Christmas in Lorien

By Haldirsbaby

Beta: oli...x

Rating: PG13

Genre: HET, GEN, Romance, Friendship, Comfort, Joy

Characters: Haldir/OFC, Celeborn, Galadriel, Orophin, Rumil, OC

Timeline: Before WOTR

Warning: Mary-sue probable, Cuteness and Sweetness. Severely AU, neither book nor movie verse.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Lord of the Rings or the characters canon to it...Just borrowed for a bit of fun.

Spoilers: The war hasn't happened yet, so HALDIR LIVES!

Summary: Missy, a girl from this future, is in Middle Earth during her favorite time of year. She is and always had been in love with a certain Marchwarden, who up until now she thought never noticed her. With the help of a very meddling ruler, she finds the love she always wanted.

Chapter One: Yule Tide...What?

Lorien...oh how beautiful she is in winter. The air crisp, the ground lightly powdered with snow. Not much will fall there, because the Lady keeps her so warm. But every so often the Lady will let down her rings guard and allow a little to fall.

Missy sat on the balcony of her small quaint talan, taking in the soft glow of the lamps again the newly fallen powder. Leaning her cheek on her hand she sighed. Back home it would be December, and the trees, streets and homes filled with the warm delights of Christmas.

It has only been a few months since arriving here, in Middle Earth, and she was beginning to feel a little homesick. All these months here, and she still had yet to capture the one elf that captured her heart. Haldir. These days he was staying on the borders more and more. Oh, how she wanted him to notice just how much she loved him.

A knock on the door came.

Walking to the door, her soft mint green gown trailing behind, her long waist length honey brown hair undone, Missy opened the door to find the most unexpected surprise. The Lord and Lady of Lorien.

Bowing, she placed a respectable hand to her chest. Lady Galadriel lifted her softly by the chin. "Tsk, tsk. None of that, you are now our beloved adopted daughter. Stand up tall." she said placing a gentle kiss to her cheek.

"But-" she started, but was put off.

"Now, now dear, none of that. Come away from the door, we have a surprise for you." Celeborn insisted.

"What-?" she started, but stopped when she saw two elves bringing in the most beautiful evergreen she had ever seen through the door. Looking at the Lord and Lady she questioned. "I do not understand?" She said in question.

The Lady smiled warmly. "You do this in your own world, do you not, Missy?" She looked to the tree and pointed to the double doors leading out to the balcony, and to the corner there. "You dream of this festive season. From your dreams and knowledge, I understand its meaning, both in truth and in traditions. Winter Solstice is our time of celebration, and it falls parallel to yours. I spoke it over with the advisers, and Celeborn. We thought it a capital idea to merge your traditions with ours, for this time of season. I believe you will decorate the tree, will you not?"

"Oh, of course, but-" she did not get to finish.

"We have spread the news far and wide, and told them of these traditions, and from all sectors of the realm they agree. Lorien will be a light with colorful things and adornment of the homes. My Lady wife has even decided to allow a little more snow in as well to make it complete. Dinner for the city will be held in the main hall of the palace. Enjoy this Missy, for we hope you feel more at home here." Celeborn said as he watched the two elves place the tree standing up right.

"I am touched that you would all do it. I am excited about it." Missy said smiling and then touching the tree. It had just the right type of branches for hanging the ornaments. "Thank you so much for this great occasion to celebrate such a holiday. Back in my time, it was most revered. You will love the colors and the trimmings." Missy told them beaming. It had lifted her spirits greatly, now it did not seem so bleak. But a looming feeling came over her and the smile left.

The Lady saw the smile leave, and knew what made Missy's heart darken. "Perhaps you will get what it is you wish for. Fear not for it will happen in time." The lady said placing a warm arm about her shoulders. Forcing the smile she had before, Missy looked up.

"I worry not anymore, for I feel more at home already." she looked at the tree again. "Now, where can I get the things to make the trimmings for my tree?"

"Ah, that has been taken care of already. I am commissioning that small crystal glasses, and candles made to be placed upon the branches. They will have the first of them already in the market, but I have had a set made for you." she said motioning to another elf who brought forth a large box. She took the box from him and opened it for Missy to see.

Inside the small box were tea candle holders of every color. Purples, green, pink, reds, yellows, blues, and lavender, lined the box neatly, at least forty-eight of them, and small tea candles for them. Missy gasped. "Oh, they are beautiful." She said as she picked up one and held it to the candle light. She examined the cups, all of which had a small loop in the bottom of silver to place them flat upon the limbs. "These will do fine. Tomorrow I shall decorate and find the other things needed to place there."

