Boku No Chu

(My Chu)

What if in the pokemon world, the pokemon weren't creatures but hot, sexy males with extraordinary powers. And what if they had also have intentions of intimate battles with their trainers then real combat battles.

Ash Ketchum, a typical sixteen year old, is going to find out the hard way of the minds of pokemon, especially Pikachu, a boy with electric powers. They must learn to work together through the harsh world, fighting off other pokemon, defeating team rocket, and learning their feelings of one another.

Along the way, they run into a boy and his Umbreon with years of combat experience. And a Lucario with lustful intentions for his beloved 'Master'. And many more!

This story is rated M for yaoi (explicit), strong language, violence and did I mention hot yaoiness? Oh yeah!

Many of the pokemon are from the images of Gijinka artwork. Google it and see for yourself the pictures of pokemon in human forms for a better image of the story.

I also take request. If in the story, you want a specific pokemon in a yaoi scene, I will type it!

Ash gulped as he stared at the brand new pokeball resting in his sweaty open palms. Professor Oak recently had given him his very first pokemon, his starter pokemon to be exact. It was morning when he first received it, though as always, he had slept in on an important day. Once he barged in, all of the starter pokemon were already taken, except for this one, which Professor Oak was a little hesitant to give him. Ash demanded to get it at once.

I don't care what kind of pokemon it is, I want it now!

Now back at home, he was anxious to see which pokemon he was given. He grinned at his future too. The thought of becoming a pokemon trainer, maybe even become a highly respected pokemon master, gave him an exciting rush that made him jitter like a little infantile kid.

His room was slightly empty, his closet free from dangling clothes. His backpack stuffed with clothes, packed food and water bottles, a map, and other things required on the trip. He was ready to leave his home and live on as a trainer. He had finally reached the age of sixteen, the age required to become a trainer. All that was left was to find out what was inside the pokeball.

Ash pressed the silver bottom on the pokeball, let it expand in his hand, and aimed at his neat bed.

This is it!

With one last gulp, he pulled his arm back. "Pokemon," he began as he threw it with all his might towards the bed. "I choose you!"

Seconds after it was thrown, it automatically open, expelling out a burst of light. The room was blinded with an intense bright light, flashing like lightning during a stormy weather, blinding Ash's pupils. He shield them with his arm, hoping it wouldn't burn his eyes.

As the light bit by bit faded away, Ash reopened his eyes, to only be startled by what was found laying in his bed, sleeping peacefully despite hearing his reactions.

It was a male, lying on his side, facing towards Ash with an innocent sleeping face, breathing even breaths. His hair was a messy bright blond, his cheeks slightly rubicund, appearing as if he was blushing. He wore all brown. His top a hoodie. He looked like a teenager, just like him. But, he had a childish touch to his feature, making him adorably cute, even for a boy like him to say.

Being a beginner meant he had little knowledge of telling which pokemon it was or what type. All he knew was that it was a pokemon he had never seen before.

"Err…" he didn't what to say. First words to your pokemon meant everything. Should it be "Hey there! I'm Ash, your new pokemon trainer!" or "Hello! What's your name?". Should he wake him up or wait until he awakes by himself?

He didn't have time to make up his mind when the pokemon stirred, cracking open an eye. Black colored and lively it appeared. Even mysterious.

He yawned and sat up, rubbing his eyes with his small fist. His eyes scanned around the bedroom, then back at the only human in the room, eyes opening more in curiosity and wonder.

"Who are you?" he said, yawning again. His voice wasn't high pitch nor low pitch, in between like his own voice.

Ash froze, then relaxed. "M-my name is Ash Ketchum. I'm your pokemon trainer!" he boasted proudly.

His pokemon just blinked with his dark hued eyes. Pure cute in his eyes.

"Pokemon trainer?" he repeated, as if this was the first he had heard of such a word.

Ash nodded, approved. "Yes, can you imagine? The two of us as trainer and pokemon, traveling across the world to become the pokemon master!"

Again, he just blinked.

"Me? With you?" he then began to laugh as he plopped back in bed, burying himself underneath the covers, and exhaled in pure relaxation. "No way!"

"Wh-what!" Ash gaped, bottom jaw nearly dropping to the floor with a thud. Clearly, he was not expecting a kind of response from his pokemon. They way his pokemon said it in a mocking tone made him sound worthless, like a piece of smelly garbage left to rot. "Why not?"

"Because I do what I want to do! No one's going to tell me what to do! Especially someone like you!"

Anger began to boil within his blood. "But, I am your trainer. Your master! You're my pokemon. You must listen to me." Ash began to argue.

"Who says I'm your pokemon? I never agreed to this. Now let me sleep!"

Now it was Ash's turn to blink stupidly. At first, he didn't how to respond to him. He could only speak on what was on his mind at the time.

"But… I'm your trainer." he muttered, then clenched his fist. A pokemon refusing to listen to him? Unheard of!

"You need to listen to me. I own you."

He laughed mockingly. "You own me? Haha!"

Was this why Professor Oak didn't want to give him this pokemon? If it was, he so wanted to trade him with a different pokemon. A strong, loyal pokemon that is.

"Are you sure you don't want to be my companion in this?" he asked bitterly, watching the figure sleep peacefully in his bed, breaths even again.

Guess that meant a no. He frowned deeper, picking up the empty pokeball near his bed.

Fine! An exchange would be necessary. This little monster would be of no use to me. I deserve better then that!

With that, he tossed the pokeball back towards the pokemon, watching it open up, morphing the sleeping figure back into a red light, and sucked back inside. Now, he would walk back and trade him for a new-

The light reappeared seconds later, flashing and glowing the room once more, until it faded away to see the pokemon back in bed, entirely pissed.

