Let Their Be Drabbles

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"Ishida. I heard that you were injured by a force unknown."

"Nemu?" Ishida sat up from his bed. He had been injured, and he and his father still didn't know who had done it. Ichigo and Chad were off with that weird group, doing weird things trying to get his powers back.

Orihime was off, well, making cupcakes, and being Orihime.

"I was injured. Ryuuken and I intend to find out who did it, but that's not important right now. Why are you here? What is your mission?"

"I am not currently on a mission." Nemu sat down on the chair next to his bed.

"Then, why are you here?"

"I had moral objections to an experiment."


"I refused to dissect an animal without anesthesia. Mayuri Taicho said it was too expensive to numb the animal first, and I had a moral objection."

"So in essence, you and your father had an argument, and you ran away from your post?" Ishida summed up.

"Exactly. It was wrong to abandon my post, but I was angry." Ishida blinked. Angry? Moral objection to an experiment? This was Nemu right?

And she had called him Mayuri Taicho, not Mayuri Sama, as she typically did.

"Must have been quite the argument." He murmured at last.

"Here." She reached inside her shirt and retrieved of all things, a rabbit. A live one.

"This is the animal in question. Take it."

"I can't have a live animal in a hospital room." He told her firmly. She fixed him with a look.

"Would you prefer it be dissected while it's completely conscious?"

Wordlessly, he received the animal. It was white, with black circles around it's eyes, and a stripe on it's back. It seemed surprisingly tame.

"May I ask you a personal question, Miss Nemu?" Uryuu asked her softly, scratching the rabbit behind it's long ears. Nemu gave him a confused look.


Oh, right she wasn't really a person. She was an android, shinigami, thingy. Well, she was a person, right? She had organs and a personality. So she is human. Kinda. Shaking his head, he returned to the conversation.

"I thought you couldn't feel emotion."

"I am not intended to. I was created with Gigai technology, computer technology, and miscellaneous organs. Your grandfather gave me his organs. I developed a personality after I experienced being alive. Soon, I became more human. I feel emotions now."

"My grandfather… His heart is your heart? And his brain is your brain?"

"Your grandfather gave me a better life. I wanted to tell you something. I know Mayuri dissected your grandfather, but I killed him."

"You killed my grandfather? Mayuri gave you his heart! You couldn't have killed him, if you didn't have organs yet."

"I'm made of various materials. I can survive twenty three hours without my major organs. I did need them, however, so that Mayuri Taicho doesn't have to repeatedly bring me back to life." Ishida just sat and blinked at her. Bring her back to life?

"Did I say something offensive?" Nemu asked calmly. He shook his head wildly.

"No! Reanimation is just still a fairy tale in my world. To hear you speak of it so casually is a little startling."

"In any case, I killed your grandfather. I was alive at the moment, but without the organs needed for longevity. I was not ordered to, but I killed him. I smothered him."

"You did? Why? Why go against Mayuri to kill my grandfather?"

"For precisely the same reason I gave you that rabbit. Suffering and pain, are concepts I find unpleasant and unnecessary. I knew Mayuri needed to harvest organs for me, in order to keep me alive for longer periods of time, and I also knew he had to dissect a Quincy. I did not want to torture the man without having a reason to, so I killed him so he wouldn't experience pain, or any other sensation during the dissection. What is this action, you're performing?"

"It's called a hug."

"What is it's purpose?"

"I am happy you saved my grandfather from extreme suffering. You performed an act of mercy."

"I find hugs pleasant."

"Most people do." He laughed. She felt just like a real girl. Hell, she was soft and everything. And she didn't smell like chemicals.

"Nemu! Where have you been!"

"Mayuri Sama!"

"It's very hard to be in this world." Mayuri was wearing a very strange outfit, no doubt to hide his strange figure.

"I am sorry I left my post."

"I have lost the sample! If doing research the cheap and correct way bothers you so much, I'll let you compromise our scientific objectivity! We can let the samples die first! But no more running off! Do you agree, foolish girl?"

"I do agree, Mayuri Sama." She released Ishida and followed her father. Ishida called out to them.

"How human is she?"

"Excuse me?" Mayuri seethed.

"How human is she?"

"She's as human as any of us are. Why do you care? Come Nemu!"

Ishida fluffed the bunny's fur, and smiled. She was as human as anyone, right? Then maybe he didn't have to feel bad for looking at her the way he did.

"You need a name right?" He asked the rabbit. It sat upon his lap, twitching it's nose.

"I'll have to get a cage for you then, Nemu Chan."

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