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Kim Possible: 2.0

By LJ58

Part 5:

When the gates opened, Shego stared at the unlikely sight of the Roth setting parked just outside in the clearing beyond the school walls.

"I thought….? How…..?"

"I have learned not to bother to ask," Kim said as she walked over, climbed into the car, and drew on her safety belt as she switched on the navigation console.

"Well, I kind of like to have things explained," she grumbled. "If only so I'll know when to bail."

"Right," she drawled. "Well," she told her as she started the engine, and simply took the car up into the air. "Time to call Wade, and get this show on the road."

"Uh, what show?"

"That's what I'm about to tell you," Kim said as she angled away from the mountain, and headed out over the Pacific after quickly leaving Japan behind. "I'm going after Dr. Director, or anyone that is rounding up, and holding people like….us. If you want, I'll drop you off anywhere you want….."

"Are you kidding," Shego exclaimed. "Do you know how bored I've been," Shego grinned. "And here you are about to go head-to-head with the harpy that's been making my life miserable since forever? Nuh-uh, Kimmie. I'm staying with this ride. If only to see how it ends. Besides, we both know that sooner or later, she will be back after my shapely backside, too. Right now," Shego told her earnestly as the ocean stretched out before them. "I can't think of anyplace safe than right beside you."

Kim stared at her for a moment, then nodded. "I hope you don't regret that decision, but…..thanks, Shego. Hopefully, our chances just went up with you alongside me."

"Look at your track record, Princess," Shego smirked. "Maybe I just wanted to be on the winning side for a change. Because I get the feeling anyone trying to face you down is going to regret it."

"This isn't about revenge," she said quickly. "It's about helping…"

"Yeah. Tell me another one, Kimberly," she called her soberly. "Because, face it, I don't have to be a mind-reader to know when you're kidding yourself."

Kim scowled, then smiled faintly in a sardonic fashion Shego readily recognized. "Okay. I'll admit there's going to be a degree of satisfaction in pulling this off. If only to rub Dr. Director's face in what we're doing."

"Thought so," Shego smirked. "Now, call the techno-geek, and let's go get them."

Kim smiled, and reached to switch on her Kimmunicator.


"Anything on your end?"

"All clear," the man said over his walkie as he moved to eye the street below him. "Nothing in sight."

"Just remember who they say is coming. You probably won't see her until she's on top of you. So stay sharp."

"Roger," the agent replied, putting his radio away, and eyeing the street below him. "We are running double watches with IFR and motion sensors. So far, nothing to report."

"Just stay alert. Just because they say she might not show doesn't mean she won't."

"Isn't she supposed to be on our side," another voice came over the radio.

"Belay the chatter," another voice quipped. "You have your orders."

The man scowled, but said no more.

The commander was a real hard-ass at the best of times. There wasn't anyone in all of Global Justice that didn't know he wanted Possible all to himself. And not in the usual way. The guy really had a stick buried deep.

"Just stay sharp," the priggish voice spat. "She's coming. I know it."


"You sure this is a good idea," Shego asked again as the Roth, still in stealth mode, settled behind a small building in a small Northeastern town.

"Trust me, it's the last place they will be expecting us."

"And you know this how?"

"Because of the five targets Wade identified, there are two others more likely to be tempting. Or so Betty will probably think. This is the least likely, so it's the one she would have thought from the start that I might first consider. But because she knows I would know that, she wrote it off, because she likely suspected that knowing I know that, I would write it off in favor of a less less likely target."

"You do know you're starting to sound like Drakken, don't you," Shego asked as they climbed out of the car.

"Just remember the plan. We go in the back door after you circumvent the security, and bypass the electronic locks."

"No air ducts," Shego smirked.

"Too obvious. And even GJ wouldn't leave their ducts unguarded, if they're even large enough to get inside."

"I'll take your word for it. But do you really think they're hiding captives inside a bakery?"

"Under it."

"Okay. So, how do we….get out. Because the getting in isn't the part I ever worry about?"

Leaving the Roth on standby, and still cloaked, the two left the back lot, and moved to the alley that opened a block away from the target bakery. A small, glass and chrome shop that was dimly lit by security lights. Padding down the block, they crossed to the alley two buildings from the bakery itself, and started to head for the door.

She was just about to signal Shego to head for the door when she felt an overpowering reaction that warned her to freeze. She pulled Shego back into the shadows, eyes studying the area as she frowned as she noted the stillness of the night around them.

Shego frowned, but said nothing.

Kim just stared into the darkness, listening. The Kimmunicator showed nothing. Annie wasn't broadcasting a warning. So why…..?

