"Your older brother," Chu tried to comprehend, feeling warm hands exploring his body, causing him to hitch and shudder. "Has Ash? He has Ash?"

"Sure does. He has the privilege to take him before we do," he shrugged casually. "So in the meantime, I can take care of you, pokemon."

"Take care of me?" repeating made him sound stupid, made him sound weak.

He nodded, his tongue slithering out lustfully with a menacing leer. That alone described his future plans to Chu. Lustful and lewd plans ahead. Pleasurable or painful. It was up to the ghost type pokemon to decide.

Was the stubborn Chu going to lay there while he'll take advantage of him?

Of course not!

With his cheeks reddening, eyes closing as he focused the flow of electricity in his body, ready to exit in an electrifying blow. Haunter felt the hairs on his body stand up while his hands remained on his chest. The static began to rise and the tingling grew up his arms to his shoulder, to pretty much everywhere.

"Take advantage of me, will you?" Chu asked, feeling the voltage ready to spill out as he moved his lips. The rush of power thrilled him. Adrenaline rush stronger than bungee jumping, getting scared, it way stronger than any of that.

"Huh?" Haunter was puzzled. His eyes narrowed down. "Don't try to do anything stupid. You cant escape. Now lay there and be a good boy."

Chu smirked. The sound of the electricity was louder to hear than the pokemon's commands. "You should know I'm not a good boy. Not at all."

With that, the flow burst out, bright lightening bolts streaming out of his body and into Haunter. The dark room blinded by light, ear piercing screech of electricity zipping everywhere. The chandelier above rained shattered light bulbs.

Haunter convulsed on top, screaming the piercing fire through his body. The attack lasted a few seconds, but Haunter's body was badly scorched. His smoking body fell off the couch, twitching as the last stream escaped his body.

Chu brought his tied wrist towards him mouth, rope not tied tight enough, thankfully for him. With a quick snap of his jaws, the rope was torn off.

"Should have tied me to the sofa, not at the wrist," he sneered, standing up and walked over the unconscious body. "That was asking to be loosened."

He brushed the dust of his clothes, letting out a small sneeze. Damn allergies. Next thing on his list was to find Ash. Oh, how fun that will be. He zipped his pants, glancing down at the pokemon with a small snort.

Ash better love me for this. For all this shit I'm going through to save his ass.

Suddenly, a hand grasped his ankle. Haunter was conscious all this time. His small pupils looked up at his black eyes. Chu could feel the anger dwelling inside. His eyes were wide in shock. The grip tightened. He swore he heard a bone pop but not break. He could if he wanted to.

"I don't think so," he growled and pulled. Chu lost his balance and fell heavily on the hard wooden floor, cursing as he was dragged closer. He tried to crawl away, his blunt nails failed to grip on anything to move away, the wooden floor only made. Haunter's eye promised pain rather than pleasure as he sat up.

He forced Chu to lay on his back roughly as he leaned on top, one hand now grasping his neck, the other clenching into a fist. "You cant escape now, you thing!"

His fist illuminated purple, an attack Chu knew was Poison Jab. One touch from the fist will infect him with a painful and slow poison that would only be cured if he went to Pokecenter or allowed the poison take over until he fainted. Not the way he wanted to be cured. He flinched. He couldn't use another electric move, he had regain more of it before he can let it escape. How long it will take, he never knew. But, he wanted it now.

"See this?" he gestured at his fist. The smile was no longer there, but a frown that scared Chu more. "Know what this does, don't you? You're smart one, right? One move and this will send you spinning, got that?"

"You are lucky my friend," he said, eyeing the unpredictable fist, trying not to shiver as he spoke. He didn't want to show he was afraid, that would increase the pride and strength of the enemy. "You got me. You got me powerless. Have to say you must be a way higher level than me."

"Level forty-six," he responded as a threat. "Been training to fight ever since I was little by big brother Gengar. Give it up, your moves wont knock me out. Not unless you somehow become forty levels stronger, you're trapped."

Chu bit his lip. He studied his movement. Something about it was somewhat off. The way Haunter was steadying his fist, the way he moved, seemed kind of jerky. They weren't smooth ever since he electrocuted him.

Quick, think of something.

Small amount of electricity, not enough to inflict a critical damage, shot out his body and hit Haunter. He was left unfazed. Chu cursed, thinking it would have been better to safe it to increase the strength rather than waste it. He was scared, his instinct as a pokemon was to attack. Even if it could barely inflict any kind of damage. He couldn't stop himself from attacking. This was his panicking state. Without Ash, he felt like he couldn't do anything.

Harder! Harder!

He bit his lip harder, small amount of blood slithered down his bottom lip. Another stream shot out at Haunter. This one weaker than the last. The last zap left him weak, eyes blurry and heart racing. Another attack would cause him to faint.

"Now you're starting to annoy me." the fist rose, Chu laying down, preparing for the worst.

A miracle happened. As he was ready to strike, Haunter's eyes widened in shock. The jerky movement with his fist was immobile. The electricity must have paralyzed him.

"What the-why cant I move? What did you do? I cant move!" he started to panic.

He started to scream. It felt any kind of movement was futile. He couldn't event tighten his grip around his neck to strangle the living daylights out of him. This was Chu's chance to make a move. Clenching his fist, he waited for the right moment to strike. Thankfully, Haunter was too concerned on his paralyzed state to be aware of the fist.

With one strike, his fist connected to his cheek to his lower jaw, blood spurting out his open jaws. He fell to his side, his body still in the same position. His hand still clinging to his neck.

Quickly, he pried the hand free, taking in a deep breath he yearned and stood up.

"W-where you going?" Haunter growled, his face showing signs he was struggling to move. Chu held back a laughter, just like how Haunter did when he trapped Chu underneath.

