"Food!" Chu squealed once he found the dinning room, large wooden table assorted with freshly cooked meals: perfectly baked golden brown whole chicken, piles of seasoned meats of all sorts, bowls of fresh and colorful fruits, and a basket of freshly baked bread, still steaming.

He knew he smelled food. And not a mold in sight! His stomach growled in anticipation, screaming "What are you waiting for? It's all yours!"

He licked his lips, rubbing his hands together. "They all look so good. Which one to eat first?" he muttered, grinning from ear to ear. All looked so good to gobble up! He could head straight to the meat for the main course, but the bread was asking to be eaten. Then again, so were the shiny fruits. He felt guilty to just look at them with lustful orbs.

The meat smelled divine, the bread looked tasty, but what caught his attention the most was a red delicious apple laying on top of the fruits.

Simply beautiful.

He would have tear up

He reached forward, eager and hungry, stomach growling again, smelling more and more of the fruity scent. His fingers twitched, nearing closer and closer. As he went to grasp the fruit, the appetizing looking apple turned to a dark grey smoke with a loud "Poof!" surprising the hell out of the pokemon. There was nothing there after the smoke subsided.

The apple had disappeared.

"Huh?" he blinked, startled, mistakenly landing his hand on the pile of meat, which too disappeared in smoke. His eyes widened in shock and horror.

He gasped. All the delicious food before now had popped into smoke. One after another until the table was completely empty, revealing its true self: a dusty moldy table. The scent vanished from his nose, simply left without a trace.

"Food?" he fell to his knees, tears welling up inside before one drop leaked.

Oh, how he wanted to cry. All of it, gone. Fake. An illusion. Very sad indeed.

All those food.

All gone.

Especially that apple.

Especially the damn apple.

His stomach growled again. It growled too hard that it actually made him wince.

"Hungry huh?"

He jumped. Someone was in the room with him. He could tell. He heard crystal clear of the voice, and it was near. So near it might as well be breathing on him. He sensed its presence, but saw nothing. His heart thumped, worried.

"I'm hungry too!" another voice chirped from the other side of the room, causing Chu to hastily twist his head at record speed. "Feed me!"

"Feed us!" it demanded, both voices coming from random directions in the room, sending Chu shivering and backing away from the dining table.

The chandler began swinging above the large table as they laughed like children.

Now this was freaking him out. The pokemons were in the same room with him, but where? They could be in front of him, invisible. Or even from behind to ambush him. His sense of smell couldn't find them exactly.

Their voices were clear, they were near was all he knew. Maybe that might be the wrong answer.

"Who are you? Where are you?" he managed to spit out after the two's short cackles, bravery gradually exposing. "Sh-show yourselves!" well, if you forget the small stutter, his courage was still revealing itself. His cheeks began to burn red, powering up his electricity.

Cooperating, he noticed, the two became quiet as dark figure appeared on the roughly moving chandler. He knew before he saw it himself that he was a male from the deepness of his voice. His hair was a spiky purple, small pupils with a mischievous tint, and two fangs poking out from his lips. Two large dark purple gloves with each finger looking similar to claws of a cat covered his hands. He grinned as he resumed swinging, appearing to be having fun like a young kid would with a play swing. His eyes were gazing intently at Chu's.

"Pleased?" he asked, revealing more of his small but sharp fangs when his smile grew impossibly wider, one hand reaching up his dark unkempt bangs to brush it away from his eyes for a better view or if he was visually suggesting something lewd. "Like what you see, pokemon? Hmm?"

"I say you look nice as you ever look," the other voice said, which belonged to a boy laying seductively on the dusty table, his curly purple hair being played by his fingers. "I feel almost jealous of you my dear Haunter."

"Haunter?" a ghost type pokemon living in an abandoned mansion, how cliché.

Haunter leered at the electric type pokemon with interesting. His hair reminded him of an animal, his claw like gloves scared him the most. Or was it the leering eyes that suggested something else than violence?

"You're cute yourself." the other pokemon said, advancing forward to Chu, still on the table.

"Yeah, but your trainer, he's hot! I mean smoking hot!" Haunter purred lustfully. "By that looks of it, he must be a at least a foot long!"

Both laughed, Chu nearly wanted to laugh. He was going to correct them but thought this wasn't the right time to say such things to strangers.

"How 'bout you?" the one on the table asked to Chu, swirling small circles on the hard moldy wood with his fingers. "How long are you?"

"Yeah, you?" Haunter shortly repeated, lowering his pupils down to Chu's crotch.

"I'm longer than Haunter." Ghastly bragged, giving Chu a cute little wink.

"That's not true, sweetie. I'm longer! Ghastly's lying!" Haunter objected, leaping off the chandler and on to the table, hearing it creak underneath.

Chu took a step back, sweat began to drip. "Err…"

"Five inches?" Ghastly guessed. "Six inches? 12 inches?"

