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Camille Saroyan rolled over for what she figured was the thousandth time that night. She glared at the clock on her night stand. If she was awake for five more minutes, she would get up and do something, maybe read a book. A storm rolled on outside the cocoon of her bedroom, but it was not the rumble of thunder keeping her awake.

She wasn't one to put much thought into nagging feelings. She trusted her gut for those split second decisions she sometimes had to make at work, yet she was grounded in science. This feeling gnawing at her insides made her search her mind for an answer. She hadn't worked anything difficult or particularly gruesome in months. In fact, she'd barely worked at all on criminal cases. She had been conducting some research about traumatic brain injuries as a personal project, and she couldn't see how that work could be keeping her awake.

She'd downed half a bottle of antacid before throwing herself into bed. She hoped she just had a case of heartburn from the spicy Thai food she'd eaten at dinner that evening. She almost wished she could go back and change what she'd ordered to something a little tamer. Memories of the heat that dinner date created between her and a certain special someone gave her only a short-lived moment of reprieve.

It was now early in the morning, and she hadn't found any relief. She rolled over yet again and faced the only window in the room. Lightning slashed through the darkness and thunder practically split open the very seam of reality. She sat straight up, pulling back the covers. Cam was ready to run, but from what she couldn't be sure.

She focused on the window, and during the next flash of light, she could swear she saw something reflected in the pane of glass. Her mind was playing tricks on her. That nagging feeling suddenly became a scream inside her head.

It took her a few seconds to realize her cell phone was ringing on the night table. She whirled around, tangling herself in the sheets. She grabbed the phone and almost fell out of bed. She almost didn't answer the call because the number displayed was unfamiliar.

"Dr. Saroyan," the owner of the voice was on the tip of her tongue.

"Yes." She answered uncovering herself and sliding her feet into a pair of slippers.

"I apologize for the late hour, cherie, but we have a situation."

Caroline Julian. Cam knew the news could not be good. A call at this late hour from the Assistant US Attorney meant only one thing – a case – and she was without part of her team.

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