Okay well I don't normally write BtVS fics, but I hope you enjoy. I felt the need to write something after Normal Again. Thanks for reading in advance and please reply.

~~~No Escape~~~

"Is something wrong with Miss Summers?" the doctor said stopping at the door where the young nurse was looking into through the window.

"It's Dr. O'Connor, he's been in there since he got back from his trip. He's just sitting there holding her hand talking to her, he hasn't moved in hours." The young nurse said looking up at the doctor.

He shook his head as he looked in "You haven't been here long have you?"

She shook her head "No sir, I transferred over to this hospital just a few weeks ago, actually it was right before Dr. O'Connor went to China."

The doctor shook his head again "You've been here three weeks and the gossip mongrels haven't told you the story between the two of them…They must be slipping."

"There's a story?" the nurse said her ears perking up with interest

"Yes there's a story, a very sad one. You see Miss Summers met Dr. O'Connor when she was 14; he was 19, way before he was Dr. O'Connor. It began with her purse being stolen, he saw it happen and he ran after the guy and got it back for her, she thanked him, but they went their separate ways. Then two days later she had been walking across the street when a car ran a red light, she didn't see it, but he did and he dashed out into the street and shoved her out of the way. Luckily he narrowly avoided being hit, then he asked her she was all right and she asked if he was her guardian angel. He laughed said that no one, had ever referred to him quite like that. That was the beginning of the end for him. He couldn't resist those eyes or that smile, she lied about her age, said she was really 17. So they started seeing each other, it was platonic at first just going out for coffee, or out to the movies. They were just friends, friends that were deeply in love with each other, they called each other their angel, he'd literally saved her life and she brought meaning and a purpose to his.

Their relationship was slowly changing, but he wanted to go slow, he was afraid of destroying what they had. Then the delusions started, he didn't know anything about them, she hadn't wanted to worry him. They'd made plans to meet the night after she had been brought into here, when she didn't show he got worried and kept calling her private line, the only number he had to reach her. Her parents checked her messages a day or two after she'd been brought in and the machine was full of messages from him, each one more frantic than the one before it. They had no way of contacting him though, but they didn't need to. He showed up on their doorstep later that night, that was when everything came out. Her age, their relationship, her breakdown, everything.

Her parents wouldn't let him see her, but he couldn't stop loving her after a few weeks of begging with them they allowed him to go see her, but she had already slipped into a fully delusional world. But he kept coming back to the hospital everyday after his classes were done, he'd just sit there and hold her hand and tell her about his day and how much he missed her. He switched his major from business to a double major in biology and psychology. He went to med school because of her and then he came here. He's the reason, she's much better groomed than everyone else. A hairdresser comes in every few months and highlights her hair just like Buffy had always done before her collapse and cuts it to whatever trend she thinks would suit her best. Just so whenever she comes out of it, she sees what he sees and that's her glowing beauty, he sees it even when she refuses to cooperate with the nurses and doesn't get washed for days. The worse was she came out of her altered state for about three months this summer. God you should have seen how happy they were, they were planning their wedding, he was helping her get her GED. The world was perfect for them, then she got dragged back into her delusions.

Six years and he never left her side, till three weeks ago when he went to China to explore some different types of Chinese medicines that might help her. I don't know if he's going to forgive himself for not being with her when she came out of it, he's positive that if he'd just been there, she could have realized that this was her reality. It was different last time, last time she'd died, so she really couldn't comprehend that this wasn't her after life, but this time, she'd seen that they weren't real, she was so close to making that final break with them."

"That's so sad" the nurse said wiping her tears away

"That's not all, she created him again in her delusions, she made him a vampire."

"But wait" the nurse cut in "Isn't she a vampire slayer?"

The doctor nodded "Exactly, she made their love impossible, she made it so that he was destroyed because of his love for her, she made it impossible for them to be together, she's recently given him a child too. You'll hear her talking about Angel, that's Dr. O'Connor, he's her great love in both of her worlds."

"Oh my" the nurse said still wiping away more tears "Poor Dr. O'Connor, oh the wedding rings he wears around his neck."

The doctor nodded "They were being sized when we lost her again to her delusions, and we had to remove her engagement ring after a nurse was cut by it trying to bathe her."

The nurse looked into the window once again, he was still there holding her hand "Do you think she'll ever get better Doctor?"

He looked into the window with her "I don't know, but if there's one thing I've learned in all my years of practice, it's to never discount the power that love has. Now come on, let's leave them alone."

Inside Buffy's room:

Angel/Liam just sits holding her hand "Please baby, please come back to me. This is what's real," he says taking their combined hands and placing them upon his heart and then hers. "You, me, we're real, this love is real. It's not doomed, it's not hopeless, we can be together, we can be happy if you just come back to me. You told me to move on, you told me to be happy, I can't without you though. Please baby, come back to me."

"Angel" she murmured slightly tossing her head

"I'm here baby, I'm right here."

"I miss you, I miss you so much." She said rolling her face into her pillow.

"I miss you too baby, I miss you so much." He said resting his head against her shoulder. He knew she was talking about him in her delusional world, but he didn't care. She knew how they were meant for each other in both of her worlds. There was no escaping or running from it, even though he knew she tried to. They were meant for each other, it was as simple as that. He would never leave her, even if she never got better, he would never leave her.