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"What the?" Misty bounced back to her feet. "A boy?"

The boy with the black hair blinked up at the two as if he was looking at his saviors. "Oh man, you have no idea how happy I am to see you guys!" Along with the weak pokemon in his arm, he pulled himself out of the frigid waters and onto land. The pokemon crumbled immediately to the ground.

"Us?" Misty said. "What were you guys doing in the water?"

"Fleeing," the boy said, heaving his damp backpack out of the river. "A whole bunch of pokemon attacked us. Like millions! But my pokemon, Chu," He nodded over to the comatose pokemon. "he took care of the majority of them. We had to jump in the river to escape the ones left. Thank goodness they're not a water type."

"Oh that poor pokemon!" She dropped to her knees, gathering the pokemon, Chu, in her arms. His head dropped to her arms weightlessly.

Ko scanned the stranger from head to toe. Even if the boy didn't say anything about an attack, their tattered clothes and lacerated body was a dead give away. Ko had never seen a pokemon so out of it. A dark red blotch caked the boy's bottom lip, although it looked more self-inflicted than a pokemon attack. Pokemons normally don't go for the mouth…usually.

"You didn't bring them here, did you?" Misty stiffened. The last thing she wanted after a useless rod is an ambush.

He shook his head. "No, I don't think so," He said slowly. "Chu pretty much scared most of them. It was the only thing we can do."

"Let me guess," Ko spoke up. "You're a beginner?"

He blinked again. "Yeah, how'd you know?"

"I can tell."

"Well, you better be sorry for snapping my line!" Misty jerked her finger down to the rod. "That and probably scaring all the other pokemon in there too!"

Getting out of an ambush, the boy didn't seem prepared for another attack, especially by a human. He gulped. "I didn't mean to do that. I had to get away. I didn't know how far we went."

Ko glanced at the pokemon wearily. He lay unresponsive despite the volume of his trainer's voice. "Uh, is he alright?" He inquired. "He's not moving…"

"What's wrong with your pokemon?" Again, Misty made another lash, but this time, the boy seemed prepared.

"Like I said, we were attacked! Chu was caught in it." He lowered his head, as if ashamed to continue. "he was their target even though it was me that angered them. They all pretty much went after him. It was one against hundreds."

"Why didn't you use your other pokemon?!" Damn, Misty was brutal to the newbie. Ko flashed a mild glare.

"What pokemon? I had no other pokemon! It was only me and Chu and Chu was outnumbered. We need help! Where's the closest pokemon center from here?"

His answer didn't satisfy Misty at all. She bristled like an angry Jolteon. "Did you even bother to revive him? We have potions for a reason. To heal injured pokemon like him." She glimpsed down at the pokemon in her arms, limp and silent like a weightless dummy. Ash swallowed again.

"Our stuff was stolen earlier. We were napping and when we woke up, someone or something went through our stuff. Food, money, you name it." He smacked the palm of his hand over his face, quaking. "We've been having the worst of luck since my first day as a pokemon trainer. I get one of the worst-" he stopped himself and cleared his throat shakily, "I mean the rudest pokemon who wouldn't listen to me, get our things stolen, get attacked by high leveled pokemon. It's horrible! And the last thing I want right now is to be criticized! So if you're not going to help me, I'll find one myself." He sniffed his snotty nose sharply.

Ko winced and rubbed his temples. "Lower your voice please."

Misty snorted. "We never said we wouldn't help you," She said, catching the boy off guard. She spoke again before he could say anything, "The last thing I want is a trainer without any other pokemon to protect him on the way over across the woods. It's practically suicide out there."

Ko nodded, just so Misty wouldn't ask for his opinion. He didn't want to move his mouth to trigger another jolt of pain.

The boy dropped his hand back to his side, gazing back up teary-eyed. A small smile slowly stretched across his face and ran his sleeves over his eyes with his other arm. "Thanks. I-we really need the help. I'm so new to this, you have no idea."

"We can tell." Misty rolled her eyes. "We only have a bike so you'll have to walk with me. And also, don't you think it's best to put your pokemon back in his ball? He'll rest on the way."

"But he doesn't like to be in there. He fights every time I offer."

"Err, I don't think he'll mind this time. Get it out."

Hesitantly, he obliged and reached down to his belt to retrieve it. It enlarged with a small beep. "Sorry Chu but it is for the best." He aimed at Chu with his torn glove.

"Put me in there and I'll fuck you up Ash."

The boy practically dropped his pokeball. "Chu! You're awake!" he plopped down in front of Misty, beaming. "Are you okay? Answer me!"

