A/N: Hey peoples! I realize that I haven't exactly been getting out a lot of Sheelos stuff, but I had the idea for this poem, so BAM! this thing was born. XP

Surprisingly, the first stanza is a poem I wrote for Halloween. I thought it had potential to be a Sheelos poem, so I expanded upon it. Like my previous Sheelos poem, "The Phoenix and the Nightingale", the stanzas switch points of view.

The first stanza is from both Sheena and Zelos' point of view.

The second, fourth, sixth, and eighth stanzas are from Sheena's point of view.

The third, fifth, seventh, and ninth stanzas are from Zelos' point of view.

I'm rating this "T" because the last two stanzas COULD be interpreted to imply something sexual (I personally didn't realize it until I read those two stanzas over lol); it all depends on how you interpret it. Either way, I want to be on the safe side, so T-rated it is!

Well, that's all! Please read, enjoy, and of course, review! ^^


I REALLY need to find a new way to say that previous sentence. It's starting to get on MY nerves a bit! XD

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Death to decay,
Metal to rust.

As I ponder on this moonless night,
I wonder if everything between us is alright.
I am a girl of flesh and blood,
You a conglomerate of brokenhearted love.

If I could hold you this very night,
Tell me, love,
Would it be fine?
My sins and my sorrow are far too much to bear;
I need you with me,
I'm just so damn scared…

I wish you would just tell me—
How do you feel?
Do I make your heart soar,
Does it flutter when I'm near?
Or am I repulsive,
Just one of the many hunnies you think you hold dear?

Darkened ashes blinding my eyes,
Have finally dispersed to let me see what's mine.
I look and I see and I'm driven to tears,
Unleashing what's been held back for so many years.
Things I shouldn't have heard,
Things that should not have been said,
If she really didn't love me,
Then maybe I am glad she's dead.
But you, dear,
You really care.
You're the only one who embraces me,
The only one who would dare.

Dust settling from my memories,
Death and decay once prevailed,
But that's behind me now,
Things are different—
I'm no longer jailed.
You've let me free,
I just can't believe it;
You care that much about me?
I'm just a walking sin,
Everything I touch corrupts;
Alone because everyone flees.

If you, love, are a sin, then I am a sinner,
And believe me, love: I am no beginner.
My life has been nothing but devils and demons,
So an angel appearing gives me something to believe in.
Believe me my dear,
If I may say,
You are one sin I don't mind having tossed my way.

Take my hand then, ex-Chosen,
And let our souls intertwine.
Tell me that you love me and that you are mine.

I'll take your hand, dearest banshee,
And I'll let our souls touch,
Then finally you'll know I love you so very much.