"I'm going to find my trainer," he said, raising his leg. He let his foot land down on his face, pleased to see the pain he inflicted. "Don't mess with me ever again, you hear?"

Haunter, teeth grinding together tightly with blood still seeping out from his lips, looked up with one eye. He didn't say a word, getting the message.

"Now," Chu leaned in. "'That I got your full attention. Where is my trainer Ash?"

"I-I don't know," his foot grinded against his cheek, unpleased. "All I know is that he's with big brother Gengar. What else do you want? That's all I know!"

Chu narrowed his eyes. "Thanks for the help." with that, he gave him another kick, and walked away. This was bad. If he didn't know where he was fast, Ash could have been…

He stopped his movement, squeezing the bridge of his nose. It was happening again.

Damn image. Ash's face flushed, sweat glistening his body, his erection long and hard.

He shook his head.

This is serious. Stop thinking about it!

"Not so fast cutie."

A hand grasped his shoulder, a heated breath neared his ear, laughing. Chu had a haunch the other one would appear any minute. He smirked. Another easy defeat.

Or so he thought.

As he turned around, a flash light blinded his eyes, seeing the swirls of colors of pink to purple to grey. The colors swirled and danced in his eyes, and they were everywhere. He teetered back, eyes searching for any of the mansion's wall, its furniture, anything other than the colors.

He heard him laughing at every tottering step, as if he was giving him a drunken dance. Chu didn't know where he was going. He was completely blind. His other senses seemed to fade. He could only hear the laugh and the sudden ringing in his ears. His nose felt blocked.

"Let's dance, shall we?" both the ghost type pokemon's hand grabbed his with fingers passing past each other and danced dizzily too, laughing all the way. He twirled him around with one hand then, watching and laughing as Chu twirled and rammed himself against the wall.

"Stop it!" he cried, desperate to see his teaser. "I cant see you. Where are you? Where am I? Why cant smell you? Why is my head spinning?"

"I'm right here," he said next to his ear and moved back quickly to his other side. "And I'm here too!"

He cackled as Chu looked both ways, eyes wide open to see nothing. Gastly poked his back and skipped back.

"My Confuse Ray worked," he said moving to the front of the confused pokemon. His eyes landed on his, knowing the temporary blindness prevented from seeing his plans. "Don't move so much, cutie. You'll hurt yourself."

"F-fuck you!" he grunted, groping blindly as he stumbled past Gastly and ran into a wall again.

"Oh," he gasped, his cheeks reddening in surprise. "I see now. You like it that way."

He grabbed his shoulders threw him on the ground. Hands were flying everywhere at Chu's body as he struggled to get rid of the hands, swatting blindly and cursing. The hands reached up his shirt, as much to his dismay, teasing a nipple. Chu tried to smack him away, but he felt incredibly dizzy. Each swat was taking a toll on his strength. The more he did it, the weaker he felt.

"St-stop! Please!"

He felt a heated breath on his neck and tongue running up his throat, feeling his Adam's apple. His face hovered above his, lips inches from each other. He could feel his breath every time he breathed. He could feel him leaning in.

Then, a miracle seemed to happen. One second, their lips were close to contact, then the other second Gastly let out a shrill of pain and fell to his side.

"There you are! Looks like we made it just in time!" that voice, it sounded familiar. His mind was too much in the cloud to think who it was.

Two hands grabbed his shoulder and hoisted him up for him to sit. "He seems confused." a deeper voice said, scarier than Gastly's or Haunter's but somehow, his voice sounded more of a hero than of a villain.

"He does. Must have used Confuse Ray or something. Where's his trainer?" the other voice said, his footsteps padding on the wooden floor.

"I don't know, that's what I'm worrying about."

"You don't think…"

"Maybe. You know how that pokemon works."

"I know. Snap him out of it. Maybe he knows."

Without a another minutes of talking or thinking, Chu felt someone smack the side of his right cheek way too roughly for his comfort. The bright colors in his eyes subsided, the darkness of the mansion welcomed him back into the world. And he came face to face with a red eyed pokemon. He gasped.

"Don't worry," the pokemon said. "It's me. Don't you remember me, idiot?"

He studied his face. Red eyes, black hair with yellow streaks, sharp teeth. Umbreon.

"It's you." he said, remembering now of the incident going on in the lodge he walked into. He smiled.

Lovingly, he hugged him, his show of gratitude. Oh, how glad he was to see him to the rescue. The ever so fierce Umbreon and his trainer Taylor. Umbreon didn't return the hug.

"Knock it off, will ya?" he said, squirming out of his grip. He fixed his t-shirt from the dust collected onto him by the rather dirty pokemon. "Where's your trainer?"

"My trainer. Oh! Ash! They said big brother Gengar is taking care of him!"

"Taking care of-oh shit!" Taylor jumped into action. "Ash is in deep shit right now! Gengar is not the one who takes things gently with virgins."

"Virgins. Wait, how do you know he is a virgin?"

"I don't. Gengar does. He rapes people who are still pure. Evil pokemon. Let's go Umbreon."

"Wait, what do we do with Gastly-" Gastly was gone from the last spot after that hit from Shadow Ball. Must have teleported away while he had the chance.

"I hate ghost pokemon." he muttered.

A scream echoed deep inside the mansion. Chu's ears perked, turning his head. "That's Ash."

Umbreon stood up, the red eyes gave a demonic glint. Taylor offered a hand to Chu and helped him up.


"Let's just hope we get there before it's too late." Taylor said, walking up to the stairs. Umbreon followed and soon after, so did Chu.

Ash. Please be okay. And please let me get something in return for all this shit.

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