Chu snorted weakly. "Does it look like I'm okay?"

"Well at least his conscious," Ko shrugged simply, watching Chu's dark eyes droop heavily. "For now at least."

"We better hurry over to the pokemon center fast!" The boy, Ash, jumped to his feet and squeezed the pokemon's arm. "Get up Chu! We can't just lag around."

"Don't you remember what condition he's in?!" Misty snapped in surprise. "He can barely stay awake and you expect him to walk with you? What kind of trainer are you?" She rolled her eyes and answered herself, "Not a very good one that's for sure."

"Hey! I'm trying." He sulked and eyed Chu wearily. She was right. What was he thinking? Although Chu was awake, well barely, but still awake, how can he tell him to get right back up? "Give him to me. I'll carry him."

"Not the pokeball?"

"Like he said, he doesn't like being in there." Ash rolled his eyes before heaving his pokemon up to his feet. Chu tittered unsteadily, clasping with little strength still left in his petite body to hold on to Ash's shoulders. He was short and the lacerations running all over his body made him seem shorter. "Get on my back Chu. I'll carry you over."

Without another word, Chu weakly climbed on his back, slinging his frail arms around his neck. Ash hoisted him up with a small grunt. He then looked over his shoulder, "You coming?"

"Yeah," She said, gathering her fishing supplies, giving him "the look" as she did so. Ko knew that look all too well. It was the what-the-hell-is-up/wrong-with-this-guy look. He shuffled over to her backpack to retrieve his pokeball. It would be best for him to stay out of this. Misty's temper tended to strike out even at him. Besides, he was never a peoples person. And highly doubted that once Misty dropped him off at the nearest pokemon center in Viridian City, they would never see their faces again. He winced to himself from a sudden surge of pain stabbing inside his head before tapping the pokeball, transforming to a stream of vivid red light, and sucked back inside the pokeball. He had enough for one day. The ball plopped itself back in Misty's bag silently.

After she had stored her belongings in her bag, Misty slid the straps of her bag on her shoulder and with the fishing pole in hand, she headed over to her bike. Ash soon followed, trying to accustom the extra weight on his back and the rising hill he had to climb to reach the hotheaded girl.

"How far is Viridian City from here?"

"It's nearby." She replied simply and began to pedal slowly for him as they headed forward along the dirt path.

"Like how long?" He frowned.

"Half an hour?" She guessed, too frowning. "So tell me Ash, if that's your name, why did a bunch of pokemon attack you two? Usually a swarm wont attack anyone without a reason."

"I…kind of threw a rock at him." He lowered his eyes to the soil, still dark and soft from the previous rain. It was leaving patches on the sides of his once clean sneakers.

Misty gaped while swiftly avoiding a rock trapped in the path. "You threw a rock at a pokemon?" She echoed in disbelief. "What, you were mad so you decided to hurl a rock at a pokemon? No wonder he attacked in large numbers. He probably felt threatened."

"You don't understand!" Ash quickly said. "I tried catching a pokemon, a different one, but he smacked it away easily. Shut up." He said the last words after Misty gave a quick but nasty snort. "And Chu said I should weaken him first. But he's so stubborn and disobedient, he wouldn't even help me, so I thought I can take care of a different pokemon by hitting him with a rock. Turns out he was a spearow."

Misty whistled lowly. "Dumb mistake there. They're the meanest of the mean for their size. So then he called his army?"

"No." He rolled his eyes. "He targeted me first then moved on the Chu who was watching from top a tree branch. It was scary to watch. The spearow was too fast, and he kept attacking Chu from left to right. He nearly fell. But he managed to electrocute him. Then he called his army."

"Lesson learned then," Misty responded, slowing down a tad bit more. Could the boy walk even slower? A Slowpoke could walk faster than that. "don't mess with pokemon you don't know. A beginner's mistake."

"What about you huh? How long have you been a pokemon trainer?"

Misty chuckled. "More than you have." She answered proudly. "In fact, I'm a gym leader in Cerulean City."

Ash gaped. A gym leader?! She looked no older than him and she was already a gym leader? Geez, what did it take to be qualified as a gym leader anyways? Not that he had no interest in being a gym leader himself. A pokemon master was probably the highest a pokemon trainer could go.

Misty giggled. "Yep, I'm Misty, the tomboy mermaid gym leader. I specialize in training water pokemon from around the world. Well, some parts of the world. But go on with your story!"

