Hello everybody! This is Suika speaking and sad to say this is not another chapter for Boku No Chu. I know I haven't been posting them as frequently as I use to but I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I'm discontinuing the story. BUT before you get mad/sad on me, the good news is that I'm rewriting the story. I was reading my story the other day and I noticed all the flaws I made, the grammar issues, the lack of chemistry between Ash and Chu, and the fact that Ash is really out of character, I just don't feel good continuing with all these flaws. I hope you guys understand and I'm sorry. But I promise I will correct the story and make it even better!

For those who gave request, the characters will still be in the new one. Also, the title will be different. Some of my friends commented on the title being freakishly similar to the infamous Boku No Pico anime. If some of you don't know the anime, please don't even google search it. The new title is still being thought up for the moment. I'm not planning on deleting Boku No Chu, so don't worry about that. For my other Ash and Pikachu story, Ash To Pikachu, the story will be finished eventually and won't be discontinued.

I will warn you guys that again I won't be frequently updating fanfics. I'm attending college with two jobs in between, so I'll have little time to work on them. But doesn't mean I stopped writing fanfiction forever.

Thank you so much for reading my fanfic!


Alright, I have thought of the new title and more of its plot. The new title will be called The Electric Tale of Ash and Chu. The story will be more based on a mix of the original anime episodes and in the manga. Ash will be more ambitious and outgoing and Chu will be different too. He'll still be rude and such, but I've made him more of a cute character like he is in the anime and he won't speak as much. Also I'll be giving the pokemon guys more of the pokemon qualities to make them stand out more. This advice was given in one of my private messages and I'll be sure to incorporate this in the new story.

I do like advices. It'll help the new version and I really do want to know what you'll like to see in it. So please feel free to send some in reviews or by private messages.