"Good and we shall do the same. Perhaps you and I will go shopping tomorrow and buy them in the market. A special Shoppe has been taken and is now being stocked with ornaments for the trees. I am sure they will be quite busy." the Lady smiled and placed the box upon the kitchen table. "Now, Celeborn and I must leave, we have our own decorations, and events to plan for." She said as her and Celeborn made their way to the door.

Missy followed and hugged them each. Before closing the door, Celeborn looked back. "By the way, Haldir and his brothers are returning tomorrow and will be home for a month. Will that please you?"

Missy looked at him curiously. "Oh course, I will be most glad to see Rumil and Orophin. No doubt they will be excited about the celebrations."

Celeborn nodded as if not buying that she would be only glad to see her friends. He could tell she was excited that Haldir would be returning. They bid their good nights and left her. She closed the door, and went to the tree. Already the fresh scent of the tree was filling the home. She smiled while looking once more, and made her way to bed down for the night. Tomorrow would be a busy one.

The morning brought the hustle and bustle of activities, over night there were stands set up to sell trees, glass makers taking orders on coloring of the tree cups as they were called, and the opening of a Shoppe mainly opened for buying tree trimmings. It seemed that the elves welcomed this new ideal of Christmas quite nicely.

Missy and Galadriel walked along with Celeborn behind them, looking at all that went on around them.

"Missy, is this much like it is in your world? This busy I mean." the Lady asked.

"Oh, yes, but in my world it is more violent. The elves are better behaved and civilized." she told her smiling watching two children running and playing the the light powdery snow.

"Yes, I remember the violence of one's fighting for certain gifts. No that will not happen here." she looked at Missy, who was beaming. "I see joy in you this day. Tell me Missy, what has brought this on?"

"I feel so alive this time of year. It has something to do with the feeling you get in the days earlier and on the day of Christmas. The world for a bit is delightful." Missy told her. Deep down, she was hoping to see Haldir when he arrived.

The lady knew what she was feeling deep in her. "I know, let us go and get our ornaments, then go to the gates and watch for Haldir and his brother's return. I know Rumil is quite fond of celebrations, I have written him and his brothers on the particulars. Rumil replied yesterday, and mentioned that he was most pleased by the new traditions. He said you had written him and telling him of the things your world celebrated. He said of all you had spoken of, that Christmas was his favorite to hear about." The lady smiled warmly, they stood in front of a Shoppe with a Christmas tree on the sign. They entered.

Inside was like nothing that Hallmark or any other gift shop could imagine. There were bulbs of glass everywhere, all different colors. Garlands of fine design, ribbons, bows, small intricately designed ornaments. The elves, in Missy's opinion, had outdone themselves embracing the holiday.

"My lady, can I ask you a question?" Missy started. The lady only answered with a simple 'hmmm'. "Elves are fast and well learned in making things. But how did these things come to be made so quickly?"

The lady laughed. "Child, I learned of these things from your dreams weeks ago. It has been an idea in the making for that length of time. It was only yesterday that we formally announced it, and you were the last to know. But do not be upset, WE wanted to surprise you ourselves." the lady said taking her husband's arm. He was smiling sweetly.

"Oh, that explains why there is so much already so quick. Sorry I am slow to learn." Missy said looking at some ornaments. "I love these." She said picking up a set of star and moon ornaments all done in silver. There was a count of 48 in the box.

The lady waved over the clerk of the Shoppe. "Lady Missy, would like these, and I would like that one." She said pointing to the box with snowflakes and balls with stars painted on them. Silver and gold were the set.

After finding ribbons to match Missy's ornaments and some for Galadriel's tree. They made their way out of the Shoppe and to the Gates.

The gates were a hustle and bustle of activities. Families of the returning wardens all gathered to welcome them home. It had been nearly two months since they had all gone. Galadriel and Missy took up a seat under an old Oak tree. Celeborn had abandoned them to see to urgent business with his advisers. Apparently reports were coming in from all borders about impending dangers that could happen any day now. But Galadriel was not worried.

A great cheer sounded as the first of the Wardens were led in by Haldir. After the wardens came into the gates, he dismissed them.

Missy's heart pounded fast as she saw him approaching. Rumil and Orophin had been stopped by a group of elliths, who was kissing and hugging them in welcome. Their smiles as the lady's did this were priceless. They looked just like two children in a candy store. Missy smiled at them. She loved these two rascals like they were her own brothers. Haldir approached Galadriel.

Bowing low with his hand upon his heart, he spoke. "My Lady, been too long since I last beheld your beauty and your counsel. How fare you?" he spoke regally, it impressed Missy.