"Oh, well the pokemon, the bunch of them, were flying over to us and we ran. I mean, I ran. I had to carry Chu. He couldn't get up." Ash nibbled his bottom lip, recalling the numerous amount of the hostile pokemon in the sky, hovering over them like a dark cloud ready to storm. "Then we were trapped. I couldn't think straight. I didn't know what to do. And I didn't want to have my pokemon get hurt even more…"

For the first time, Misty's face softened towards Ash genuinely. She waited for Ash to continue mutely.

"We already went through enough as it is already," Ash muttered, almost to himself. "Since day one of me being a pokemon trainer."

"What happened?"

Ash told her the story, about first meeting the incredibly rude and lewd Pikachu who tried to seduce him right there, getting lost in the woods and waking up to find their items stolen from their bags, find another more experienced trainer with his pokemon in a cabin, running into the mansion with mischievous ghost type pokemon, to what their at now. "Instead of them attacking Chu, I told them to attack me instead. After what Chu did to me, I had to save him. But then, he was by my side and unleashed the strongest thundershock I had ever seen from him." Ash added cracking the tiniest of smiles. "He took down most of them, and we had some time to flee before anymore show up."

"What a story…" Misty said softly, glimpsing at Chu quickly to check on him. He was completely out again. "I'll make sure you guys reach the hospital quick as possible."

Ash's smile grew to a miniature smile. The sun's heated rays flooded over the once darkened woods, smothering them like a comforting blanket. He craned his head and spotted a gleaming rainbow off in the distance. And something large and glittering in bright gold soaring across the multicolored rays of light listlessly. Ash's eyes widened. He had never seen something so beautiful before. It was a pokemon he had never seen before either. Never had it shown its face on TV, in the list of pokemon in the area. It didn't resemble any pokemon he had seen before either. And as quick as it appeared, the mysterious pokemon vanished in the skies. He blinked in astonishment.

"Did you see that?!" Ash questioned quickly to Misty, gesturing his head to the sky eagerly.

Misty raised her head up. "What? The rainbow?"

He shook his head. "No, the pokemon! It was flying over there! It was so big and shiny. How can you not see it?"

Misty gave him an questioning look. "Maybe while we're at the hospital, they can check that head of yours. I didn't see anything."

Ash glared then turned his attention to Chu, eyes smoothly closed in deep sleep. I wish you would have seen it, Chu. It was the most amazing thing I've seen so far in my entire life.

Most Wanted Criminals

Jessie and James of Team Rocket.

The poster displaying two criminals twitched, not from the gentle breeze, but from a hook snagging it and ripping itself out from the wall. Reeling up to a hot air balloon overhead, it was then transferred to a gloved hand which ripped the hook out to receive his prize. He sneered.

"What an ugly picture of us." He commented, handing it over to his partner who equally displayed a look of distaste.

She growled. "I do not normally look like that! Obviously they don't know a thing about us. It's totally disgraceful."

"I agree." You're much worse in person than this piece of crap.

"Hey, hey!" Their pokemon, Meowth, poked his head in between them, ears pointed erect sternly. "Pay attention! Boss doesn't want us to spend our time critiquing a stupid picture. Remember our mission."

"But we haven't spotted a Pikachu anywhere." Jessie remarked, tearing the poster in half, and tore that in half before crumbling it into a ball and tossing back outside. "And I don't care if you claim you've seen one. We haven't seen anyone for hours!"

"But I did see one nya!" Meowth pouted, eyeing James for some backup. Unfortunately, he only received a pitiful shrug. His bristled. "You guys are jerks nya!"

"Shut it fur ball, I'm thinking."

"It better work! We need to please Boss this time."

"And we will. We just need another plan instead of blindly trying to find a Pikachu out in the woods somewhere."

Meowth leaned beside James, arms crossed, drumming his fingers against his arm. His tail swooshed impatiently. "Got any ideas?"

"That's why I'm thinking."

James took in the view from his spot, the view of Viridian City was beginning to glow as the sun dropped in the distance. Lights flicked on one by one from each house, market, and restaurants. The building that shined the most was the enormous pokemon center like the largest jewel on a crown. Something inside of him clicked.

"What about the pokemon center?" James suggested to his teammates. "There's so many pokemon arriving there each day of every day, waiting to be taken by us. We're bound to get a Pikachu there! If not just one."

"The pokemon center? That's perfect!" Meowth waggled his tail happily, even Jessie seemed pleased by his suggestion. "While we're at it, we should snatch every pokemon we can get our hands on nya! Boss will be so pleased, I'll be his favorite from now on. I can already picture it." Even his ears twitched pleasantly.