"Enough of that," Haunter interrupted playfully. "You're making me hard."

"Me too." he agreed.

This was the time to leave before someone was going to get raped. Nearly twisting his ankle to turn sharply, he made a dash to the exit, trying his best not to hear them cackling from the back.

"Where are you going sweetie?"

The voice seemed right behind him. He ran as fast as his legs could run. Heading to the living room he screamed out his trainer's name. Adding to his unfortunate luck, Ash was nowhere to be found. He moved to the couch, seeing nothing.

From the back, something shoved him down to the couch, feeling hands grab his body and moved him so he could lay on his back. Chu was afraid to open his eyes.

Someone grabbed his arms and tied them together with a thin rope. Then, the hands moved to spread out his legs as they crawled in between.

"I'm hungry, remember?" the voice sounded like Haunter as he cracked open his eyes.

"Eat someone else." he grunted, glaring at Haunter, feeling his zipper going down.

"No can do, older brother is taking care of your trainer." he grinned, grasping his pants to lower them.

His body tensed when he said the word "trainer" and "taking care of". He bit his lip, frustrated, unaware that his pants were being lowered and lowered.

"Older brother?"

He nodded. "Yeah, older brother Gengar. He's the one who told us about you two."

Ash felt dizzy once he came to, groaning as rubbed his eyes. Underneath him felt incredibly soft, feeling like his bed back at home, maybe even softer than that. He didn't want to move. The silky comforters was erasing all the pain and stress from his body. Letting his body relaxed more than ever.


Suddenly, his waist felt heavy, the temperature dropped in the room,. He shivered and opened his eyes. Immediately, he recognized the room. It was the room from the painting in the living room, the one he was looking at out of boredom. The red walls, the red sheets, all the red, was he in the painting?

And who the hell was straddling his hips?

It was a pokemon, he could tell. Everything about him was purple: spiky purple hair, purple gloves, purple sweater with a hoodie that had what appeared to be cat ears on top, and purple pants. His red eyes and large smile bared down at him.

"What the…where am I?" he asked stupidly, afraid to even blink at him.

"Crimson room," he answered, lowering his head. "Pretty room, is it not?"

"Y-yeah. Wh-what are you doing-mmph!"

The pokemon's lips clashed into his into a rough and wanting kiss, his tongue impatiently entered his mouth. He struggled to get free, but both his hands were held on to his.

He closed his eyes tight when the pokemon's tongue brushed against his, swirling against his, letting out a soft groan. Ash shuddered, never before experienced that sort of kiss.

His teeth bit Ash's lower lip and he let out a small yelp. He lifted his head, placing a kiss on his cheek, lowering it to kiss under his chin, then kiss his neck, adding a bit of tongue as he did. Ash bit his lip to muffle his whimper.

"You're handsome for a trainer," he whispered against his skin before giving another peck. "Ash, I saw your pokemon. News flash, you don't need him."

Ash, mind blurred when he felt him suck his neck, hard enough to feel pain, could only let out short gasps. Their fingers slid past each other in strict hand embrace.

"You like it Ash?" he questioned, removing his lips from his neck to look at him.

Dazed with minor pleasure he refused to admit, he tried to change the subject. He couldn't escape this time like he did with Chu. His grip was far too strong for him to go through. Was it time for him, the virgin, to go along?

Then, he realized something was wrong. Why would he give up just like that? He normally wouldn't give up. But, something was weakening, mentally. Also physically.

He felt…weird.



Something about this room was making act like this. What was it exactly?

"I take that as a yes." the pokemon said, sealing both their lips together, hands releasing his hands to caress his chest.

Ash did nothing.

Just how the pokemon wanted it.

He snuck his hand underneath his shirt, teasing a nipple. After bruising Ash's lips, he pulled the shirt up for a better view. Ash felt too weak to move his arms. He was still even when the other male pressed his lips against his chest, kissing down to his waist where his pants got in the way.

A single tear fell from Ash's eyes. Feeling weaker, feeling blue, feeling like nothing, it was scaring him as the pokemon was caressing him in a sexual manner.

For the first time in his life, for the very first time in his life, he wanted Chu.

Chu would rescue him. He was his pokemon after all. He wanted to scream out his name in hopes for him to hear.

"Chu." he couldn't scream, no, the opposite. It was a mere whisper. Oh, how he felt pathetic at that moment.

The pokemon seemed to hear, raising his head from his chest, frowning.

"I give you this and you moan out your pokemon's name? How ungrateful. Guess I have to show you more then." his hand grasped his bulge.

"AAH!" the gasp was the loudest sound he could muster, eyes opening automatically.

"Not excited yet? Don't worry about that, that'll be fixed." he said, unbuckling his pants.

Ash listened as he was unbuckled, tossed away, and fingers moving to unzip his pants. While he was occupied on taking his pants off, he could take in the image of Chu.

Chu, wherever you are, Help me!

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