The forest was pitch black when night had fallen, even with the lucid moon out bare in the sky provided very little light for people and pokemon beneath. It was never wise for someone to walk through the thick sea of trees during that time. The dangerous woods was concealed in the dark.

Hidden in the said forest was a small log cabin, only having two rooms but had furniture you would find normally back at home. It had a wooden table with chairs, a queen sized bed with soft comforters and feather filled pillows that felt soft as a cloud, shelves filled with old books and other small treasures, and a small little storage where food was kept inside, most provided from the woods outside.

Taylor was the 'owner' of the cabin, as by mean claiming he was the owner when in fact he found it abandoned. A second year trainer with a pokemon of his own. He was considered the dark type kind of guy with a black emo like hairstyle, love for chain bracelets and black colors. He had red streaks in his hair that mimicked the color of fresh blood. He also loved heavy rock. It was no surprise that his pokemon was a dark type, an Umbreon.

Like Taylor, he showed an liking to his interest. They shared similar hairstyles, expect for his hair was straighter with bright yellow streaks that seemed to glow while in the dark. He too wore all black, even his boots kept the same color. His little pet name received from Taylor was "Umbre".

Taylor was fast asleep by the time Umbreon snuck out of bed, careful enough to not disturb his partner, and headed towards the nearest window, crimson eyes glaring, fully alarmed to even be thinking of sleeping. Something was coming. His sensitive nose picked an unfamiliar scent.

If it was a threat, he would be the first to strike. His shadow ball had been proven to be his ultimate move. With full accuracy and strength, one strike can be one hit finish.

He raised his head and inhaled deeply as the wind began to blow. The scent of the strangers still lingered. It wasn't just a pokemon, but there was a human scent. He softly growled, letting it rumble deep in his throat.

The bed stirred quietly, a pair of blue eyes opened from underneath the covers. Taylor had woken up to find his pokemon not laying in bed but standing near the window.

"Umbre?" he muttered, eyes blinked away the sleep to see the clear image of his Umbreon. "What are you doing awake? What time is it?"

His ears perked up at the sound of his voice. "I smell something." he replied without looking back, nose twitching while inhaling more of the scent. The scent of flowers and foliage made it hard to distinct the scent of the strangers. "It smells like strangers."

There was no need to say good morning, or good night, or whatever the time was. This situation was serious, at least to his case instead of Taylor.

"They could just be pokemon." he reasoned, yawning as he talked, still half asleep.

"No, there's a human involved. It has an odd scent." he pointed out sternly.

Taylor knew that Umbreon sense of smell was sensitive. He didn't doubt what he was smelling wasn't there after all, but he did not assume it was clear sign of trouble. He didn't tense but sighed. Umbreon tended to be alarmed for danger anytime of the day. Paranoid even. He sat up from the bed and stretched his limbs before stepping onto the cold wooden floor with his bare feet. He walked towards his pokemon, watching his plain expression stare out in the dark wilderness. He smiled slyly. He slinked an arm around his skinnier but still packed with muscles body, making him to turn to face his trainer.

"Tay-" before he could finish, Taylor planted a firm kiss on his unprotected lips. As he tried to pull away and to reject the sudden intimacy, his trainer pulled him closer and slipped his tongue inside his open mouth. The two were in silence, Umbreon ceasing his struggle with his hands clawing at his arms to softly grasping onto them as their tongue slowly played with each other, rolling around then to gently playing in a lustful game.

Taylor ended the kiss, a string of saliva connected between them, then snapped. He grinned when he saw the other's slightly dazed expression. The sight he exactly wanted from him. The small amount of desire revealing itself.

"You worry too much Umbre." he murmured, kissing the side of his soft cheek, just a simple little peck before heading back to his lips for another kissing session.

Umbreon turned his head the other way, avoiding the kiss. "This is not the time," he said, frowning. "They could be robbers for all I know. We saw it on the news, remember Taylor? They could come and take me away and leave you injured and robbed. You know what they could do to us. They've been on alert for awhile. You remember Taylor, don't you?"

"Then again, they could be lost travelers." he said quietly, unaffected of Umbreon's words. His left hand slipped lower down his body, inching towards his groin. "Don't worry so much silly. Not everyone in the woods mean harm to us. Now, how 'bout we have some fun shall we? You woke me up early, Umbre, now you need to pay the price."

"Not now. I'm not in the mood." he replied, looking back at the window with concern. Taylor rolled his eyes.

"Hey," he laughed softly. "I felt your tongue move against mine with passion. I saw your face after the kiss. You want it just as much as I do."