"I say, a numskull like you could even think of a good idea like that surprises me." Jessie teased with a smile from her bright red lips.

"You'll be surprised what goes through my mind." James breezily said, catching Meowth's bright smile. The pokemon flashed his fangs playfully. Yep, Jessie would definitely be surprised what was going through his head. Just as the thought ran through his head, he felt a gentle sweep of Meowth's tail over the back of his legs. Either it was a mistake from the tail having a mind of its own or a simple but effective flirt deliberated, either way, Meowth's expression was too confusing to distinguish between the two. James cleared his throat and hid his face away from the two as he felt heat prickling the insides of his cheeks.

"I can tell. It's impressive." she commented as she brushed a loose strand of her vivid hair behind her ear.

If it was an insult or a compliment, James didn't take to heart, not when he felt another brush against his legs. Okay, so maybe it wasn't a simple mistake. Meowth was very good at being stealthy for everything.

"Okay, we'll ambush at night. No one will ever see it coming."

"Sol! Look what I got!"

"Hmm?" something was tossed in the darkness, and thanks to his eyes being well accustomed to the forever darkness, Sol caught the object before it smacked him on the face. "What is this?"

"It's anpan!" Gastly replied cheerfully, tearing the wrapper off the treat before stuffing half of the roll in his mouth. "It's delicious. Big brother Gengar loves it too! Try it, try it!" He takes another big bite, humming happily as he chewed. He plopped himself down on the cool surface of the dining room table.

Sol actually grimaced at the ultimate cuteness hovering around him. It was like eating candy topped with extra sugar. And he wasn't a fan of sweets. If Gengar was a fan of sweets, no wonder he claimed Gastly all to himself. Not to be rude, Sol ripped the wrapper open and bit into his treat. It wasn't as bad as he thought and as he was about to take a second bite, Gastly finished his with a tiny burp.

"Big Brother Haunter loves it too!" He announced randomly, swinging his legs.

"Where did you get them?"

"I found them in some guy's backpack."

"So they're stolen."

"No!" Gastly pouted cutely with his cheeks puffed out. Sol fought the urge to pinch them. "Finders keepers. That's what Big Brother Haunter always says."

"If Big Brother says to jump off a cliff, would you do it?"

"Of course, I can float." Gastly gave him a knowing wink.

Sol rolled his eyes. A breeze billowed through the cracked open window, flowing through his velvety hair so softly, it tickled him. He tensed, but not from the wind. It was from the image that flashed in his eyes in an instant. The first thing that caught his attention was the explosion. Bright lights of red, orange, and yellow melded to one big bang flooded his mind with a thunderous roar as debris sprawled all over the tile floor. It must have been a pokemon center once he spotted the pink headed nurse running from the damage. And standing by a bed with wheels was a familiar sight, shielding his eyes from the flying debris.

Gastly noticed the silence from the psychic type pokemon and asked, "What wrong Sol? You don't like the anpan?"

"It's not that. I just saw something."

"What is it?" Gastly dropped down from his seat, blinking his large eyes curiously. "Something bad?"

Sol couldn't answer it right away. He didn't know a hundred percent himself. He couldn't make out who was responsible for the ambush or why. The image was only clear for a few seconds until it faded away. He scrubbed his eyes with the palm of his hands. "Some kind of explosion at a pokemon center." He lowered his eyes at the anpan, realizing he lost his appetite after his vision and handed it over to Gastly. "You can finish this."

Gastly squealed. "Thank you!" Concern gone, he polished it off in mere seconds. As Sol crossed over to leave, a pair of eyes glowed near at doorway.


"Ah, Gengar, didn't know you were there the whole time. Forgive me." Sol bowed politely to the self-proclaimed owner of the mansion.

"What's this about an explosion at the pokemon center?" Gengar inquired, leaning against the door frame. Evidently, that caught his interest.

Sol shrugged. "I don't know myself. My sights are not always accurate."

"A little bit foggy?"

"A little bit foggy." Sol agreed. "But I did see something interesting."


"It seems like a certain trainer and his certain hotheaded pokemon are going to be in bigger trouble than they did with us." With that, Sol exited the dinning room, leaving the two ghost behind.

"What was that all about?" Gastly wondered aloud and wiped his hands on his pants after licking them clean.

It was Gengar's turn to shrug and headed over to sling an arm around his "Little brother" to press himself closer lovingly. "I don't know. He's an espeon after all."

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