"Stop," the word whispered in her mind, and she knew, absolutely knew that is not her own usual mental voice.

She gestured for Shego to wait, rechecking her Kimmunicator again.

Still nothing.

"Turn back. It's a trap," the words rang clear and articulate in her mind.

She took a single breath when the volume rose.

"Turn back now," the mental voice all but ordered, and she gave Shego a prearranged signal as they both backtracked, staying to the darkness, and taking a circuitous route that led them back the way they had come.

She still found nothing. Yet that warning. Had Betty outthought her after all? Yet, somehow, if someone were there, they were managing to hid their presence. Considering how good Wade's tech was, that meant they had something even better. Still, that voice….

They had just made it across the street when Shego gasped, grabbed her, and tossed her against a wall as four men in dark blue rose to stare down the alley they had just left . The seemingly abandoned neighborhood wasn't so abandoned after all.

"Looks like your freaky instincts are right again," Shego hissed even as she followed Kim back towards the alley toward the waiting Roth after Kim decided they had no choice but to bail if they were already waiting on them.

"This still doesn't help us figure out what to do next," she stated needlessly. "It certainly doesn't get us any closer to finding the real answers," Kim complained as they froze again, waiting for several more agents to go past them before they continued on into the alley once the patrol had turned a corner. "Or proof of what they're doing."

Even as they moved toward the back of the alley, careful they might still be headed into a trap, several shadowy figures suddenly stepped out of the darkness. Six figures….no. Seven, she counted as one of the figures dropped down behind her on huge, white wings.

Shego spotted them first, and shoved her back as she growled a warning, raising glowing hands.

"Wait," Kim shouted as Shego's fists began to glow, and the shadowy shapes around them began to take shape in the moonlight filtering down into the alley.

Only even a single glance was enough to reveal that these costumed figures weren't wearing Global Justice blue. Not when one of them was covered with blue fur, and the one behind her had those wings jutting out from his back.

"Hello, Kimberly," a lean, bald man with prosthetic supports on his lower limbs smiled as he stepped forward. "Allow me to introduce myself."

"Professor Charles Xavier," she said with a nod, recognizing him at once from a science journal she had read recently. "It's okay, Shego," she told her, putting a hand on her shoulder as the woman reluctantly lowered her hands after quelling her plasma.

"Indeed," he nodded back. "This is Dr. McCoy, Warren, Scott, Ororo, Jean, and….Logan."

"It's Wolverine," the short man growled. "And I don't see nothing special here," the gruff man in tan and black growled, chewing as much as smoking a very bitter-smelling cigar. "Just a couple of girls."

The sound of the women behind him clearing their throats made the shorter man with unruly sideburns snort.

"What? I'm just saying….."

"Perhaps, Wolverine, you might go and distract the agents headed this way before they arrive?"

"Yeah, yeah. That's me. Always the distraction," he grumbled. "I don't suppose I get to actually hurt someone this ti…..?"

He paused, eyed the professor, and saw Kim's dark scowl, too.

"Of course not. I swear, you pantywaists don't let me have any fun any more," he complained as he turned, leapt to one side of the alley, and sprouted six, long metal claws that helped him bound up, and over the wall without hesitation.

"Whoa," Shego muttered as she and Kim both gaped. "Haven't seen that one before."

"I'm sure there is much you've yet to learn of the world, Shar…"

"Bup, bup, bup, bup. It's Shego, old man. And I have enough trouble with my own mind-reader, so stay out of my head. Got it?"

"Of course. Now, if you ladies will come with me. Please. We have mutual enemies we might both wish to avoid just now. And we really do need to talk."

"Who are you people," Shego huffed as Kim glanced at her, and then nodded.

"Professor Xavier runs an academy for gifted children," Kim told her. "Only I didn't realize how gifted. Or am I wrong in thinking that you've been taking in mutants under the guise of playing school all this time?"

"Oh, it's a real school, Kimberly," Charles told her. "And, yes, most of my students are gifted in special ways. Just as the both of your are, too. That is, after all, why we're here. To give you an opportunity that very few outside my academy are going to allow."

"Why does this sound like a cult," Shego grumbled as they were led down the alley, to a back lot, and then right to a long, sleek black jet that looked very ominous. One of the women with him, a silver-haired woman with cocoa skin he had called Ororo, went inside to warm up the jet's engines as the others boarded.

"No cult, young lady," Charles told her as Kim stared up at the jet that dwarfed her small car. "We…. are the X-Men."

Just The Beginning…..