of his shorts. But he had pulled himself together before he phased and asked me to at least think about it for a while.

"I just want you to be happy," he'd said. "Your happiness is all I've ever wanted." But she could tell he was hurting.

It had been several weeks since then. She had thought about it long and hard, and she had made up her mind. Jacob was wonderful in many things: he always talked with her (or more let her talk to him) and always told her she was wonderful, as if she didn't hear it all the time. He didn't mind answering stuff about werewolves, and whenever Leah or Embry (more often Leah) started to get mean, he would tell them to go away. It was never an order, but Embry didn't seem to understand the difference, and because she didn't have to do it Leah went. Nessie had once heard her say to Jacob,

"I will do whatever you tell me to, Jacob Black, as long as you never order me to do it." And then Renesmee realized that Leah loved her Alpha, and felt terribly guilty that she was the reason the female werewolf had lost another love to imprinting.

But Jacob always seemed to be there, and while most people might think that a good thing, Nessie didn't like his hovering. He didn't understand she needed her space sometimes.

With Nahuel, it was different. He knew what she was talking about, and joined in on the conversation. He listened intently, while Jake had just nodded at what he thought were the right places. Renesmeecouldn't really blame him for not understanding, but he could at least try to keep up with her. Nahuel complimented her, but it was with subtleness and love and a little amusment. He never just tried to please her, and she felt so safe in his presence. Not that she couldn't defend herself, and Jake and her family was an immense comfort. But somehow Nahuel felt like her guardian angel.

Yes. He was her angel.

And now she would have tell to Lucifer to bow to Adam.*

Jake's P.O.V
Billy's house, La Push...

I groaned. Leah Clearwater, my oh-so-lovely Beta, was pestering me again. I was doing something important, something for her. It wasn't that I didn't want her to talk to me, tell me if I was doing anything wrong. I was just so revved up, I needed to concentrate. 'Course, now I couldn't remember what I was supposed to be doing. It had something to do with her back...and were pants involved?. It would be so much easier to remember if she would just take her damn lips away from my ear for two seconds!

"Leah," I moaned, rolling sideways on my bed, giving up. "Why are you doing this to me?" The she-wolf leapt on top of me, grinning down at me triumphantly. She didn't answer me, just took her finger and ran it across my neck, and then down my chest. She spread both her hands on my chest and breathed heavily in my ear. I moaned, wanting more of her teasing.

"I'm not doing anything to you," she said. How wrong she was! She was doing everything to me...except one thing. I would have to work for that, she had told me. "This was your idea, remember." She put her elbows on my shoulders, pinning me down more efficiently. I growled a little, and she smiled. She liked this game.

In a flash, I had broken her hold and had her pinned down on the bed instead. I was growling, she was doing something between giggling and snickerng. She had grown her black hair out a little bit (it was just past her shoulders) since it was getting cold and she wanted to be warm when she was in wolf form. Her brown eyes were actually giddy, challenging, but also...suspicious.

With a start I realized she didn't think this would last. That I was just using her to take her mind off Nessie. My whole being cringed at that word, and my heart actually hurt. But I knew, in the way she looked at me, and then at him-I couldn't bring myself to think the name-that that was who she had chosen. And I couldn't be upset. I knew I should be, though. I should be in pain, as much when Bella chose Edward, but a thousand times worse. But I didn't. Maybe it was because I knew Nessie was safe, and I knew she was happy.

I grabbed Leach's face in my hands and kissed her on the lips roughly, then more gentle. She didn't need any other invitation. She leaned against me so we were both sitting on my bed. I ran my hands through her short, silky hair and she explored my back, my chest, my arms...anything not covered was now her territory. She groaned when I ran my tongue along her throat, and that's when we heard the door open, and the little gasp that followed.

We both turned toward the interruption on instinct, and we were both surprised when we saw Renesmee Carlie Cullen staring at us, her mouth open. I looked at the two of us. I guess we were a sight: Leah's shirt was on the floor, and one bra strap was hanging off her shoulder. I was always shirtless, but there was a rip in my shorts, and the sheets were all wrinkled.

Well. I bet this is something no wolf in the whole history of the Quileute packs had ever done-gotten caught cheating on their imprint. Hell, cheating on the imprint was most assuredly unheard of, as well. Nessie stared at us for a long time. Leah snarled and said in an anger-laced voice,

"What do you want, half-leech?" I glared at her. While I really didn't want Nessie to be here, I didn't like Leah's tone. But then my heart squeezed when I saw the suspicion more clearly in her eyes, and I wished I hadn't said anything.

But how was this possible? I was supposed to see no one but Renesmee. Maybe because she didn't need me, didn't want me, I was able to look past her face. Nessie was suddenly aware of her gaping mouth, closed it and then said in an astonished but otherwise emotionless voice,

"Well, Jake I came here to talk to you about...my choice. I want Nahuel. And it seems you've moved on quite fine. So...bye." And then she was gone. Just like that. I stared after her retreating back, and then shook my head to clear it. I wasn't as hurt as I'd thought I'd be. Wow. That was great. But...what would happen with the treaty? If her rejecting me didn't cause pain, what would happen if someone killed her?

A roar of rage struggled to free itself from my throat as soon as it crossed my mind. And I understood now. My role in Nessie's life was not as a lover, but as a constant protector, an ever-watching guard for her. But first...

I looked at my Beta, and shock coursed through. It was like I had never seen her before. Leah was beautiful, so much it hurt. Something in her expression told me that she was looking at me differently now. She's mine. All mine. I took glee in thinking these words. A possessive, feral instinct came over me. I wanted her, so badly, but another ancient feeling reminded me that she must want me just as much.

"Jake," she whispered, her voice awed and frightened at the same time. "Jake, I think we just imprinted...on each other. But...how is that possible?" I shook my head. I didn't know. I did have a theory though.

"Maybe...maybe this was all some sort of set up by the Fates," I whispered. She looked at me, confused. "What I mean is, if I hadn't imprinted on Nessie, Sam's pack would have slaughtered the Cullens before the Volturri could do it. I couldn't imprint on you, and vice versa, before that. And now that she's safe, and made her choice, I think I'm...somewhat free now. I will always want to protect her, but-but not as much as you." Leah stared at me for a long, long time, and then she kissed me.

She shimmied out of the rest of her bra, and then pulled off her shorts. She smiled, almost tauntinly. "You've earned it," she whispered in my ear.

And slowly, softly, the cord that tied me to the beautiful female hybrid broke. The strings that held me before her retied themselves, only to merge together to form a bridge, leading to Leah Clearwater. My imprint.

My true soul mate.

A.N-Yeah, I'm not so sure if this is at all possible, but since SM didn't go into much detail about how rejecting an imprint works, I've decided it might be something like this. I'm a real big Blackwater fan. Anything that will get Nessie and Nahuel together (or at least not with Jake. I love ya, big guy, but I just can't ship this.) Though I like Leah&Nahuel pairings too...

*There is a theory that Lucifer rebelled against God because God wanted him to bow to Adam, the first man. But Lucifer refused, asking if 'a son of fire should be forced to bow to a son of clay?'