Chapter One: Abduction

May 14, 2004

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Patrick Green walked through the woods near the apartment where he lived with his family. Behind him followed his sister Samantha Doss, and cousins Xavier Turner and Antione Cornish. The four of them were headed to the lake Patrick and Samantha had recently discovered while exploring the woods. School had ended several weeks ago and they were happily enjoying their summer.

"We're almost there." Patrick told them.

"Is it a big lake?" asked Antione.

"Yeah, it's even bigger than the one at the house."

The four of them eventually moved through the trees stopping in front of the lake. Geese were swimming in the water some of them searching for food. Samantha bent down to look in the water and saw small fish swimming in it. Xavier skipped a rock into the water while Antione move a stick through it watching the surface ripple. Patrick just stared around taking in the view daydreaming in his own world. He was quickly interrupted by Antione and Samantha who started fighting over the stick.

"I want to see it!" demanded Samantha.

"Too bad I had a first."

Antione stuck his tongue out at Samantha and she pushed him. Patrick and Xavier immediately tried to separate them and the four of them argued among each other.

"Buddha you're always starting stuff." Xavier complained using Antione's nickname.

"Shut up, Jroc!" Antione retorted using his nickname.

"Both of you ge-" Patrick began but he stopped in mid-sentence because at that moment an abrupt sound came out of nowhere. They looked around them looking for the strange noise. It sounded like a machine and the noise grew higher while at the same time the volume increased blocking out the sounds of the woods.

Patrick grimaced as the sound started hurting his ears then he suddenly felt dizzy. He noticed the others reacting the same way. Samantha fell, Xavier grabbed a tree for support, while Antione swayed slightly. A white light appeared above them and the four of them looked up at it squinting and shielding their eyes with their hands because it was so bright. Air blew around them rustling bushes and moving Samantha's hair while at the same time Patrick felt as if something had grabbed him. The roaring of the wind drowned out the original mechanical sound and his last memories were of him, his sister, and cousins leaving the ground and the feeling like he was flying. The light, the strange sounds, and wind quickly stopped as if nothing happened and the woods returned to it's quiet, normal state. But the children had disappeared.