Full Summary: Lord Voldemort has returned and Melantha has entered Hogwarts. Mayhem will undoubtedly ensue with the Twin Allies and the Malfoy Duo learning from the Dark Lord himself… but something bigger is going on behind the scenes… something that will soon destroy and push all the boundaries beyond their Limit… Something is coming.

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Pushing The Boundaries

What will come… Will come

Vitas awoke to the sound of muffled voices – it seemed as though someone was arguing… interesting as that was, he needed to see Voldemort… before his parents did.

Damn! It was a lost cause, he didn't know how long he had been out for, he ached like he'd been to hell and back, and it was more than likely that Voldemort had looked for his parents to speak with them… either that or it was Draco and Voldemort were having an argument.

Vitas sat up and looked around… damn, his parents were indeed arguing with his soul mate, and surprisingly, Draco was on Voldemort's side.

"He is too young to have done this, why did you let him? In fact, why did Melantha and Draco help you as well?" Lucius demanded, not realizing Vitas was awake.

"Dad, stop interrogating him, us three had been planning this long before Voldemort even came to the manor a year or so ago." Vitas managed to croak out, taking the water on the side to clear his throat.

"Vitas! You're awake, thank darkness, you're alive!" Narcissa cried out, near-running to his side and engulfing him in a hug.

"Mother, we knew the risks, Vitas knew them best, which is why he insisted on being the one to bring the Dark Lord back." Draco said quietly, and the Malfoy parents gave up on trying to find out why the children had brought the man back – They didn't even know that the Dark Lord and Vitas were Soul Mates, they could never hope to understand.

"Vitas," the dark lord finally came over to speak to him, "I am forever in your debt for what you did for me. In return, I would like the opportunity to offer you a place as my apprentice, you clearly have much potential and I would be honoured to be the one to teach you."

All the Malfoys but Vitas were shocked at the offer, since they would have never expected the Dark Lord to say such a thing to anyone, let alone Vitas – No matter how much potential he had.

Vitas simply hid a smirk, this was the method that they had come up with to give the Dark Lord and excuse to stay around Malfoy Manor for a several years before the man would have to start up the war again.

" I accept your offer and am looking forward to what I can learn from you… I appreciate the opportunity." Vitas said quietly, spotting the smirk on the man's lips, Vitas smirked back.

Then the Malfoys came back out of their stupor and everyone but Narcissa (she was a healer for the dark side) had to leave the small hospital room while his mother started fussing over him.

As Narcissa left, Vitas gave a true smile, at last… things were beginning to become interesting.

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