He glared at his trainer, no long until he felt a warm hand grope him. He let out a gasp, cheeks flushing red, eyes closing reflexively. Pleasure soon warmed his body, a rush of thrill energized him. As strong and fierce as he was in a battle, he was vulnerable and defenseless during intimate moments.

He gripped his shoulders for support, legs suddenly feeling unstable and boneless like jelly. His breathing suddenly became small, short, uneven breaths.

"St-st-stop." he said as Taylor leaned in again.

"What was that? Didn't quite hear you there." he teased, catching his lips in fierce and heated kiss.

Umbreon kept his eyes sealed shut as he felt his slick tongue slip between his lips to find and tease his once more. Taylor pulled him closer and closer to the bed where they ended their kiss when he shoved him down the mattress and crawled on top of his pokemon. They kissed again, harder than the last, tasting each other, feeling each other.

He tried to move away. This wasn't the right time for them to be doing this. But, the affection and the pleasure mixed together softened his strength. He couldn't fight the fact that he enjoyed it as much as Taylor did.

Taylor's hands quickly ran throughout his body, stopping here and there to feel his muscles. One of his favorite spots to tease was his well built chest packed with firm muscles.

His hand moved underneath his black shirt, rubbing his six pack and listening to his response. This wasn't the first time of their act and certainly wouldn't be the last. He watched as Umbreon writhed underneath. That was an invitation to keep going. He grinded his hips against his, surprised at what he felt.

"For someone who wasn't in the mood seems to be pretty excited." he whispered in mid laugh, knowing how it would anger Umbreon even more.

He growled in response. His sharp canines poked out from his lips. It was one of Umbreon's frightening features. Two sharp canines on the top jaw and two smaller but still sharp canines on the bottom. It helped him a lot with his small move 'bite'. It was also a bit of a challenge to French kiss him. His tongue had to avoid the sharp pricks carefully. One careless kiss left his tongue bleeding. Not to mention how big of a turn off it was.

His shirt raised up to reveal his chest. Taylor grinned as he removed his own top, chest muscular like his.

"I know how you pokemon work," he said, tossing the shirt aside and leaned back in for more. "You pokemons love to have this kind of fun all the time with humans. You cant help it. No matter how hard you try."

Umbreon glared.

"Don't deny it." he replied to the male in the bottom, the flesh of their chest contacting in a heated warmth.

"I didn't say anything." he growled, hand grasping the back of his head. His hormones were working fast. The sexual feeling was drowning them in pleasure, numbing their bodies, and fuzzed their minds. The sounds of them panting and moaning drowned out the sound of the front door creaking open.


"Say it." Chu began as he watched Ash stop in his path, checking out his surrounding.

"No." he answered stubbornly.

"Say it." he repeated, kicking a stone nearby out of boredom, hands in his pocket.

"I'm not going to say it."

"Say it."

"No, we're not lost!"

It had been hours since they first arrived in the deep forest, nicknamed Oran Woods for the supplement of oran bushes. It was the furthest Ash has ever been outside from Pallet town. That alone thrilled him, but of course as he bad luck would continue, they ended up lost without the map to find a way out. Chu told him not to go any further when they had trouble from the start, and he felt that he should have listened to him.

Maybe he should have gotten the map for Oran Woods. Was it possible to find your way out of the forest without any help? He groaned.

He stopped, wiping the sweat from his forehead and heard a soft thud from behind. He turned around, squinting from the sun's light when it peeked through the trees.

"Time for a break!" Chu announced right away, now sitting on the ground and let out a yawn. He placed his backpack on the ground too, then used it as a pillow as he lay down. He closed his eyes, unaware of Ash's glaring eyes. This break seemed more like another nap for him.

"Get up Chu! It's not break time!" seriously, do all pokemon sleep and eat all the time? That or he received the world's laziest pokemon from the ever so beloved professor of pokemon. Of all the rotten luck…

"Come on Ash kun," Chu began to whine, cracking open an eye. "We've been walking around for hours, I'm tired and the sun's going down."

"It's still bright to me. And I am not sleeping here in this part of the woods. "It's not safe here." saying the last sentence made him nervous. He peeked behind him, seeing if anyone was secretly listening to their conversation.

"Relax," he said. "You got me. I can electrify them from a mile away. No trouble at all. If a pokemon comes, I'll take care of it. No one wants to mess with my thundershock."

Ash bit his lip. He should keep going, but what Chu said did make sense. He was still shaking from the shocking attack. His legs were ready to give out. He knew he needed a break too. Then again, he had a pokemon who would protect him.

