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That got Yukiko wondering to herself. 'An all girls dorm? Why would she invite us, or rather him, to this place? Unless she forgot to mention that little tidbit to him, so he would be attacked, or labeled as a pervert or even a rapist. What was she thinking?' Yukiko continued to ponder what was going to happen even as they entered, ready to face whatever was going to come their way…

And Now…

"Hold on, Kei-kun," Yukiko suddenly exclaimed, as she placed her hand on his shoulder. Keitaro looked back at her.

"What is it?" Keitaro couldn't help but notice where she was looking.

Yukiko pointed to the sign that was in the window, which read "All Girls Dorm".

"It would seem your grandmother had forgotten to mention something within her letter to you. I do wonder what exactly she was planning by withholding this information from you. As it is, we'd best be careful. Who knows what would happen if something wrong were to happen to you."

"Indeed it would be a shame, cousin." Spoke a voice from behind them. He seemed to hold a bit of teasing within it.

Both Keitaro and Yukiko jumped at the voice and spun around to see who was speaking, and Keitaro's eyes widened at what he saw.

"It's been quite some time since I had received a letter, from you, Roach. Last I heard, you were taking out a Russian spy, but I hadn't heard since. Since you are alive, I can tell you succeeded and quit the 141?" Keitaro questioned as he was remembering the last letter he had gotten.

"And you would indeed be correct. However, let us enter, and speak inside, where it is comfortable. And besides, it'd be best if I broke the news to you, instead of Haruka. Besides, she's too busy with her shop right now anyways." Roach said, as he gained a grin on his face.

Scene Change

"So you're telling me, Granny wanted me to come here, single mind you, and fall in love with one of the girls here? One thing to say to that," Keitaro mused, as he closed his eyes for a second.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS SHE THINKING! I mean, she's trying to play matchmaker here! She's got no right to do that!" Keitaro yelled, then calmed down a little as Yukiko put a hand on his arm.

"Indeed, she had no right to do that Kei-kun, but perhaps you would never have met me if she hadn't tried to play, matchmaker, as you put it." Roach nodded his head slightly as he listened to her wise words.

"The young lady is right, cousin. She may have meddled in your life, but it didn't turn out bad, now did it?" Roach asked, as he noticed Kitsune come downstairs.

"Sleepy beauty arises!" Roach joked as he got up and went to Kitsune as she stepped off the final stair. She was wearing a red sweater and a pair of beige pants. She opened her left eye to regard Roach and grinned at him, giving him a long kiss.

"And good afternoon to you too, Prince Charming." She regarded the two guests with a critical eye. "And who might these two be?"

Roach and Kitsune both walked to the couch and sat down on it. "Well, Keitaro here," he said as he pointed to him, "is my cousin, and she," he gestured towards Yukiko, "I do not know. Perhaps she should introduce herself."

Yukiko blushed slightly at not introducing herself. "My name is Yukiko Atsuko. A pleasure to meet you both."

"My name is Mitsune Konno, though everyone calls me Kitsune due to my eyes and playful nature. I will tease you if you reveal something you shouldn't." Kitsune grinned as she saw Keitaro blush somewhat and Yukiko glaring at her slightly.

"Yes, yes. Have your fun later, Kitsune. As explained before Keitaro, you are to inherit the Hinata Sou. I doubt the rest of the residents will be very forthcoming. Hell they may even attack you." Roach explained as he handed a fax to Keitaro to read. (A/N HINT!)

Yukiko giggled at what Roach had said. She highly doubted these girls could actually hurt Keitaro. Even she herself was no pushover when it came to fighting. Knowing a few different martial arts had made her quite powerful.

"I highly doubt we have to worry, but we will take your advice and try to avoid them if we can. If not, don't blame us for the damages this place receives." Yukiko said offhand, as she cracked her knuckles, making Roach and Kitsune look at her, a little shocked at what she said.

"Honestly, I wouldn't even have to reverse grip if I had to fight. If one of them knows a sword style perhaps I might, but who knows? I doubt anyone of them actually is good with a sword. Anyways, I plan on heading to the manager's room, so I can go over everything Hina left me. Let's go Yuki-chan." Keitaro and Yukiko both got up off the couch and headed towards the stairs. Yukiko waved to Kitsune and Roach and they headed off.

"Makes me wonder what exactly they have done in their life so far. I saw they were both wearing golden bands on their fingers, indicating they're married. I'm sad to have missed the wedding, but I am glad for him." Roach sighed softly, as he watched them go upstairs.

Scene Change

"Hmm, it's bigger than I thought it was going to be. Perfect for us both, wouldn't you agree, Yuki-chan?" Keitaro question as he was looking over the funds the dorm had available, as he needed to know exactly how much he was working with, and what needed to be fixed, and what it was going to cost.

"Quite so. Though I am curious as to who the tenants are. From what I've seen, Kitsune is to be the oldest of the females here. From the way your cousin was talking there are at least two others who live here as well. Perhaps we'll meet them today?" Yukiko responded to his question with her own. Keitaro was about to reply when they heard from downstairs.


"Guess we're about to meet them." Keitaro said.

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