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As Keitaro and Yukiko reached the kanrinins' room, both changed into what they usually wore when they slept.

Keitaro had stripped down to his boxers and a white undershirt, as Yukiko as stripped into her underwear as well, and was wearing a large dark red t shirt over her body. As they climbed into the futon together, Keitaro smiled at her and kissed her forehead softly.

"I love you, my Tenshi," Keitaro whispered to her.

"And I love you, my Kishi," Yukiko said lovingly to him, as she closed her and they both drifted off to sleep, neither thinking about what they had to do tomorrow.

And Now…

Morning had come and went, and everyone was on the roof, awaiting this fight to see who would be victorious. Motoko had a good feeling that her sister would win, but she also had a nagging doubt that Keitaro would somehow win, whether by luck or skill, she knew not.

Keitaro had walked up from the stairs from below, and stretched as he got on the roof, and grinned at what he saw. Apparently the entire place wanted to see what he could, and he would not disappoint them in the slightest. He saw Roach and Kitsune talking quietly with each other, and Haruka was standing next to Tsuruko talking to her and apparently catching up.

He looked behind him and saw Yukiko walking up as well, and she just smiled at him. He grinned at her, pretty confident that he would not lose to Tsuruko, lest he be beaten by his wife. Ah well, he could handle it, but he doesn't plan on losing.

"Alright. Let's begin. I'd like to get this with over quickly." Keitaro stated, as he approached the middle of the roof. He noticed Roach look at him and grin. He grinned back at him, confident in his abilities.

Tsuruko approached the middle of the roof and withdrew her sword. As she did, the others backed off to the side, and waited. Roach, himself, was going to watch this intently. He'd heard how good Keitaro was with a blade, be he wanted to see for himself, and not second-hand accounts.

Keitaro flicked his sword handle slightly, and removed a small amount of the blade, and held his stance, awaiting Tsuruko to make the first move. Keitaro never made the first move when he held this stance, and he preferred to end fights in one move if possible. His eyes watched her muscles for any sign of movement, and wasn't surprised in the least to see how well she had trained them to not give any indications away.

Roach was thinking to himself when he saw the stance, surprised that Keitaro would try to end the match quickly.

'Battoujutsu already? He really must just want to end this.'

"If you will not make the first move, then I will, and it will mostly likely end this match if you are not quick enough." Keitaro spoke and he vanished from sight and no one would except for Yukiko, Tsuruko and Haruka were able to keep track, the latter two having trouble at that.

A loud 'CLANG' was heard as Tsuruko was able to block his strike, though the blade was very close to her face, indicating that she was barely able to block at the last second.

"So, you blocked it. That's good. I really wanted to see if you could block that. Very few people can me move, let alone block me. Good. Now, come and show me what you have." Keitaro spoke, as he leapt away from her, and held his blade with hand for a few seconds, and then flipped it around, as the blade was pointed away from himself and held it in a reverse-grip.

Tsuruko herself was now narrowing her eyes at him. 'Is he underestimating me? He will learn not to do so.'

She spun her sword around her once and flew after him (Not literally flew, but, you know what I mean, right?), and swung her sword at a diagonal direction, which he blocked, before shoving her off of his blade, resuming his stance once again.

'Hmm… He is very fast. Faster then even me. This… will be difficult to say the least. Well, I do have one move I've yet to try, but it's effects may not be worth it… Screw it. Why not go all the way and try it? He may even not be able to block or dodge it.'

Her internal monologue complete, she held her sword over her head and at an angle, and vanished from everyone's sight calling out her attack.

"Ame No Sutoraiku O Nagareru (Flowing Rain Strike)!"

Keitaro found himself having to block multiple fast and hard strikes from Tsuruko, and he was having a hard time blocking all of them, until one got through and managed a slice across his face, deep enough to draw blood, and maybe leave a scar.

"So, you hit me. Very well done. Now, let's see if you can dodge my ultimate attack." Spoke Keitaro as he shoved her away from him again, and drew his second swords, holding it in a reverse-grip as well.

Wind began to swirl around Keitaro as he placed his swords over each other, creating an "X", and everyone saw the wind gather around the blades.

"Let's see just how fast you really are, Tsuruko-hime." And with those words he vanished yet again, even Yukiko couldn't see him, until she heard him call his attack out.

"No Saishu-Tekina Sutoraiku Tenjin (Final Strike of the Heavenly God)!" With those words, Keitaro reappeared behind Tsuruko, and sheathed both of his blades, and when the 'click' noise was heard, Tsuruko was dropped to her knees, her clothing having been cut everywhere and blood coming from her arms and a little bit from her face.

'My energy… it's drained! That move, drains you and leaves you vulnerable to the death blow. No wonder he called it the Final Strike. I admit defeat to him.'

"I admit defeat. You are better then me. That move… drained me completely. Truly astounding in the way of the blade you are, Keitaro Urashima." Tsuruko admitted as she tried to get up, but found herself unable to do so.

"Take it easy there. That attack will keep you tired for a few days. I use as a means to end a match, and it has yet to fail, and when it does, I'll create something even better, and more effective." Keitaro explained as he lifted her in his arms bridal style, and began walking down the stairs, as the others followed, impressed and speechless at what they had seen.

Motoko couldn't believe her sister lost, but when she remembered who he was, she thought it over in her head, and rationalized it was possible for someone to be better then her sister.

Haruka was impressed with what her cousin had learned since he had been away from Japan. Perhaps he could become the first in their clan to truly wield the blade. Some had tried before, but none were nearly as good as Keitaro had shown himself to be, and she could tell he was holding back.

Roach was glad to see his cousin was skilled in the blade. The people in Japan has always revered the sword as something of an art and when mastered, could be a graceful dance, albeit a deadly one when in the hands of a true master.

The rest of the crew (Naru, Kitsune, Su, and Shinobu) were speechless and could follow behind the rest as they had no idea the person they just met was so skilled with a blade.

As they got into the common area, Keitaro laid Tsuruko down on the couch and moved out of the for Yukiko to appear.

"She's much better at the healing arts then I am. That's why we're perfect together in fights. She can heal just about anything, while I can destroy just about anything." Keitaro explained as he saw the looks from Roach and Haruka.

Yukiko knelt down as her hand glowed blue for a few seconds as she touched Tsuruko's face, her cuts leaving her body almost instantly, and restoring some of her energy as well, making it so she could move around.

"Alright, that should do it. However, you will be sore for a few days. I recommend you take it easy, and no strenuous training, lest you rip something, or break it. And I will not heal it." She spoke as she finished, and got up, smiling a little.

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