"Fine," he sighed as he set his backpack aside and plopped down on the hard but yet comfortable ground. "Five minutes at the most. Then we've got to go. Okay?"

"Uh-huh, uh-huh." Chu answered, closing his eyes again and sighed gently.

Like Chu, he used his backpack as a pillow. Laying on the ground felt so comfortable that moment. And with that, he instantly fell asleep with his pokemon too asleep.

When Ash reopened his eyes after a good rest, the sky was already pitch black. Very dark in fact, he felt like he couldn't breathe. He sat up, eyes straining to see light or to at least get use the dark. It took several minutes for him to see the figure of his pokemon, sleeping soundlessly. And what he found next made him want to slam Chu's head to the ground.

Both their backpacks, somehow removed from underneath their heads, were beside a large oak tree, opened and ransacked. He jumped to his feet.

"Our bags!" he cried out, running towards it and picked one up, feeling it lighter than he last remembered it. He searched inside it, then searched through Chu's bag. "Someone took our money! And our food!"

"Unnnn." Chu grunted, waking up from Ash shouting. He fluttered his eyelids as he squirmed, upset from waking up after a good sleep. "What?"

"Our bags, Chu!" he said, dropping the bag with a soft thud. "We've been robbed. Look!"

He took a peek with squinting eyes. "What's gone?"

"Food. Money."

"Food?" that seemed to wake him up a little more, his ears perked up in surprise. "As in apples?"

"Apples are food, of course they're gone."

"Who took it?" he asked, crawling up to him, now alarmed.

"I don't know. Do you?"

"How should I know. I fell asleep."

"But you were supposed to keep watch."

"I fell asleep," he repeated, sniffing the bag to trace any scent left. "Smells funny."

Ash growled and kicked a stone. "This cant be happening. This cant be happening." he muttered. He sat on the ground, rocking back and forth as he repeated his constant muttering.

"This is probably the worst day of my life! And I thought this was going to be the best day, but no! I get all the bad luck I could get in one day!"

Chu's ears began to twitch as he raised his head. "I hear something." he said, looking to the right.

Ash perked upright. "Huh?"

"I hear something, Ash. It sounds like voices."

"Voices? You mean…people?"

"I don't know, it's hard to tell the difference between human and pokemon. But I hear two."

Again, he stood up, anger raging. "They could be the thieves who took my money!"

"And food." Chu frowned.

"Let's go then. Where do you hear it?"

Chu lazily pointed to the right, where thick trees surrounded the area. "Over there. It sounds near too."

"Then let's go!" he announced, picking up his bag and charged onward at the direction Chu had pointed out. Several seconds after Ash had ran off into complete darkness, Chu slumped his head, sighed, then got up with his bag and slowly followed him. It was going to be a long night.

It took an half an hour in total to reach their destination. Ten minutes of groping around, occasionally running into trees, another ten minutes of trying to untangle yourself from vines dangling from the trees while your pokemon watches from behind, silently laughing, five minutes to get up after tripping on a tree stump and recovering from the new cut on you knees, and the remaining five to force your pokemon to continue to move when he begged for a break. Ash made him move, by wrapping a vine around him and literally drag him along. But, they eventually came a small log cabin, the source of the sound Chu had said.

"There," Chu said with his finger pointing. "It's coming from in there."

"A cabin? You think people are actually living there?" he said, picking out leaves and twigs caught in his hair and clothes.

Chu shrugged, leaves falling off his hair at the movement. "Why not? Campers, travelers, who knows? Maybe they can provide us with beds or food. It's way better than sleeping outside."

"Yeah, provide us with food with stolen food." he grunted, but walked to the front door, knocking on it ever so gently. No response. Chu walked up to stand beside him.

"No answer." he said knocking again a bit harder than the last.

"Is it locked?"

"I don't know." he said, seeing a hand reach for the doorknob, and with a small twist and a light click, the door opened. They both looked at each other, Chu grinning deviously and opened the door a little more.

The first room appeared to be a kitchen fused with a living room when the two walked in, placing their bags on a small wooden table, gazing in curiosity. Chu's ears twitched. There, he found another door at the other side of the room. The voices were coming from there, muffled and incoherent but sounded masculine.

Ash couldn't help but smile. It felt like home just standing here. Away from the scary darkness and the dangerous pokemon that may have been watching them the whole time. He landed on a wooden seat, grinning and inhaling the cabin scent.

Chu tiptoed his way there, placing an ear against the hard wood. Yep, they were coming from there. He grasped the doorknob and without warning, he swung it open.

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