"What was that for?" he snapped, arms crossed, eyes glaring daggers. "I was so comfortable in bed."

Ash didn't want to argue. Even when he had the urge to shout at him, he knew he had to be the bigger person. Instead, he picked up the ball and gazed back at the pokemon.

"Get in the pokeball," he commanded, not as fierce as shouting, but strong to get the point of the still present anger. "I'm taking you back."

"Not now," he argued. "The bed is comfy. And I'm not going back in there!"

"Why not? You clearly don't want to be my pokemon and companion. Just get inside and I'll take you back. Beside, pokemons love being in here, right?"

"You don't know what's it's like in there. It's cramp and dark. I'm claustrophobic." he whined, shuddering when he said the word 'cramp' and 'dark'.

He landed back in bed, arms still crossed as he faced the ceiling, still frowning. He reminded him of a young child who couldn't get his way. It was irritating and cute.

It was quiet for a brief moment. Both didn't want to say anything. Both didn't know what to say. It was just Ash, musing over what to do next. Then Ash broke the silence and to ease the tension between them.

"Do you want to be my pokemon?" he asked, still stern.

He didn't say anything.

"Do you want to go with me and explore the world? You don't have to stay in the ball. I'll let you be free from that." now, his voice became slightly gentle.

No answer.

"Do you want to go back to Professor Oak and be confined in that ball?"

As he expected, no answer. This pokemon was hard to understand. He took a seat at his desk chair, waiting for any kind of response. He didn't imagine he would answer. But, a miracle happened. He finally spoke.

"I'll go with you."

Relief washed down his body, a moment of happiness and hope zapped through his veins. His frown transformed into a smile. How fast had he changed his mind-

"But!" the pokemon said, voice raising dramatically as he sat back up. "For one condition."

"What? I'll do anything." poor Ash didn't think twice before spilling out those three words.

He grinned. The smile made him tense. Something wasn't right about it. It expressed mischief. He sure hoped it didn't involve anything humiliating. Then again, this was the first time communicating with a pokemon. He was new to this. The smile might mean something else. Though seemed unlikely.

"Come here." he said, giving the ole' 'come here' hand gesture, something twinkling in his eyes. He wasn't sure what it was, but he knew it wasn't anything good.

Ash remained sitting, the tension growing again. This time, however, it was a different feeling than the last. He sighed heavily and stood up from his seat.

If this would make him move, I'll do whatever he wants.

He moved towards the bed, eyeing his eyes.

"What do you waAAAHHH!" suddenly, the pokemon grasped his arm and pulled him to the bed with brutal force. Ash tried to fight back as he was tackled and wrestled within a blur mixture of gripping hands and a squirming body. The sound of him giggling added the fear and anger to the trainer. Once he reopened his eyes, he found himself laying on his back, head comforted by the pillow, and his pokemon was straddled on his lap, grinning from ear to ear. His cheeks burned like fire.

"This is more like it." the pokemon said, smiling smugly, moving his hips back and forth, dangerously close to his-

"What are you doing? Get off of me!" Ash cried as he bucked his hips up against in an attempt to push him off.

Not exactly on what he planned. He seemed to actually been enjoying his attempts, holding on to his hips and let out a small laugh.

"That feels pretty good," he purred, following his motion. "Keep going."

He immediately stopped, next attempt was to shove him off. But, he saw it coming and caught Ash's hand before he could make contact and shoved him back on the mattress, pinning him down with his weight.

"You don't know how bad I need this," he said, gazing right into his eyes, glinting with lust he realized. "It's been so long have I last been with someone. I've been in Professor Oak's lab for too long, cramped in that tiny ball without anyone. I need someone."

"B-but, that doesn't mean it has to be me!"

"You're cute," he said, ignoring him as he gently stroked the side of his cheek, smirking at the other's enlarged eyes, lowering his hand down to his neck, making it's way to his chest. "I finally got a good image of you. You're not at all bad looking."

The playful hand found the zipper of his jacket, slowly unzipping it lower and lower, revealing his black t-shirt underneath.

"I'm impressed. You got some muscles in your chest after all," Ash felt a hand sneak underneath his shirt.

"St-stop." he tried to command, though the caressing of the chest blocked his words from coming out.


"Po-pokemon, stop!" he managed to spit out before squirming when the fingers gently raked his chest, feeling a ticklish sensation stir inside.

"My name is not pokemon. It's Pikachu."

Pikachu. An interesting name for a pokemon. Finally, he knew what to call him.

"But, don't call me Pikachu. Call me and only call me Chu." he said, withdrawing his hands.

"Chu?" he experimented the name. It sounded…cool. Ash and Pikachu. Or Ash and Chu. It had that ring to it. Like peanut butter and jelly.

"You're name's Ash, right?"

"Huh? I mean, yeah."

"Heh, weird name but I heard weirder." Chu said as his hand moved lower down his body, near his waist.

"What are you doIIIIng!" something and soft and warm found something of his from underneath his pants, playing and tickling with those hands of his.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he said, inching his head closer to his, lips getting dangerously close to his own venerable and whimpering ones. The smell of apples entered his nostrils. He shut his eyes tight as he felt his heart began to race for dear life. "Sorry for giving a hard time earlier, now you can punish me as hard as you want. I can take it."

"Relax," a soft voice murmured. "The fun is about to begin, Ash kun." His feverish breath breathed on his, the hand removed from his pants to only start unbuckling the unwanted garment.