"Ah, Haldir, my dear foster son, you know you do not have to treat me so formally. After all, I may be your sovereign, but I am also one that took you into my bosom and raised you. How are you?" she asked kissing his forehead. Missy had been here for some time, and never truly knew that Galadriel had raised him or his brothers until now. She shied away some, but not for long, the Lady turned to her. "Haldir, you know of Lady Missy, do you not?" She asked placing a hand on Missy's arm. Missy almost died when she did this. Now was the time to learn if he even thought she existed.

Haldir rose up and looked at Missy fully. He nodded his head, and reached out for Missy's hand. Taking it he kissed it softly. Missy felt the color rise up her cheeks. "Yes, but unfortunately, I have not had the chance to speak to such a beautiful creature." He spoke, his eyes never leaving hers.

Missy felt faint. 'He called me a beautiful creature.' she said nervously within. Not believing a word of what she just heard. Composing herself mentally, Missy lifted her chin and smiled at him warmly. "I am friends with your brothers. I have wanted to converse with you, but you have been terribly busy, with the rising dangers of late." Missy spoke her voice trembling, she wondered if they had noticed.

"Yes, they have been very taken with you. You are the subject of many conversations. I had hoped that I would have the opportunity to meet you. And now I have." he looked to the lady, "My lady, these new celebrations, have caused a delightful stir among the wardens, none can seem to stop talking of it. I find it a refreshing change. I have to ask, just for the sake of my curiosity, but where had the ideas come from?"

Lady Galadriel looked at him and smiled warmly, then turned her gaze to Missy. "The idea came from dreams from our dear Missy here. Celebrations of winter are much different in her world, and I felt them quite nice. So after some deliberation and convincing, it was decided to add them to our own."

Haldir looked at Missy and smiled softly. "Ah, yes, from her world. I think Rumil had spoken how much he loved hearing you talk about the celebrations of your world and this 'Christmas' was his favorite one. I am elated to celebrate this holiday, and see how it looks in fair Lorien." Haldir said kindly. Missy thought on how handsome he looked in his warden's get up. Devilishly handsome in her eyes indeed.

"My tree is up, but not decorated yet. I am looking forward to doing it tonight." Missy commented.

Haldir cocked his head to the side looking at her. "Perhaps, Lady Missy, you would allow me and my brothers to visit you and see how this decorating is done, so that we may learn to do it ourselves." He suggested.

Missy went cold, shock actually. 'He wants to come over?' the words loomed in her mind. "I would like that, or I could visit you and help with your decorations?" She asked, but it was more of an implanting of an idea.

"Or do both. I am sure that Rumil and Orophin would be delighted." Haldir said.

Galadriel sat back observing the two very closely. It was all a part of her master plan to get them together. She had seen how lonely Missy and Haldir both were, also knew of how much Missy cared for Haldir in her own world and this one. They were opposites, but like all, opposites attract. And this match was a good one. She smiled inwardly seeing her plan was working nicely.

Missy smiled at the prospect of having Haldir come to help her. "Perhaps I could have dinner ready for you and your brothers when you arrive." She said happily.

"Very well, then it is settled. I have to make my reports to Lord Celeborn, then go and clean up. Shall I be there about sundown?" he asked smiling.

"Of course." she answered.

Rumil and Orophin approached. "Missy!" Rumil said holding out his arms to embrace her.

She stepped into the embrace and kissed his cheek. "Hello, mellon. I have missed you and your brothers immensely.

Haldir caught that last part and looked at her curiously. 'She missed all of us." he thought. Orophin hugged her happily squeezing her. "So how has our little Missy been doing?' he asked.

"Lonely, but it is looking brighter now." she looked from Rumil to Orophin questioningly. "Will you both be coming to dinner?"

Rumil and Orophin looked at each other. Rumil looked to Missy. "I am afraid not Little one. Orophin and I have arrangements with two fine ladies tonight. Perhaps another time?" he asked hopefully. The two brothers looked to Haldir, who was making a face that Missy picked up as being one that spoke 'No, you will not.'

Missy felt a little disappointed. But also nervous that she and Haldir would be alone. "Oh, alright. I understand. Haldir has asked that I help you all decorate your tree as well."She said looking at Haldir who was looking quite proud.

Rumil and Orophin excused themselves after saying their 'Hellos' to Galadriel. Leaving the three alone once again. Galadriel spoke up, "Haldir, since you are going to the palace will you care to escort me?"

"Certainly,' he said holding out an arm for her to take.'Shall we?"

The lady wrapped her arm in the crook of his. He looked back, "I will be there at sundown. Until then." he turned back around, Galadriel smiled over her shoulder at Missy.

Missy's mind raced. 'What just happened?' she asked herself. She was almost in a panic. She raced through the market, buying things for dinner. It was late afternoon, and the sun would be going down in just a couple hours. Racing back to her talan, she immediate began setting out the decorations and preparing dinner.